3 down, 35 to go….. who knows what will happen?

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

Gooners the world over are today experiencing a multitude of different feelings. There will be those who forever think the sun shines out of Arsène Wengers arse  and he can do no wrong, to those who at this moment think he has lost the plot and needs to be put away in an asylum for the mentally deranged. In between, are those who swing between the two extremes, sometimes their glass is half-full, sometimes half-empty. That’s millions of Arsenal fans, ordinary people like you and I, experiencing illogical mood swings and symptoms of anxiety, negativity and irrational feelings. Being a supporter of any football team causes these experiences, but it often seems that supporting the Arsenal is worse, doesn’t it?

For the more positive amongst us, these emotions are not such a big problem you may think, but I bet their resolve is sometimes sorely tested. The start to this season will be seen by them as a necessary learning curve, new team members and injuries meaning that Wenger has had to experiment with formation and tactics and in the process we have been good enough not to suffer a heavy defeat, achieving two draws and a win in the Premier League and a hard-fought win in the Champions League. Others of a more negative persuasion will be pointing the finger at the manager and shouting, “why did he do that?”, or, “can’t you see we lack a centre-forward and a defensive midfielder” or even, “It’s time for him to go”.

Others will be thinking it can only get better and others will be thinking we’ve got no chance of winning the PL and we’ll be lucky to get fourth place. One fan will see a match from one viewpoint and alternatively, another will have a totally different perspective of the same match, one positive and one negative. The outcome of the match is the underlying cause of such feelings but ultimately it is the individual person who puts the experience into his or her pigeon hole marked Negative feelings or Positive feelings or Let’s wait and see.

I’m trying to calmly analyse the situation, trying to stay positive. Stand back and count to ten before reacting should be the philosophy. Sometimes negativity can’t be avoided, your immediate response to an emotional situation bursts forth, uncontrolled. I have heard this is often the case on twitter, fans having critical and negative responses during an ongoing match. It’s like an argument between husband and wife, in the heat of the moment things are said which will later be regretted. I’m sure most of us have done it. The issue is, does it really matter?

Let’s try to get it into some kind of perspective. Firstly, we go through this vast range of different emotions every season, whether it’s a good season or a bad one. Last season can generally be viewed as a good season, we won the FA Cup, our first trophy in nine years. Alternatively, others will say we lost out on winning the double because of the lack of depth in the team due to not spending to strengthen the team. Two valid responses and quite normal in my eyes. This season has just started and already there are questions being asked of the team and the manager, but you could argue it has started better than last season. Two games won and a loss last season and we were on 6 points and in 4th place after three games, this season two draws and a win with 5 points and 7th place but crucially, not having lost a game. But what does that mean for the rest of the season, it means diddly squat. We can’t predict anything from it.

Many excuses and reasons can be put forward as to why this and why that, but ultimately, as fans we can only sit back, accept the decisions made at the club, by the manager and try to understand the form of the team and individual players. We are going to come up against some stubborn sides from the lower end of the table this season, Crystal Palace and Leicester have already proved that, but then again, we were easily outplayed by Everton in April but this time we got a gutsy 2-2. In the transition period waiting for new players to acclimatize and waiting for established players to come back from injury, we have discovered a new-found level of mental toughness. Wenger has often spoken of it but we have rarely seen it, until now. Last season, being two nil down away to Everton saw a collapse of spirit and humiliation, this season the boys fought valiantly to come from behind to get a point.

So at the moment, in amongst all the different emotions I’m likely to suffer during this season, I’m definitely looking at a half-full glass and I would urge other Gooners to do the same. If you need to be persuaded then just look at Man United and the woes they experienced last season and are experiencing now. I will not always be travelling on the bus of positivity but I know at times I will be there, rationally saying to myself  that things will improve. This is one of those moments. But after the next game I may well be questioning my mental fortitude, it’s the inevitable consequence of supporting a football team, but as Wenger would say, let’s take one game at a time.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…. hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, emotional and unpredictable. Characteristically human by being changeable and fickle.  Sometimes confused but seeking to be rational and reasoned but also knowing that life needs passion and desire. Trying to find the perfect balance to support the Arsenal. The Sunday supplement will be published during the international break, next Sunday morning at 9am GMT. 




