The Gunners: Now Unbeaten in 23 home games…………..

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

I watched yesterdays game on a stream with a Spanish commentator and I noticed two things. Firstly there was none of the sarcasm and anti-Arsenal sentiment which we get with British pundits on the TV. Secondly, whenever our supporters started to sing, the commentator sang along with them…. Arsenal…. Arsenal…. Arsenal. Brilliant. He was a breath of fresh air. ha ha ha!

The last time we lost at home was against Aston Villa in the first game of last season, not as good as the invincibles but impressive none the less. Most of us have had a moan about the recent lack of cohesion within the team, the lack of effort from some of the players and our inability to put a game to bed. Our bad defending has also come under criticism. Before yesterday the boys have only just scrapped a win, mainly through a determination which we don’t often see them display.  But yesterday, things seemed to come together. Our passing play was superb, there seemed to be more energy and determination, more movement off the ball and less short passes in midfield which often allows teams to get nine defenders back to their penalty area.

The Alexis effect! This boys energy, determination and movement around the field has been phenomenal. Is it now rubbing off onto his team-mates? Most would observe that it has and we saw the result yesterday. The other week I was suggesting the Chilean was starting to get frustrated with the team for not giving 100%, often manifesting in his body language and facial expressions. Who knows if that was the case, but it was my observation. However, yesterday there was no such frustration and the team played well together, with some brilliant passing and they kept their shape. I read yesterday that our pass completion rate against Burnley was something like 85%.  I’m not a great believer in relying on stats because they can be deceiving,  and often in our case, the passes have been short balls sideways and /or backwards. Yesterday however, many of the passes were long and going forward. This is what I observed so on  this occasion I will use the 85% as an indication of improvement.

We could have won this game by five or six goals, credit needs to be given to Heaton for some fantastic saves. Even Szczesny applauded his counterpart in the Burnley goal. Nice one Chezzers, top man.

I’m not going to single out a player for individual praise because I think overall it was a good team effort. But I was pleased to see Theo back on the pitch and to see the Ox put in a good shift. Has yesterdays game started a new phase? Will we now go on to start winning games instead of battling for a draw? Will opponents now view us with some trepidation? To all three questions I would say a resounding yes, but we will have to wait and see. Swansea away next week and then Man Utd at home. Both will be tougher than Burnley. But before that, we have Anderlecht to deal with in mid-week.

Just a small note on our forgotten German, Podolski. He came on as a sub the other week and got the winning goal in a match that looked like ending with a draw. Yesterday he came on in the 80th minute and had an immediate effect and could have scored with two thunderous shots, one which nearly destroyed the goal post and the other one could have seriously maimed a Burnley player. If he was given more game time, would he get more goals? Or is Wenger just biding his time with the German as a fill in till he can be sold?

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…. well actually I haven’t got any chorizo today so it will be Goats cheese. Hope you enjoyed your visit……….. till the next time.

à bientôt

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144 thoughts on “The Gunners: Now Unbeaten in 23 home games…………..

  1. Good Morning my Good fellows 🙂

    Excuse my hastily and poorly written match report. Late night and too much alcohol, leaving me very fragile and hungover this morning. 🙂

  2. If that shot of Podolski had hit you in the nuts,you wouldn’t be here at all today 🙂

    I surprised a few on AA today.I see it as I see it, game by game.

  3. Kelsey……if that shot had hit `69er in the groin area he would now be a Lesbo………. or have an artistic calling for sticking the chorizo up his `sorearse. hahaha
    Although I love an entertaining win, lets not forget who we were playing…..basically a side who came up from the Championship and will be going back down there very quickly !.
    I wanted Alexis when he was at Udinese 4 years ago !…..give me ten out field players with his stamina and frenetic style over ten Arshavins any day and the thing is, that it costs nothing but hard work and training to achieve it !.

  4. Nice 69

    Like you, I believe we can nick the league this year and if we fall short, will definately win it next year..

    Glad you enjoyed yourself last night 69. Well actully I dont, it should have been me.

    Coming home from the game, I had a bonus when on the tube when some fit bird sat opposite. It felt a bit weird, I had a nice boner giving her the eye yet still thinking about Sanchez. Bit confusing, but what the fuck, i was enjoying it.

