Ten men and one nil, nerve-racking but magnificent stuff!

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

I’m writing this immediately after the game, typing whilst under the influence, intoxicated not just by the alcohol, but by the way we played. It wasn’t an easy game, Besiktas played extremely well to their credit. But we just edged it, and with only ten men for the last 15 minutes. A magnificent performance. The boys dug in, played for each other and pulled off a result. And in the process, Alexis lost his virginity thanks to the quick thinking of Wilshere after some good link play between him and Özil, not a brilliant goal, but a goal none the less.

When down to 10 men, it galvanised the team and the fans together. It was an excellent atmosphere in the stadium. Those last fifteen minutes had my bum squeaking like a dogs toy. It was more than just nervy , but the team held on, despite a couple of good chances created by Besiktas which could have levelled the score. Demba Ba rose into the air for a cross but Mertesacker went with him and Ba failed to make contact. Bilic was going berserk in the stands. Courage was needed at that stage and the boys didn’t fail us, they superbly worked together to see out the match. Sanchez and Wilshere worked tirelessly but Jack was lucky not to concede a penalty, slipping into a Besiktas player in our penalty area, it wasn’t intentional but luckily the ref waved play on, just one of many bizarre decisions, but on this occasion to our benefit.

So the Arsenals fantastic record of Champions League qualification stays intact, Besiktas tried their hardest to ruin the party but on this occasion we somehow found the balls to scrape through. It seems this is becoming the norm after our first few games, not our normal beautiful football, but digging in and getting a result, it would appear that Wengers famous ‘mental strength’ has finally arrived. When the beautiful football eventually materialises and links up with this new found ‘grit’, it will be a joy to watch.

Alexis Sanchez

Sanchez falls to the ground at the end of the match….. knackered

Yesterday I predicted the game would probably be a nervy 1-0 to the Arsenal and not a match to enjoy, but at the final whistle, despite having been on the edge of my seat and drinking copious amounts of whisky to stay calm, I realised that I had thoroughly enjoyed it, it was like a cup final. The relief at the end was nearly as good as an orgasm. The boys should be feeling proud of their performance, everyone will have their man of the match because there were a few to choose from, however, I’m giving the team my MOTM, it was a team effort that got the result.

And today we will learn of our fate in the group draw. It could be a tasty one with PSG, Ajax and Roma in the mix. But now we’re through the team can concentrate on the Premier League for a while. Start to work on finding our beautiful passing game that has recently gone missing, building on the great team spirit that seems to be infecting the players. That starts at Leicester on Sunday.

On a final note, yesterday we had Wenger being extremely vague about Giroud, saying that he wasn’t sure about the injury and that he was waiting for examinations to be carried out. But then later in the day we hear Giroud has in fact undergone surgery. Is Wengers cagey stance a sign that he is looking for reinforcement in the CF role, trying to avoid the inevitable price hike when teams realise he is desperate?

We’ll know by the end of the weekend.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…. hair of the dog! Hope you enjoyed your visit, until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, caused by lots of squeaky noises emanating from my arse last night. Don’t forget, there will be my normal Sunday supplement at 9am GMT on Sunday morning. Something to read whilst enjoying your morning coffee.





125 thoughts on “Ten men and one nil, nerve-racking but magnificent stuff!

  1. Morning NB
    Got a result last night thank fuck.
    Good article in Football 365, so if my link doesn’t work you know where to look….so roll of drums

  2. Fuck fuck fuck, will you delete both my comments please, I don’t want more than a million to know what a wanker, with a computer I am.

  3. Well summed up NB69……..on last nights performance I have to eat my hat regarding Wilshere. Let’s hope the penny has dropped and he starts giving displays like that on a permanent basis.

    Totally agree with the team getting MOTM. Awesome display from the good guys. Magnificent TEN.

    Debuchy is starting to win me over too. This guy looks like he has a pair, which is exactly what we have been missing these past few years.

    So pleased for Sanchez in getting his maiden goal for the Mighty Reds. Perhaps this will help him to settle down and relax and not try too hard to impress.

    Monreal, imo, deserves a mention too. He has also come in for some flack as of late. I particularly enjoyed his celebrations at the final whistle. Looks like a true Gooner 🙂

    Here’s hoping for a kind and favourable draw this afternoon. 😀

  4. Very enjoyable read. Not having watched the game I missed the opportunity to drink myself into oblivion as a result of stress and tension.

    Love the opening pic. Took me back to my youth and the first time I saw the film. Still brilliant even after a lifetime of viewing.

