Animals versus Angels: Match Report

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

What did we expect? It’s always the same at the home of the Orcs, intimidation, rotational fouling and rugby tackles. Ryan Shawcross had already set the scene when the Sun published his comments about “You are Gunner Get it”, so there we are then, we got it. Did the Stoke horror tactics influence the result? I don’t think so, not in the first half anyway, we were very poor, not just in defence but all over the field. In the second half we came back, but some poor referee decisions did influence the match. I’m not normally one to blame the refs, I generally take the stand that they even themselves out. But yesterday, some of the officials decisions were baffling. At this point I’ll just let some photos do the talking…………………


Charlie Adam grapples Sanchez to the ground

Former England striker Alan Shearer on MOTD: “If you go to Stoke you are going to have to roll your sleeves up, fight, scrap and battle. Arsenal did not do that. It was a shambles, embarrassing… whatever words you want to use. It was laughable. They’re are 3-0 down, it really was shambolic. Until Arsene improves Arsenal defensively they have no chance of winning the league. Having said that, I still think they will finish in the top four because that is what they do.

Peter Crouch did this on several occasions and went unpunished

Former Manchester United striker Andy Cole on Final Score: “To get 3-0 up at home against any team is good, but to do it against a top team like Arsenal? Stoke harassed them, they got stuck in. It should take more than that to knock a team off their stride at this level, but for some reason Arsenal cannot get over the problems they have at Stoke.”

Shearer and Cole are fucking idiots to think that how Stoke played was just ‘harassment’ or that a team has to, “fight, scrap and battle” against them and that is acceptable. I’m sure that if either Cole or Shearer were fouled and rugby tackled like that they would be the first complaining to the referee.

This next video really makes me fucking angry, is this an attempt to get the ball? Is it even what we class as football? No it isn’t, and how the officials didn’t punish Adam with a red card just beggars belief. If the FA don’t investigate the officials from yesterdays match then our beloved game is in a poor state.

In the end, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the game, but only the second half. It was thrilling and I really started to think that we could come back and win 4-3. But it wasn’t to be. Stoke broke up our play with there rotational fouling and time wasting, Chambers was unfairly punished with two very soft yellows and Crouch, Adam and Shawcross were not punished for a lot worse. Yesterday when the game finished I was on a high, excited by the ‘nearly’ comeback. We actually finished the last 4 or 5 minutes with just Mertesacker as our only defender on the pitch. However, today I am angry, angry at the officials, angry at the Stoke players for their bully tactics and angry at the FA for not doing more to stamp out the type of play we saw from Stoke yesterday.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo. I need the hair of the dog because I went out after the game and got totally rat arsed. Suffering a bit this morning so apologise for a short post and probably some spelling and grammatical  errors. Until the next time

à bientôt

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195 thoughts on “Animals versus Angels: Match Report

  1. Great stuff NB

    First time in this bar, and it stinks of booze and fags. Love it 🙂

    We all know Stoke are like that, and there’s no excuse for that kind of anti football, however, we were pathetic in the first half. Yip, makeshift defence, but Ramsey and Flamini offered nothing in the way of a defensive shield. It’s been six years since Gilberto left, and I’m getting sick of waiting for Arsene to address that particular issue.

  2. You’ve been approved Micky 🙂

    Thanks mate

    I think AW will have to do something in the January window. His hand is being forced now. If he doesn’t then it may well be classed as negligent.

  3. “Been approved”… disappointing. I must be getting soft 🙂
    What I don’t want to hear from Arsene is how hard it is to find the right players. No, it isn’t. The world is littered with DM’s better than ours and has been for each and every window of the last six years.

  4. eh, DMs, Micky? how very disappointing. I imagined you would be asking for paying top money and get some strikers, 😛

  5. Morning All
    One of the things that pisses me off, is the match reports in the papers….they seldom say anything about the refereeing. Can they be fined for bringing the game into “disrepute”?
    As for our results, I’ve been in a state of acceptance for a while and I can’t see anything changing any time soon.