    When I got home my mood started to change. What was I going to do now? Living alone, no bird, holes in my pyjamas, and fucking strictly come dancing on the telly.

    As I sat there, watching some iron giving Max from Eastenders only five out of ten for probably refusing to wear a leather G String and bend over, I thought, is this what its fucking come to?

    As the night wore on I paced the flat contemplating dark thoughts. Why was I always the face at the window?,Why do i have a picture of an argos model in my wallet claiming thats my girlfriend, and why did Michael get that inflatable bird and not me?

    I thought about topping myself, but the last time I announced I was contemplating that, all the neiigbours came outside my house and started a barbecue. Chants “Of do it you ugly bastard” and “Top yourself whilst wearing the wig” ringing in my ears. No way was I going to give those fuckers the satisfaction.

    I was just about to lose it. Spotting some young courting couple having a kiss and cuddle from my window, I reached for the air gun and was Just about to simultanesly pull the trigger and shout “My Cocks worthy”, when I heard the Match of the Day theme tune.

    I felt great, boner restored by Snachez. i then went to bed and had a lovely dream of giving it to that bird on the tube whilst Sanchez sat opposite juggling his ball.

  5. Afternoon All
    Like others my stream sucked..all of them, including intermittent internet connection. I didn’t see 1 goal live. Most of 2 hours blowing fucks into anything computer related.
    An improvement by all accounts is certainly welcome…can we have more please?

    Terry my doll is full of wind, not always great company. 🙂

  6. Well it seems it was afternoon to nobody wtf. Perhaps I should link a picture of a naked lady in a compromising position..oh hang on. 🙂

  7. I see on newsnow that Sol Campbell said he nearly quit football over gay rumours and racism !. I can understand quitting over the racism, but the gay rumours ?………….this pose doesn`t exactly deny it !. hahaha

  8. PS
    That is in no way a homophobic comment as I have nothing against any shirt lifters or skirt lifters and being the most virile and hunky hetrosexual of all the `sorearses on here, I`d like to say that some of my finest friends who take it up the arse and blo me off are gay. Straight is just what I will always be, it doesn`t stop me having poofs as friends !. 😀

  9. hahaha. Forgot to ask you Cornwall. When you came out with the legendry comment “Your fucking Joe King” what was there reaction?

  10. I know the true story about Sol. Remember the WeSt Ham game at Highbury,he didn’t come out for the second half. Next day Sol, Max Clifford, Marbella. I CAN’T SAY ANYMORE but high profile players were on the payroll of Clifford if they didn’t want anything to get into the media or papers.

  11. Evening Kels

    Can you email me the answer please. Call yourself Selkey to protect yourself.

    Didnt Clifford recently get banged up for a roaming hand?

  12. Ok Kels. Lets put it this way.

    Say I had just broken down on the Motorway. it was late at night, cold and raining and I was to tight to join the AA thus leaving me no choice but to hitch hike.

    All of a sudden this big geezer pulls up his motor and opens his door and I get in

    Whilst inside, I notice the seats are very slippery so to avoid possible arse problems, would it have been best if I was wearing tight trousers?

  13. Sorry Stretch for the late reply, but I read another thing on newsnow ( you really must read newsnow, it has news from anything like….. I was a gay trannie alien to prostitute werewolves of Kings Cross ! ) about if you have plenty of sexual partners (20 or more ) it lessens your chances of getting prostate cancer, so seeing as I`m a married and loyal husband I did the next best thing and watch the free porn on the web !.
    To answer your question……Joe King immediately got on the phone to Max Clifford to hush it over and in quite a coincidence of fate, they are now sharing a cell and I can hear you already saying ….” you must be fucking joking ! “……well, no !, I never did, but Max probably is !. hahaha

  14. I`d just like to add that extensive scientific research was used in finding out that having twenty or more partners for sex leads to help in lowering the chances of getting prostate cancer ( something like 40% less ) and for those in an monogamous relationship, I have done extensive research into free internet porn. I`m afraid these long and hard laborious trials will not be revealed for quite some time and I`m also afraid that I could also quite easily become blind before the trials are completed !.
    However !….a certain Dr Stranglecock (aka TMHT) of the famous Bounds Green STD Clinic is years ahead of me in this research, being that he has never bean in a monogamous relationship due to him being a right old slapper !. Not only having had more than twenty sexual relationships, but also being an internet porn addict and owner of a Bounds Green Porn Brokers !.
    Indeed, the last time I set eyes on him it was a one way experience as he was waving a white stick on entry to Bounds Green`s Samaritans first ever…..Braille Classes for Disabled Porn Addicts !……..just in case the fucker goes deaf as well !.

