Sanchez, Welbeck And Theo

Welcome to the Gunnersoresrse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

Instead of attempting to write a match preview for the game at Stamford Bridge I’ve decided to look at the exciting prospect of Theos return. The Chelsea game is beyond my capabilities because I think last years result would make me too negative about this afternoons game.

Special Weapons and Tactics………. our new forward line. I’m looking slightly into the future at the moment, when Theo will hopefully be back in the team after the International break. Whether he gets straight back into the team is another question but if he does we have a pacy formidable forward line. When it is deemed that he is fit to play it may take some time for him to get fully match fit but the possibility of him playing up front alongside Welbeck and Sanchez is mouth-watering.

The Ox has been playing well and as a bonus, has started to form a good understanding with Chambers on the right wing. If the relationship between the two gets better then both Theo and Debuchy could have problems getting back into the starting XI. However, many are excitedly anticipating the return of Walcott. The extra pace he’ll bring and the goal scoring potential which was starting to improve before his injury is something to look forward to. He was scheduled to return for the game against the Spuds but this has been delayed so I’m not predicting any return date but would hope it will be just after the International break.

So last season Liverpool had SAS and this season we will soon have  S.W.A.T. Just imagine that forward line, Sanchez on the left, Welbeck in the middle and Theo on the right, with Ozil orchestrating things just behind in central midfield. If you don’t start dribbling down your chin at that prospect then you have a serious problem. What we have already seen from Danny boy and Alexis over the last few games is what Wenger described as, “electric”. Add into that mix Ozils contributions and the possibilities are mind-blowing. I don’t think there will be many teams in the Premier League who will be able to contain such pace.

Welbecks trio against Galatasaray will clearly have given his confidence a boost and his recent comments would confirm such an assumption. I know people have been saying that it was against a very poor side but that is denying the fine performance by Danny and how well he took his goals. There is better to come and when Theo rejoins the ranks it will only improve the potential. With Gibbs and Chambers working well along the wings our attacking options are going to be awesome, something we clearly lacked last season. Counter attacking football has not been one of Wengers favourite tactics but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this used more often now that we have the pace up front and two skilled wingbacks adding to the potential. Ozil seems to be enjoying the speed potential of Sanchez and Welbeck as well, so with Theo on the other wing his options for play making and opening up defences will start to come to fruition.

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about the next few months, todays game is the only fly in the ointment as far as I can see. If we can nick a draw I will be over the moon, if we come away having lost 1-0 I won’t be overly disappointed. But the most important thing is we come away from the game with respect, pride and heads held high. I don’t want to see Maureens smug and gloating face in the post match interviews.

I’m not even sure I will be able to bring myself to watch the match but I probably will…… just in case we have a blinder and win the game. At least I’ll be in a bar where if it all goes tits up I can drown my sorrows quickly.  After today’s match we have a fairly good run of games until Liverpool away in mid December. So bring it on and call S.W.A.T.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…… hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it in the world. COYG’s

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, trying to look on the bright side of being a Gooner. Every Sunday at 9am GMT. Tune in for your weekend dose of sore arse.

50 thoughts on “Sanchez, Welbeck And Theo

  1. Morning NB
    I’d be inclined to avoid a pre game write up today as well…no bottle? 🙂
    Yes it does look promising on paper, but the bastards do it on a field!!!
    Oh and 1st, you didn’t cheat as usual 🙂

  2. Good morning optimists 🙂

    Sunday is here, the match at Stamford Bridge on at the bizarre time of 14.05? that would be 15.05 here so I’ll be well oiled by the time the match starts. What the result will be I really couldn’t predict. Lets just hope it’s a good open game and we leave the Bridge with our pride intact.

  3. ha ha ha, NorthBank, optimists indeed! shitting bloody bricks, that me, Fecking hell. I just want to hide away in a corner with a glass of beer. Any such luck in your pub? 😛

  4. arnie

    My bar will be the epitome of tranquility today… the ideal place to chill, the diazepam bar, the place where Karma can been maintained and stress is banished. 🙂

    I’ve decided not to go to the bar and watch the match…. I’d rather stay at home with a glass of wine and look at the result later.

