Oh Danny Boy…… the pipes, the pipes are calling!

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

Being realistic, the possibility of buying a Falcao or Cavani was always going to be out of the question. But we all fantasised, didn’t we, come on, admit it? But there was no way Wenger would have paid the wages being demanded. He probably pulled out from trying to get Remy as well once Chelsea became involved and offered a wage which pushed the Arsenal out of the deal. Our wage structure is always going to preclude top players coming from teams such as Monaco, PSG and the like and being unable to compete with the wages offered by Man Utd, Chelsea and City. But Welbeck is a wise buy at £16m and United may well come to regret the sale. Whether Danny was a panic buy is open to question, on the basis that Giroud was injured late in the TW then perhaps he was, but who really cares! The interesting question with acquiring him, is will he displace Sanogo? I think he will, Danny boy has Premier League experience and goal scoring credentials. What I would like to see now is Campbell being played alongside Welbeck and with Theo just a few weeks away from returning we have a very exciting prospect of pacy football. Danny isn’t a Giroud, he has more pace and will be trying to get behind defences and waiting for through balls from Ozil and Ramsey and not necessarily laying the ball off to midfielders.

Will he be played in our next game against City, I don’t see why not. He has PL experience and he will probably slip quite easily into our way of playing. He’s a natural CF, unlike Sanchez. I imagine him adapting to our style similar to the way Chambers has seamlessly slipped into the team. An exciting prospect will be to see him up front with Campbell, when and if Wenger finally gives Joel a chance.

4-1-3-2 A truly pacy forward line with two CF’s.

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Below is a possibility and could be the most exciting and attacking formation possible. Sanchez  and Walcott on the wings and Wilshere, Ozil and Ramsey in midfield supplying the  through balls. 4-3-3 isn’t a formation often played by Wenger but with Welbeck it could  be a viable option and can easily be changed to a 4-1-4-1 if needed by substituting Jack or Rambo for Arteta, Flamini or Chambers to drop into the DM role. Ozil being played on the wing recently hasn’t worked, putting him in the centre just behind the forwards would use his potential to the full.

4-3-3 When it’s really necessary to attack opponents

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When defence is the priority, a 4-2-3-1 would be a viable option, with either Arteta and Chambers or Wilshere and Flamini just in front of the defence. The problem I see with using Chambers in this role is that he is the back up CB for Mert and Kos, so Wenger may be prudent and keep him on the bench, just in case.

 4-2-3-1 When defence is the priority

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What’s interesting in these team selections is the ages of the players:

Szcezney: 24 Gibbs: 24 Chambers: 19 Wilshere: 22 Oxlade: 21 Ramsey: 23 Welbeck: 23 Ozil: 25 Walcott: 25 Sanchez: 25 Campbell: 22 Sanogo: 21 Koscielny: 28 Debuchy:29 Mertesacker: 29  Giroud: 27. A fairly young team being built for the future. With some older and wiser heads in Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla and Podolski.

As can be seen from these formations, our options are extremely flexible. Our only weakness at the moment is lack of cover at centre-back, but even then, we have Chambers and Hayden plus Flamini at a push. Hasn’t it also been suggested that Welbeck can play in defence? So flexibility is the name of the game in the current Arsenal team. But I’m not Arsène Wenger, I’m only playing at being a football manager. But since Welbeck has arrived I’ve seen most bloggers playing the same game. Wenger, as always will do what Wenger does, we’ll have to wait and see.

This is what our new Danny boy said about coming to the Emirates:

“I believe that with the manager’s style of play and with the magnificent players in midfield slotting balls through, I can run on to the end of those balls and put them away,” 

“I’d like to bring pace and power to the game. At Arsenal, we’re not short of combination football and I like to join in on that and get in behind defenders and try to get shots on goal.

It’s clear that he has been played out of his preferred position at Manchester United, Wenger will play him centrally up front, hopefully with Theo, Ox or Sanchez on the wings and furthermore, with Ramsey and Ozil just behind him we have an exciting prospect to look forward to, hopefully starting against City next weekend. It seems a bit strange to be bigging up Welbeck on the back of the injury to Giroud, but that’s football. If Welbeck hopefully does well then when Ollie comes back he will have some genuine competition for his place, which won’t be a bad thing.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…. hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

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37 thoughts on “Oh Danny Boy…… the pipes, the pipes are calling!

  1. Morning NB
    The more I think of him, and some of the comments from Utd, the more I think he is a great buy, price and fit, I wish him well. A strange thing is, why hasn’t AW talked him up or have I missed it? Conspiracy theories, on a s.a.e (you haven’t seen that in a long time have you…..if ever)

  2. Morning Michael

    There’s been a lot of discussion as to why AW hasn’t yet spoken about Welbeck. But the theory that he was signed without Wengers knowledge or approval goes a bit to far. I doubt it is anything like that and is hard to believe that AW had nothing to do with the transfer.