  15. Cockie, you are a lucky man, being sooo virile and all. I on the other hand, shoving on in years find that I need 2 viagra and an energy drink before its worth me clicking onto porn. 🙂
    And talking wankers where’s NB?

  16. Hahaha Michael……with that sort of cocktail, you will probably die of a heart attack before you even get a semi….let alone a boner !.
    As for `69ers absence, well that’s partly down to me !……..the cupid stunt is still trying to find his knob after I sent him some camouflaged condoms !.

  17. boner petite……hahaha

    Talking about them energy drinks, I came home from an Arsenal game ( where I met up with TMHT ) and had to drive 250 miles back to Cornwall ( mostly in the dark ), the day earlier I had been driving at work for 13 hours and was quite tired when driving back from the Emirates, so I drunk 4 cans of Red Bull to help keep me awake !. They say Red Bull gives you wings, but 4 cans gives you night vision, an imaginary passenger and a unbreakable hard on, one which even a cats claws could not scratch !. After 4 hours of driving around in circles on the M25 chasing a yellow submarine, I eventually managed to get on to the M4, where my imaginary passenger took hold of the steering wheel whilst I hung my legs out of the window and gave the returning Spud supporters coming back from a game in South Wales the one fingered salute, but using my cock instead !. Had I had some Viagra aswell, I would probably have shagged my imaginary passenger in the back seat whilst steering the car with my feet !. hahaha

  18. Good Morning campers. hi de hi and all that 🙂

    I went missing in action yesterday. Went out in the afternoon to help a couple of mates and then one glass turned into two, and then three. Eventually got home at midnight. 🙂

  19. ha ha Big Raddy

    I know, the intellectual debate on here is astounding.
    🙂 But honestly, I don’t want it to get too serious, it’s more like a chill out lounge for bloggers who have been banned from other blogs for their outrageous views. It’s a blog for rebels and is becoming a refuge for abused bloggers. Always a warm welcome, a glass of whisky and a smile from the landlord…. when he is here 🙂

  20. hahaha, never knew that about the prostate Cornwall. That probably means 69 is a walking antidote. Hoards of middle aged men and professional wankers wishing to strap him down and extract his serum.

  21. Fucking hell transplant

    Bit early for you………. I thought you’d be hanging around outside some school gates somewhere in Bounds Green 🙂

    My prostate is in fine health… my doctor, she says good 🙂

  22. Morning Lads
    Big Raddy, I resemble that remark.

    Well halloween over and christmas stuff in the shops already. I was reminded of my childhood and my parents telling me stories of Santa, the Easter bunnies and tooth fairies (ooh err). Now I’m older and obviously don’t believe in such nonsense. Thank God.

  23. NB
    Doctors differ and patients die, mine is useless, he told I suffer from hypochondria and thats the 4th time this week.

  24. hahaha, I have an explanation for that 69. For 15 years in a row I was put a year back, so didn’t leave school until 31.

    I was the one who needed bloody protection. Imagine walking down the road with your school mates dressed in school uniform. shorts, tie, cap, the lot. The Old Bill following behind, always stopping you and asking if youve offered any of the other boys a chance to see your rabbits.

    Then there were the parents. Mums openly abusing you and dads threatening violence for playing with another boys conkers.

    Ime going to start my own charity. RSPCTB, Royal Society Prevention of Cruelty to Thick Bastards.

  25. Hi there,

    I always miss out on the morning banter, bloody 5 hour time difference.

    GunnersoreArse is indeed a refuge – a refuge away from the negative, over the top dialogue on most other sites – as NB said a refuge for the rebels and the abused – long may it continue.

