Wenger must go………… it’s inevitable.

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

A slightly provocative title I know, but I don’t mean it like that. What I mean is that it is inevitable that he will eventually leave.  The greatest and most successful manager in the history of the Arsenal. Arsène Wenger will undoubtably be given this accolade but in my experience, people are not judged by all the good things they have done in the past, they are judged by their very last actions.

Are the management team at Arsenal already looking for a replacement? Is there someone already in the pipeline? Will Wenger make this his last 3 years at the helm? or will he renew his contract in 2017? Lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. There have been many bloggers and pundits examining the future management of our club, the belief being that this is probably Wengers last three seasons at the club. But who really knows, the board must be dreading the day when he finally tells them that he won’t be continuing. Will Wenger have a say in who replaces him? probably. Will Wenger stay on to oversee the transition? probably. There is the high likelihood that he may continue after the three-year contract has finished, perhaps on a rolling one year contract until a suitable replacement has been found. But in the meantime, lets examine some of the options.

I’ve based this list on what I’ve read on other blogs and preferences of other bloggers:

Jürgan Klopp: He seems to be the widely held favourite. His achievements in the game have been good at a very high level, at Borussia Dortmond he has won the DFB Supercup and back to back Bundersliga titles in 2010/11 and 2011/12 and at the same time in 2012 winning the domestic double. He got the team to the Champions league final in 2013, losing to Bayern. So he comes with a good pedigree.

Diego Simeone: Another favourite with the fans. Known for working within a strict budget and still finding success, very similar to Wenger. Since his time at Atlético Madrid he has won the UEFA Europa league in his first season, beat Chelsea in the final of the UEFA Super Cup in 2012 and the Copa del Rey in 2013. Atlético won La Liga in 2013/14 and went unbeaten in the Champions League till they lost to Real Madrid in the final in 2014, beating Mourinhos Chelsea on the way in the semi-final. They also won the Supercopa de Espana in 2014. Has achieved good things on a strict budget and without going mad with club funds in the transfer market.

Rudi Garcia: Considered to be one of the best current French coaches. Advocate of attacking football similar to Wenger. When at Lille completed the league and cup double in the 2010/11 season. Since his move to Roma in 2013, although having not yet won a trophy, but got them to second place in Serie A behind Juventus in the 2013/14 season.

Carlo Ancelotti: It’s easier just to make a list of Ancelottis achievements as a manager. It’s impressive and he’s still only 55 years old.

Paris Saint-Germain
Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho: Ha ha, I’m only pulling your plonker. I doubt very much that the Arsenal board would ever consider Maureen and our supporters would be up in arms. But I reckon if he was asked, knowing how much he dislikes Wenger, he would do it. To try to prove that he could do a better job than the Frenchman.

Those are four top managers that are bandied around the bloggoshere as potential replacements for Arsène, there are others, like Roberto Martinez and possibly Juup Heynckes. And I’m sure the board are keeping a keen eye on Ronald Koeman at Southampton.

But will the Arsenal board break with the tradition of employing an unknown, unproven candidate. You just have to look at the four most successful managers of the club to see the pattern, Herbert Chapman, Bertie Mee, George Graham and Arsène Wenger. Before coming to the Arsenal Chapman had won two English league titles and a League Cup with Huddersfield Town and Wenger had won a French Championship and the Coupe de France with Monaco and in Japan had won the Emperor’s Cup and the Japanese Super Cup. So from the four managers who have brought the most success to Arsenal, between them only had seven trophies in total before managing Arsenal.

Personally I think the club will go for a young manager with potential but not necessarily experience. I’d like to see perhaps Patrick Viera teaming up with Dennis Bergkamp, possibly with Wenger staying on to offer guidance. Or perhaps Steve Bould is being groomed for the top job.

What Wenger has to do over the next three years is to make sure the club is in good health player wise. This will mean replacing some of the older players, Mertesacker, Arteta, Flamini and Koscielny. I doubt Arsène would want to do a Ferguson and leave the team in a bad way for his successor. Furthermore, he needs to make sure the current core of our younger players don’t get poached by some of the bigger clubs in Europe. Ramsey, Wilshere, Oxlade, Walcott will increasingly become targets. What can be sure is the board will be guided by Wenger in their choice of successor.

Wenger has a minimum of two years to guide the club towards a successful transition and hopefully, during that period to bring further silverware to the Emirates. He faces quite a large task.

Who would be your preferred replacement?

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo………. hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

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239 thoughts on “Wenger must go………… it’s inevitable.

  1. Being the optimist that I am , I think AW is losing the dressing room. Let’s see how the lads come out and start the game today. Theo is on the bench.

  2. Arsenal XI: Szczesny, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Sanchez, Welbeck

    Not too difficult to predict.

  3. GN5
    Times have changed not altogether for the better. There is way more information in the public domain to fit whatever side of the fence you sit, hence alot more judgemental keyboard warriors.
    As I mentioned earlier, although I feel it is time for a change, I haven’t become an AW hater, it is not personal far from it. I will leave it at that.

  4. whey hey


    Poor performance and another win, look at it this way, Man City, Liverpool and us come off a tough midweek european game… City lose at Upton Park. Liverpool only manage a draw at home to Hull and we get a scrappy win away to Sunderland. As far as I’m concerned, thats good.

  5. Replay the second half and look at the chances we completely fucked up.Poor old Santi is having a mare this season.
    A half decent team would have beaten us.I am hard to please 🙂
    At least we have Sanchez and kept a clean sheet but we just aren’t playing well as a unit IMO.

  6. Kels

    Just read my blog tomorrow morning for a good laugh… it will take your mind off the bad performance.