122 thoughts on “3 down, 35 to go….. who knows what will happen?

  1. Michael

    It get’s me like that sometimes first thing in the morning…. as the day goes on I tend to become fuddled with alcohol. Today is Monday, I never work on Mondays… I’m a four day week man. 🙂

  2. ha ha Michael. I have a habit of showing up when you least suspect!!!!

    thank you NorthBank. I have to be way for a bit, but later today I will hide way in your pub if I may. Outside there will be storms raging. Not for the faint-hearted or the frail. 🙂

  3. Morning all.

    Well I haven’t mellowed but my post hasn’t gone up.

    I think you are far too generous NB, have a few drinks and then tell it as it really is.

    If I was a betting man we might be getting that greek with two hundred letters to his name 🙂

  4. Cut and paste from AA. But that is me! 😛

    I cannot bring myself to read the post and comments. I suspect a lot of vitriol. And anguish. And I disagree. So, laters.

    However, here is my tuppence worth.

    1. We are already seeing progress this year. Proof? Charity Shield.

    2. We are well on our way to winning the CL. We have as much chance as anyone else. Come on, prove me wrong.

    3. Start of the League could be better, but could be worse as well. Last year we lost 1-3 to Villa on Day 1. We are unbeaten so far this season. As good as the minnows so far, led by Shitty. But not as good as the Chavs. That is OK.

    4. I still like our nifty passing in the middle of the pitch. And bemoan our lack of penetration. But we have scored goals. 5 in 3 games. That is better than what is required for a perpetual “1-0 to the Arsenal”. OK by me.

    5. But, we have conceded 4. Including a goal to Leicester. No matter what anyone here tells me, this is our main problem. Leaking goals. I would not mind a DM. But more importantly, our back line needs to be tightened. Bouldie, where is Bouldie?

    6. Now, we have the intl break to regroup. Hopefully, Theo and Arteta back, Kos recovered, Calum gaining some experience, dare I say Diaby back as well. Good timing. Cannot complain.

    OK, that is me. COYG. 🙂

  5. And this is why this is a good place to have a drink. Pity it is closed most of the time.

    A pint of bitter, NorthBank, please Sir. 🙂

  6. arnie

    my beef as well. Our posts should go up a lot earlier.

    I like disagreing with you or whoever,it’s so much easier than echoing someone else’s thoughts 🙂

    Wenger has worked miracles but I honestly think he has now cracked.

    If he doesn’t start playing Ozil in the number 10 slot we could possibly lose him by the end of the year at a loss !!!!

  7. Drinks are on the house 🙂

    What’s going on over at AA… perhaps too many people wanting to post? I’ll give some consideration to guest posts on here, but need to work out the best way of doing it 🙂

  8. Kels

    If we don’t win something this season I think we could lose more than just Ozil. If Ramsey and Wilshere have a good season there will be lots of teams sniffing around wanting a piece of the action.

  9. Kelsey. I have read your post. Honest, Consistent, Passionate, Articulate, a bit strong and therefore good to generate conversation. All that we need for a good day’s work.

    I am ear, as I said, but do not want to ruffle too many feathers. Actually, I already have. Rasp! 😦

  10. Good morning Michael

    Crucifixion hey 69? My mind always recalls the film Spartacus where Kirk Douglas got done for it. Very sad.

    What I never understood about that film was why all those geezers stood up and shouted “ime spartacus”. The very least you would do is shout “ime not spartacus”. If it was me i would have pointed at him and screamed “thats the fucker there”

    Very pleased with the Welbeck signing. I have a feeling that it will be the transfer that clinches us the title.

  11. Terry,
    I’m kind of pleased with DW as well, but overall completely underwhelmed by the window. We have only (only!!) spent what was the tv money due. On the back of the FA cup, I had misguidedly thought he might push on and challenge for the CL, but alas not a realistic hope.