  26. I’m hopeful that the form we displayed against Burnley was the awakening of the teams true ability and skill set. We will be able to judge that later today – 2:45pm kick off here.

    Alexis Sanchez is a very special talent and his early form puts him up there with many of our great players. NB it sounds like he grew up in the same sort of circumstances/conditions as us Cally boys.

  27. When is a pub not a pub?

    1. When it’s never open
    2. It’s open but empty
    3. The barman is creating more etchings
    4. It’s used as a front for a whore house
    5. The barman is having a siesta
    6. The barman is drunk
    7. The barman is still having his siesta
    8. The barman is writing recipes
    9. The barman is off selling his artwork
    10. The barman is playing with his chorizo

    However we put up with all this nonsense because it’s NB’s pub…………….

  28. Some sort of bloody pub this is, the door was wide open and I found the barman passed out drunk behind the bar with his chorizo in his hand.

    Sod it I’ve served myself…………’s the only way to get a drink around here.

  29. Let me tell you about accountants, `69er !……they are cat lovers !……anyone who has a cat is a masochist !..
    Let me explain. Go on a lot of sites and you will find people sharing their avatars of dogs, not pussies !. Dogs are good, cats are evil !……I can guarantee you that if like me, you walk into your bedroom naked after having a shower, your dog laying on the bed will look you straight in the eyes, not once looking at your swinging cock !. Dogs love you unconditionally and they wont judge you by the size of your Hampton !.
    Lets take cats !….you walk into your bedroom and you`re towel drying your hair and your cock is swinging from side to side and a cat will look at it and sit there and up will come his arm and will whack it with it`s padded paw, now some of you will start to get aroused at this activity, but someone like me will tell the cat off and carry on towelling their hair, after being told off, the evil cat will then flick out it`s retractable claws and start to destroy your cock !.
    Cats….so I`m told….have tongues as rough as sandpaper and I know that accountants cant take their cats to work, so most have a sand paper account at their local builders merchants, in case they fancy a lunch time wank !.
    Accountants are masochistic cat lovers and have so many holes in their knobs that when they have a piss it comes out like that on the rose on a watering can !. Also, it just so happens that an anagram of accountant is …..cunt on a cat !, that basically makes them treble pussies !.
    Be honest Stretch… have a cat don’t you !. hahaha
    I know !…..another fine football comment by me !. hahaha

  30. Cockie ha ha

    That’s funny and the anagram is brilliant 🙂

    If it wasn’t for GunnersoreArse, where else could you make these excellent football comments. BK have banned you and Peaches keeps you well under control 🙂
    Me, I don’t give a shit ha ha

  31. Hahaha It`s actually true….well about the dog !….test it your self !…walk out naked in front of your dog and if you haven’t a dog, then walk in front of your neighbours window naked and tease the dog….obviously make sure their kids are at school and not at home !. hahaha
    Actually, I`m not banned from BK, I just choose not to go on it as I can understand binning a inappropriate joke, but I cant go on a site when my footballing comment about Mourinho was binned and told that talking about him was not accepted on the site !. The thing is, the site owner went more berserk at me talking about Mourinho than he did at the Savilesque joke !. Talk about getting your priorities right !. hahaha
    Plus ….Bertie Smalls always got a raging boner when Totes told me off !. hahaha

  32. Peaches slapped my wrist a few times on AA, but I have met her and she is a lovely classy lady !.

  33. Good time to tell you why my comment was censored. Totes had made a post about a Triple Arsenal Thrust, so I said Cockie and Transplant would enjoy the triple thrust, and are probably at this moment behind Waitrose in Bounds Green trying it with a young woman ha ha ha

  34. You two have been a bad influence on me, I’m so easily led. Peaches censored a comment I made the other day that she said her Mum raised her eyebrows at. We were looking for alternatives to a glass half empty/half full. So I suggested a condom half empty or a condom half full. Didn’t go down well, but I respect a blog masters rules. 🙂

  35. Hahaha Being oldish cockney`s, we don’t even blink at such comments, but right or wrong it`s their sites and their rules and I respect that !…….a condom half empty or half full is a lot of jizz !.
    Maybe you should squeeze out a bit and mix it with Champagne and Orange………..A Bucks Jizz !. Watch your neighbours sniff it and gargle it, giving their expert opinion !…….” it has an distinct nutty aroma ! “. hahaha

