It really was a game of two halves!

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

A trippyup to Merseymold saw the Gunnerboydies linely up experimode by Wengloder in a boldilode format. Very boldilode indeedo but with just one-squaredy strike-up, the firstly half-bitty saw us make upply no realbie chancewisely and the Gunnerboydies were two-largely goalballs down after 45 minudies. Sanchlodey was playlikely the lone strikemanlo and it failedy misrabobbly.

The Evertoonllys oftenmovey easy-peasloid though our middle field dwellers and back ganglers, Mertosackly and Chambling newby to workling togethly. Lackly deep penetratio in the front liners and Debuclo putting many crosslings to no-manly in the boxy. Dearo dearo, lookly likelode a repeating fluffly result as lastly meeting at Goody Parkland. The firstly goal resulto a mistakly in the back-ganglers. The secondly goal-ball was deflo off-sidely and the linely-wankman made a brainbocker there. Folly.

Weary Weary and all achy in the legly, Sanchlodey was substitutely at the middly time. His workrately was competishy and he gave off-like 100 percenting but to no benefishy. No needy for bombardy with criticole on this occasion, perhaply too muchloady and too soonwise!

Starty of the secondy half-bit saw Giroiddy comely off’load the bench-warmer and soonly made a diffoid. Much shouty shouty from the Gooner populode, very loudy indeedo. And now-wise changeling much formattingly and bingly, mucho chest puffing, more runnage and tricklyhow footy play from the Gunnerboydies. I had a senseloadly that we could comely backish into the game, did we havelo the dangloids? More substitutely from Wengloder at the 70th minudy and Cazorladdy and Camblo came on for Jackolad and Oxly. oh joy, what diffro now time. The Toffmanlys on the backly-footleg and panicly their back-ganglers are scaredo. And goodly mordle, Ramblo good runnage into the boxly and it’s a goal-ball. Much joy, much joy. The Arsenly people-loders singly even moreover loudly.

But timage is shortling, can the Goonlers get another goal-ball before the finishing? Comely on, comely on you Gunloaders, Nachoboy controlly a badly ballo from the Ramblo and crossling into the boxlo, Giroid takes it on the headlo thingly and it’s a Goal-ball, oh my, oh my, jumpling up and downlo, deep, deep joy, oh deep joy. The Gunloaders have the dangloids, not a prettylookly gamewise but showingly the persistinglo and resolvoid that we lackedly in the lasto season. Overlo happy.

My match preview yesterday got the team selection wrong but predicted the score of 2-2, so I’ll allow myself a little smile. I also predicted Everton being unable to hold on to a lead, as they failed to do a week earlier against Leicester. And they showed once again that they are vulnerable when in the lead, and we showed for the second week running, that we have the fight and the resolve to come back from being a goal or two down. If this is what was missing last season to win the league, then perhaps we can win some of the games ugly against the top six away this season and do the job. Deep joy.

Right, time for a glass of wineload and some spicy chorizoid…… hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse………a supplement with dangloids, every Sundly morno at 9am GMT. An Arsenly blogglo for the peep-loders.


60 thoughts on “It really was a game of two halves!

  1. All buggers merrily in bed, savouring the afterglow of the brilliant fightback. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ah, NorthBank, very nice job. And painstaking. But a few lines of explanation would have been useful. 🙂 I assume this is the NB version of Merseyside-speak, though it sounds more Welsh to me. That is but a minor quibble.

    But I have another one. A Merseysider crying about the two goal-ball lead being wasted by the brilliant Gooners would have been more appropriate.

    These minor issues apart, brilliant stuff. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now, a pint of bitter, please Sir.

