Coal miners, Sheep, Leeks and Rugby.. a trip to the valleys!

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

A trip down the M4 today to Swansea. A 4pm kick-off and the last Premier League game of the weekend. Yesterdays results did us no favours and extended the gap to the top two of Chelsea and Southampton, but City slipped up at Loftus Road so a win for us today will take us to within one point of the blue mancs. I think the less said about our midweek capitulation against Anderlecht the better. Let’s just say that hopefully lessons were learned, the team heard Arsène Wengers speach about team work and not individual glory.

Last season we won this fixture 2-1, with I think Ramsey and Gnabry getting the goals. That win maintained our position at the top of the table. However, this season we are playing catch up and already  twelve points behind Chelsea before today’s game.  Swansea have had a good start to their season so far and they will not be a push over. They also have our old friend Flappy between the sticks, who I’m sure will want to have a good game against his old team mates.

We’re never sure how Wenger is going to line up these days, 4-1-4-1 or is it 4-4-2 , or even 4-3-3? But picking the team from a supporters perspective is getting easier with the injuries increasing at an alarming rate, this weekend it’s the turn of Arteta to be on the treatment table. On the bright side however, we could see Theo making a start today although Wenger has said he will be eased back in gradually, so he may be on the bench. All I can predict is how I would like to see the team line up today, who Wenger chooses could be totally different.


submit football lineup

Bench: Martinez, Rosicky, Monreal, Cazorla, Oxlade, Podolski, Sanogo.

Campbell, poor, poor Joel Campbell, will no doubt be excluded again today and many are wondering where he fits into the current team, if at all. There is speculation he will be either loaned or sold this January. A real shame because as far as I can see he hasn’t been given a fair chance to establish himself. But what do we know, there could be many reasons as to why he’s not been given a chance. Perhaps he doesn’t train well, perhaps he’s lazy or too fat and unfit. What happens behind closed doors we can only guess.

Today could see us going with the dreaded Wilshere, Flamini, Ramsey core of midfield. Cazorla has had some stinkers recently so I for one hope he is benched today. What the problem is with the dreaded threesome I’m not sure, but all crowding into the middle of the park seems to be a common complaint. But today we’ll need some solidity at the back so hopefully Wenger will play Chambers next to the BFG and Bellerin on the right, with Flamini in the middle of the midfield threesome. Wilfred Bony has scored in each of his last four games so expect him to be a handful today. The other danger will be Sigurdsson, who has had a tremendous start to his season after doing nothing with the Spuds last season.

Three points today would be great and I don’t envisage anything less. Sanchez is currently on fine form, scoring five in his last three games. If Walcott plays today then I would expect some pacy counter attacking football. All we can do at the moment is hang on to the coat-tails of Chelsea and Southampton and wait for them to slip in the future. But to catch them, we firstly and foremost need to win our games.

Welsh rarebit, the culinary heights of Welsh cuisine.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo…… hope you enjoyed your visit. Until the next time.

à bientôt

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136 thoughts on “Coal miners, Sheep, Leeks and Rugby.. a trip to the valleys!

  1. OK……… am I being avoided? No comments so I’m fucking off to the bar for a Sunday lunchtime drink. 🙂

    If you eventually arrive, whoever you may be, then talk amongst your fucking selves. I’ll be back for the match at 5pm French time. 🙂 you bastards

  2. Morning NB
    Very early for a lunchtime drink, but hey what the hell. I am presumably talking to myself so no outrageous comment will be binned. 🙂
    A solid performance with a narrow win would suit me.

  3. Can’t resist a welsh joke.
    How do the welsh find their sheep in the long grass…irresistible.
    OK not great, but who is there to disagree?

  4. Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed,,,,,,

    Just seen the Spuds result 🙂

    Just seen our team sheet 😦

    Will AW not learn that Monreal no matter how good a left back, doesn’t cut it yet at CB. I’m worried

  5. You are missing the point NB, square pegs fit into round holes.
    I will check that out thanks.
    The thing I find with the ultras is they will say AW has faults but never name them, that is left to the moaners. But when written they jump on the “offender”
    Like Kelsey who has an unenviable task for tomorrow, I say it like I see it.

  6. Morning all you sad bastards out there…. sad in the fact that we gave up on another lead yesterday.

    My day of mourning has started with alcohol… this is what my team does to me.

