A Sausage for all seasons


Welcome to the GunnersoreArse Blog, being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line)  from The Emirates Stadium. This is my very first post. Arsenal blogs are all over the place I know but I thought why not, give it a go and I’ll try to make it more varied if possible. Perhaps including themes such as cooking and food, art appreciation, travel, wine appreciation, music, movies, female appreciation and of course male appreciation for the goonerettes, (did you see Ronaldos torso the other night when he took his shirt off) and let’s not forget Betty Rubble. I’ll  even throw in the occassional game of Bingo, just to make it more exciting.

I would like it to be mainly about the Arsenal but all suggestions will be considered, within reason. If I know anyone from another blog I would appreciate you using the same name…… so I know who is making the comment or leaving feedback. I sincerely hope discussions (if any) are conducted with reasonable responses and calmness.

So onto the main theme, The Arsenal – FA Cup winners 2014………… don’t that look good in print, after nine long years. As I’m a blogging virgin, and I’ve started it on a bit of a whim, I’ve prepared nothing of substance to discuss. So this first post may be something of a incoherent ramble….. but stick with me.

Having been a supporter of this great club for such a long time…… a very, very, long time, I often reflect on what a roller coaster ride it has been. From moments of pure ecstasy to moments of sheer disallusionment and wretchedness. I suppose the latter have been the most common but then, without  the moments of desolation, the ecstasy wouldn’t be as intense. On occasion, I have a tendancy to get far too serious about the Arsenal and often have to step back slightly, count to ten and rethink things through. The internet has opened up a whole new world for people but it’s a world where caution is neccessary. Discussing the Arsenal is extremely emotional and personal. On the internet is rather different to personal encounters and it is easy to get drawn into arguements. When someone disagrees with you about something that you hold dear, first reactions can often be strong, passionate and negative. You can feel yourself getting angry and upset.

I remember going to Leeds in the 1970/71 season with my older brother, I was just approaching my 17th bithday and a bit hot-headed. It was close to the end of the season, most of the season had seen us and Leeds sharing the top spot. It was very close, by the time we went to Yorkshire, we were just one point above them with a game in hand, if we won that match, the title was ours. Emotions were high, I was so tense and strung out with the possibility of  seeing us win the first title in my Arsenal supporting life. We were on the terraces surrounded by Leeds supporters, after  90 minutes it was still 0-0 and we were into injury time when it happened, Jackie Charlton got the winner for Leeds just seconds before the final whistle. (a big question mark as to whether he was off-side) but then BOOM,  the red haze overtook me…………..I wanted to fight the world, I was in tears, trying to grab hold of a Leeds supporter and vent my anger, my brother was trying to get hold of me to drag me away, other Leeds supporters were grabbing my brother…. it was pandemonium. We were encircled by Leeds supporters, but I remember quite clearly, even to this day, a massive bloke grabbing hold of me and saying,  “Calm down Laddie, you’re upset”. I can visualize his face even now, he must have been a miner because he had those blue/grey scars on his face which miners get when coal dust gets into cuts. Luckily I calmed down quickly, (didn’t have much choice considering the size of the bugger) emotions subsided and on the way out of the ground we actually had conversations with some of the Leeds supporters who 10 minutes earlier, I wanted to batter, but who probably would have battered me. In the end the defeat was just a small set back, just over a week later we won the championship  at White Hart Lane, beating the Spuds 1-0 and a few days after that, we  completed the double by beating Liverpool at Wembley in the FA Cup Final. Charlie was my darling!

I know we went on to do better things under George Graham and Arsène Wenger, but those two weeks in 1971 hold a very special place in my heart. Winning the League at White Hart Lane and then winning the FA Cup , for our first ever double….. magical times. I can actually recall those memories better than more recent glory… must be an age thing.

So my little unplanned ramble is over, even just remembering that night in Leeds has got my heart beat racing,….. this is what being a football supporter does to you, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Over the next couple of months I think I will do some reviews of Arsenal players and their performances during the World Cup. Intermingled with some recipes which include spicy chorizo, probably cooked in some form of alcohol!

Anyway, not sure how often I will post. Probably once a week for the moment. Also, as I’m new to blogging, I’m not sure how the comments section will work….. whether like other blogs you need to create a name, leave your email address and then get allocated a funny face avatar. I’ll have to wait to see what happens. I’ve done some twiddling with the settings so sausages crossed.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some chorizo….. Hope you enjoyed your visit, until the next time.  à bientôt!


40 thoughts on “A Sausage for all seasons

  1. Morning NB!

    Nice work and you didn’t waste any time with the new venture?!? No doubt this is why I managed a glorious first on aclf this am

    I will look forward to more arsenal related food posts in the near future. Bon chance!

  2. Nice one northbank. I was expecting a food blog, written in French!

    Is this an anti Wenger blog? A doomer blog? An akb blog? A fence sitting blog? A cheerleading blog ?? What pigeon hole do we put it in? 🙂 , are we allowed smilies?

  3. Nice to read some memories of an Arsenal fan. I got to go to my first FA Cup final last week and it will be a memory that will live with me for as long as I have the ability to recall it! The raw emotion (I could hardly speak for two days later) and joy that my team had won something so special (and the FA Cup is special, regardless of how small the money men of the PL have portrayed it over past 10 years) is a great feeling!

    As for your blog, it’s a good start. My suggestion is I’d like to read more memories – a few years back I picked up a few old Arsenal programmes and enjoyed looking back on seasons past. By the sounds of it you may well be quite…ahem…experienced in this respect!