  12. Thats not quite right Michael. Whilst Kelsey is not around I can exclusively reveal that his transfer figures are wrong. Dont tell him I told you though. The last time I pissed him off i awoke in the middle of the night to find locks of his hair all over my bed.


    Chambers 16m
    Sanchez 33m
    Welbeck 16m
    Ospina 3m
    Debauchery 12m


    Small fry 4.5m
    Verm 15m
    Fabregas Nil
    Vela m3.5

    Out £80 m, in 23m = NET SPEND £57 MILLION

    Kelsey made the classic mistake of trying to combine net cash flow with net accounting figures. This is effective counting money twice. In the medium to long term you must use proper accounting principles.

    in addition, the up to date reports suggest that Chelsea’s deal with Barca left us nothing and Velas option to buy back was at £3.5 million

    Of course, i can only go by reported figures, Arsenal do not make transfers public, but I fully expect the figures to show the above is generally accurate when Arsenal publish there next accounts.

  13. The new TV deal Michael is worth a guaranteed £14 million pound more to each club. For a Club such as ours, we should be expected to recoup approximately £20 to £25 million more per season than the old deal. Still a lot of money

    i think the £62 million you quote Michael is based on the bottom club now receiving a guaranteed £62 million were as under the old deal it would have been £48 million.

  14. Lunchbreak… hows it hanging chaps 🙂

    Basically the TV money has paid for out incomings.

    I’m pleased with the Welbeck signing, despite saying last week that he would be a ‘cooking wine’ type purchase rather than a Chateau Haut-Marin 🙂

  15. 69 & Michael

    the interesting thing about the new tv deal for a nerd like me is that the premiership clubs signed an agreement limiting the proportion of how much of the new money could be spent on players wages.

    Prior to this agreement, the old sky deals effectively went to the players.

  16. Wonder what type of wage Danny boy will be on…. I reckon about £90k or there abouts. Do you think that is right? Anyway, it’s better than the £350k going to Fail-cow, laughing all the way to the bank… and then leaves after a season. 🙂

  17. Whatever about the money, I feel we are as a team making do, not bad, but not good enough for where we hope to be…..unless 4th and last 16 is ok…which also isn’t bad, unless you have higher aspirations.

  18. hahaha, about three years ago 69, myself and Cockie were pulled up on AA for the nature of our comedy. We were out of the scene for a while but came back and toned it down a bit. Well I did, Cockie is the Frankie Boyle of the bloging world so finds it harder..hahaha

    Now on Berkampesque it seems Cockies Pedo jokes have got him in the shit again.

    Its difficult for me because I know Cockie personally and he is a top bloke, and obviously we both love to have a laugh, but at the same time there are moments you have to reign it in a bit.

  19. Chambers 16m = 12 million( rising to 16 million depending on appearances)
    Sanchez 33m = I will accept that as figures quoted are between 30 to 35 million
    Welbeck 16m = correct
    Ospina 3m = correct
    Debouchy 12m = correct


    Small fry 4.5m = Song 3.5 million was still owing
    Verm 15m = correct
    Fabregas 13.50 million still was owing and includes 3.5 million to sale of Chelsea.
    Vela m3 = 12 million as Real Socidad took the option of the buy out clause

    Djourou = 2.64 million

    Out £80 m, in 23m = NET SPEND £57 MILLION

    no TMHT 🙂

    Out £ 76 million, in 46.64 million therefore net spend 29.36 million

    Then add on the extra revenue from Puma for qualifying for the CL, plus the additional TV money, Plus a conservative 20 to 25 million for CL group stage revenue.