  7. Morning

    A blind man could see what was going to happen and now not one team in the PL will fear us.
    I have been fearful all seasons and even allowing for injuries, the players aren’t playing as a unit, or under instructions or AW just can’t motivate them anymore, and never knows when to use subs or choses the wrong ones..

    Just look at the majority of goals we have conceded this season.Bloody school boy errors,my glass has cracked 🙂

  8. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has calmed the hype over new signing Alexis Sanchez by criticising his overall display against Swansea.

    Quizzed about Arsenal’s goalscorer’s display in the 2-1 loss at the Liberty Stadium, the Frenchman had no desire to hype up the ex-Barcelona man.

    He told “He scored but I think he didn’t have the best games today.”

    Confirmed: Thee man has gone senile and poor NB will soon be back on AA no not our one 🙂

  9. Are you there NB? I’ve been asked to ask you if we can use your excellent comment earlier this morning as a post this afternoon? I think it was at 8.26, the sensible one, not the one about the early morning drinking 🙂

  10. Afternoon Kelsey
    I was looking forward to your match report, only to find it in the comments.
    When Sanogo is introduced in the last minutes to get us a goal, I’m lost for words.
    I am struggling to see where the improvements can be made at the moment, when we play the same system that other managers know how to compensate for.
    Garry Monk out thinking AW, think about it.

  11. I have tried to get a photo on wordpress, I have signed up somewhere, cut to the chase im fucked any clues?

  12. I have a mac (and a dark brown overcoat). I have an image on my desktop, which I have tried to drag onto the space. It shows a plus which should mean it has been moved but alas.

  13. I’m not sure about macs… or dark brown overcoats. But when I want to post a photo or picture I search it.. google, or other sites. Then double click on the photo and either select: ‘Copy URL of image’ or ‘Copy image’. I find the first option better.

    Then go back to where you want to post it, ie: comments section. Then click normally on the comment section, and then with the curser over the section, double click, a list will appear and you click, ‘paste’. That’s what I’ve just done for this photo, but my instructions are in French 🙂 try it, but with a mac it could be different

  14. Mac’s are different but I think I may have cracked it. I will try a post on AA. Fingers crossed, a different name but you will know who it is.

  15. Thanks for that Kelsey, that’s good’ The most hits in one day I’ve had on here in one day is 556. But that was exceptional, normally it’s more like 200 on the day of my post. 🙂

  16. Thanks to Kelsey for……Euphemism of the Day !…………” nearly 500 hits on your post NB at this moment of time, if you are still up ! “. Closely followed by……” Thanks for that Kelsey, that`s good’ The most hits in one day I`ve had on here in one day is 556 “…………dirty bastard !, you`ll go blind, no wonder the bastard has so many siesta`s and I doubt that his post is still up !. hahaha

  17. Question of the Day !………and it so happens to be this one !……..What is `69er actually hitting his post with ?…….being a tough old cockney who`s dropped more soap bars at her majesties pleasure than a Palmolive sales rep in Boots, it`s probably a base ball bat or a piece of four by two with a rusty nail in it !. Masochistic bastard !. hahaha

  18. I`m not having that !!……….all the French minge complain about the front wheel skids in your Y-Fronts and that your chorizo has been koshered ……or is it you`re using your chorizo as a kosh !. hahaha

  19. There are a number of four by twos that contribute on AA, NB 🙂

    Circumcission always gives a girl a nice head to get hold of.

    I have a post lined up for AA that will permently remove rose tinted glasses.

    in a sentence we as a club are in the shite it’s just lucky that so are a few others around us.

    You finished up with 862 hits yesterday and over 100 since midnight, lucky man.

  20. Good Morning bloggosphere 🙂

    Thanks for that Kelsey…. the comments about 4 x 2’s wasn’t meant to be derogatory, as a circumcised boy myself I know the benefits of a nice big head 😉

    It looks as if it is kicking off in the Arsenal fan world. Venom and viciousness is back on the menu…. oh dear. yesterday on Twitter there were some moronic comments sent to Mertesacker when he tweeted about the anniversary of a German player who’d died. These morons need to be stopped. It’s not acceptable…. cunts they are.

  21. 5 days now without a drop of alcohol. No wonder I am sensitive to the shit storm surrounding our team.

