Arsene Wenger and his arrogant French genes…. ooh la la!

They think they have the best wines, they think they have the best cuisine, they think they have the best cheeses, they think their women are the most beautiful, they think their country is the most magnificent, they think their language is the most poetic and they think their baguettes are the biggest and best in the world. This is the French attitude and Arsène Wenger is one of them and furthermore, he is from Alsace, so throw in some German stubbornness as well and you have a very arrogant, proud and stubborn man.

Genes are passed on from generation to generation but so are attitudes and the French attitude, passed from generation to generation  is one of arrogance, they can do no wrong and everything they do is right and the best. I’ve lived in ‘La Belle France’ now for over 15 years and spent some of that time married to a French woman. My experience with the French mirrors exactly the Wenger attitude, “I will do it my way and no other and you will do it my way as well”. According to the French everyone else is wrong and they just love it when they can say, “See, I was right all along”. Even though you may argue that they didn’t get it right. Their arrogance ignores everything to the contrary.

This is Arsène Wenger, his team selections, his game tactics, his transfer policy and his everyday attitude and comments. Nothing we or anyone else say can alter his vision as to how the Arsenal should operate and play. I was often frustrated with my ex French wifes arrogance and it is no different with Wenger, he has that same effect on me. She thought that French music was the best in the world and it led to many arguments, and this was where my English arrogance came into play, British music rules the world I’d say, we don’t have much else to be proud of, but music is up there, along with fashion. But my wife would have none of that, oh no, not at all. Fashion she’d shout, “the French invented fashion, and the French sing the most beautiful and poetic music in the world, it’s not my fault that you cannot understand the French lyrics”!  And as the Bard so succinctly said, there in lies the rub.

I would bet that when Wenger gets home from a hard day at the office, he doesn’t turn on the stereo and slip in a Granville Bantock CD or listen to the Rolling Stones, Zeppelin or Coldplay and drink a can of John Smiths whilst waiting for his missus to cook the Cottage pie. I would put money on him listening to Gabriel Fauré or George Brassens whilst his wife cooks a Cordon Bleu French dinner and he drinks Bordeaux wine and after the meal he’ll eat Camembert with Normandy butter and a French baguette, and in the French way he will eat his French cheese before his dessert. And why would he do that, the answer is simple, because he believes the French have it right, only the French produce these things to perfection and better than anywhere else in the world. It is the French way, they know no different, or to be more exact, they don’t believe it can be done any better.

As Lambert Wilson (the character Merovingian in the Matrix ) said:

“Château Haut-Brion 1959, magnificent wine, I love French wine, like I love the French language. I have sampled every language, French is my favourite – fantastic language, especially to curse with. Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d’enculé de ta mère. It’s like wiping your arse with silk, I love it.”

That is one thing I do agree upon about the French language, it is fantastic to curse with, mon dieu!

The French and the British have a longstanding relationship and history of love and hate, and many Arsenal supporters either love or hate Wenger, but ultimately, he will do things his way. It has to be accepted just like I had to accept the arrogance of my ex Frenchy wife, but actually I didn’t, I left her because it got too much. But will I leave Wenger, of course not. Because he is just part of a long line of managerial appointments and has brought great success to the Arsenal because of his arrogant and stubborn ways. Ultimately, he is just a cog in our long and glorious history and will eventually pass the reins onto someone else. In the meantime, he has another three years to prove that his arrogance  will bring further success to the club. The FA Cup was a start, the new signings are a move in the right direction and his attitude, well, that’s something we have to accept… he’s going to do it his way and no matter what we say, he isn’t going to change. So if you don’t agree with his French arrogance and stubborn attitude, then you can do the same as I did with my adorable but arrogant Frenchy wife, leave.

The French say they have a sense of humour but it is a humour that no one else in the world can understand, because their humour is based solely on their language, jeu de mots, puns and ridicule, language games that are solely for their enjoyment and excludes everyone else. French music is the best in the world for the French because nobody else listens to it so they have to say it’s the best, no one else will. You have to go back to Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier for French music listened to by the rest of the world.

Arsène Wenger, you just have to love him for his arrogance and stubbornness, just as I love the French despite moaning about them occasionally. It is their way, they have been raised to think like that and know no different. To be honest, many of the French things they believe are the best in  the world… well actually, they are. So it’s not worth moaning about Wenger and his attitude, you have to blame the French race…….. it’s the way they are, it’s in their genes and in their history. They think they are the best and above everyone else. It will never change and we can’t change them, it’s pointless in even trying because they will just arrogantly argue as to why they are the best.