    So we haven’t spent a penny 🙂

  20. Kelsey, my dear fellow, you are mixing cash flow with accrued accounting concepts

    But I accept your figures. hahaha

  21. Fucking money…….. I hate it 🙂

    Whoever’s right……… the upside is we haven’t spent much to get five new players in. 🙂

    I’ve got to get back to work… if I crack on I can finish this job today and get my final cash payment. 🙂

  22. Evening you bunch of…………….http://img.uefa.com/imgml/TP/players/9/2012/324×324/45902.jpg

    So I can have safe shaven haven on `soreArse until fall out clears !. 😆
    I wont say anything bad about BK as it is a great site and Totes has bent over backwards accommodating my comments and what happened yesterday probably put Totes on the spot, because I`m sure he wouldn`t have removed my comment had the prick from Ilfracombe not complained !, what a tedious tosser that grass is!, we both know `69er what geezers with our pasts think of grasses !.
    As Stretch has said, we like a laugh, we all can go on any site and talk football and that gets tedious in the end if there is no break or contrast to it !.
    All I said ( and remember, I`m in the “spend the fcuking money camp”) was that I wasn`t pleased Arsene was in Rome on Transfer Deadline Day and that he was probably not in Rome but at the Vatican getting some advise on some young altar boys where the only bit of transfer magic he would pull off was making his sausage disappear into one of them !. To think that means I think Arsene is a paedo is ridiculous and everyone who knows me would except it for what it was, an attempt at humour, nothing else !.
    Trouble is there is always one person who has had a humour bypass operation and on BK, that is the cunt from North Devon !.
    AA is a great site as well, but like Stretch has said we both had a little run in with some ( I say some as there are more moderators than players in Arsenals squad ) of the moderators, yet when I read their blog rules, not once did I say anything against them rules !. All I ever did on there was comment with a humourous tone and that is all they should have taken it as !. Alas, even though a great site, it is cliquey and have said this in the past on the site, I know for a fact, that some of the comments I have put on there that have been ignored, would have been greeted with a …”ROFL…LMAO if it had been said by some of the regulars !. I choose to pick when I want to say anything nowadays as I don’t like being censored on my personality. Stretch carried on and rule abided and has become one of their darlings !. hahaha I tell you what Stretch, you implying that I should reign it in made me laugh !…..I`d like to see you at a Jimmy Carr concert telling him to reign it in !……”sorry, your rectum is fcuking sore and you want me to reign it in a bit, now remember who is paying who you bastard ! “….obviously I cant vouch for Jimmy Carr , but it would probably be along them lines !. hahaha……and remember that post you did on there ( AA ) once !, it was one of the best I had read after my comments ! hahaha…..it had paedo undercurrents, something about lecturing kids in a school and then escaping out of the window !…remember !.
    They brought in this ” Peaches Mums Test ” on AA about not saying anything that would shock someone`s mum, women or young children !. What a load of bollocks and bear with me as what I say is in no way talking about anyone or their family on here, but talking in general !………..the last time I see a porno, it was women doing the cock sucking, woman who are the prossers and like it or not nearly everyone`s….(sorry most, but not anyone on here ! hahaha)… sister, daughter, mum will suck cock, swallow and do every position known to Transplant !…..as for kids, I heard some stat on the radio a while back, something along the lines that 2 out of 3 under 12`s watch internet porn !. Now I don’t know about you senile bastards, but I can remember when I was under 12 and would I if born today watch porn on the internet ?….what do you think and be honest would you ?. So there is my case for what a load of bollocks someone`s mums test is !. I will respect anyone`s opposite views to mine, but in the end I am right !. hahaha
    As for the Stretch and Kelsey`s transfer sums, lets just split it down the middle and call it £45M spent….even though I agree with Kelsey !. One thing is for sure and no amount of Stretch talking with his accountants hat on will pull this fact over my eye`s…….Gazidis said on TV last year that we would have £70M minimum to spend on transfers and not including wages, just £70M on the transfer fee !, every year !. Now last season we spent £30M net on transfer fees and that left £40M to go on this years £70M, that’s £110M for this TW !…..we have spent an agreed amount as mediated by myself between Stretch and Kelsey…….£45M !……that means we still have £65M to spend in the January TW or !135M in the next Summer TW if Wenger hides the £65M under his bunk bed in January !……and I`ve not even gone into the new sponsor money of extra EPL and SKY/BT money !.
    Right there you have it. have you binned me straight after welcoming me on site ?. hahaha

  23. Brave of you GLIC to put this up.

    I know a lot of people say AA is clikey but so are most sites.