  5. Just seen the starting XI, how will that line up:

    Chambers—— BFG———Kos———–Gibbs

    Something like that…. ?

  6. oh dear oh dear. A bad day at the office. My two complaints, lets get them out the way now:

    1. Team selection. How Wenger didn’t put the Ox in the starting XI…. left me confused.

    2. Substitutions, why oh why did Wenger take Cazorla off and not Ozil? Santi was having a superb game.

    I’m gonna have a third complaint. Why the fuck didn’t Wenger do a Pardew on Maureen and nut the cunt. That would have sweetened the defeat. 🙂

  7. Morning NB

    Not been blogging much .Too much going on in my personal life and I feel crap.

    I didn’t watch the game but saw the highlights.
    Again an awful inconsistent ref and though we played better,not one direct shot at goal.
    Chelsea are setting the benchmark no doubt in my mind,but then again they basically have two first teams.
    AW is ruining Ozil,does he want a team of 8 number tens but at the same time stick them out on the flanks.

    2 wins out of 7 is the second worst start in AW’s tenure.

    So many think the return of Walcott will change things,but I don’t. Our defence is allover the place and zonal marking doesn’t work, doesn’t Bould see this or maybe he does but AW over rides him.

    I never expected us to beat Chelsea but make no mistake if we had scored they would have upped their game.

    Half our goals last season came from Giroud,Ramsey and yes Podolski with 8 in the PL. 2 are injured the other one obviously doesn’t fit in our manager’s plans yet despite his faults he has the hardest and most accurate shot in the squad.
    Ozil could easily get pissed off with all of this. At Real he always played 70 minutes and much more central.

    Sanchz and Chambers are great acquisitions but we are crying out for an enforcer and by january it maybe too late to even get top 4.

    Going back to the NLD, it didn’t have the feel lke the old days against a crap Spurs side.I have asked a few who attended and they agreed.
    Szsney needs dropping after his 4th straight red,let him fight for his place,but true to form AW won’t do that.
    We are becoming more and more predictable to play against as AW doesn’t know his best team, injuries aside, and that is concerning.

    Why give Arteta another year,his pace has gone he is injury prone as he was at Everton and Diaby now has his 42nd injury.Does one laugh or cry.

    Why isn’t the 34 year old rosicky not getting game time and why doesn’t the Ox get an automatic start. he is young, powerful, doesn’t tire so two games a week wouldn’t kill him.

    I really think we will struggle this season.

    it’s great to watch tippy tappy if it leads to goals but they are far too infrequent.

    Amen 🙂

  8. You were in moderatiom jail Kelsey because you typed your fucking name wrong… it’s sorted mate. How are you?

    When Theo comes back all will be welbeck 🙂

  9. Theo will be a huge boost for our defence and for heading goals in from corners 🙂

    How am I ? Don’t ask. maybe my judgement is interfering with my health and angst.

  10. fecking hell, NorthBank. No comments in more than a day. Are you OK?

    As for myself, just going on chasing my tail till the end of time. 😛

    Kelsey. My comment went a bit too far. No offense meant. I hope you did not feel bad. 😛

  11. 69 will enjoy that GN5. The jammy git.

    These days ime so hard up that ime reduced to reading his tales and imagining it was me.

    Last night I had this dream that I was fixing some French birds swimming pool when during my tea break she happened to catch me painting her.

    She was so enamoured with my work that I proceeded to give her a right seeing to. The only problem is GN5, that whilst in the act I spoilt the whole thing by looking up and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw 69 looking back at me.

    I didn’t feed the cat this morning and haven’t spoken to any one all day.

  12. Hi Michael. Ive read some of his stuff, very funny geezer

    We shouldnt really moan about 69’s absense. I once done this to a bloke on the Bald Truth forum called Massive Cranium. I demanded to know the results of that hair lotion he got from some Amazon tribe

    A few weeks later some one who knew him personaly came on to say he had snuffed it.