It’s the past that defines us and the French have a history of arrogance and stubbornness, this is Arsène Wenger. He has a great history with the Gunners and love him or hate him, he has defined the club as we see it today. To prove my theory about French arrogance just take for an example Wenger telling the world that his team would go a season unbeaten, the only thing behind a prediction like that is arrogance. No one else would make a statement like that, but he was right.

William the conqueror invaded England in 1066 and changed our history, Wenger invaded the Arsenal in 1996 and changed our history… we will know in three years time when history tells us whether his arrogance and stubbornness has made him the greatest manager in our history. In the meantime we’ll have to live with the frustration of him doing things his way, and only his way, despite sometimes being in the wrong. His arrogance will continue with his sometimes strange team selections and tactics, either until he gets it right or until it all goes wrong. It’s the French way! As Edith Piaf sang, ” Non, Je ne regrette rien”.


91 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger and his arrogant French genes…. ooh la la!

  1. Morning moaners

    Good game yesterday…….. what more could we want from a NLD? a win perhaps ha ha. Midfield congested, injuries to Rambo and Mikel, Flamini showing that he’s passed his prime, Ox playing his heart out, Welbeck doing a Bendtner air kick with style. Spuds parking the bus…. we could have won and infact goaline technology probably robbed us of the win.

  2. NB. Lovely piece of writing. Possibly your best.

    I have a house 2kms from France and the difference between the French mentality and the Italian is marked. As you so rightly say, genes are passed from generation to generation and Italians, like the English, Belgians, Germans, Dutch, Austrians, Spanish etc etc have an active dislike for the French. I wonder why?

    The only thing that the French do better than the rest of the world are pastry and breads (and perhaps cheese).

    Best Music: England
    Best and most expressive Language: English
    Best Food: Indian or Thai
    Best Women: Scandinavia
    Best Wines: New Zealand whites & Italian reds
    Best Cars: German
    Best Beaches: Australia
    Best men: North London

  3. ha ha Big Raddy

    So true……… a very good example is the French and their wines. They dominated the world with the best wines for centuries but then Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa all started to produce better. The French sat back and rested on their Laurels, thinking they still had the best wines in the world. However, they eventually realised that they were being overtaken and what did they do, they started to employ Australian and New Zealand wine makers to bring their wine back to the top. But it took them a long time to overcome their arrogance. 🙂

  4. Bollocks to all of you!

    Best scientists: Greeks
    Best democrats: Greeks
    Best philosophers: Greeks
    Best artists: Greeks
    Best mathematicians:Greeks
    Best mums: Greek
    Best bullshitters: Greeks
    Best olive oil: Greek

    Apart from that very enjoyable piece NB….

  5. ha ha Georgaki

    Best bullshitters lol I had a lovely Greek girlfriend when I was younger, she lived in Essex Road. The hairiest chest I have ever seen. 😉

    And best Kebabs: Turkish 🙂

  6. Very nice NB, Thanks for the insights.

    Mind you these days I am inclined to drink Chilean wine, although it’s hard to beat NZ Sauvignon blanc and a good Cote de Rhone, come to that.

    William the bastard wasn’t French though, was he? Bloody Norsemen.

  7. Cbob

    As usual you are right…. Normand translates to Norsemen, Vikings through and through, rape, pillage and burn. But my question is how did they instil the fight instinct into the Anglo-saxons and the flight instict into the French 🙂

  8. NB
    Best souvlaki: Greek by a country mile. The difference is simple. Chopped flat leaf parsley, finely diced onion and fresh lemon juice, on the meat. The meat juices and lemon combining and absorbed into the pitta bread, with the other ingredients and you are in food heaven.

    Fuck that, the sun is shining here I might have my last barbecue of the season….

  9. Good piece and was wondering where it was going to end. I have been all over the place and spent lots of time in France; I can’t say if France has the best wine, I imagine it does and I would rather be drinking wine there than anywhere else. It is delicieux. Other things are exceptional too as you point out and they have over many years crafted an exceptionally intricate and pretty lifestyle that is both hard to beat and hard to penetrate, which may be the source of their arrogance. I would not want it for myself though, nice to dip into and sample, but tediously boring to be part of and lacking any generosity of spirit that underpins Disney’s interpretation of this fanciful world.
    People who do things well are not bound to be so self referential or tell everyone else they are wrong either; these are more reactions to failure. It is likely they are nationally wounded and hide behind an idea of perfection. My guess would be Napoleon, but there are plenty of times since him too. Like insisting on impossibly high levels of reparations on Germany after ww1 and therfore causing the rise of nationalism and ww2.

