The injury Gods unkind to Wenger once again.

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

It was on the cards wasn’t it? We were all waiting for it weren’t we? It was inevitable don’t you think? It was a tragedy waiting just around the corner, and just as we least expect it, it leaps out and bites us in the ankle. Injury strikes once again, but not half way through the season this time, oh no, but just as the season fucking starts. The list gets longer: Gibbs, Diaby, Koscielny, Arteta, Ospina, Sanogo, Walcott and now Giroud. Add to that a suspension for Ramsey and our team is already at crisis point for one of the most important games of the season, the one that we need to win to get us into the Champions League group stage.

Just as Wenger was saying the team is well stocked with forwards, we hear that Giroud has damaged his ankle. In his press conference yesterday Arsene Wenger confirmed Giroud will miss tonights Champions League play-off second leg with Besiktas but added:

“After that, we don’t know how long he will be out for. It’s sad for us. Olivier will see a specialist, then we’ll make an announcement of how long he’ll be out.”

Sanogo is apparently fit to play but Theo isn’t back for another few weeks. This leaves us with Sanchez, Campbell, Sanogo and now that Wenger has said he is going nowhere, Podolski. All of a sudden our forward line isn’t looking so well stocked. If Koscielny is fit ( he was in the training video yesterday but Wenger didn’t mention him) then our back four should be more solid, Wenger could take a risk with him for such an important game or he may start on the bench. Add to that Arteta and Ramsey missing from midfield and the team for tonight, well, your guess is as good as mine, but it could look like this:

:submit football lineup

Bench: Martinez, Bellerin, Chambers/Koscielny, Sanchez, Rosicky, Campbell/Sanogo, Podolski.

It doesn’t look too bad. I’d put Campbell up front because he has the CL experience and I think he would be motivated, but Wenger will probably play Sanogo. The rest of that line up are familiar with playing together, and that’s what we’ll need tonight, a team who have already had substantial playing time together. Sanchez has been a bit too wayward in his first few games and shouldn’t be risked in my opinion. Flamini and Wilshere covering defensive midfield will give us more chance of keeping a clean sheet, which will be vital. If Besiktas score a goal we’ll be looking to score two to go through. The weakness in that line up is Santi on the left-wing and how that leaves Monreal exposed, but I would see Flamini covering that side to alleviate the pressure on the left back. Demba Ba will be up for it tonight and going all out to score.

If we get through I’ll be very relieved and I think we will, it just means I’ll be  on the edge of my sofa for the whole game. But tomorrow will we see Wenger running down the Transfer Supermarket aisle with his trolley, trying to get it filled just before the shop closes. In his rush he could end up mistakenly buying a bottle of Château Plonk instead of a Château Haut-Marin. If the rumours on Giroud are correct and he is out for a minimum of three months, we need more than Eto’o on loan, we need something more than Remy! It’s interesting that when we had Giroud fit, Remy for me would have been an ideal back-up, now however, in this situation he just doesn’t tick all the right boxes. Wenger needs to go for a proven CF and this late in the window, that is going to be near impossible. Furthermore, teams knowing that we are now desperate, prices will rise, so we could end up with a bottle of over priced cooking wine, called Château Welbeck! This is assuming Wenger will even look for CF cover.

If Campbell is given a chance I think he can come good as a stand in CF, and if Sanchez can find his feet soon then the attack will be vastly improved. But these are big ‘ifs’ and what we need right now is a solid forward line capable of scoring. I don’t see that at the moment and even if we get a new CF to cover Giroud, as we’ve witnessed with Sanchez, there will be a bedding in period. And all the time there is always the risk of further injuries. Welbeck at £16m is looking like a very good gamble in my eyes right now. Has Wenger made a gaff by not buying earlier? Or has the problem been the fact that we didn’t have CL football yet? A bit of a chicken and egg scenario I suppose. What we do know however, is that we need another CF, another DM and possibly another CB. It’s a very large shopping list that perhaps Wenger will not be able to get into his shopping trolley before the supermarket closes.

I predict a very nervy 1-0 to the Arsenal. I’m not sure if it will be a match to enjoy, but wherever you are watching it…. stay calm!