  2. Michael. Yes, I see your point. Jack trying to release the ball early-ish and trying to stay on his feet, rather than shooting the ground with the cry of “Mommy” whenever anyone comes even close is progress indeed. Hey ho! Jack is growing up. 😛

  3. If Giro’s injury is bad, I for one would not mind us trying to park the bus against Besiktas

    Debu BFG Kos Nacho
    Chambers Flamster
    Alexis Rambo Ozil Santi/Rosicky

    Not pretty, but we need not to concede at any cost. 😦

  4. NB
    What medication are you using?
    Who would have thought the spuds top of the table?

    If you like classical music and have an internet radio try Lyric FM 96-99FM, virtually no adverts and broadcast at 384kps.

  5. Michael. Thanks a lot. This is what we went to watch yesterday:

    Brilliant performance, particularly Janáček’s Sinfonieta and standing ovation.

    Conductor Bělohlávek returned and they played this (same orchestra, same conductor, largely the same artists)

    and again, this time something by Balzac that I had not heard before and did not catch very well. Superb. 🙂

  6. Well what a gloribold summer for Britly sportage! Falollowing much cyncicold commentale by journalodes, politickers and everybole with an opinium, the first wave of Olympicold celebrakers has surpassed all expectashy there. Oh yes.

    Starty with the Openage Ceremole, from rurally idyllopers with trickly-how on the village greem there, to industrimole revoluters, all soot’n’chimblers amid dark satanny millage – what a spectaculode! Thousels of peeploders, each grinny from eardrobe to eardrobe, warbly the music from Elgarb to Dizzily Rascold, and choreograbbles all hoof’n’shufflit with the rhythmold. Deep joy!

    And how refreshy to see flag-wavit by such a cross-secty of the Britly populode, from squawky infant and childers all dimply cheeklode, to geriatry with denture-rattlit and trickly-how with the zimmer frale there. Not everybole approvit though. Oh no. One parliamentarilopper all grumblit about “multicultulode crap”, but was swiftlymost bombardy with criticole requezzles to shutly goblode. Folly.

    A highlibe of the ceremole for many peeploders was the sight of Her Majestale Queen Elizabobble in Buckingle Pally greetage “Goodly Eveloder Mr Bond” and falollopit from a helicoppler there.

    As for the sportage competishy, much chest-puffage from the Britly crowd, as TeamGB athlebes demonstrale expertile on bicycloppers, rowy-boats, runnage, swimly and gymnastip trickly-how gatherit medalloders, all lip-trembly to the sound of the nationer anthel in the eardrobes there.

    And now the Paralympy!
    Across a broad spectral of the populashy, peeploders are remind that everybole has a talent, despile physicole impairmer, sensory challenge or difficold in the brainbocker there.

    Thousels of athlebes from the far-flummery corms of the globe demonstrale their dedicaters, braveloder and passion for lifeloppers.

    Goodly-byelode to pity, and welcofole to celebrakers of the human specie in all its formy. Deep, deep joy!

    Easy NB 🙂

  7. GLIC

    The expenditure


    Chambers £12.00 million will possibly rise to 16 million depending on appearances
    Debuchy £12.00 million
    Ospina £3 million
    Sanchez 30 million not 35 as quoted.

    Vermaelen £15 million
    Vela £12 million as Real Socidad bought his buy out clause
    Money still owing by Barca for Cesc and Song + add ons for sale to Chelsea £16.5 million

    Net spend £13.5 but Sanchez could rise by 5 million ,and all signed include first years wages.

  8. Cheers Kelsey, hope you are feeling fine ! 😀 …did you account for Djourou`s £2.5M and what did we get for Eisfeld ?.

    Now which character from early TV comedy used to talk like that and what comedy show was it on ?. I can picture hiom, but cant think of the name, was he on the Des O`Connor shows ?

  9. It was Stanley Unwin on BBC in the early sixties formed his own language.

    Oh yes,Djourou £2.6 million and Eisfeield not disclosed,

    Soon we will be in profit 🙂 when Pod goes.