  6. I was fuming when we had poor games against Anderlecht. Because I still believe we can get at least to the semis of the CL. 🙂

    However, we will not win the league this year, so who the feck cares? Nice banter and all that is enjoyable, otherwise sod it. I expect us to win 4th place trophy, and that is all. 😦

  7. Yeah on the CB’s, but he DM thing has dragged on for so long.
    I’m also fed up with the whole budget thing. Again, not hard. Maureen flogged an excellent player in Mata, in order to re-balance the side. We could and should, do the same.
    Think AW may do this with Ozil. We’ll see.

  8. I`m gone soft too !. This is what the current Arsenal has done to me !…..wake up in the morning limp, not even a semi !. Wenger is the new contraception for Gooners !.

  9. NB
    Sorry mate I don’t quite agree. Yes some of those fouls were diabolical but if that forth goal would have been for us and then disallowed,there would have been uproar.
    Even our penalty was slightly dubious
    Why didn’t Kos play, if he was on the bench.He’s either fit or not.

    Martinez shit himself the whole game but then he didn’t have a defence in front of him. AW experimenting again, though injuries dictated that, yet we can’t honestly say we have a full squad of a standard to be a top team, and whose fault is that.
    Mertesacker is absolutely hopeless without Kos by his side.

    Goals change games and Giroud’s header was a poor effort,it would have been easier to score. A top striker doesn’t miss those.

    I would actually say that the first half was the worst defensive display for years.

    I feel sorry for Chambers.He didn’t know what day it was,yet it was harsh he got a second yellow.
    Sanchez does not travel for the CL game.

    I think I will take up drinking.:)

  10. Wenger is the new …” Morning after pill ” !. Shame he didn`t take one after the FA Cup Final and finished with a flourish !.
    Before this current Arsenal side, my contraception was a light bulb !…..after 38 years of marriage I used to still wake up in the dark mornings with a boner and get all amorous imagining I was laying next to Kylie ( yes !, I should be so lucky !), then the wife would turn the bed side light on and I would scream…….” what have you done to Kylie ? “. hahaha

  11. Morning All,
    Fine post as normal, just going out but thought a look over, of your post first was the order of the day.

    I understand how you felt watching bullyboy tactics against us, but lets be honest, what did we expect from them, as it brings results every time we play there. Our lightweight team do not fare well against those kind of tactics, never have and with the players we have, never will. I understand your concerns over official’s decisions, but we never lost because of them, Granted Chambers was sent packing for a couple of soft yellows, but if you make those kind of tackles its easy to be punished.

    Arsenal were beaten in their minds before a ball was kicked, Racked with injuries and make shift replacements was a bad way to fight a known bully boy team, I felt before the game started that we would struggle, and although Adam’s wrestling and Crouch’s elbowing we all knew that the feeble Arsenal would slowly fade away, Yes the second half was better, but the game was out of our hands by this time, and had it not been that the bad referee went back on a decision, we could easily have been 4 down before making a fight back.

    Arsenal are at present a bare bones outfit, we will struggle in every game until our walking wounded are released from the sick bay. Arsenal have to man up, they at present are like school boys playing against the class bullies, they will be rolled over time and time again till they get some backbone. Talent can certainly overcome bullying but when your talent are nursing wounds you are always a very weak opponent..

    Even you Manned up and got your duties done, and your problems are self induced, if you can show the backbone so should they, nice one as always Northbank

  12. Oi Steve,
    What are you doing here, I think you are Author of the Day on AA. Raddy and I were trying to work out if you were serious saying we have the players to win the league and cl. He reckons it was tongue in cheek, I reckoned you were pissed 🙂

  13. Football is a physical game.Perhaps if Wenger had this squad in say La liga he would do better. The refs take a totally different stance.
    steve is right and we have all known for years you need powerful physical players,especially in defence, it gets tedious seeing the same problems week in and week out.

  14. It makes a change on here to talk football, normally it’s jokes and drinking and Cockie and Transplant with their filth 🙂

    I’m a believer in football being a tough game and it should be, but sorry, I don’t agree with the way the Stoke players did yeaterday. There are rough games, tough games, and physical games. Yesterday was rugby. Crouch and Adam were in a pub, not on a football field.

  15. NB
    Apologies for the football talk. So vulgar and unnecessary 🙂
    I do agree about the Stoke anti football, utterly loathsome. Why would anyone express their support for that crap by turning up to watch
    I must now go and fix up a new ceiling light. Oh joy.