Right, time for a glass of cheap plonk and some quality spicy chorizo….. hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, the blog equivelant to a bottle of Château cooked cabbage, you just have to smell it to know there are better blogs out there. Not just a Sunday supplement now, but going to press every Arsenal match day. Get your order in while stocks last.

Painting credit: “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.




74 thoughts on “The injury Gods unkind to Wenger once again.

  1. Squeaky bum time my friend.
    We definitely need two goals as I am not convinced that we can keep a clean sheet(and word has it,neither can you ) 🙂
    If true to form and he is fit Sanogo will start and Campbell maybe on the bench.

    I hope Kos is fit otherwise we are extremely vunerable.

    Podolski,who was on the way to the airport yesterday,having said goodbye, is now our secret weapon and it will be interesting to see if he is fit enough to start or be on the bench.

    I hate Chelsea CF’s and ex Chelsea CF’s when they play against us,so Demba Ba has to be watched.
    No excuses this time about the pitch but the ref is not one of our favorites,mind you are any ?
    I would play Sanchez for at least the obligatory Wenger 62 minutes as it is a big ask for Campbell to what amounts to a 20 million pound game.

  2. Morning Kels

    Squeeky bum time indeed…… but only the Hair Transplant man really knows what that means 🙂

    Demba Ba will be dangerous tonight and that means if we play Flamini and Wilshere, there is a good chance of a red card!
    I’m still not convinced with Sanchez for the moment… lots of energy, good in defensive role but not yet clicke with our midfielders. He would be a risk tonight.

  3. Morning All
    Squeaky bum time I think is right.
    I don’t know what Sanogo has got that Afobe didn’t…2 goals last night coming on as a sub agains’t Utd, ffs we can’t even do that as a team…at least not in living memory.
    A nervy start tonight, then anything could happen and that is not flippant.

  4. Olivier Giroud is set to miss the rest of 2014 after it was revealed he’s fractured a bone in his ankle.

    The Frenchman did the damage in the dying minutes of Saturday’s draw with Everton as he blocked a clearance by Sylvain Distin. It looked innocuous at the time, but scans have since underlined the extent of the problem and it’s emerged the damage is even worse than first feared.

    Arsene Wenger said, “I still don’t understand how he did it. He overstretched his ankle. It was on the ball, not a contact (with another player). The problem is, I think, his tibia.”

    So make that Easter.

  5. Yes, agreed, squeeky bum times all round! 😛

    So I learnt this morning that the real reason Arsenal fans want a CF is not because Giro is bad but because they do not like the style of our play, holding the ball up and passing to onrushing MFs. They would like us to follow the bandwagon – Shitty, Chavs et al. Shameful! We create new tiki-taka, we are leaders not followers. 🙂

    And dare I say, horses for courses. In fact tonight I would like us to part the bus. We cannot afford to concede goals. With that in mind, any player who will not fall back to defend is OUT OUT OUT!

    My team for tonight, not Arsene’s 😛 would have been:

    Debu BFG Kos Monreal
    Calum Flamster
    Ox Jack Rosicky Poldi

    No Ozil, no Sanchez. No nifty midfielders needed is they would not fall back in numbers to defend. Self preservation is of prime importance. No forwards either. We will get a few chances, and our midfielders are good enough.

    Yes, not pretty, I know. But this offers us the best chance tonight IMO.

    COYG 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Morniing NB69……..I go along with your defence, I think it picks itself with the personnel we have available. Shame Wenger did not try some youngsters in friendlies, especially Bellerin, this may have eased the burden on our already stretched back four.

    I hope Kos is fit and Chambers can sit on the bench, as this will be a night for experienced heads. Chambers might be a tad nervous with this one. If Kos is unfit then we have to start with Chambers.

    Flamini and Wilshere are our only options in mid field due to injuries.

    Where I differ from your line up is the wide players.

    I would start with Sanchez on the left and Rosicky on the right.

    Demba Ba will undoubtedly see what a big lump (Lukaku) can do to Monreal, so will play a similar role. That’s where I see Sanchez helping out, as he will track back and help Monreal out.