  36. I still read BK every day and did like Totals previous post`s title…………”Alexis, Chambers and Pod Show Wenger How Hard They Are ! “………….before I read it, I thought it was about how Wenger walked into the dressing room and found the three of them naked with rock hard boners watching a video of Mrs Sagna !. hahaha

  37. hahaha……that grass has the fastest arse licking tongue in the business, he can lick Totals arse from Ilfracombe in Devon all the way to Norwich quicker than BT`s Superfast fibre optic broadband !.

  38. Oi 69, when you thinking of coming over to London for a game? Give me some notice and I will sort you and Cornwall out with tickets.

    Should be a laugh. After the game I know this nice little Wood Green strip joint, and some of the birds in there are actully real women. hahaha

  39. Transplant

    I’m hoping to get over in April for the Sunderland game. Saving money and going without food or wine for the next two months. Ryanair from Nimes to Luton return is only 60 euros at the moment.

  40. Last time I went by Ryanair at the check in the woman said “window or aisle” I replied window or you will fucking what?

  41. So Sharkeys got a cat !……………Michael……Dogs or Cats ?.
    If anyone has both, then they are probably “bi-standers” and are waiting to get out of the closet !. hahaha

  42. Michael

    I’m a dog man too, had many an old bitch in my time. 🙂

    But I do have a dog as well, he’s older than me… just short of 15 years old. I love him to bits and i’m dreading the day he goes 😦

  43. No I don’t michael, he/she comments on PA and sometimes on ACLF. I saw the comments this morning on ACLF. Seems rather obnoxious and when I asked people to comment on my blog, told me to fuck off. so I banned ’em ha ha ha the power 🙂

  44. His one on pa was worse.
    Anyway im concerned about Terry lol. All these hot women he comes across. He should carry a clipboard and a smile…then he could be doing research and perv that way.

  45. yea, I saw the one on PA… it makes you wonder why someone comments on a site where they think there is a stench. Says more about them than the posters on ACLF.

  46. The thing that gets me, well makes me laugh really are those that moan about the moaners. Oh the irony.
    As for the match I didn’t watch due to work, but heard bits and pieces throughout, and I’m surprised I wasn’t like the antichrist afterwards…I’m not good company when we lose normally. Perhaps I need help 🙂

  47. I have toned it down. Who were they booing.The team or AW. It was absolutely diabolical.
    Too many people have rose tinted glasses on permantley.
    I wrote at half time our defence looked dodgy but absolutely no excuses it was a dreadful result.

  48. It can’t do the players confidence any good when their supporters boo at the end of a match, despite it being a bad result… giving away a 3 goal lead is unforgivable for a team of our quality but they still need the support.

    I know how I’ve felt when making love to a woman and half way through, at about the 2 minute mark, she starts booing me. Takes me weeks to get over it 🙂

  49. Kelsey morning
    I haven’t been over to read it yet, you probably filled in the gaps in mine
    Its a fact we all both see and hear differently, strange, I suppose its down to what is important to you.
    Two fans sat next to each other would get different things out of it. But you are right. 🙂

  50. Morning Michael

    These match reviews are hard to write but AW will get a lot of stick today from some blogs.


    After two minutes, I wish I lasted that long 🙂

  51. Well having perused various sites, unsurprisingly its the blame game and everybody is guilty even poor old Doris the tea lady, although Stan seems to have escaped and me of course.

  52. It`s obvious to me and his girlfriends, that it`s `69ers fault !. That’s what happens when you wear an Arsene condom !….2 mins of testi tikka takka and it`s all over with a counter attacking penetrative move !.
    Although we could blame accountants !…..two minutes and £80 worse off, them bastards will fiscal fuck you !.
    TMHT the Fiscal Fucker !…..Boooo !

  53. Thanks GN5
    Thats reassuring, I’m off to beat myself up now. 🙂
    I think I must have read a 100 different solutions and they are all right!!