  16. NB

    come on. A foul throw didn’t alter the result.
    What I did notice was that Bould and Wenger were speaking to each other a lot. Maybe they were thinking which one of us should resign first 🙂

    I am on my forth glass of horlicks already.

  17. They don’t eat mince pies in Iceland. I have been there and they eat seal filler, smoked whale and puffin sushi.

    NB. Like you I found the game exciting. Had the dire referee not sent Chambers off we would at least have got a draw.

  18. Kels

    I didn’t say a foul throw altered the result, but it highlighted some of the bizarre decisions by the officials. When taken all together, may have altered the result.

  19. Raddy`s smut fest in Iceland was watching a Blue Whale porn movie and being tossed off by a Seal`s flipper whilst the rest of the Seals clap giving him their seal of approval !. hahaha

  20. Great blog and comments. Sorry to come on after a miserable defeat. The saddest thing for me, as some may have already alluded to, is the lack of fight within the team. Where are the enforcers? Who went after charlie Adams after his grappling with sanchez? Why is peter crouch elbowing mertesacker and getting away with it? I noticed a similar reaction from BFG against Anderlecht at home. Mitrovic came on for them and came together with Per. Per bottled it. He should have been stamping his authority on the young striker but instead it looked like he crapped himself. He had the armband on. I remember the van nistlerooy incident at old trafford but players like keown, parlour and Lauren were giving him what for. I fully like the game to be played in a friendly, gentlemanly way but when needs be you’ve got to mix it up and dish it out. It is better to stay disciplined but as stated, there are times when you fight fire with fire, and then once doused, the skill prevails. Sadly I feel we lack any balls out there on the pitch.

  21. nice comment, Bungo Gee. 🙂

    I have not come on too much today because I did not feel like discussing the game. The better team won, notwithstanding the ugly anti-football on show, and I am glad for that. Hopefully lessons will be learnt and we ill go on to have a decent season from now on.

    Remember Villa in the first game last season and then the heavy defeats away. We can put this to bed and move on. COYG. 🙂

  22. We need to teach some of our players some responses to these animals, When up close in a clinch or just after a foul by the opponent:

    “You do that to me again you fucking cunt and I’ll break your fucking leg”

  23. I’m still amazed the fight in Sanchez hasn’t rubbed off more on others. It must be so embarrassing for people like Giroud to sit in the same dressing room and not feel like the complete panzie that he is. I supported him to the hilt in his early days, but enough is enough.

    Hey NB,
    That vid you put up yesterday morning with “now that’s what you call a wave” is indeed the daddy of them all. It’s at a place called Nazare in northern portugual and is where the big wave world records are set. Currently around 100ft!!

  24. “A bit scary”….really? 🙂
    The record is being fought over by two surfers. McNamara from Hawaii, and amazingly a Brit called Cotton from here in Devon. Last surf related stuff on this site I promise
    Here’s the wave in Portugal. If you don’t get out of the side, it’s all over red rover, as it breaks on the rocks. Hence the “bit” scary I guess 🙂

  25. Micky

    I don’t mind the surfing videos, believe it or not, I have done some kayak surfing… I know you blue blood board surfers don’t like the kayakers, I’ve experienced that in Devon: But kayaking surf is scarier because you are trapped in the kayak, I loved it:

  26. Morning Smeg Garglers .
    Looking at some of then Surfers, we need their DNA injected into the Jacobs of our players !. Spacehopper Bollox DNA !.

  27. Wow, amazing. A lot of watersport people are snobbish about their own, and surfers are probably the worst of the lot. Bloody canoeists do get in the way sometimes 🙂
    Actually, I recently met a descent one out in the water and we raced each other along a wave.
    Would love to do a wild raft/canoe trip in the wilds of Canada one day. Camping river bank with just a rifle and some fishing gear. Damn life is short.

  28. As much as I think Wenger should not be given another contract after his current one expires, this vid gets me angry enough to want him to stay for life just to piss off these ……insert vile filth of your choosing here !.
    It`s enough to make Transplant rip his rug off and set fire to it whilst in the act of muff diving !.