    I guess the “we are crap and AW is useless” fits into some peoples narrative and for that reason I am not getting involved. Negativity breeds negativity

  22. Bon fecking jour, It probably won’t surprise you, but I don’t do twatter or facebook. If I won’t to abuse someone I do it to their face, not hidden safely behind a keyboard, no time for them.
    JJ was in great form last night. I don’t always agree but he always writes entertainingly.

  23. Withdrawal symptoms kicking in are they BR 😦

    The negativity will probably get worse mate. I’m re-writing something I’ve previously posted on ACLF about factions in the fan base ready for Sunday.

    Don’t disappear for two long and you’re always welcome here to chill out and have a glass of orange juice ha ha

  24. Bon fecking jour to you too MIchael… 🙂 perhaps soon we’ll have to start calling you Michel ha ha

    I don’t do twitter either, though I do have a facebook page, but i keep that totally away from football. And all the friends I have on there I know personally, so it’s not many ha ha ha

    Must stop this ha ha ha stuff, fucking Cockie and Transplant started it ha ha

  25. Afternoon Lads

    I would just like you all to know that this morning I got the all clear about that lump on my cock.

    Dont get me wrong, my GP said it was probably just a case of excessive wanking, but recommended I had it checked out.

    To say I was shitting myself would be an understatement. Dont know about you lot, but I for one always think to myself “Lord, If I get a Lump, not on my fucking cock”. So what happens? I get a fucking big lump on my Dick.

    Upon detection, I kicked the T.V. table, so now also have a fractured toe, but I couldnt give two fucks compared to the cock

    Just thought I would share my good news.

  26. I’m back from the bar and really pleased that Transplant has been able to share 🙂

    Transplant, what was the name of the big lump on your dick, Reggie?

    You should have been happy, most women would have welcomed the extra size of your tiny chorizo 🙂

    I went on holiday once with a girlfriend to Tunisia. The second night I’d kicked of the covers due to the heat and I was naked. In the morning I discovered that my helmet had swollen to twice its normal size after being piqued by mosquitos. My girlfriend was over the moon and actually, scratching it with her became very pleasurable 🙂

  27. Good news is always welcome. I hope you gave it a good shake as a thank you.:)
    You could have been known as the Hunchcock, reaches parts that others can’t ha ha.

  28. Cheers boys, knew you would understand

    The only downside is that the Doc has recommended i cut down the wanks and advised a support group for wankers

    Ive read the litreture and apparently you sit around in a circle exploring different methods to avoid having a tug. Your also split into pairs, so when you fancy a wank are supposed to ring the other geezer for moral support.

    if that dont work, a whole horde of rain coated wankers come round your gaff armed with sticks and pictures of Steve Archibald and Garth Crooks to beat the shit out of you and decrease your libido.

    No women in the group though. Apparently they tried that once but when she got up to talk, the whole thing turned into a farce when all the wankers succumbed to there habit and stated a mass wankathon.hahaha

  29. Afternoon you bunch of wankers !.
    The internet must be the greatest invention of all time as far as Stretch is concerned !……free porn !, before the free porn, Stretch would spend hours glaring at the top shelf in Mr Shah`s corner shop and kids would point at him in the street and tell their mums…” That’s Top Shelf Terry ! “. This drove Stretch under ground and until internet free porn had to be content with a box set of Cagney and Lacey !. hahaha
    Looking at `69ers avatar, it looks like he has been circumcised from the neck upwards !. That’s what happens when use cheap blind doctors from Kazakhstan !. hahaha

  30. hahaha so true Cornwall

    I just watched an episode of the walking dead and wondered what you and me would be like as Zombies.

    I reckon you would still be driving your van on the motorway, but obviously been a Zombie, in the wrong direction. Your dick hanging out of the window in case theres any Totnumb fans. I would have eaten Shah and spent the next year standing below the top shelf reaching for mags that are out of reach, even though theres a foot stall one yard away.. hahaha

  31. You lot have cock on the brain 🙂

    It is frightening to think the 5 richest people in the UK have a combined wealth which is the equivalent to 12 million people also living in the UK

  32. Good morning from a wet and dull south of France

    Morning Kelsey

    Do you have your post ready for AA?