  5. Hi VCC

    I have to eat humble pie as well, regarding not having the faith in Sanchez after his performance against Everton. But the guy showed lots of promise last night, still runs about a bit too much, but last night that was what was needed. He was in the right place at the right time 🙂

  6. Well described NB.

    I don’t do match reports just reviews as by the time we publish every fecker has read 1000 full descriptions of the game.

    I just hope Wenger was lying about the abundance of qualitee strikers we have.

    I hear they are installing an extra thousand toilets for all home games 🙂

  7. Hiya, NB

    A very good and entertaining Post, altho I can smell the garlic even if it is 918.74 Km from there to here.

    Fancy hanging poor Michael out to dry, and he was only being helpful, still, his computer ‘mistake’ has been done by all of us at some time — including thee, oh, mighty Chorizo Man. 🙂

  8. Very nice read, NorthBank, what excitement, what a relief, what orgasmic climax indeed! This should really mark the beginning of our season.

    Particularly happy for Jack and Sanchez, and Santi, Kos and Monreal were excellent. But Debu MOTM for me, even if he did not play the final 15 mins. I like his attitude.

    COYG. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. football-club-soccer-arsenal-v-besiktas-alexis-sanchez_3196591.jpg

    another go, if it doesn’t work, I’m just as much a wanker with the computer as Michael 🙂

  10. Thanks RA…….. that gives all the articles about yesterday, but still don’t know what one Michael was referring to……….. we’ll have to wait till he gets home from work and ask him 🙂

  11. He’ll come back…. have you seen how some of my faithful treat me… anyone else would have given up on this blog long ago. 🙂

    I believe that God made the world in six days, and on the seventh he made all these bastards to come on here and annoy me 🙂

  12. Hi RA,

    Nice to see you over here, but a word of warning, beware of NB and his virtual promises of a drink in his pub. He never opens the damn thing – its really his whore house and his etchings are scattered all over the place.
    If you want a real drink you can join arnie, Michael and myself over at the Nags Head.

  13. I’m still stoked this morning – it’s a very pleasant after glow…………

    I decided to watch the game in a local sports bar with my son. There are about 25 TV’s in the pub and about 150 people were there – which at 2.45 pm was a nice sized group. However it appeared that only the two of us were watching the game, they were also showing, Darts, Tennis, NFL. NBA, Baseball and MLS.

    When Arsenal scored there were two very loud screams – the other 148 people must have thought we had gone mad.

    Great afternoon and an even better result……….

  14. See what I have to put up with RA…. all this abuse I get from GN5 and his motley crew from the Nags Head. I offer a nice calm environment, a bar where people can come and chill, away from all the doom and gloom… and this is the fucking thanks I get 🙂
    They’re even trying to get you over there as well!

  15. Before long everyone would have fucked off to the Nags Head and I’ll be left with just the Cockie Monster and the Hair Transplant man…….. we’ll end up discussing who should play box-to-box or in the hole, and who’s gonna be able to hold the ball up and play centrally in the back four 🙂
    The thought of it with those two brokebacks…. and me all alone! fucking frightening 🙂

  16. NB staggered into a bar and, after staring for some time at the only woman seated there, walked up to her and gave her a kiss. She jumped up and slapped him really hard. NB immediately apologized and explained, ‘Look, I’m sorry. I thought you were my 3rd wife. You look exactly like her.’

    ‘You are a worthless, insufferable, wretched, no good drunk!’ she bellowed at the top of her voice. ‘Funny,’ NB muttered, shaking his head, ‘you even sound exactly like her.’

  17. OK, let’s give him another chance, shall we GN5. Not a bad bloke, IMO. Just an insatiable hunger for having the chorizo pampered. 😛

    oi, my dear Sir, did enjoy the game last night. a lovely cool place you have here, I must say. can I have a pint of bitter, please Sir. 🙂

  18. NB – I just hope that you appreciate that after all of your “virtual” promises of a drink (some hope of getting one) I still remain a loyal (?) but very dry customer.

    Must be the “Cally” thing.

  19. Just as you walk into the bar at 9am GN5… I’m just about to have my siesta at 3pm. It’s a bizarre world. I should have been working today but client still has friends at her house.

  20. Don’t know if it is safe to come out of hiding, but the item I was referring to was profile 365, a piece I think we can all identify with.

