Match preview: Leicester vs Arsenal plus food for thought!

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometeres (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

You have to go back to the premiership of 2003/04 for our last away game to the Foxes, it ended 1-1 and in 2000/01 we beat them 3-1 at Filbert Street.  On those two occasions Leicester went on to be relegated. In 1929/30 however, it must have been a right cracking game, finishing 6-6. Some of you on here may have been at that game? A famous supporter of the club was Engelbert Humperdinck, who when I googled him, is surprisingly still alive) and Frank McClintock played for them from 1957 -1964 before he came to the Arsenal and was also their manager in 1977/78. Out of 60 games at Filbert Street, Leicester have won 21, we’ve won 18 and 21 have been drawn. But since Wenger we’ve not lost a game against them.

In their first game in the top flight for a decade Leicester managed to keep Everton to a 2-2 draw at the now King Power Stadium, coming back twice from behind to deny the Toffees the three points. Then a week later against Chelsea the Championship winners caused the Chelsea defence some anxious moments. They appear to be very good on the counter attack and have a couple of good strikers in Nugent and Ulloa. They have also just signed Cambiasso from Inter Milan but I doubt if he’ll be ready for today’s game.

News from London Colney is that Arteta and Gibbs are still not ready to return, Diaby played 45 minutes in mid-week for the U-21’s so will probably not be included today. Ramsey is available again after being suspended for the game against Besiktas. David Ospina is now back to full training and is available again but not entirely match fit. Gnabry is progressing but is nowhere near to being back in the group.

I have a feeling that Sanchez may be rested or at least start on the bench. He has had three tough games since the start of the season and on Wednesday night against Besiktas literally ran until he dropped. I’d be surprised if Wenger plays him from the start. Leicester aren’t going to be a walkover but it could be a good time to rest him. Campbell, Oxlade, Sanogo and Cazorla should give us enough options up front to do the job today. The other night Mertesacker didn’t seem fully up to speed so perhaps Chambers will step in next to Koscielny. I don’t see any reason why Wenger should not go for an attacking team line up, so my amateurish guess will be:


submit football lineup

Bench: Martinez, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Flamini, Rosicky, Sanchez, Podolski.

Flamini could be used for the defensive midfield role but on Wednesday night Jacko had an excellent game and I could imagine Wenger giving him a chance to build upon that. And Sanogo could always start instead of Campbell but my thinking is that Joel needs a start and I’m not sure if Sanogo is 100% fit. So surely this would be the game to let Campbell stretch his legs, despite having played in mid-week in the U-21 game. But then again, there have been rumours galore this week that Campbell is on his way out on loan again, I would be very doubtful if that were true.

Wenger still has lots of options for team rotation despite our current injury list, however, his comments in recent press conferences have intimated that he hasn’t finished in the transfer market. We have till tomorrow to find out if he has been active or not. For todays game, whatever the starting XI, I’m predicting a cheeky 3-1 to the Arsenal, Ramsey to get at least one.



The  Sunday Recipe.

This idea has been marinating in my head since I first started this blog and a few days ago on Arsenal Arsenal the talk turned from football to food. Whilst reading some of the comments my idea started to cook again as an idea for this blog. This simple but delicious recipe was given to me by  Claudette, a neighbour of mine when I first moved to Avignon. Claudette was from Normandy and often used to invite me to eat with her. She was 84 years old and still loved to cook. So I’m going to call the dish,  ‘Claudette’s Boozy Chicken’, it’s a creamy, alcoholic dish with hints of orange.

Ingredients: (serves four)

4 lean chicken breasts without skin

Flour, seasoned with salt and pepper

Two diced onions

40g butter

half cup of Grand Marnier.

half cup chicken stock

250ml single cream

Coat the chicken breasts in the seasoned flour and shake off excess. Heat the butter in a large frying pan and fry the chicken until golden brown, turning once. Remove from pan and keep warm. Fry the onion gently until translucent and return the chicken pieces to the pan. Add half of Grand Marnier and the chicken stock, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the chicken to a serving dish and keep warm.

Add the remaining Grand Marnier and the cream to the pan, stir gently until warmed through, check for seasoning and then pour over the chicken. This dish is good served with rice but my favourite accompaniment is roasted new potatoes and carrots glazed in caramelised sugar. It’s a very quick and tasty dish to do. bon appétit!

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…. hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, the Sunday supplement to beat all Sunday supplements. A creamy boozy mix of football and other stuff whenever ever it takes my fancy.  The Arts supplement can be seen here:  

This week a brief examination of ‘erotic art’.







36 thoughts on “Match preview: Leicester vs Arsenal plus food for thought!

  1. Good morning Homo Sapiens

    Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday… I went to visit my ex-wifey and ended up getting drunk with her new boyfriend. What a nice guy… the cunt!

  2. Morning Michael

    That Irish humour is getting the better of you again 🙂

    How was the poker, did you win?
    Any type of win will do for me today but I have a feeling we might start to click in the attack options.

  3. Morning NB

    3 points is the order of the day.
    Arsenal have officially stated just now that they no longer have an interest in Remy,which I believe not that they don’t want him but we can’t match the wages Chelsea are offering.

    I think Sanchez will play and lets see if Campbell and Podolski are in the squad.

    2-1 to the good boys.

    Only ever been to the old ground Filthy Street 🙂

    I presume you get Walkers crisps with your programme.

    Chicken in all forms is very nice, I prefer the Indian versions.

  4. Good Morning NB69. I look forward to your Sunday supplement, always a fine read, and congratulate you on the added food article, nice idea.

    I am cooking “Extra tasty” chicken from Asda, with Cauliflower and roast potatoes, also from Asda, and Runner beans, with a knob of butter slithering all over them (my fav) , Broccoli, carrots. parsnip, all home grown.