    Wealth should be shared more evenly… tax the 5 richest and give to the poor. Revolution I say, it’s the only way. Get the guillotines out of storage, brush the cobwebs off, sharpen the blades and decapitate the bastards. Then give me some of the spare cash and I can retire to a nice Greek island ha ha

  33. Hahaha Stretch ……….I love The Walking Dead and I`m still waiting to see VCC in it as a walker, but still using his Zimmer frame !……a sort of hybrid Zombie…..a Zimbie !. hahaha

    Yes !…..I cant wait to read Kelsey`s post !….being the Peter Storey of Crown Green Bowls, I expect him to pull no punches and slide tackle Shard from behind as he`s about to kiss the Jack with his bowl !. hahaha

  34. I’m gonna have to leave you children on your own to cause mischief, as it’s a grim and wet day here I’ve just had a message from a mate to go over and share a bottle of whisky and eat some decent food. He’s a chef so always a delight to eat there. Sorry guys, but later 🙂

  35. Not today as I am in the process of taking legal action against a dentist and the freeholder of my flat.

    By the way it really is a small world that a guy I knew in my late teens for a number of years and went to Highbury with was in Eddie’s house yesterday on some sort of business, my name came up and 43 years later we are reunited.

    “Yes !…..I cant wait to read Kelsey`s post !….being the Peter Storey of Crown Green Bowls, I expect him to pull no punches and slide tackle Shard from behind as he`s about to kiss the Jack with his bowl !. hahaha” Never a truer word spoken 🙂

  36. I have read from too many well respected journalists that there is unrest in the camp mainly from Mozart and Pod who feel at this moment of time feel they can offer as much or better than others who automatically get a game.If true then one can assume those two speak to the prime subjects and that gives an unhealthy atmosphere within the whole squad

  37. Evening Kelsey
    You could probably add Campbell to them. Rotation, I thought I new what that word meant.
    JJ was in sparkling form yesterday, he writes like no other.

  38. Oi Michael !……that Poigmothoin geezer on AA is you isn`t it !, but what the fuck is that name or meaning ?, it sounds like some sort of prescription for Transplant after he is diagnosed at the Bounds Green STD clinic !. hahaha
    Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, those ….”me ???” ….”and me ???” comments on AA were not me and Stretch, but an imposter !. Mine always have my avatar on comments, unless I comment as Glic ( Gooner lost in cornwall ) who has a Mutley ( Dick Dastardley`s mutt ) avatar !.
    Right, I`m off to the Cornwall Psychic Awards for my award as best newcomer, they think it is a secret, but I`m not psychic for nothing !, but let me just say hello and goodbye to `69er whilst I can, before he passes away next week from garlic suffocation after his goatee gets tangled up in a French bitches minge looking for his lost chorizo !.

  39. PS, Michael………………………………..who the fuck is this JJ geezer ?. What site ?………………………………and no being clever and saying ….” you`re psychic, you should know ! “……..which just shows you that I really am psychic as you were going to say that wasn`t you ! . hahaha

  40. “Yes, Mr Transplant…..I said apply the Poigmothoin lotion 3 times a day and it will clear up the weeping warts on your penis, but I meant at home, not in the Toys R Us checkout ! “. hahaha

  41. Good morning plonkers 🙂

    Michael, are you having problems sleeping?

    Thumping is an understatement, my friend has a superb old farmhouse just outside Avignon. After a superb lunch of a Lentil, vegetable and sausage stew, he invited a few more people over nd it turned into a bit of a party. I’ve just got home 🙂

  42. In a word yes, with the aid of a bottle of Chateau half decent and a smoke, I was playing poker till all hours and won, how I don’t recall.

  43. Morning drunken Lechers !.
    Poker !….whereabouts ?….what orifice ?…….was she mint or ming ?.
    I`m still waiting for Kelsey`s no holds barred post on AA !……….fuck the Dentist and Freeholder, get your priorities right !. 😀

  44. I feel like a latch key kid, there is never an adult on here. I suppose I’ll have to make my own dinner as well…hang on 🙂
    Adam and Eve… the first people not to read Apple’s terms and conditions.

  45. I know what you mean Michael

    After my old man passed on a couple of months ago ive had to fend for myself and openly admit to finding it very difficult

    The lack of pocket money has deprived me of mars bars and dirty magazines, but the worse things are all the practical headaches. I caused a fire when microwaving a ready made curry in the oven, spent two days arguing with EON as to why I should pay for gas just because I had freezing nuts, and tried pressing my trousers by doing a rain dance.