  54. It`s alright for GN5, he`s 1000`s of miles away from it all in Canada !……where he can just step outside his front door and sexually abuse……sorry, liberate a frustrated…………. Moose…Bison…Badger…Bobcat…Lynx…Reindeer…Coyote…Mountain Lion…Porcupine…Raccoon…Skunk…Walrus…Bears (Black, Grizzly or Polar )……………………..lucky bastard !……..quick Stretch, lets load up the Cortina with extra chloroform, some of them may play hard to get !.

  55. Morning another grey day here temp 14c.
    Thats the excitement out of the way, down to business.
    An eminent irish historian has concluded Maid Marion was not Robin Hood’s squeeze, but another woman. It seems the bulk of research was based on the song.
    Robin Hood Robin Hood riding Trudy Glen.

  56. Robin Hood Robin Hood with his band of men………..on that evidence, I think Trudy was raped !.

  57. Typical Forrest supporters !…….have their wicked way and then chuck them in the Trent !.

  58. Perhaps Marion wasn’t into that…I mean a back skuttle from friar Tuck and spit roast with little John.

  59. Hahaha……Morning Glory takes a little time to wear off !.
    Getting near to the festive season and all the Porno Panto`s will be coming out…….Throbbing Hood and Little Johnny Bag Triar Fuck . Cat Whittingham and his Dick. Snow White and the Seven Inches.

  60. Oh and morning !……..out to sweep some leafs !. Free leaf mulch to anyone who wants it !.
    Apparently six out of ten people have sex at work !…..what can I say about me and Stretches part time night job at the Bounds Green morgue !

  61. Morning scrotums 🙂

    The Cockie man has free leaf mulch whoop whoop ha ha

    and indulges in some necrophilia along with the Transplant man…. lots of sex gel needed I should think 🙂

  62. Morning NB

    is it glass two or three 🙂

    Worrying news about Kos,no return date and if Gibbs gets injured yet again our defence is well and truly fucked.

    Maybe we can lodge an appeal with the FA for not having enough players.

  63. Morning Kels

    It may be glass number 4… but by this time of the day I start to lose count 🙂

    Don’t worry, it will soon be january and we’ll get the neccessary CB back up… Ron Vlaar perhaps ha ha

  64. Morning Michael

    If Chambers is played next to the slow and lumbering underperforming BFG and Bellerin played at RB, it shouldn’t be too bad. The problem lies in defensive midfield. If Kos was fit then Bellerin could stay at RB and Callum could play DM… problem solved. 🙂

  65. Morning NB
    I suppose my comment appeared as a sarcastic kneejerk. But 2 19yo in a team with ambition? Promising though they are, leaves something to be desired, given we have a run of tougher games coming up. I can’t help thinking we will be stuttering along this season, with a mixture of great and dire.

  66. IF challenging for fourth place is all we can look forward to, and IF Sanchez and Ozil start to understand that that is the mentality then they will be off… they didn’t come to THOF to be 4th…. they came here to be winners. The game against Anderlecht this week proved something for me about our fanbase. The fans were crying out for us to show some killer instinct, go for the jugular when on top. The fans were complaining that we didn’t have the ‘go for the kill’ instinct, then when we try it, as they did on Wednesday, but failed, all the fans start to complain that we can’t hold a 3-0 lead.

  67. The facts can be presented in any way that suits the narrative, dependent on which side of the fence you are. We are 10 games into the season and struggling for both results and performance, not promising in my opinion.

  68. I’m not so sure Michael. We’ve still only lost one PL game this season, fourth and not too far from City and Soton. Bad performances perhaps but sticking in there, obviously, if hit with more injuries, we’ll struggle. Let’s just hope that Sanchez or Welbeck don’t go down with something.

  69. I would rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy.

    Sadly though I am taking some piss awful drug with a warning on the box that there is a high chance of a heart attack if I drink alcohol. How shit is that? My life is ruined.

  70. Big Raddy

    Yeah, these medications for alcoholics can be dangerous when taken with alcohol 🙂

    I’d say stop the medication and have a fucking drink… you only live once.

  71. Alcohol has so many health benefits, less risk of cardio vascular disease, can lengthen your life, prevents flu and colds…( since living in France I haven’t suffered one bout of flu or a cold)
    decreases the risk of dementia, and reduces the risks of diabetes and gallstones.