    Rosicky (if fit) should start. This will give us some thrust and much needed pace/attack minded play

    Ozil just behind Campbell.

    As Kelsey points out, this will be a squeaky bum night. Not for the faint hearted. IMO we will need at least 2 goals to progress to the next round.

    Why, OH Why, did Wenger not strengthen our CF position.

    Going into a campaign, where we will be competing on three levels, with only 1 recognised ST is a mystery, especially with our track record with injuries.

    Did he think Giroud would last all season? 😦

  7. Welcome VCC

    Wenger has stated that he has enough CF’s, so we can assume he means even without Giroud!
    However, as you say, if we suffer more injuries, especially after the TW has closed…. then what?
    My bum is squeeking already and the match hasn’t even started 🙂

  8. NB69………yes, I have seen that interview with Wenger stating we have enough CF (WTF?) I think he is on drugs 😉 either that or he needs to go and lay down in a dark room for 5 years 😀

    Does he mean Bambi on ice (Sanogo) ? Akpom, who he doesn’t play? Walcott (injured) Podolski ( doesn’t play/give a chance) Sanchez (substituted after 45 mins) Gnabry (injured, otherwise doesn’t play/give a chance) Afobe, oh sorry he scores goals, so he is out on loan.

    News is coming out that Giroud has suffered a far more serious injury than at first suspected….WOW, that was rocket science, putting all our eggs in one basket, nice one Arsene.

  9. Cheers 69

    Aint got a clue what all you doomers are on about, Ime already thinking of the group stage.

    Turks are no good. They only beat us in 1453 because Emperor Constantine bottled it by playing to defensive.

    And whats all this about squeaky bum time? I only wear a nappy when ime entertaining a lady,not when watching football. When watching games I prefer to be naked and oiled up. hahaha

    And the above comment is in no way taking the piss out of gays. Ime not homophobic,ive seen Marc Almond in concert

  10. NB69…cheers for that. She and I are on the same wave length. Good reading and spot on IMO.

    Wenger has created a huge problem for him AND the club. Not least the supporters who spend loads of dosh following them.

    Every other club know our plight and will up the ante accordingly.

  11. I can imagine ‘arry on the phone to Wenger already, “Yea, Arsene, Remy is available, let’s say about £30m shall we, and I’ll throw in a 2 year old BMW as well, low mileage and I have the service history”

  12. NB69………Laughably, your 11:20 comment could well come into fruition.

    Wenger will be scouring the globe for a ST to “fill in”

    Typical car sales man approach…………

    Salesman looks out of window……Oh here comes Wenger, he needs a Striker, lets put 40-50% on whoever he asks about.

    Maybe he will pull off another coup for a ST ala Kim Kallstrom 🙂

  13. That would be £25m for ‘arry and £5m for QPR if ‘arry is any sort of decent car salesman 🙂

    Don’t joke VCC…… that could well end up being the case!

  14. we know Arsene prefers that young players play in rotation in all positions. Important for their development, a la Le Prof. Get Carvalho in and play and CF, I say! 😛

  15. NB6911:40…………………I’m not joking….Mourinho already laughs at him calling him “A winner in failure” look at how he mugged Wenger off with the Demba Ba sale, he was never going to sell him to us, and yet Wenger was sucked in and waiting until it was almost too late, then went in for another £1 for Suarez……..just laughable, and naive.

    Liverpool have purchased more than ONE ST.

    ManCity have at least FOUR ST.

    Chelsea have THREE

  16. Vics, if you keep going on like this, you will shaving your hair to a Mohican, talking to the mirror “are you looking at me?”, and saving some prostitute from Pimp Wenger. hahaha

    Put things into perspective mate. We have only played three games and not yet been beaten.

  17. Hi Syrup…….sorry to hear your news. Hope Dad’s as well as can be expected. God bless to you both. As Cockie says, your Arsenal family are here if you need us,

    I think we have been fortunate so far Terrance, BUT, as you rightly say we are unbeaten in two league matches.

    You know full well about the drum I keep banging = Mr. Wenger, please just push the boat out a little further and get 2 more SQ players and we will be cooking with gas.