    I look like shit, worse than normal I mean. As explained my trousers have cheap shoe prints on them and my shirts are so crumpled I look like Adam Ant.

    Ive now taken to aimlessly walking up and down Bounds Green high road stopping strangers in the street to ask what this rent demand means? Does it mean this Mr Freehold geezer is some of kind nonse and wants me to become a Rent Boy?

    Anyway, things took a turn for the worse Michael. This morning I got another letter from Freehold that unless I Rent my arse he is going to send the boys round to beat me up and change the locks.

    I called the Old Bill but I think there in on it. Telling me that I had to sort out the rent, and asking whether some form of drugs might help? There obviously trying to turn me into a junkie with the aim of relaxing my arse.

    So not only do I look like shit, I also live in fear.

  46. I see that Ozils dad, Mustafa took his son to court about money owing to him and has settled out of court with some payment in the region of £500k !.
    I thought that was bad until Stretch told me that he had his old man exhumed and put up in court on the charge of non payment of pocket monies !. Poor Stretch now lives in torment now from his old man haunting him !…….not the fear of ghosts, but the torment of his dad rattling a coin jar saying….” I have your pocket money in the jar and it`s mine….wooooooooo ! “

  47. My sympathies Terry, the loss of your pocket money was a bitter pill thats for sure.
    For your trousers put them under your mattress, then go out with a clipboard and ask unsuspecting ladies ( you might have to travel a bit for this ) if they would like to take part in a new home economics study. Take them home and do some bouncing on the mattress. Two problems solved. 🙂

  48. ha ha here’s a quick computing lesson for poor Michael.

    Do this with the link above:

    1. Highlight the link with your curser and then double click
    2. A list appears, click copy or copy URL
    3. Go to the LEAVE A COMMENT
    4. Double click in the comment space and a list will appear
    5. Click ‘paste’ and it should appear

    If making a cooment next to the link, make sure there is a space between you comment and the link.

    OK……………… go

  49. Don’t worry Michael. when you finally arrive in the land of wine and honey, you’ll want to buy a new PC, withan azerty keyboard and all the letter ‘accents’ at your fingertips. Just don’t buy another Mac 🙂

  50. haha,NB

    Did you ever hear the story about Peter Sellars,Britt Ekland, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon.

    Yep, you are right, it really did happen 🙂

  51. I heard the stories about Princess Margaret and John Bindon. Apparently his showcase was hanging a full pint glass off the end of his erect knob and Margaret used to love it 🙂

  52. A mate of mine was a bowling copper, worked there and showed me. It had been confiscated from Britt Ekland.Imagine if the Internet was around then.

  53. For a few months ten years ago I was a the gardener for Lord and Lady Stockton, she was previously married to Peter Sellers . I think she was an actress, so acting the part of a “Lady” came natural, even though I was doing a fine job on their Manor, I think someone grassed that my Garden and Design skills were a product of Her Majesties pleasure !…..bitch sacked me before I could steal the family jewels !. hahaha

    Michael……I know chas on AA sometimes puts up a nice…”Rack of the Day” ( some sort with big knockers in a bikini ! ), maybe `69er and his non-mums test site could put up a….Crack of the Day !…..or was you talking about some other kind of crack ?. hahaha

  54. That’s definitely me on top as I`m not gay !.
    Weird that them skeletons don’t have a Boner….maybe they`re lesbo`s !.

  55. Guess what ?………………….31 mins after my comment, chas produces a “Rack of the Day !”. hahaha

  56. How many blogs on your circuit, Michael ?. Is this some kind of new Circuit Training you fit bastard !. hahaha

  57. Your right Cockie im so fit i have to go out when its dark so i dont get ravaged by sex hungry women. And its always the ugly ones that want me as a trophy hunk. You probably have the same problem, unlike others here who shall remain nameless unless a suitable wedge in a brown envelope is passed my way. 🙂

  58. Cockie you are right i am fit. I can only go out after dark else i get ravaged by sex hungry gronks who want me as a trophy hunk. You probably suffer this problem as well unlike others here who shall remain nameless but you know who the uglies are. 🙂

  59. For some reason i cant comment on my phone as michael. Odd. Never mind. You can delete this one when you eventually wake up.