  3. George’s baby!!
    To tone down “the” theory, maybe AW wanted a loan and IG said hey were loaded, have this one on the house. 🙂

    nios moille

  4. Nice one 69

    Good luck to the Gooner with cancer. Dreadful disease that has no right to attack any one, especialy Gooners.

    Not knowing they didnt like it i once sang that danny boy song in an Irish pub. Big mistake. I only escaped by feigning an epileptic fit. When people get confused between battering you or ringing an ambulance, it gives just enough time to leg it.

    Wouldnt read to much into Arsene not commenting on Welbeck, he has total control over the football. If Stan and Ivan tried going over his head he would walk.

    I think the Welbeck signing is the final piece of the jigsaw and will shoot us to the title.

  5. Morning to my knitting circle 🙂

    Is it still very quiet out there?

    Terence, I to think Welbeck is a nice fit to our puzzle. Wenger still hasn’t talked about him though, it does seem a bit strange!

  6. Sore Arses

    A note from the management: I’m having problems with my Wi Fi connection at the moment so if I don’t reply to comments immediately then I apologise. Not sure what the problem is, whether it’s my laptop or the local connection. Hopefully it’s just a glitch 🙂

  7. Fercking hell………. it’s like a ghost town in my pub at the moment. 🙂

    Just been to price another job and I start tomorrow. Bloody typical, go months without work and then they all come together. So I’m back in St Remy de Provence tomorrow, friend of my last client, saw what I’d done and phoned me. Why is it always urgent with women 🙂

  8. I pop in for a quick drink and NB’s got the pub bolted up!

    Look at his last post and you can see why.

    “So I’m back in St Remy de Provence tomorrow, friend of my last client, saw what I’d done, to her, and phoned me wanting some of the same. Why is it always urgent with women

  9. Sorry NB

    looks like the boss has abandoned ship on AA so I just put up a new post about Wilshere based on some of the early morning comments 🙂

  10. well done, Kelsey. 🙂 And my apols NorthBank for not being around. Very little time of late. Plus, whenever I come to the bar, I find no one. I know, that is a circular logic. Apols anyway. Hopefully, weekend will be better. 🙂

    Things heating up nicely with regard to the referendum. 😛

  11. Morning anybody
    With the lack of proper football until saturday, you could do worse than watch the All Ireland hurling final. On RTE player for a couple more days. Fast, competetive and physical, if you have never seen a match, it could loosely be described as mad mans hockey.
    I’ll be testing you on it later 🙂

  12. Michael !…….The Cockney Hurling Final is much better !, it`s basically hurling abuse at each other, you faeces faced fucker !…..oops sorry mate !…….I thought I was in the knock out stages still !. hahaha
    Not to be confused with The Cockney Rhyme and Slang Hurling Final, you Salvation Army Eartha Kit Boat Race Berkshire Hunt !…….oops cant stop being in competitive mode !. hahaha

  13. good evening Cock Hurling no gooders 🙂

    I’m frigging cream cracked so sorry I haven’t been about, roll on the weekend. Is Ramsey just a knock or is he out for several weeks? would just be our fucking luck.

  14. Hi GN5

    I fucking hate working 🙂 but at least where I’m working I’ve got a nice little pool to dip into at lunchtime and then again in the evening before I leave.

    I really hope Ramsey isn’t a serious ankle twist

  15. I retired back about 10 years back, I’ve taken on several consulting roles since then but although I remain available I make no attempt to seek any more. Several years ago we moved from the Toronto area to London and there are far fewer business opportunities in the London area.

  16. That’s good I thought you may have over dosed on sleeping pills.

    Tomorrow’s game is live at 7:45am here – so it will accompany a full English. My son and grandson are staying the night so we will watch the game together. I’m hoping for a positive result.

  17. We played really well today NB and a win would have been the icing on the cake. Sanchez and Wilshere were outstanding while Ozil was disappointing, his work rate is put to shame by Sanchez and Wilshere, also Ramsey faded really badly at the end and should have been subbed.

    Boy oh boy two of our ongoing problems struck us in the last 15 minutes, a bad injury and conceding a goal from a set piece………….ugh!!!

    We should be happy with a draw but after just 4 games we are already 6 points behind Chelsea and that does not bode well for the season. Diego Costa is a beast of a striker and simply cannot be left alone in the 6 yard box..

  18. When we came back from 1-0 down, to be 2-1 up… I thought for fuck sake…. we can win this. Our fucking defence needs to do some work.. even the first goal Aguaro had no one up next to him, what the fuck has happened to man marking… ???

  19. Cannot say I am unhappy, brilliant game and all that. But, why of why, do we leave so much space on the left side? And why do we have to collect an injury every game?

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