  10. Morning NB
    Stubborn is the operative word…I can’t even listen to his pre/ post match comments any more.
    Best women..East Europeans
    Best food for me…French
    Best human being…Well me of course 🙂

  11. Michael

    You may be on to something with the East European women…… a few years back I met a lovely woman from Poland in Nimes… that’s as far as I’m going with that story 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what Transplant man and the Cockie Monster do to this post about whats best in the world… oh dear!

  12. It’s amazes me NB that s boy from the Cally who was surrounded by some of the worlds wonder foods left Islington and ended up in France.

    You must yearn for Fish and Chips, Smiths Crisps with a blue twist of salt, Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding, Pie and Eels, Shepards Pie, Steak and Kidney Pies, Beans on Toast, Tripe and Onions. Marmite on toast all washe down with either a pint of Brown and Mild, a cup of Camp coffee or a nice cup of tea.

  13. Gn5. What about the desserts? Pulm pudding, sticky toffee pudding., anything with custard etc etc

    And you make an important point – one should not live anywhere where you cannot get a decent cup of tea

  14. I’m not a dessert type BR so it’s no wonder that I forgot to mention them.

    How about this menu – Toad in the Hole; Spotted Dick, A piny of Red Barrel Bitter,

    I make Toad in the Hole for my grandchildren – they love it

  15. Good evening blogsters

    ha ha all this talk of food and a decent cuppa 🙂
    I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of tea or Toad in the Hole! Big Raddy, you got my mouth watering with sticky toffee pudding and custard. What the French call Creme Anglaise here is nothing like the lovely thick custard in England. oh dear, I’m feeling home sick 🙂

  16. Nice one 69

    Yes, the French. hahahahaha

    Cant see what those Bastards have got to be so smug about?

    I can pull more birds than that Sacha Distel geezer, and my wig looks better. His looks like he just cut a bit of carpet from his stairs and dumped it on his head.

    Music? What f*ucking music.Alright, that Vanessa Paradise bird was a bit of all right, and I would definately give her one, but have you seen the state of her now? She looks like shes audtioning for a part in some post apocalyptic film.

    Slight radation effects, but f*uck it, I would still do her.

    Food? Whats the big deal? Every time ime in a French retstaurant the waiter is always a right snobby rude wanker, and the foods shit.

    Next time ime in Cafe Rouge, ime going to show that twat what real class is all about. Take out a wad of cash and start counting. Take that Piere. And if he dont like that, then i will whip out my cock.

    Mind you, by the looks of Piere, he would probabaly like the cock bit.

    And what about “Le Grand army”? The Germans f*ucking batterd them.

    “There have been some tactical deficencies Monsiour Le president”. Too right you stupid twat. You were to arrogant to think that the Germans might actully try something different.

    And when they were at the gates of Paris, what did you do? “Sacre blue le President, we must surrender, le Germans are threatening to ban French cheese?” What a bunch of poofs.

    Apart form all that, I like the French. hahaha

  17. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant stuff, NorthBank.:) The best writing I have read in a long time. 🙂 what a star! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Personally though, I think the leopard is changing his spots. Maybe not quick enough for everyone, or perhaps even for anyone, but he is changing. What this means for us, in terms of trophies, the future will say. The jury is still out, and there I agree with you. 🙂

    As to whether he should change faster, I am personally not so sure.

    First, Arsene has developed his own style of conducting the game. And one would have to say, reasonably successfully as well. Why, pray why, at the fag end of his career should he change his ways then? There is a sense of conviction and defiance in his behaviour.

    And right as well. If you or myself had developed our own independent vision of the profession, and were as successful in our professional lives, would we change? I think I would not! So, who am I to judge Arsene? History will be the best judge.

    Second, Arsene has led Arsenal into a position of difference and defiance. Against the mainstream which has gone along the oiler religion. Is there a value to this difference? For me, yes. Would I want him to try and follow the herd rather than try to lead an alternate vision? For me, a resounding NO.

    Let us see. Yes, we are probably not quite there yet. But we are there or thereabouts. And we may be closer than many people think.

    So, on with the show! COYG.