    I don’t want you becoming a WOB… not on my blog 🙂

  7. I love Arsene and any abuse I give him is just in a endearing way, but I do think it`s time for him to move up stairs somewhere, although I doubt that will happen as he would have no problem getting a managers job anywhere he wants !.
    Someone said on a site ( cant remember which one ) that we are not going to win fuck all with a Defensive midfield containing Arteta and Flamini and Merts at CB and I have to agree as I`m not sure they would get into any other team in the top half of the league and if GN5 was to stand underneath the clock-end nowadays in his shorts he would probably get a game if them three were playing !. hahaha We are the Arsenal and imho they are not the required quality to get us to compete !.
    As for the result and our current position…..well, I know some will say our injuries are excuses, but considering our unbelievable injury record, do we really expect our crocked squad to be any further up the table ?….not me !.
    It`s a different matter if we moan about why we have so many injuries as that could be nothing to do with luck, it could be our tactics…our small skilful players….our training….Wengers change from pace and power to tikka takka….etc` etc`……who knows ?.

  8. Kels

    My view of the Arsenal is I think akin to yours 🙂

    That last comment was far too sensible for you 🙂
    Read my post tomorrow… right up your street.

  9. Cornwall? Whats got into you? Not like you at all. You sound as though you have spent the last three days tied up in a bent S&M dungeon. hahaha

    I see the Wenger stick continues with my friend Kelsey the chief protaganist. Usually I cant help but respond to the anti Wenger stuff but for two reasons Kelsey is exempt. Firstly hes my mate and secondly he knows not to go to far coz ive still got that nude photo of him in the Bowls club changing room doing something unseemly to one of the balls.

    I can see great things for this team. Sanchez, less the canibalisim and hard ons for Barca, is the new Suarez, and soon we will have Walcott back.

    In a few weeks we should be second in the table and then hopefully look to hunt the overated Chelsea down to reach the top.

  10. Cockie I think that is the 2nd sensible comment you have made on this site…. It’s just not on 🙂
    If Terry starts as well, then I’m going phycological check up to make sure I’m sane.

  11. hahaha, sorry Michael

    Wouldnt bother with those Psyciatrist types if i was you. The 2nd wife insisted I go, but the geezer just spent the whole session staring at me. i was like, “Whats this? Are you going to help with the straying hand on the tube and frenzied stare at women or what?”

    During the third session i spent the whole time on my mobile watching videos of humans been attacked by Lions and Sharks. When the time was up i couldnt believe it. The cheeky git said “Thats the most reaviling session weve had Terry, progress is been made”

  12. OK Terry you have talked me out of it 🙂
    What wife/mistress are you on? My second bolted, with her share, bitch. So I’m left to take myself to the cleaners, but I can fuck off, cos I’ve not much left.

  13. PS congratulations to West Ham, the only club named after the 2 things ISIS hate.

    My doctor told me I was paranoid…I wonder who else he told.

  14. Yeah, its good been skint Michael. Ime so poor now that when in the supermarket the only thing I compare is different brands of baked beans. Ive also been know to stare longily through restaurant windows.

    ime on my second marriage now but the Mrs threw me out.

    However, i refused to go and ended up extending and dividing the house Steptoe & Son style.

    To make things easier for her, ive started to learn playing the Bongos and taken up Tenor singing,

  15. You are one kind neighbour.
    I was out with this foreign one last night walking down the street, and we passed this extremely expensive restaurant, she said Michael that smells divine, so being the kind gentleman I am, I turned her round and we walked passed it again.

  16. I met her a couple of weeks ago, we got chatting and she told me her name was Mallish. I said, you don’t hear that very often, she said, “I do.”
    Anyway she invited me to dinner, and being old fashioned arrived with flowers and wine, she let me in and I could see soft lights in the dining room and romantic music. Yippee, I’ll fill my boots tonight I thought. Well she started to dish up and asked “How many potatoes Michael” I replied just the one please. She said “come on you don’t have to be polite” are you sure? I said. Yes come on how many potatoes do you want? OK just fucking give me one bitch.
    Where did I go wrong?

  17. NB
    Its passed the watershed and you have bolted. I wonder if anyone will notice if I post a 1000 word blog…nah.

  18. I`ve done many serious comments that I can count on one hand and still puzzled that one was binned a few weeks ago on another site when the owner went into a fit when I praised the ability of Jose Mourinho !……..weird !…….talking of weird !…….I`m at a restaurant and there`s some low life looking through the window and rubbing his groin area at the sight of my T-Boner stake !…..not only that, but a desperate looking gypo couple keep walking past sniffing the window !……I`m just waiting for some piss artist now to walk past and start licking the fucking window !.

  19. Cornwall, this low life looking through the window and rubbing his groin? Did he have suspicious looking hair and carrying a can of beans? hahaha

  20. hahaha Stretch…..the suspicious looking hair piece was trying to open the can of beans whilst it`s symbiote was rubbing it`s Greek style yoghurt stained groin area of his crushed velvet trousers !……in fact, he looked like Demis Roussos with his head on upside down !. hahaha

  21. Morning all

    I will wait for your new post NB but Terry I am not and have never been a Wenger hater, I just think weighing everything up he should have left at the end of last season and I can back my reasons for that,up.
    I still maintain that Kroenke and the board pay AW a huge salary as long as he guarantees CL football.That is priority number one.

    Talking about bowls I used to be quite good before I became mental and represented both Middlesex and later on Surrey.

    In one important match where the selectors were chosing players for an International, I fired at the jack and the jack cannoned off a bowl and broke one of the opposition players ankle.Obviously my international career was over before it started.

  22. Go on then publish it old boy 🙂
    If i wrote my thoughts on AA I would get slated and my nerves wouldn’t take it at the moment 🙂

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