    Very old fashioned in my house, we try and sit together every Sunday for a roast.

    Now the football. I read an article in the week on Mesut Ozil, he said he prefers to play slightly on the right so he can cut in and try shots from that angle, but said wherever the manager wants him to play he is fine with that. He also said he must try and score more goals, lets hope he starts this afternoon.

    I agree Chambers may start, but would rest Koscielney. So my side would be =






  5. Nice one 69

    Every were i go people seem to be obsessed with food. Personaly ime not bothered. I only eat when hungry. The only exception when i smell a barbecue, turning into an olympic 100 metre champion, raid a strangers garden and eat as much as I can before been beaten up.

    We should beat Leicester easy. We have to much class and quality for these backwater types.

    5-0 Arsenal

    Yes 69 I congratulate you on your erotic art. People misunderstand artisic types like you and I. The other day i was on a bus watching some internet porn on the phone when some people complained forcing the bus driver to stop the bus and threaten me with eviction.

    I offered to turn the volume down and promissed not to look at any fit birds aggresivly, but he wasnt having it. Bunch of philistines.

  6. Yes, matchday. Good stuff, NorthBank. And yes, not too greedy at this stage of the season, 1-0 to the Arsenal will do me fine. 🙂

    And then, on to other more pressing matters. 1) End of the transfer window. 2) Timely international break to try and ease a few of the good guys in – Theo, Diaby, Ospina, perhaps Campbell as well. 3) Away to Dortmund. COYG. Onwards and upwards! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. #Arsenal team to play Leicester City: Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis, Sanogo

    #Arsenal subs: Martinez, Chambers, Rosicky, Campbell, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Podolski

  8. NB
    Got blown out in poker.
    I have found quite a lot of erotic art on porn tube or doesn’t that count? 🙂

  9. Hi de ho chaps

    I’m back from the bar, need to get some food on the go but it’s not going to be my chicken recipe today and nothing like VCC’s Sunday roast. I’ve just checked the fridge and it’s looking like a Chili con carni. 🙂
    30 minutes to kick off. I’m surprised at AW’s team selection. I thought he may play Sanogo but I’m surprised he’s not rested either Kos, Mert or Sanchez. COYG’s

  10. These early /late games….well I’m a strict 3pm saturday man..damn tv.
    Which makes me a hypocrite as I will be watching on tv.

  11. NB
    Very odd company, 🙂 I often wondered if there was an asylum short of a couple of clients or maybe 3

  12. Nice one `69er !.
    On the erotic art stuff, it just seems to me that if you want to be a fcuking perv`, just walk about wearing a beret.glasses and a goatee with some paint brushes sticking out of your pocket and everyone will think they are an artist and no one will question the validity of the perv !.
    Stretch likes perving on the busses, but prefer my artistic ways to be stalking the under ground and like to draw a picture of my self and the fit bird sitting next to me !, it`s normally a painting of them sucking me off !. I show them the painting with the word “me” next to my character and “you” next to the fit looking girls character !. If they smile I know I`ve scored, anything else and I pulled the emergency stop cord and leg it down the tunnels !.
    I`m curious about the Coubet; L`Origin de Monde painting. in that, how come Stretches syrup is in it ?.

  13. Doesn’t really bother me really Michael. The only problem I have with the TV timings is when watch the match at my favourite bar and we clash with either OM playing or Toulouse in the rugby. The guv’ner was closing early today because he is going on holiday tomorrow, so have had to come home and find a stream 😦

  14. Good game so far… I missed the Sanchez goal because I was checking the chili in the kitchen… get it Sanchez/Chili. AW needs to make at least one change at half-time, take Sanogo off and bring on either Campbell or Oxlade. Has anyone noticed that if another defender goes off injured or red carded…. we don’t have a defender on the bench now that Chambers is on for Kos.

    Some poor reffing, to allow play to go on because Leicester were in possession and then blow the whistle when they then lose possession… very poor.

  15. Sanogo is a bad immitation of Giroud, at best he is a nuisance.

    This is a newly promoted side with pace on the wings and our defence is all at sea.

    Why oh why is Ozil on the wing again.Even Ramsey can’t get in the game.
    Sanchez is class but we really quite a few players short.
    You can’t keep experimenting even after only a few games.
    the Ox has to come on.
    Not sure if Kos should have come back on.he wached the player behind him yet just didn’t jump. Hard decision to call if he should have come back on.
    If we don’t change personal and tactics we will be hard pressed to win this. On the whole disappointing first half.

  16. To be honest ime very disapointed at that. The way I saw it Arsenes passaholic lighweights get a bit roughed up and fail to get the three points.

    But does Arsenes philosophy mean we cant go on and win the title?

  17. I should think we deserve to be disappointed. Midfield passing just so-so, slow to get it forward and allowing Leicedter to get 7/8 players back to defend. Their counter attacks, practically every time ripped right through us.

    What I did notice happened quite often, with someone running down the wing, Ozil and Sanchez held back, waiting for a backward pass. Instead of running forward in line with the winger/defender and waiting for a cross. It’s a poor part of our play.

  18. I won’t repeat what I wrote on AA but that was bloody awful but of course according to AW we have so many striking options.I honestly think we were lucky to get a draw.Worrying times and three more injured.

  19. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to BBC Sport: “It was tough, Leicester played very well and defended with a lot of heart.

    “Our attackers did well but on the other hand they were not fantastic they didn’t score. We are active in the window, we are working hard to find a solution.

    “We try very hard. Nobody can ever predict what can happen in the last 24 hours. But if we had to buy a player every time you didn’t win a game it would be too easy. In the Premier League out is difficult to win games. That is the way it is.”

    our attackers did well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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