  21. Profile 365? Good God — Michael is a bloody alien experimenting on innocent, intelligent, good looking people and …….turning them into the Cockie Monster (who was such a nice bloke when he was known as Glic before Michael got his hands on him), and Terry who was …….. well, never mind about Terry ……. one out of two is not bad! 🙂

  22. Can’t be arsed to watch a 3 hour programme which literally could take 5 to 10 minutes, and anyway it’s fixed. Dortmund for the third time,so it’s runners up in the group again, but the bratwurst is quite tasty.Galalastaray not the safest ground to visit.

  23. Come on Michael

    Lets sort this mess out, is it Football365 or Profile365… which sounds like something from the X Files 🙂 and what was the article about. Give me a clue of some sort 🙂

  24. Bloody mud bath.Bloke sitting two seats away from me died from a heart attack,poor sod.
    I went to the first leg when at 3-0 down this kid came on and scored a late goal for us. Name…Ray kennedy.

    I payed £12.00 for ticket,flights from Luton return and sat next to Jack kelsey by chance.Hence the name.

    GN5 was already in Canada but Raddy and Norfolk Gooner were there.

  25. I was on the Northbank that night. Can’t remember what I paid… but got fucking drunk afterwards.

    I hate to think what ‘arry will ask for Remy 🙂

    I don’t think we’re after Remy. If Wenger is looking it’s probably someone who hasn’t even been mentioned in the media/

  26. Maybe we should merge our blogs and have an adult erotica and I don’t care if I get pissed section and one on gardening,dolphins and the odd bit of Arsenal.

  27. Ah Anderlecht. As kelsey says I was at the game. In the North Bank and arrived about 5 pp.m for an evening kick off just so I could get my favourite spot (about half way down and central – below the Big Boys)

    I still have the Evening News from the game and the programme and the advertising poster which has pride of m´place in my Italian bolt hole

    Happy with the draw. We will win it this time

  28. big raddy 7:22….I was at the Anderlecht game too. We may have stood side by side. I was in front of a barrier in the middle section of the north bank half way down.

    Such a great night. I can remember running onto the pitch afterwards running about like a lunatic, delirious with joy.

    Oh, happy dayz. 🙂

  29. You know for the away leg we were only allocated standing tickets and even then there was a lot of violence after the game when the Anderlecht fans tried to topple over the Arsenal bus and smashed some windows.
    Hate the country.All miserable,dreary, sods, but the chocolate is nice

  30. Cheers 69, nice stuff.

    As a kid I loved the magnificent seven. I always related to the cowardly Robert Vaughan character. The only difference at the end he found his bottle, were as I find cowardice a much safer and enjoyable option.

    Kelsey, last year I was in Brussels and asked some Arabic looking bloke for directions. The Bastard pulled out a knife on me but I just ignored it and kept pestering him to help. Eventually, still holding the blade, he had a look at the map and gave me perfect directions of were to go.

  31. Morning All
    Now that the CL draw has been made, time for a moan, sorry.
    With so much money in the competition, it has for me robbed us of an equal opportunity format…a completely open draw. Is it fair that the bigger teams ourselves included, get a helping hand to go through to the last 16, when the small teams are guaranteed to play 3 bigger teams?
    So what if 4 teams from pot A are drawn together, it is unlikely to happen every year. Even in the current format there are invariably dead rubbers and less than exciting matches.
    As it stands we could nearly pick the quarter finalists, it’s getting too repetitive for me, especially when we invariably leave at the last 16 stage.
    Phew long post for me, 34 words shorter than my autobiography. 🙂

  32. I would prefer a knockout formula from the onset based on home and away as opposed to group stages as I firmly believe especially for the top clubs that we play too much football.

    If that was adopted as a loser that would be it, as opposed to then going into the Europa Cup.

  33. I’m not complaining. Qualifying last 17 years is a bit repititive, but we get the bragging rights. Even if we usually get out at the 16-stage, we occasionally get further forward, sometimes even to the final. This year, erm, or some time soon, we may yet win. 🙂 🙂

    Happy bunny, not complaining. But a good moan nevertheless, Michael. 🙂

  34. From my standpoint I’ve always enjoyed both the quality and the competition that we are able to view in the CL.
    Regardless of the format used it’s usually the best teams that win the trophy. The FA Cup is probably the closest to a straight knock out competition, although the top leagues enter at a later stage than the lower leagues.
    Since 1979 the FA Cup has only been won by 4 “unfashionable” teams – Coventry 1987, Wimbledon 1988, Portsmouth 2008 and Wigan 2014 during the same period Arsenal and Man U have each won 7 times, Chelsea 6, Liverpool 5, Spurs 3, Everton 2 and Man C.