  10. Hahaha you beat me to it, although I did comment on BK that the sale of Pod will bring our spending to…..£0M !, but if you say you didn`t take into consideration Djourou, then we will be in the black again !……what a bank manager Arsene is !. hahaha

  11. Good morning gooner bimbo’s 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t around to serve drinks yesterday, went out for a quicky at 11am and didn’t get home till 1am this morning. The unplanned sessions are always the best. A mate at the bar told me there was a female German Olympic swimmer called Fanny Chmelar……….. I didn’t believe him and when I got home I had to google her…. and yes, it’s true. 😀

    Big week this week, CL qualification on the line…. Giroud probably out of the game at least until Saturday. Just re-reading my post from yesterday…… ah well, it was fun doing it, but sometimes the thoughts in my head get bored and sometimes go for a stroll through my mouth. This is never a good thing. 🙂

    And Kelsey, @7pm. It’s easy when you just ‘copy and paste’ 🙂

  12. Great clip here of Bradley Walsh….who is a Gooner !…..verifying that Fanny Chmeler is indeed a skier !.

  13. Ever wondered what Andy Capp is known as in Germany ?, if you did, you are probably a sad bastard !.

  14. Morning Cockie man…. perhaps we should nickname you ‘Willie Wacker’. 🙂

    I don’t get any of these British programmes so I’m well behind the times. I think my mate had seen the Chase and that’s where he knew about Fanny Chmelar.

  15. I once had a client on Probation whos first name was Stella………… by deed poll she changed her family name to Artois. You can guess what her problem was 🙂

  16. Morning NB

    you didn’t get the gist of my copy and paste as your post reminded me of Mr Unwin.:)

    Yogi hit the nail on the head this morning when refering to Wenger’s quote that we have enough strikers.
    We shouldn’t be experimenting after two games. We have lack of squad depth in certain areas and an abundance of others in other areas.IMO the balance is not right.

  17. Morning Kels…….. but now afternoon here 🙂

    I’m not sure why Wenger mentioned Poldolski as a forward option when it looks as if he is on the way out the door. Is there a hidden message in there that if Poldi goes, AW will buy another striker?

    I still think it’s a shame Mad Mario is going to Merseyside…. for 16m, it was worth a punt.

    I think it’s a good sign that Wenger is experimenting with formation and tactics, it’s the only way we will improve. Better thatn sticking to the same tried and tested tactics that sometimes fail.

  18. We have to disagree’s an experiment and we bought early this Summer.
    We didn’t have one direct shot at goal in the first half at Goodison.

    If Giroud doesn’t score the only other likely candidate at the moment is Rambo, and one for sure and possibly both will miss the CL game.Too much money at stake for this to go wrong.
    II still think there is a good argument that there are frailities in both attack and defence.We still need two quality signings but most probably might get one.
    It’s absolutely pissing down over here,the streets are empty and I have just put the heating on. Don’t tell me you are fecking sun bathing. 🙂

  19. Kels

    Sanchez is a bit lost at the moment, I think he is trying too hard to make an immediate impact, and in doing so he puts in 100% effort but with no result. That will change as he settles in.
    I agree that Wenger needs to spend again, DM and CB and possible CF if Poldi goes. Your financial figures were interesting reading, is AW just trying to balance the books or is he trying to win the PL??? that is the question.
    For your information, and to really piss you off.. at the moment I am sitting on my balcony, stripped to the waist and drinking a nice chilled glass of Cotes de Provence. 🙂 but I’m back to work tomorrow.

  20. No problem with Sanchez he will be a star.
    We really are so close to challenging but have until 2031 to pay the stadium off. I think AW always trys to balance the books,either by choice or by instruction.
    My main concern is Ozil.he is a great player with more vision than anyone else in the team,but stuck out on the wng he is wasted IMO

  21. On Wednesday against Besiktas AW needs to make sure they don’t score. Defence is going to be crucial so I expect AW to field a fairly defensive line up. Kos will hopefully be in the back four with the BFG. Perhaps he will put Chambers with Flamini just in front of the defence and Ozil and Ramsey in mid-field with Campbell, Sanchez and Ox up front. We will have to wait and see. Santi can come of the bench again to make an impact.