    Surely even you Stretch cannot dent the fact he has been a little naive and stubborn these past couple of years?

  18. Thanks Vics, much appreciated

    Errr, no mate I dont. The thing about Wenger is that we can bang on about lack of forwards, defensive midfield, and tactical nous etc, but he is not been naive or stubborn.

    He is different to all the other managers in that what you and I see as conventional football wisdom, holding midfielders, setting your team out differently for the team your playing against etc, doesn’t apply.

    Arsene is attempting to “Rip up the book”. He is effectively trying to win the league by swamping the opposition with “Number 10’s”.. He is so obsessed with it ime surprised we haven’t seen Ozil at right back yet. hahaha

    I have a feeling he will pull it off, the man can be infuriating, but there is genius there.,

  19. I’m back tossers….

    Could only get Glenfiddich…… ah well, beggars can’t be choosers.

    VCC and Hair transplant, what ever wacks your willie! 🙂 I’m fairly optimistic for tonight and for the rest of the season. But be honest Terence, losing Giroud at this stage of the season and possibly for 3 months, something has to be done? Perhaps Campbell, Sanogo and Sanchez will come good and start the merry go round of scoring, but there is still a big question mark over all three.

  20. Listen Arse suckers, I predicted this injury hell yonks back, lets face it , it not exactly rocket science given our track record on injuries…top of the injury league for 5 out of the last 6 seasons and we are in negotiations with the NHS as a new sponsor !.
    Trouble is, like you `69er !….Wenger thinks he is a plonk expert…….he spends too much time grinding grapes in Stevie Bould`s arse in his attempt to make a vintage Chateau de Rectum !. Like Arsene`s transfer policy, Arsene thinks it has a beautiful aroma, whereas in fact…… it stinks like shit !. Fair enough, you are probably crushing grapes in a French tarts cavernous vat with your slap head ( I hope you take your glasses off , you don’t want to make a spectacle of it ! ) and I`d much prefer a Chateau de Pussy to what Arsene has on offer !. hahaha

  21. ha ha Cockie man, always a good turn of phrase 🙂

    I think most of us were waiting for the injuries to Koscielny and Giroud… it just had to happen at some stage. No one is immune from injury. But I’m immune to insults like slap head… several years back my young probation clients used to call me spam head, I just gave ’em a slap, they soon shut up.

  22. hahaha, by the sound of 69s exploits, he probably walks round with steamed up glasses and a permanent boner Cornwall.

    What, with those steamed up glasses, seeing that 69 is not actually seeing at all, I have a suspicion that 69s bonce has been were no bonce has been before. hahaha

  23. I’m not suggesting that I’ve got a big one but the last time I visited my doctor for an examination on my dangloid, she said, “You are nicely built Mr NB, I didn’t know whether to examine it or feed it a peanut” 🙂

  24. Hahaha……`69er does have that Jean Luc Picard look ! ( now don’t tell me you haven`t heard of Star Trek, `69er !)………………………………..Pussy, the final frontier !…. these are the voyages of `69`s cunt grinding head !….it`s continuing mission, to explore strange new minges !… seek out new clunge and new shaven havens !….to baldly go where no bastards head has been before !. hahaha

  25. What still no Macallan in stock?
    It must be a French thing as even the Nags Head stocks Macallan – I ask ya what sort of virtual pub are we frequenting? All this NB is concerned about dipping his wick and we are nothing more than an afterthought.

    Oh, I forgot – Good morning all.

    Game days like this one are very stressful, but I remain confident that AW will do us proud.

  26. Afternoon GN5

    Glad you still feel able to venture out into the blogosphere 🙂

    Sorry mate. cheap Glenfiddich tonight…. take it or leave it. If the Nags Head has better, then Fuck Off over there. 😀

  27. This is true !……….our mate Vic`s (VCC) told me he was doing the Ice bucket challenge with his mates !….as to be different, they were going to take it further to the extreme and do it naked in Iceland !………trouble is, instead of meeting his mates in Reykjavic, the senile old bastard was arrested naked in an Iceland store at Grays in Essex !.