    However the giant killer aspect of the FA Cup is both intriguing and exciting and that is muted in the CL with them playing both both a home and an away leg against each team.

  35. Arnie,
    The unfortunate part of CL, it brings the accountant out in us..we have to be in it.
    I can’t imagine the likes of Real, Barca and Bayern thinking wow we have a really tough draw to get to the last 16. Might is right and big is beautiful is not personally for me, take out the money and I would sooner win the league.

    Your right about too much football for big clubs. Having said that, a competition I would enjoy more than CL. La liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and PL, 1 to 20 face each other home and away, aggregate scores, top 2 leagues play off 1 to 20, same format.
    It would give a lot players the opportunity experience of playing in europe that might not otherwise get the chance, and hopefully team England could improve.
    The caveat might be hoping Chelsea win their games. 🙂

  36. Afternoon moaners, work finished for the day and I’m glad to see you all getting along fine without me

    Kelsey thanks for that link, would be right down my alley 🙂 I wonder if a car wash is included in the price, you know, the type where some scanty clad bird in a wet T shirt gets suds all down her knickers and knockers!

  37. OK, NorthBank, I accept your invitation. Had to skip lunch today. 😦 Some pork scratchings and spicy chorizo will be fantastic, please. 🙂

  38. Good day so far NB, our granddaughter is spending the day with us (school re-starts next Tuesday) and our son and grandson will be joining us for dinner this evening, I will be cooking New Zealand rack of lamb with small red potatoes, wine will be an Australian Shiraz.

    Tomorrow there are 3 live games on TV and 2 on Sunday, including the Arsenal game – so it’s set to be a good weekend. However we then have a 2 week gap for bloody international games.

  39. That will be pretty good, NorthBank. And perhaps you could also join us with a drink, if you please, Sir. 🙂

    The day has been iffy, NorthBank. Too many errands, picking up the scraps, let us not go there.

    Cheers to you all, gentlemen. 🙂 And to a proper tb-thumping win in the weekend.

  40. I have got a lovely creamy head 🙂 but I can’t keep drinking orange juice as I might turn into a jaffa,

    Can’t eat pork scratchings as they are my dentist’s delight.

    So any other suggestions.

  41. I’ve never tasted Bell-end Best – should I risk it? or is the the left overs and spillage all poured into a keg and served to the unsuspecting?

  42. Ill have a pastis… it’s that type of weather here at the moment 🙂

    Glad to hear you are both on form. I didn’t realise the internationals were upon us already… bugger.

  43. The international break could be timely. Taking stock, hopefully Theo and Arteta back, and Gibbs as well. What about Gnabry?

    Too many bloody players, can we have no more bloody transfers before we sell some, please. Arsene? Where is Arsene? 🙂

  44. Autumn approaching, so it’s Guinness time, a pint please NB, poured properly. 🙂

    Did you finish painting her toe nails?

  45. Michael, it’s not autumn yet… you’re such a moaner today! What’s happened mate… you can tell us?

    Toe nails 🙂 a fucking plastered wall. 6m x 2.5m

  46. Can you keep a secret….oh hang on 🙂

    My pearls of wisdom are so infrequently written….that people aren’t ready to accept them 🙂

  47. Funny that my thing about CL this morning, came before an announcement on tv tonight that EUFA are considering changing the seeding. How far ahead of the game am I???

  48. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28950665

    Morning NB.The above is an interesting read.

    A lot of speculation that Campbell will be off.He wasn’t mentioned by AW yesterday when he went through his list of options as alternative strikers to Giroud who COULD play at CF.

    I really think he is playing poker with the media and we will sign at least one more player.
    Cashing in on Campbell in the start of his forth year on our books,having been loaned out for three years and a good WC AW gets the optimum price as perhaps he doesn’t rate him highly enough,and we all know about AW and money 🙂

    Of course I maybe completely wrong.

  49. Morning Kels

    I can’t see how Wenger can say we are well stocked with strikers, even without Giroud, and then get rid of Campbell. To be honest he hasnn’t even given the boy a chance.

  50. Michael, I like the mind games that Arsene plays, and the way he does so. Deadline day is Monday, game day as well.

    He decides timing such that the press on Saturday is bombarded with 2 interviews, one by Arsene to The Guardian, and the other by Ozil to The Telegraph. I know bugger all, and do not certainly understand the point of all this, beyond the belief that there must be some method to teh madness. 😛

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