  22. The way I see it guys is that Wenger does too good a job in Arsenal`s interest in balancing the books, when he should concentrate on winning trophies !. He gets paid a handsome amount of money, but has took his eye off what should be making us successful on the pitch rather than off it !.
    Manshafter Std have been successful in speculating to accumulating trophies which over the years has had a knock on effect of bringing in the best sponsors and fan growth etc` !. These bastards were spending £30M+ in 2002 ( Ferdinand and Veron both £30M+ each )
    Mansour City and Chavs have won trophies for bringing in more than one SQ player per season, we now have the funds to compete, but by just purchasing one SQ player per season will not be enough !. Historically in the EPL, the biggest spending clubs will be in the mix for trophies !. As highlighted by Kelsey , we are on the verge ( if Pod is sold ) of making a profit again !.
    A leopard doesn`t change it`s spots sand I fear Wenger has taken us as far as we will go . There are other top managers out there who are not afraid to speculate to accumulate and the sorry thing about it is we have everything in place to from the ground level up to be so successful in competing and nearly every man and his dogging session knows that we are just a couple of SQ players short and with excessive funds to sort it out !.
    I`ve no doubt we will all be pissed off come the end of the season and blame on Wengers lack of transfer activity when he had the ability to do so !. Any team can win the FA Cup or League Cup as it`s been proved by the likes of Swansea, Portsmouth and Wigan etc`. I judge our success on being able to compete in the EPL and CL, not winning ( although that would be nice ), but competing !, as we stand we are competing for 4th place trophy with the spuds and Everton and it wont change until Wenger breaks the habit of a lifetime or he leaves .
    And it`s pissing down in Cornwall as well !. hahaha

  23. `69er, you say you don’t get any Brit` TV stuff, I wondered if you have come across another Gooners excellent (imo) comedy ?….Paul Kaye as Mike Strutter !. I`ll link one of the vids and after you can click onto plenty of other sketches he did, it might be up your street, for some reason this character reminds me of Stretch (TMHT) !.

  24. Cockie Man (Willie Wacker)

    Spending money doesn’t always bring success……… the amount of times I’ve spent loads on drinks with a woman and never got me end away?

    But take Stoke for instance, haven’t I read somewhere that they have spent more than us over the past few seasons? And Man Utd are gonna spend a fortune this season just to finish 7th or 8th!

    But if we started off with £100m, spent £60m and through sales end up spending £0m………. it all seems a bit fucking pointless.

  25. `69er….what a waste of money, it`s been tried, tested and proved by our own accountant mate ….Stretch !……that you might as well go to a massage parlour and spend 10 Euros for some “extras” than wine and dine a women all evening with no guaranteed end result !……or become Arsenal`s manager and fcuk us supporters whilst getting paid £8M per year !. hahaha

  26. ha ha……. perhaps I should take some financial advice from the ‘Stretch’. My piggy bank on the mantle piece is getting a bit full. I’m thinking about an off shore account in the Caribbean. And some advice about massage parlours at the same time 🙂

  27. Hahaha `69er I remember meeting Stretch and VCC ( alias Zimmerdene Zimmerdan , best fucking footzimmer player ever !) at the Arsenal Tavern before a game and we all went into the toilets to have slash, next thing I see was Stretches zip flies opening themselves and this hairy thing climbed out and started to syphon the piss out of the urinal !……fcuk this I thought as it`s one eye started to look at me lustful thoughts and I thought bollox to this I`m not having that thing try and suck the shit out of my arse and turned to warn VCC when I catch sight of his mechanical zimmer cock starting to transform into Rodimus Prime !. I then bolted out of the pub screaming !……mind you, I don’t know whether I was dreaming or hallucinating this bizarre episode as I was on my 6th Red Bull at the time !. hahaha