  19. God mooning…. et bumjour mes amis 🙂

    I knew Cockie or Transplant would come up with a good’un! ha ha ha

    The games are coming thick and fast at the moment… the Turks tomorrow. Chavs on Sunday…. what to expect at the moment I couldn’t really say. The Gunners are a bit Jekyll and Hyde these days. But still unbeaten. Some are hoping for a draw at Stamford Bridge……. I’m praying for just a 1-0 defeat and hopefully Costa will get their goal and help my Fantasy Football team hee hee 😀

    Some great comments here yesterday………. keep up the good work you French loving bar stewards, I’ll be here all week and don’t forget to tip the waitress. 🙂

  20. I’m getting some views from some interesting countries at the moment…. well all the countries are interesting but I’m getting a couple of views a week from Azerbaijan and Russia. If those Gooners are reading this please do leave a comment and let me know where exactly you are? I am genuinely interested in the world of Gooners. I’m also getting some views from Sweden…….. and I’m hoping it’s some gorgeous Scandinavian woman 🙂 you can leave your telephone number if so. 😀 but it’s probably some hairy bloke who’s about 7′ tall, if that is the case, don’t leave your telephone number ha ha

  21. Yes NB, I often think as I wander through some small French town on a Summer evening ” these bastards have got it worked out’.

  22. Anicoll

    I know they have and I’ve been trying for the last 15 odd years to be ‘French’. I drink the pastis, I eat the smelly cheese, I eat frogs legs and snails and I’ve even tried the big moustache thing, but whatever I try I just can’t mimic the attitude. 🙂

  23. And a Good morning to Canada GN5

    I buy Kellogs frosties but the problem in France (considering it’s such a big dairy producing country) you can’t get the same type of milk as the UK. You know, that nice creamy topped stuff 🙂

  24. I was merely trying to encourage those who live in far flung place to contribute to your fine blog. Thus my starter. 🙂

  25. Talking English stuff, I went into a shop and said to the woman. “Can I have a Kit Kat chunky”. She picked one up, scanned it and said 1.20. I said “No, I want an ordinary one fatty.”

  26. Reading the blogs recently regarding the Chelsea game, I cannot see any optimism about us getting a result…how sad is that? Or put another way, what will be our principal excuse?
    I’ll jump the gun and say that bitch can set up a team better than us. Doomer 🙂

  27. I know Michael

    I sense the same feelings of doom throughout the Arsenal bloggosphere. But Chavs are the form team at the moment and we haven’t got into our stride. It’s difficult to think that there will be any other result than a spanking.

    However, if Bouldy can instil into the defence the concept of ‘off-side’ between now and Sunday then that will be the way to control Costa, like in the old days, all four defenders raising an arm in unison as an opposing forward streaks forward towards our goal. 🙂

  28. Michael.

    I haven’t spoken with Kelsey since last week, but I’m sure he will be just fine. Arsenal’s wins on Wednesday and Sunday will most certainly raise his (and our) spirits.

    I’m sure he is reading the blogs but just not up to blogging himself.

  29. No news about Kels……… GN5 has contact with him but hasn’t updated us. I think he has to go into hospital soon as well. That’s the problem with having a load of pensioners commenting on a blog, at anyone time at least half of them are in hospital 🙂

  30. You have been looking in the wrong place Michael – I have no doubt we have the players to do the job on Chelsea on Sunday.

    We have a highly talented back five, probably superior to the home team player for player and with Chambers slotting in nicely. Gibbs is on a free pass/get out of jail free card at the Bridge, lets face it. He can kick who the luck he wants.

    We have skilled midfield players in abundance, while they have mostly knuckle trailing gorillas across the centre of the park. Did you see them wilt at Citeh – even against ten men ? Schalke should have kicked three points.

    And up front they have a bloke with a hair trigger temper who I trust we shall get into the ( very ugly) face of, while we have Sanchez – a little maestro.

    Keep it tight in opening and cut em up when they run out of puff.

  31. NB,

    It seems to have become a part of an Arsenal supporters mindset to be nervous about results. The Emirates crowds display their edgy side during most games and it has obviously has an adverse effect on the team – but they seem to believe that it’s their right to moan and groan.
    Our home support has always been iffy and for the life of me I simply cannot understand it, the atmosphere is at times embarrassingly bad, how can they possibly think that booing, moaning and groaning will urge the team on to victory?

  32. That’s true NB, I will have surgery in about 2 weeks time to remove some calcified tissue that’s blocking my urine flow – which is very, very painful. It’s a side effect of radiation treatment I had 2 years ago for prostate cancer. The cancer is in remission but some of the side effects of the original and ongoing treatments are a tad unfortunate.