    Who is this geezer from North Devon, or maybe I shouldn’t ask.

    I go against the grain on AA or wherever and as you have seen I have recently commented on Total’s site and generally had some good debate but Total doesn’t acknowledge me.

    I don’t want to go into too much detail but there is some bad feeling from the authors on AA to Total who used to write posts and comment on AA, but those things happen on many blogs and then you get splinter groups.

    I never waiver in my opinion and have said that IMO we have had the best of Wenger and let’s see who is right.

    I don’t go on blogs to score points,like some do.

    I haven’t been in prison but I was sectioned some thirty years ago as I suffer from ANTs (look it up) but blogging is good therapy.

    TMHT can say what he likes but the simple equation is what we spend and what we receive back n sales and forget all this technical bolloxs.

  24. Googled ANTs, Kelsey and all that comes up is insects, now if you were sectioned for them, then I prescribe not sitting on the grass as a good cure !. 🙂
    I said when I first went on AA in conversation with Redders that you were the most logical and unbiased with your comments about Arsenal and have not changed that view !.
    Must go as wife is calling !. 🙂

  25. hahaha, kelsey my dear friend, I dont accept the draw and declare you the winner, If Wenger dont spend some money in January I will track the Bastard down and give him a good rodgering.
    Sorry to hear about your Ants, I too have automatic negative thoughts. For some reason,It happens every time I see the wife?

    At least people wish you well. Every time I have a downer a crowd gathers outside my house with a rope.

    Cornwall, what do you mean if you were a kid you would watch porn? Apart from my old man snuffing it the biggest concern i have is the government banning internet porn, ime addicted to the bloody thing. Infact, whilst typing this ime watching some geezer in a mask giving some fit housewife a good seeing to. He beat the husband up and has him tied to a chair forcing him to watch as his Mrs enjoys it. I find this kind of scene to be very exciting. hahaha

    Of cousre AA is cliquie, but theres a lot of good people on there. If you notice i dont really have chat on that site, just go on, tell a bullshit story and sign off.

    Course I wouldnt tell jimmy carr to reign it in, he knows how to tone it down dependent on the audience. When its an adult audience that know what to expect, then I am a total believer in no holds barred comedy, you know that.

  26. Moaning all you sore bums 🙂

    Morning Kels… up nice and early.

    To all those offensive posters on here who like a dirty joke and a little bit of innuendo, so fucking what! 🙂 it’s just a laugh.

    Kelsey, with regard Newsnow. I’ve checked, a blog has to have been going for at least six months and then you put in a request to be included. They do have rules and regulations though. Another option is twitter but I don’t really like twitter.

  27. newsnow also read every New Post as they don’t allow offensive words in the headline post but one can swear as much as one likes in the comments. Double standards if you ask me.

  28. Morning http://img.uefa.com/imgml/TP/players/9/2012/324×324/45902.jpg
    Do you see how considerate I am !, I put up that link so I don’t have to go through the repertoire of names to call you lot, it can mean anything you like….bastard(s), cunt(s), tosser(s) etc`, so if a picture of JT means you are a mouse shagger then so be it !…..talking of which, our Friendly Fornicating Francophile Felcher recommends WD40 to stop the mouse squeaking !.
    Kelsey ( who can be excluded from my above etc`s for being blogging royalty ! 😀 ) is right about the newsnow stuff !, just put up a Womans Institute Vicarage Tea Party sort of headline and then we can have a free for all of …fuck, fight, fuck, fight, fuck, fight afterwards in the commenting section !.
    Out now to play with my big boys toy !……..my 42″ cut John Deere ride on mower !. It has a built in Cock Sat Nav to tell me where all the fucking rabbits are that I`m going to shag for digging holes in my Acreage !. No doubt I`ll have a couple of extra acres by the time I`ve finished !.
    Bonsoir Bastards !.