  28. GLIC

    I just replied on the other blog.They are a bit like Wenger,they never actually answer the original statement i.e. net spend.
    My take is that the CL proper is worth 20 million + and AW won’t dip into the market until after Wednesday.
    When was Ozil bought ? Not exactly months before just hours before the deadline closed.
    We do have money for sure and Chambers is a shrewd buy from what I have seen but he was bought for the future.
    By the end of the season, Rosicky,Arteta,Flamini Mertescker and of course Diaby will all be on the dreaded 30 year threshold and then we start again.

  29. Cheers Kelsey !….I too am already in agreement about not buying anyone until we know Wednesdays fate !.

  30. Wenger must have someone already lined up if we get to the CL group stage, if not it’s going to be very tight before the TW closes. I’d like to think that someone is waiting in the wings, as soon as we beat Besiktas they will sign.

  31. More chance of you sitting out in the sun drinking a dry martini which has been stirred, not shaken, by your cock than Wenger buying a striker !…….no, that’s not right as you probably do that all the time !……..more chance of you being paid for your work with sex by the woman you`re working for !…….no, that’s probably the way women in France pay their bills !………more chance of you sitting naked on your balcony having your nuts sun dried and selling them at a French market as fresh sultanas !……..nope !, you already have that shrunken and shrivelled look already !……….make it easy for me bastard, what is there that you actually do that is fcuking hard in the South of France ?. hahaha

  32. Hi Kelsey.
    Here are the players dates of birth.

    Rosicky – Oct 4th 1980 = 33
    Arteta – Mar 26th 1982 = 32
    Flamini – Mar 7th 1984 = 30
    Mertesacker – Sep 29th 1984 = 29
    Diaby – May 11th 1986 = 28

    We also have
    Podolski – Jun 4th 1985 = 29
    Debuchy – Jul 28th 1985 = 29
    Cazorla – Dec 13th 1984 = 29
    Koscielny – Sep 10th 1985 = 28
    Monreal – Feb 26th 1986 = 28
    Giroud – Sep 3rd 1986 = 27

    Not exactly spring chickens!

  33. Yeah but, GN5 !…….Diaby hasn`t played or been seen for 8 years, so in real terms he is still only 20 !.

  34. And Giroud out for 3 months with a broken foot. I wonder if that is an Arsenal 3 months or a real one.

    I have the shuts…an irritable vowel syndrome.

  35. Morning Michael

    It hasn’t been confirmed as of yet but if true we have half the squad injured and Kos isn’t fit either and just the slghtest knock and he could be out.
    Can’t blame AW for Giroud’s injury and in fact he appeared to do his ankle injury to himself with the ball cannoning back on to his ankle.
    Now it looks like Podolski is off as well, what the fuck’s sake is going on.
    Is Sanago injured ?
    Ospina got injured at the WC some three months ago, what’s actually wrong with him.
    Many are saying Campbell might get the nod tomorrow but it is a big ask with so much resting on the game financially for the club and of course the days are running out to get players in.
    Why sell Vermaelen before getting a replacement in. AW must have known weeks or even months ago he was leaving.
    Sorry but we are in a fecking mess.

  36. Kelsey,
    It was reported in L’equipe, however you are right. Personally I wonder if there was ever a plan. If there is/was it would confuse a nation.

  37. Kels

    I’m not too worried, I’ve just started a review to post tomorrow morning and bean messing about with the available team selection. It looks ok mate 🙂

  38. If we include the tea lady and the young striker I’ve just been talking to who plays for Avignon Sunday league side, Le Connais 🙂 then yes, we have 11 fit players.

  39. Will post a match preview tomorrow morning. I’m not working tomorrow, client has friends there for the day and they will be using the pool and she doesn’t want a dusty, smelly builder hanging around. 🙂

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