    Please take this as a reminder to have annual PSA blood tests – early knowledge of prostate issues can save your life……………

    Christ, now I’ve turned it into a medical journal.

  33. Just as GunnersoreArse starts to descend into a spiral of doom and gloom we have Anicoll and GN5 come in with the positive stuff 🙂 well done lads. But this site hasn’t yet got to the stage of Le Groan and I hope it never does.

    And GN5’s health journal strategically steers us away from negative Arsenal thoughts 🙂 Hope it all goes ok GN5

  34. Anicoll
    It’s not our players, we have by and large a good team albeit a bit short at the back. It’s the tactics. We are getting caught on the counter time and again…and it’s 1 game the bitch won’t want to lose.
    If we win, I will present myself for punishment 🙂
    If it gets to Le Groan here, my two paragraphs will evaporate. I don’t like to be negative, but say it as I see it.
    Best wishes to you as well.

    PS. Booing in the stadium is a disgrace, but it’s okay by me to bitch with friends in a pub 🙂

  35. PS. Booing in the stadium is a disgrace, but it’s okay by me to bitch with friends in a pub 🙂

    Michael I am complete agreement with your comment, the stadium should be for constructive support and pubs (including virtual pubs) should be for constructive criticism. I abhor destructive criticism and “expert bloggers” who know better than AW – after the fact!……………

  36. Precisely Michael, keep it tight in opening, and if we go a goal down —– breathe in —–slowly ——— fill your lungs ———- and breathe out —— breathe in —–slowly ——— fill your lungs ———- and breathe out —— breathe in —–slowly ——— fill your lungs ———- and breathe out —— and repeat until the equalizer comes

    Because Chels will wobble, they always do

  37. Superb `69er !.

    Best Music : The music I make to your wives !.
    Best Language : Cockney Rhyme and Slang !……If you Adam and Eve that Porkie Pie you are a Berkshire hunt !.
    Best Woman : Spud wives !…….. there`s nothing like getting one over a spud by fucking his wife from behind whilst singing…..” Oh to….Oh to be……Oh to be a….Gooner !. Obviously she will be doing most of the Oh`s !.
    Best Wine : Anything in a furry cup !.
    Best Car : Anything I can nick and take to Paddy the Greek !.
    Best Artists : Piss ones like `69er !.
    Best Mums : The 16 year old ones who walk around N17 wanting a baby to get a council flat and even better, I can fit them in whilst I`m shagging their Spud dads wife !.

    Good luck GN5.
    I have the PSA test every year . I also had the finger up the arse job from my Doctor and made sure everything was quiet whilst I listened for a sound of a zip !. Are they supposed to investigate for about an hour and groan so much ?. hahaha

  38. Even though I am a bit of a doomer, I would never boo at a game, it`s backing the team even if we are getting thrashed !.
    Me, Transplant and VCC were at a Reading game when Gravitational Pull Head (Gervinho ) scored . Nearly straight from the restart he miss places a pass and I`m shouting …….” take him off he`s fcuking rubbish !”.
    Well, every one around me took the joke in good heart, which is good otherwise I would have fucked them !. hahaha

  39. hahaha, brilliant Cockie.

    GN5, hope your op goes well my friend

    Your right about my Doctor. the blokes known as Dr Fingeropolous. Rumour has it that he was once arrested behind a park bush for giving some geezer an unsolicited medical examination.

    If they had asked me, that incident would never have happened. I once saw him thrown out of a club, were he pleaded “But why, I havent done anything?” and overheard the bouncer reply “So whys that other bloke got his pants down Fingeropolous? And why are you f*ucking wearing a surgical glove?”

    I reckon we will do Chelsea. There not all that. Comment of the day has to be anicoll5 refering to Costa as an ugly bastard. Even Fingeropolous wouldnt bother with him.