    I couldnt f*ucking believe it. Was really tempted to post “When he died, did he have any hair?”,

  13. Good morning Arsenal toe rags

    Sorry about my absence but can see that you’ve been having fun without me. Ha ha.
    I’ve been on the piss with a mate in Marseille for two days……. I won’t call it a bender because I know what comments I’ll get from TRANSPLANT and Cockie 🙂

    Big Raddy, I’ve already started it, Islington in the late 60’s and being a Northbank hooligan. Heroes and Villains part 4. ha ha. Should be ready for Sunday. 😉

  14. Just seen that Koschielny has picked up an injury with those French bastards…. for FUCK SAKE. When will it end. Our injured list is practically a first XI. Chambers is suspended as well.

  15. ha ha Michael, perhaps he is!

    I got out of bed this morning and postedone comment and then had to go back to bed again. knackered. Gonna have to give up this lifestyle soon… body starting to complain. 🙂

  16. Well i’m actually going to get something for all the tax euros the bastards delight in taking from me. A bowel screen…seems I have to dump in a bottle then post it to them…how appropriate..
    Don’t worry about your body, it will get worse!!

  17. ha ha I do that already, but I have to spread the shit onto a sheet and then post it. Never thought it would be possible to send shit through the post. 🙂

    I’m just listening to a podcast on Bergkamp Wonderland…. I never want to listen to Arsenal supporters on a pod cast again. Embarrassing

  18. NB, this is Ireland and you wouldn’t believe the shit that goes on.
    1 example. A woman serving a long sentence gets a boob job at the states expense, because of low self esteem.

  19. Michael

    If she proved that her low self esteem led to her anti-social behaviour then a boob job would be money well spent. 🙂 Get as much out of the system as possible. The system has fucked us enough over the years.

  20. Good morning moaners 🙂

    I’m well refreshed now and ready to go.

    There is a rare moment tonight, the French team doesn’t have an Arsenal player in the starting XI. And why is this you may ask?….. fucking injuries that’s why. Giroud, Debuchy and Kos, all out injured.

  21. Even if fit, that isn’t exactly an Henry, Pires, Vieira trio, now is it?! France have moved on and left England to pick up the Arsenal identity. Says it all about the fortunes of our dear Arsenal, doesn’t it?! Just kidding fellas. We have a chance to do something significant this season–easier run of fixtures ahead and a chance to get fit while picking up points. Some of these players like the Ox, Cazorla, Walcott and Wilshere are excellent players and need the games.

  22. Sorry, I haven’t been around too frequently, NB. Just getting into the swing of things and with this inter lull, I’m getting caught up. How is everyone?

  23. Wonderful being here in many ways, NB. I’m enjoying it. Wish I were wealthier because money seems to disappear. I’ve lived in NYC too and it seems in these big cities it costs money just to breathe! But it is an entertainment just to ride with my son on the top of a double decker bus and look at the amazing architecture. I ride my bicycle down to the British Library or School for Oriental and African Studies and am settling into a regular rhythm. Arsenal-wise, living in North London gives a sense for how woven into the fabric of local life football support can be–shirts everywhere, people talking about matches on the street, at the cafes and pubs, casually while working and so on. Ironically, though, much harder to watch the games without getting Sky but even so–no Saturday 3pm kickoff matches broadcast! How crazy that seems to me, especially in London where getting tickets isn’t easy or very affordable so broadcasting the games will have little effect on attendance, I think. Hope it will be an exciting year for me and for Arsenal!

  24. I would have thought you would be well into siesta mode at this hour NB. 🙂
    I’m hoping tomorrows blog includes sex drugs and rock n roll or something really contraversial.

  25. Things didn’t work out well for me last night. I was with this one who showed me photo’s of a poodle wearing a hat and a labrador wearing a coat. I had to leave early as my idea of doggie fashion is a lot different to hers.

  26. Before I go, because I’m obviously talking to myself.
    You can call me racist, but I would always choose a swedish blow up doll over an islamic one.

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