    I drink at least 8 glasses of wine a day, plus a few pastis, and pastis is known for reducing stomach problems and giving you a healthy appetit. Well, these are my excuses anyway, and if it kills me, I’ll die fucking drunk and happy 🙂

  72. Bloody hell, you lot certainly like your drink

    I like it to, but only when ime not on the pull, so thats a couple of times a year.

    The other 363 days I need to be alert and sharp for a potential possibility. This policy has served me well. In the last 10 years alone ive pulled three times.

    Fuck me, come to think about it ime going out for a bottle of Scotch. hahaha

  73. ha ha Transplant, when you say, “on the pull” I take it that’s self abusing?

    Now onto the next health advice…. a siesta a day keeps the doctor away 🙂

    See ya all laters…. nio mioulle Michael

  74. Michael……….because it`s Arsenetta, Transplant will apply mental strength and just say….”I didn’t see it (or them) ! “

  75. hahaha, nice one Cornwall

    Michael, like your good self i draw the line at the curious imagination.

    That why I have to approach that picture of Lady Wenger very carefully.

    Probably by shagging him. hahaha

  76. Michael. Diversity is the spice of life.

    Not booze related – I fucked up my back so seriously the doc has put me on strong opiates. Gives great dreams usually featuring my Sophie Loren but with bigger boobs.

  77. ” not much has changed with Arsene. He’s still managing in the same way he was. He’s overly loyal to his players and his staff. He doesn’t believe in defence. He doesn’t really focus too much on the opposition.

    He’s struggled with the progress of the game. Which for me, is why he has to go sooner, rather than later.” from the much respected Amy Lawrence’s new book The Invinsibles

    I respect Amy and agree with her.

    Sorry about your back Raddy 🙂

  78. Kels`…..I can see why she`s a respected football correspondent, `cos she isn’t going to win any beauty contests !….probably been nutted by Keown somewhere along the line for taking his shaver and ugly pills !.
    Stretch would though !. hahaha

  79. PS
    Although I do agree with her as well !……………fucked if I would disagree with a brute like that in a lonely place on a dark night !.

  80. Know hat you mean Cornwall. I love Arsene and shes talking shit, but if confronted i would have no choice but to agree with her.

    These pre op Transexuals are very dangerous

  81. Good morning piss heads 🙂 apart from Raddy that is 😦

    Hope your back gets better soon BR…. having suffered a spinal hernia a few years ago I know what you must be going through.

    It’s SATURDAY, but we ain’t got a fucking match 😦

    First game up Scousers vs Chavs, now let me think about this….. would be great to see the Chavs lose their unbeaten run, but I’m going for a draw as the best result for us.

  82. Morning all,
    My wife is from Liverpool and I’ve been to Anfield on several occasions. I’m hoping for a Liverpool win as I couldn’t bear to think of Chelsea going through a season unbeaten.

  83. GN5

    It’s not your fault that she’s from Liverpool, someone has to marry a scouser now and again 🙂

    A win for Liverpool would be ok, but I’d rather, if the Chavs are gonna lose, it’s to one of the non top four contenders or when they visit the Ems. So still a draw for me.

  84. Being amongst the Liverpool supporters at Anfield was a real eye opener. The atmosphere at Highury only ever reached the same levels on big game days.

    I can’t see Liverpool winning today NB, but I can still hope.

  85. Always in this bar GN5, even when I’m not here, just help yourself 🙂

    I remember going to Anfield sometime in the late 60’s. Me and a mate hitch hiked. Got a lift from a greasy joes in Holloway Road at about midnight .. opposite the cemetery at the bottom of Madras Place. The guy was a rep I think, and pissed out of his head, we put our lives at risk and by the time we reached the Watford Gap services we asked him to let us out there. We found an Arsenal supporter driving up on his own. We were at the opposite end to the Kop and won 1-0. Stayed with some girls who we’d met on a school holiday and they lived in Scotty Road, a right dodgy area. Ask your missus about Scotty Road in the 60’s. 🙂

  86. Just got stopped for kerb crawling. The cop said
    that he had been following me doing 20 mph and keep stopping. I replied get off my bus you fucking idiot.

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