  60. Morning NB and Kelsey
    It still says awaiting moderation, but Im on my mac now, sodding technology. Can you see my comments?

  61. During last night’s high winds an African family was killed by a falling tree.
    A spokesman for the Birmingham City council said “We didn’t even know they were living up there”.

  62. I was walking down the road when I saw an Afghan bloke standing on a fifth floor balcony, shaking a carpet.
    I shouted up to him, “What’s up Abdul, won’t it start?”

  63. A Muslim dies and finds himself before the Pearly Gates..
    He is very excited, as all his life he has longed to meet the Prophet Mohammed.
    Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, he meets a man with a beard.
    “Are you Mohammed?” he asks.
    “No, my son. I am Peter. Mohammed is higher up.” And he points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.
    Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than Peter, he climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs through the clouds coming to a room where he meets another bearded man.
    He asks again, “Are you Mohammed?”
    “No, I am Moses. Mohammed is higher still.”
    Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he continues to climb the ladder and, yet again, he discovers an even larger room where he meets another man with a beard.
    Full of hope, he asks again, “Are you Mohammed?”
    “No, I am Jesus… You will find Mohammed higher up.”
    Mohammed higher than Jesus!
    The poor man can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs, ever higher.
    Once again he reaches a larger room where he meets a man with a beard and repeats his question:
    “Are you Mohammed?” he gasps as he is, by now, totally out of breath from all his climbing.
    “No my son…..I am God. But you look exhausted. Would you like a coffee?”
    “Yes, please, my Lord.”
    God looks behind him, claps his hands and calls out:
    “Hey Mohammed, two coffees !!!!”

  64. ha ha ha ha. long time no seen. glad to be back. 🙂

    NorthBank, any chance of a bitter? 😛

    GN5 jokes. Oh, how I have missed these! bloody work! 🙂

    Michael. and Poig. Busted. ha ha ha. 🙂

  65. You know, I was trawling through past messages on the SoreArse board, and came across this gem. 🙂

    NorthBank wondering whether arnie was OK, because he was not to be found on this space and the other one. Kelsey confirming, yes arnie was well, just a bit busy. How did Kelsey know. Because Kelsey was away a few days before, and arnie got in touch to find out whether all was fine. 🙂

    and then I suddenly realised, what a fantastic space this blog-world is, or at least parts of it. in the modern world where most people are trying hard to discover their own personal space. and everyone are trying hard not to meddle in others’ space.

    some day one may really become very very lonely and miserable, and nobody may even find out! except that, if you are on the GunnerArse space and the AA space, and the like, still some people will wonder and ask! just such a lovely and reassuring thought. 🙂

  66. Hi Arnie
    Busted is right. The reason was simple another Michael posted on AA that wasn’t me, hence…..
    technology has made a fool of me not that thats difficult. 🙂
    A welcome return of GN5, i’ll have to brush up on my jokes.

  67. arnie

    That is so true ha ha

    The internet now gives everybody form of immortality. In 100 years, when we are all dead, the internet will be similar to old black and white photos. People will search twitter and facebook and blogs, like we do today with photos and film. And there we will be, arnie, kelsey, GN5, NB69…. for the future generations to see, Gawd knows what they’ll make of Cockie and Transplant ha ha 🙂

  68. NB I don’t know if the french have caught the tiger yet, it must be hungry by now. I would suggest they have spotters at zebra crossings.
    As for future generations, they will be telling their computers what to do without a keyboard, maybe then I will post a link. 🙂

  69. Ffs NB you nearer to Paris than I am, but if you come across it, wipe it off and apologise.
    Anyway I was trawling through some old stuff yesterday and spotted a long post by someone known to us. It attracted just 4 comments, a shame given the effort and thought put into it. Although I shouldn’t laugh, 1 comment did amuse me it was “uh”. So simply put NB you are doing something right.

  70. I cannot reveal anything more about it, it can stay in the archives. My moral compass is working. 🙂
    Unlike people that hang others out to dry ha ha

  71. Morals… what are they? 🙂

    Good morning numbskulls 🙂

    Welbz did well last night and so did Jacko and Gibbs. Lets hope they bring that form to the game against United.

    It’s Sunday, it’s GunnersoreArse, it’s the Sunday supplement, as usual will be posted at 9am gmt. Watch this space 🙂

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