  29. It`s all Greek to me Kels, I only speak 15 dialects of cockney !. 😀
    Looking at my Ride on Mower, it has come to my attention that John Deere must be a Norwich fan, not because he is an inbred fcuking farmer, but because of the colours ( yellow and green )!. I will have to take it to a spray shop, but do I take the expensive option of re-spraying it red and white of the cheap option of just spraying over the green with blue ?. I only cut my own fields, so really it should be home colours, but what if my Manshafter Std supporting neighbour asks me to cut his field ?…I`d need to be in the away colours, wouldn`t I ?……..fcuking decisions of living in the countryside !.
    I would value your opinion on this subject, but please, only abuse will be accepted !.
    I look forward to reading your advise later, as I really need to cut my grass and I`m quite stressed and confused that by riding my Norwich coloured mower I will have a rock hard boner thinking about Delia Smith laying in my paddock with her legs wide open shouting …” lets be having you ! “.

  30. Right yo load of…..

    I’m off to a mates for lunch…. I have to be careful with him because he’s bi-sexual. We once had a threesome together with a bird and when I was off my guard he tried to stick his dick in my mouth. I had to give him a slap, then I slapped the slapper. 🙂

  31. Morning All
    I’ve been marginalized on the this site….I can’t do links…so I’m off to a more cliquey site.

  32. Know what you mean Michael. I tried posting a football link once but, as I told the wife, accidently ended up posting photo, details, and sexual desires to an on-line kinky sex dating site.

    I cant even do smiley’s. Ended up having to explain to the Bank the reason I was now paying a subscription to “Dogging Rendezvous” was because I was laughing at Paul Mariner.

  33. It will be interesting to see how Mad Mario and Danny W compare at the end of season.
    They are both roughly the same age, cost the same, play in the same position and have a point to prove.
    I have already been coerced into a 20 by my Lpool fan snooker partner that DW is the business.

    Breaking news, the inventor of the Anagram has died… may he “erect a penis”

  34. So slow today…my main news is my bathroom is now officially man clean..beat that 🙂

    I wonder if the little boy in Danny Welbeck always wanted to work with AW and win trophies.

  35. Yes it is a bit slow,Michael but now we have to twiddle our thumbs for nearly 2 weeks.

    Interesting indeed to see how Mario and Danny compare.

    Had a look around the blogs we know and everybody has become a football manager with tactics,formation,who we should buy in the next window, all quite opinionated and a lot of disagreement.

    Give me the simple art of blogging any time.

  36. kelsey
    Isn’t that what it’s about? Personally I often find myself trying to make out what the person is like regardless of what they write….but there again I’m probably odd.
    Tell me who is the hippy in denmark on AA? Is it the same person as DKGooner on ACLF?

  37. No, its Big Raddy on AA

    I speak to quite a few people on AA and I assure you face to face they often say or discuss something about our club but when they blog they more or less say the opposite.

  38. Hahaha I like the anagram joke, Michael !.

    I put an anagram on AA quite awhile ago and don’t think anyone else had ever done it before or since !. It is a cracker though if you dislike a certain Piers Morgan !. The first one is simple…….I sperm organ, but I took it further and upon investigation found out he has two middle names of ….Stefan Pughe ! ( he was born Piers Stefan O`Meara, but changed it to his step fathers name )……..so Piers Stefan Pughe Morgan comes out as an anagram of……Huge Fat Penis Sperm Organ !. I wonder if he knows that, if I was on twitter, I would tweet it as I`m sure there`s plenty who would like to know .

    Alisher Usmanov comes out as…..A Manholes Virus !.
    Kos` comes out as…..cunt !, only like arse !.
    Verms was…….Love them man arse !.
    Monreal`s full name comes out as……Ciao !, I`m Arsenal Gooner !.
    Bendtner was……Licks bent end, ran !.
    Rosicky fittingly is…..Stay Sick room !.
    RVP…..Penis Over Brain !.
    Man U……Mundane Erect Shit….or…..Decent Manure Shit .
    Wigan …..I Watch Genital !.
    QPR…..Ranger Spanks Queer !.