  40. From Football365.


    Wenger baffled by injuries

    Arsene Wenger is baffled by yet another injury crisis that leaves him with one defensive midfielder and only four fit defenders.
    Arsenal lost Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey during Saturday’s north London derby and both will miss key clashes with Galatasaray and Chelsea. Jack Wilshere also picked up another ankle knock – though he is expected to back for Sunday’s Stamford Bridge visit.
    Ramsey is likely to miss six weeks with a hamstring injury while Arteta could return in three weeks.
    “We have to really look at what happened,” said Wenger. “There’s no logic as it’s two players who were not involved in the week – no Arteta, not Ramsey – and they had quite a light week for them. We have to analyse what happened there. I don’t understand.”
    Wenger only has Mathieu Flamini – who made another error against Tottenham – to play as a defensive midfielder as Calum Chambers is needed to fill in for the injured Mathieu Debuchy at right-back.
    “I would consider playing Calum there (in midfield). But I only have four defenders at the moment. I don’t know what I’ll do yet. Give me a bit of time, but [Mathieu] Flamini is the only option I see at the moment,” said Wenger.

  41. NB
    This has some of the funniest posters around. I nearly choked on my breakfast…..Terry Mancini, the Cockie Monster….

  42. Georgaki

    Only the best on GunnersoreArse……. and Terry and Cockie know about sore Arses often sharing each others. And Terry is a fellow countryman of yours…….. a fucking Greek from Bounds Green. 🙂

  43. I’ve just read some of the comments………. Cockie and Transplant the comedy duo of the Arsenal bloggosphere ha ha.

    Georgaki. if you ever get the chance to meet Cockie and Transplant I think you’ll be choking on more than just your breakfast 🙂

  44. Morning All
    Top of the injury league, top of the money league and 4th place… I should do a Terry and knock one out. 🙂

  45. Morning all. cloudy and raining here in London, Ontario.
    Choice today between watching Chelsea or Man C in the CL, but who would want to watch Chelsea, so the choice is easy.

    Our injuries are, once again, worrying – AW must rue his bad luck. Well at least we are at home tomorrow, but will our home supporters truly support our team or will they moan and groan´.

  46. Results of a poll on

    I’m really surprised the Welbeck has only 2% of the vote, but I guess it’s less surprising when you only get one vote per person. I voted for Sanchez, although Chambers is also a strong candidate.

    Which new signing has impressed you most?

    Mathieu Debuchy
    Calum Chambers
    David Ospina
    Danny Welbeck
    Alexis Sanchez

  47. Team news fr5om Jack, Theo, Ramsey, Arteta

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Galatasaray match:

    on the team news…
    Jack Wilshere is in the squad for tomorrow. Will I start him? I don’t know yet but he’s in the squad.

    on other injuries…
    I left Abou Diaby out as well because he’s not completely there yet. We lost Mikel Arteta (calf) and Aaron Ramsey (hamstring) in our last game and it could have been three because Wilshere was a doubt for a long time but he recovered quite well.

    on the Ramsey injury…
    To be generous with time, let’s say four weeks. If all goes well, three. After the international break hopefully he will not be far away. Sometimes the international break is welcome! It is the same for Arteta, [he will come back] a bit quicker maybe.

    on Theo Walcott…
    Walcott is joining in full training next week. It’s very good news. Serge Gnabry as well. Theo’s return is a big thing for us. Let’s not forget that he got injured on January 1 and we are now in October. That’s [nine] months and we had to wait for a long time.

  48. I am surprised at how skewed the voting is. But not surprised with Alexis getting a good billing. He is top quality. But he is a street fighter and we do not know how to use an enforcer. Too dainty! 😦

  49. Yes, GN5, he will go and fight it out in the midfield. Wrestle for possession, take 2 or 3 players away with him, distribution is not yet in perfect sync. But still he should be valuable by taking away opposition players. IMO. 🙂

  50. Welbeck will come good arnie, I love his energy and the way he attracts defenders to him which in turn leaves space for his teammates to exploit (hopefully)

  51. Arnie, we have inadvertently highlighted our problem – we have too many players dragging away the opposition – leaving too few players to exploit the gaps?


  52. OK, fine, NorthBank. But let us look at the positives. He is the only one in the team who will challenge the opposition for possession. Others will try to save their feet. Only one who is going into 50-50 challenges for the ball in the midfield. This is why I say he is a street fighter.

  53. This is also why I think he has to play a bit deeper in our team. As a striker, we will lose his work in challenging for the ball. IMO.

  54. At the moment arnie, I just see him using a lot of energy for not a lot of return. It will get better when he settles more, the midfielders know where to find him and he stops trying to win a match on his own.

  55. If the question on .com was what do we need? A DM would probably be in the high 90’s.
    Lost interest in the CL already, until we play, it’s getting repetitively tedious….if it wasn’t for the big bucks I could live without it.

  56. we are a great club. we should win the CL and the world clubs cup at some point. let us see when that happens! we cannot give up the fight. 🙂

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