  29. Put me right here, Micky !. I can see the thrill of Surfing , but surely Snowboarding would be better !. They stay on the board longer don’t they ?. Which would you prefer ( I`m assuming anyone good at Surfing would naturally be a good snowboarder and vice versa ! ) if you had either one on your door step ?.
    The thing I would love to have here is …..loads of snow !….as my fields are slopping and I would have my own Piste !…….yes !, I know `69er !…you`ve got your own pissed no matter what the weather !. hahaha

  30. Ten years living here and have had snow on just 3 occasions !….2 lasted about 2 days and one ( the good one ) lasted about a week !. I built an igloo using 4 litre Ice Cream containers too make snow bricks !.

  31. Cockie
    Mmm, don’t know. I like the sea, although not sure why as I’m shit scared of it. I’ve done skiing, but not snowboarding, and yes I loved it, but I never got the same buzz. Not even close.

  32. By the way, I’m totally with you both on those fans. They are the same spoilt brat little shits that I hate so much as the emirates.
    Whatever I think of Arsene and football, he’s clearly a very good man, and that cowardly abuse is disgusting.

  33. Micky

    I think the buzz comes from being scared. It was the same for me and canoeing white water. I have a fear of drowning so the risk gave the buzz. The last time I went white water kayaking was 10 years ago, with a friend of my ex’s brother, end of the winter in the Ardeche. But I wasn’t as fit as I had been, but still enjoyed it, like riding a bike, I could still do a roll despite having not canoed for 15 years.

  34. I love the sea, but like you two, I`m scared of it and wont chance any sea sport for fear of drowning, but I am a strong swimmer due to having a swimming pool built when I was in London many moons ago !.
    `69ers the sort of geezer who would deliberately get him self lost in a blizzard just so the St Bernard dog would bring him some alcohol !, then order “Bernie” back to get some more free booze !. hahaha

  35. I too once dated a Spud fan…..actually, I more than just dated her !….after I jizzed in her mouth, I then tattooed above her lip…..” Arsenal Cock Sucker ! ” and then dated her !, which happened to be…May the 4th, being a Jedi Gooner, I then added …” be with you ! “…….” May the 4th be with you ! “. For some reason the Bitch has now grown a Moustache !. hahaha

  36. Fcuk all that dangerous sport stuff !. If you want an adrenaline rush, start shagging married women !.
    I was once shagging a married woman and found out how good I was at multi-tasking !
    I was doing a DiY job and ended up “entertaining” the lady in her bedroom . Whilst doing so my mobile phone rang !.
    It was a text message from Transplant !, he text me…..” Who said only women can multi-task ?, I`m texting you whilst driving and tuning the car radio at the same time ! “.
    I text replied to Transplant…..” That’s nothing, I`m shafting this lady whilst texting you, with one eye on the porno vid and another on the window looking outside in case someone comes home too early and I`m also eating a kebab whilst painting her ceiling ! “.
    Transplant then texts me to say….” You`re a fcuking Legend ! “.
    I text him back with a cool …” I know ! ” 😎
    He then texts me back with…..” What the fcuk is you`re car doing in my driveway ? “. hahaha

  37. Cheers 69

    Ime really down mate. Constantly losing to a mob who enjoy Ferret blow jobs has done me in

    Ime so worn out I dont care any more. The other day I was coming home from work and spotted a dusty white van parked outside my gaff. I knew the geezer was a wrong un, coz he was listening to radio 4.

    I rang my neighbour Tranny Pete to go in and check in on the house and he said he would lie in my bed whilst waiting. It wernt a tea leaf after all, just one of Tranny Petes boyfriends. Apparently the geezer is a very good multi dimensional tasking shafter. hahaha

  38. I am shit scared of water (not being able to swim very far doesn’t help the situation) but I have been on more canoe trips than most people I know. One particular trip lasted for 38 days and I could write a book about the events that my brother in law and I experienced, we encountered brown bear, moose, snakes, white water etc. We lived almost entirely on the fish we caught and the natural fruit in the trees and bushes. We utilized the lakes for both bathing and drinking water.

    I’ve not blogged for a few days as I get really annoyed at a small segment of our “fan” base, although I must say that it’s been quite respectful here on GunnersoreArse.

    I cannot even bring myself to comment on today’s post on AA, other than it disgusts me.

  39. The men who surf at St Nazaire are suicidal loonies. Just like the mad skiers/borders at Chamonix.

    I have canoed the Ardeche – took 3 days after which I hung up my oars. Loved being out in nature, hated the kayak.