    Yes, I know !….you`re thinking what a fcuking sad bastard for knowing these !. hahaha

  39. Morning campers

    I watched this yesterday, it’s quite a laugh. Look at some of the haircuts and outfits. Millwall hooligans ha ha. The main character with his hair and specs and tank top. I could imagine Cockie man looking the same in the late 70’s:

  40. Morning NB

    I like the old Etonian broadcaster describing the events. If it wouldn’t be for the haircuts one could think it was the fifties.

  41. Morning All
    Nothing wrong with an old Etonian accent, when you compare them to some of todays football pundits.

    Thanks for that. So Big Raddy is not DKGooner then, 2 ex hippy gunners living in Denmark.

    You finished you nail painting then, did you get paid in kind ? 🙂

  42. Michael

    Big Raddy, peaches and I all lived at one time literally minutes away from each other but we never knew each other, it just came out in conversation about 6/7 years ago when we were all on LG.
    We went to the same pubs, clubs etc. Small world,but above all we support Arsenal.

  43. NB
    It can’t have escaped your notice that Henry B’s offering today on ACLF is identical to Ra’s on AA.
    Do you know something I don’t?

  44. I probably know a lot more than you Michael…. but can’t go giving away peoples different identities on other blogs 🙂 You’ll have to come to your own conclusions

  45. You are of course correct, but it is so much easier if people kept the same name, I don’t then have to work out wether they are gowls or good guys.

  46. Kelsey

    Many may do it but Michael can’t 🙂

    Michael… I asked HenryB right at the beginning of my blog to use his ACLF monicker… but he chooses other disguises on other blogs… the sneaky fecker! 🙂

  47. Well, Michaels buggered off cos he has something to do… probably just an excuse to go to the pub 🙂

    Bloody International break… no Arsenal football this weekend! But will probably do us a favour, is Walcott due back next week… fit and ready?

  48. You know injury news from AW is always wrong.Has a player ever come back earlier ? Is Gibbs fit and of course the old warrior Diaby.

    Quite honestly I have run out of things to talk about re Arsenal until we play again.

    You know you mentioned the Toulouse sausage last week.Is that a very fat sausage because I remember as a kid my Dad bought them in the old Food Hall at Harrods as you couldn’t buy them anywhere else in those days. I think he fried them and they were great.

  49. Just heard that France now has the highest unempolyment pro rata to population in Europe, Italy is back in recession and Germany is wobbling and Spain is recovering

  50. It’s morning NB 9:59 to be precise.

    I think the addition of Danny Welbeck makes a fine discussion.

    He brings something that has not been seen at Arsenal in many a long year, being only 23 he has the potential to be our striker for the next 6/8 years.

  51. Be careful `69er !……..when conversing with Humour Bypassman aka the prick Gerry on BK……he`s a grass !. hahaha

  52. Here is our 25 man PL squad for 2014/15

    Premier League squad rules

    A club cannot have more than 17 foreign players who don’t fall under the ‘Home Grown Player’ status.
    A club can name as many U-21s as they like, even over and above the limit of 25 players.
    To qualify as a home-grown player, a player must have been registered with any club tied to the Football Association or Football Association of Wales for at least three whole seasons or 36 months, all before they turn 21. However, it does not have to have been in one continuous stretch.
    Arsenal’s 25-man squad list

    (‘*’- signifies home grown players)

    Goalkeeper: David Ospina, Wojciech Szczesny*, Emiliano Martinez*

    Defenders: Mathieu Debuchy, Kieran Gibbs*, Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Nacho Monreal

    Midfielders: Mikel Arteta, Santi Cazorla, Mathieu Flamini, Aaron Ramsey*, Mesut Ozil, Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott*, Jack Wilshere*, Abou Diaby, Francis Coquelin*

    Attackers: Joel Campbell, Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski, Alexis Sanchez, Daniel Welbeck

    U-21 players who have made first team appearances: Calum Chambers, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Yaya Sanogo

  53. I still think Home Grown is the wrong wording. All of these players in principle could have come originally from abroad.
    The latest statistic I heard on the radio was that so far this season only 89 English players have played some part in a PL league game and 289 foreign players.
    So how can the English National team ever progress though the majority of high profile club’s fans put club before country.