  4. Hi Nb! Bet you blog once in a blue moon being diverted by the ladies strutting their stuff in the sunshine!
    I’ve run out of chorizo – smoked herring this morning

  5. Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

    Dukegoonhem…….. can we just call it an Arsenal Blog, with a few tasty morsals of food thrown in 🙂

    Clocky…….. I miss Kippers, can’t get smoked herring in France the same as the UK. and be careful, I’m the moderator now 🙂

  6. Good to see another arsenal blog started up. Ive read your comments on aclf for ages and most of the time ive agreed. Your site has been bookmarked 🙂

  7. Hello NB congrats mate,will with work commitments permitting be passing through to have a butchers..

  8. hi NB, congrats on the new blog! Nice to hear about the first double season from an older fan, my first venture to Highbury was in the winter of that campaign, I was five and went with my friend and his father. All I can remember was it was cold, noisy and exciting, I couldn’t even tell you who we played or the result! It was a great time to start my Arsenal adventure though, even if I did soon realise that winning every year wasn’t in the script. Good luck with the new venture, I look forward to trying out any sausage related recipies on my unsuspecting family in the near future!!

  9. Hi Ras, welcome back. How was Madrid?

    Welcome Andy, we may have been at some of the games together. You may even have seen me being carted off the Northbank on occasion by the police LOL 🙂

  10. Well, well, Norther, someone with many talents indeed! 🙂

    I expect to be allowed to get FIRST once in a while, or like clocker, I will sulk.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best in your new venture and look forward to the foodie bits too.

  11. Gimme a chorizo, and a beer, and by the way, I forgot to say what a great Post that is, and a super piece of personal history. 🙂

  12. Henry

    I’m sure one day we may get together for some chorizo and a beer. 🙂

    By the way, responding to a previous question, yes, smileys are approved.

  13. @andy1886

    I must admit, I’ve always been a passionate supporter of the Gunners, but in my younger years perhaps I wasn’t the best advert for the club. Over the last few years though I have matured and calmed down 🙂

  14. Well it’s been an excellent start to my blogging career. All the responses are much appreciated but this blogging lark takes up a lot of time. I’m not complaining but I’m all blogged out 🙂

    A decision has been reached by the executive management committee of GunnersoreArse, ie: ME.
    I will post a blog every Sunday Morning (probably before midday GMT if hangover is not too bad) for the forseeable future. So people will know when to look and go for that elusive FIRST place.

    Please do keep the comments coming and if you are a new visitor, I will try to get you out of moderation jail as soon as possible. 🙂

  15. Good Man, Northbank.

    That fortnight was very special to me as well. The first season that I saw matched regularly at Highbury, always with my Dad.

    I have a feeling that there was a home defeat for Leeds by WBA, also a bit dodgy,between that win over us and the final victory, but it was a long time ago and I can’t be arsed to look it up.

    I love that 70/71 team. A real collective they were. Very good players all and, perhaps, only Charlie was a star but he didn’t contribute as much as probably 8 or 9 others that season. A shooting star, perhaps, burning brightly before fizzling out quickly.

    Good Luck, NB.

  16. Hi Cbob

    I think for most fans, the first trophy you see your team win is always special. I think Leeds might have won their last game of the season and I think we played Ipswich / or was it Stoke, before we went to White Hart Lane.

    Although I had been at Highbury for the Fairs Cup win, for some reason that hasn’t stayed in my memory as something special similar to the League and Cup double.

  17. Oh no! Not another breakaway ACLF Arsrnal blog!! 🙂

    Congrats NB–much success. I think you may have a niche in the Arsenal football blog as performance art and food innuendo experience!

  18. Limestone

    I wouldn’t like to see it as a breakaway from ACLF….. I see it more like an appendage! I’m hoping that I share posters with ACLF and perhaps from other blogs. But I don’t want to set up any sort of faction……. well perhaps foodies and Betty Rubble admirers 🙂

    jjgsol…. thanks

  19. NB, you know I am just joking, given your excellent faction post the other day and your well-intentioned but somewhat poorly received visit to Positively Arsenal (for which I felt a little responsible and empathetic!). Appendage? Yes. Prosthetic even!

  20. There’s always a place in the blogosphere for some good humour, insight that doesn’t take itself too seriously or ideologically, and a long view arranged around vivid Arsenal memories. Looking forward to more next week.

  21. Don’t feel responsible LSG, you didn’t push me into the room 🙂

    And actually it wasn’t that bad….. just a bit of a culture shock. I still like Pedantic George, and I do read his posts. 🙂

  22. I do too, NB, and I rather like pretty much everyone over there and even occasionally comment (when I have something appropriate to the context to share!). I used to talk often about the destructive nature of the factions among Arsenal support on ACLF. But that sort of middle ground position was derided as fence sitting. The factionalizing and polarizing works for some people!

  23. For all of you who come back in to see if anything has developed since yesterday, well obviously it hasn’t yet. But I’m very pleased with my first attempt at blogging…. so have decided to continue. Hurrah I hear you shout through the bloggosphere!
    The executive management committee met yesterday evening for wine, chorizo and snacks. A motion was agreed that GunnersoreArse will go live every Sunday Morning at 9am GMT. So stick it in your diary, or up your GunnersoreArse if that’s a better place. 🙂

  24. Salut RIve Nord 69.
    Congratulations on your blog, I’ll be thinking of a wine that goes with a hot Chorizo dish for Sunday week.

    Meantime here’s a page for my own blog where I consider Sausages in general!?

    You’ll have to scroll down for 3 or 4 Postings to Aug 10th 2013.

    I hope to look in on your friends in Bourgeuil – but it’ll probably be Friday (Thursday is Ascension day – who knew?) and I’m not sure when I’ll have Wi-Fi again before 3rd or 4th June when back in (cold horrible Nigel Falange filled) blightly.

    Anyway: Up the Gunners Sore Arse

  25. Northbank more grease,looking forward to every sunday 9am God willing…..yours truely Ustyn

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