  28. hahahaha, trying to get some work done here Cornwall

    Now all i can think off is 69s bald bonce warping into some black hole. hahaha

    Afternoon GN5

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  30. Thanks GN5

    Yeah, he was given four months about six months ago, so has exceeded the Drs expectations.

    Its hard to take, with the suffering and all, but I guess it comes to us all.

  31. NB was sitting alone (as usual) in his virtual pub when in sauntered a beautiful woman who sat down at the bar, so being NB he sent her a bottle of the most expensive wine on the menu (Chateau Plonk). She sent him back a note: “I will not touch a drop of this wine unless you can assure me that you have seven inches in your pants.” So he wrote back: “Give me the wine back – as gorgeous as you are, I simply cannot add on another three inches”

  32. “A little girl and boy are fighting about the differences between the sexes, and which gender is better. Finally, the boy drops his pants and says, “Here’s something I have that you’ll never have!” The little girl is pretty upset by this, since it is clearly true, and runs home crying. A while later, she comes running back with a smile on her face. She lifts her dress, drops her knickers, and yells, “My mommy says that with one of these, I can have as many of those as I want!”

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  34. Terry, my thoughts with your family as well. 🙂 🙂

    GN5. Shhh. I have sneaked into the pub a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and am quietly enjoying it in a corner. Find me here. I will be happy to share it with you. But please dont let that nasty publord know. 😛

    Only way I could think of to move the depressing thoughts from my head. Quite relaxed now after a couple of shots. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. A five year old boy asked his friend what a penis was. His friend’s response was that he did not know and he would ask his dad. That evening the second boy asked his dad. NB gladly exposed himself to his son and, holding his penis in one hand, said, “Son, this is a penis. In fact, if you take a closer look you will notice that this is a perfect penis.” The next day the boy saw his friend at recess and called him behind a hedge. The boy exposed himself and whispered, “This is a penis. In fact, if it were three inches shorter it would be a perfect penis.”

  36. arnie, I’ll sneak in when NB’s having his siesta, I’d hate to think that he thought I like his pub. Make sure the Lagavulin doesn’t evaporate before I arrive,

  37. I’m off out to my son’s place to watch the game later.

    Bye for now…………………..

    arnie, I will still make a virtual appearance.

  38. Nikola Zigic’s agent confirms talks with Arsene Wenger over shock Arsenal transfer

    Nikola Zigic’s agent Milan Calasan has revealed that Arsenal have opened talks with his client over a shock move to the Emirates Stadium.

    The 6’7” striker is currently a free agent after his Birmingham City contract expired at the end of last season, and despite suggestions that he might retire, Arsenal have moved in.

    Calasan told the local media: ‘Wenger called me on Tuesday and stressed his desire to sign Zigic.

    ‘He was offered a contract until the end of the year, with a view to it being extended to 2015 – we’ll see what happens.’

    Serbian news outlet Sports Journal claims that the 33-year-old has already accepted the contract, and is now having medical tests with the Gunners ahead of signing up.

    Zigic scored 36 times in 148 matches for Birmingham, but has endured a difficult time at the club, having survived several attempts to release him – while former boss Lee Clark described one of his training performances ‘as one of the worst of all time’.

    Source: Metro

    I had to look at the date and thought for a moment it was April 1st 🙂

  39. Kels

    Load of Bollo mate… his agent also said that he is undecided because he has had offers from Turkey and Switzerland, yea ok…. he’d rather those than London.
    As I said, bollo. and he’s 33 years old…

  40. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: “Alexis Sanchez is sharp in his movement, he is quick. I believe he can give them trouble. Yaya Sanogo is ready as well. It was a tight decision but Sanchez is used to playing under pressure.

    “Laurent Koscielny has important experience, Calum Chambers has done well but maybe he needs a breather. I have told the players to keep calm and trust in the way we play.”

  41. phew! OK, humble pie time, Kelsey. You said we will surely concede a goal, I said they will have to park a bus. 😛

  42. I’ll have some humble pie for my thinking Sanchez wouldn’t do anything, but it was a nervy 1-0. The red card wasn’t warranted but once down to ten we seemed to become galvanised and so did the crowd. Fucking good result.. we’re through to the group stage.

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