    When you look at banners at any English game you see names like Peterborough,Stockport, Northampton etc, you really see banners from the so called big clubs. The hard core of fans that attend England matches are from the lower leagues.

  54. Lovely jubbly. I had a nice siesta. Woken up by a neighbour telling me we have no gas till tomorrow morning because of some work being done locally.

    Cockie, do we start calling him Bertie Smalls then ha ha 🙂

    Apparently Michael still has it… lucky boy

  55. Sorry Kels

    Did I ignore you?? I’d only just woken up, had no gas to cook with and needed to sort something to eat 🙂 so only briefly scanned the comments.

    It’s interesting the figures about actual British players vs foreign players. Isn’t it also true that compared to foreign players, the majority of English players don’t play abroad??

  56. Only joking.

    Just posted a link on Berkampesque that Zigic has confirmed we were after him before we signed Welbeck. What the feck was that about.

    Oh sure not many go abroad.most can’t speak English let alone a foreign language 🙂

  57. Kelsey
    It’s all about the money, and the cream invariably comes to the top.
    With so few coaching badges held in England compared to Europe it is hardly surprising we don’t have strength in depth of talented players, add in “middle class” parents don’t won’t their kids to try to get a living out of it with such a high failure rate…better to go to uni. Then there is attitude, there are very few kids today who have known a poor day, it tends to be “I want it and want it now” and they get it now. They want it easy.
    I have previously alluded to the possible attitude of Jack, young, plays for a top 4 team, England, probably more money than sense..I’ve made it.
    This might not be the definitive answer, but a lot of truth. 🙂
    I had to stop writing in case it got so long NB might frighten the shit out of me and make me write a guest post with links ha ha.

  58. hahaha, you can always tell someone whos done bird

    Insatiable desire to kill a nonce, grass etc, very protective of the tooth paste, eyes darting around everywere when having a shower. hahaha

    Thank fuck I never had to go through that. Ime to good looking for prison. Fuck the other inmates, even the guards would want a piece of my arse. The Guvoner would probably start buying me presents, homosexual porn and eyeliner.

    What happens to a Grass in prison anyway? Every time I ask my brother he says he doesnt know becuase he gets segregated from other prisoners and his only friends are the Screws. hahaha

  59. hahaha Michael, you do make me laugh

    I will help you with the links. Between us you can a post a football one that ‘dont work’ and I can post a football one which comes out as ‘Meet mature slappers in your area tonight’

  60. Oh, and for those who dont know, watch out for Cornwall and anagrams. The blokes a fucking genius when it comes to rearanging words

    He currently holds the world scrabble championship for fuckers with tourretts. hahaha

  61. Good Morning scumbags 🙂

    I see that the BBC are saying ‘Chelseas Remy’ scored for the frogs last night. Was a good goal though.

    Cockie, I saw your response to the Humour Man on BK…. I had to go back and check what he had said, but couldn’t be arsed to reply. Sad fucker he is, but TA is the boss and if he feels offended then what can you do? I’m a little more flexible on here, and look forward to more of your anagrams. I’m a bit concerned for Michael with that dodgy fucker Terence offering to help him with posting links. Dread to think what may start appearing on here 🙂

  62. Good Morning Arse ticklers 🙂

    It’s the bloody weekend and no football. Lot’s of rumours though. Diego Costa injured, Sturridge injured, Balotelli already being twittered to death by a very tenuous rumour of wrong doing. And big things being made of Wenger not having talked up Welbeck?

    What can my little SoreArses add to that? 🙂

  63. The good thing about the injury news, so far, is that they are not Arsenal players, phew,,,,,,,,,,,,,and even better it’s Liverpool and Chelsea that are affected.

  64. Hello GN5

    It’s a bit calm on all the blogs at the moment. Saturday night so I’m off out. Will be around tomorrow because my Sunday post will be up at 9am GMT. 🙂

    See you all then.

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