    These days scary sports are asking Mrs Raddy if she is willing

  40. Fuck the football !….I`m more interested in GN5`s adventure in the wilds of Canada !. Two men alone for 38 days !…..if it didn`t get a bit broke backish then tell me……who`s the best shag ?….a bear or a moose ?. hahaha

  41. Micky. Never mind the loony surfers, your vid brings back many happy memories. been to that spot many many times. reminds me, I promised to post a photo, never managed to. will try and find it! 🙂

  42. fcuk the football indeed. 🙂 I have managed to stay away for two days. 😦 but tomorrow there is CL. looking forward to more! 🙂 COYG.

  43. I think I would prefer the Moose !….I mean, you wouldn`t want to wake up next to a pissed off Bear in the morning, they can get a bit grizzly, it would be just like waking up next to the missus on her periods, although a Bear is more cute and cuddly !. hahaha

  44. I can see `69er preferring a quick blowjob from a Crocodile !….insisting…” make it snappy, I`ve got some serious drinking to do ! “

  45. I tell you what I would like !……a new show to rival…” I`m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ! “.
    A show called something like….” I`m a Fucking Scummy Moron, Kill Me ! “……in it, cunts like the so called Arsenal supporters who yelled abuse at Arsene Wenger, would be dropped off in the jungle naked and be hunted by Lions, Tigers and Croc`s etc` who will be armed with Kalashnikov`s and managed by Wenger !. It would make an interesting January Transfer Window to see who Arsene brings in !. I would go for a Beast of a Bear…..probably the one which is really pissed off because GN5 never kept in touch !. hahaha
    I think I would become an AKB !.

  46. Hahaha Michael……….I don’t know what that makes me as I`ve two fucking horses outside !.

  47. If only I could get my hands on those Arsene baiters Cornwall

    Luring them round on the false premise that ime an expert on PPI, and hoping that my portrait of Frankie Howard does not rouse there suspicions, we would discuss there bank charges. I would then inform them that this is to complex for me. However, my friend Kenny Everet, who happens to live in my shed is the man for the job

    By this stage they would obviously begin to question my motives, especially since I have changed into leather hotpants. There greed for money though is to strong and they begrudgingly follow me towards the shed

    I apologise to them for the light switch not working and shout “Kenny, Kenny, i have some gentlemen here who have been victims of bank arse banditry and would now like you to show them how it should be done”

    Its at this point Kenny appears with his twelve man troupe ‘Bent Gossip’ and as the disco lights blaze and Hot Chocalates ‘I believe in miracles’ drowns all cries of “Fuck this John, lets get fucking out of here”, they pay the ultimate Protection Policy, with no insurance on there arse what so ever.

  48. Gents, believe me seeing a brown bear wandering around your campsite in the middle of the night is an extremely scary experience. We were alone and a long way from the nearest community – there were no roads just rivers and lakes. Our only protection was a flashlight and a rifle, if you miss the first shot you may not get another chance..

    A moose can stand 7′ tall and weigh up to 1500 lbs and we encountered them on several occasions grazing in the shallows of the rivers ahead of us so we simply stopped and waited for them leave.

  49. Hahaha Stretch !.

    I can believe that, GN5 !……A sex crazed grizzly bear with a raging boner !…..this is where in my case I`d say fuck loyalty !….I would have shone the flashlight on the Brother-in-Law and legged it with the rifle whilst the Grizzly shagged him !. This is the case where only the weak survive !….I`m weak on morals !.
    A Moose weighing 1500 lbs !………I wonder what percentage wise his cock weighs out of that ?….where`s that fucking accountant Stretch when you need him ?.

  50. What I also don’t understand is how an Arsenal player didn’t put Adam into the dirt for choking Alexis. There have been protests in the US over that sort of chokehold killing a man in New York!

  51. Bonjour mes petits Lapins 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t around for most of yesterday to baby sit, I got called away, but some of the banter has been excellent. I’m amazed how many people are afraid of water 🙂
    GN5’s Deliverence trip down a river sounds amazing…. must have been a bit of brokeback with his chum I reckon ha ha ha

  52. Morning all (7:35 am here).

    NB my brother in law and I went on over 100 fishing/canoe trips, all over the province of Ontario, we have over 250,000 lakes in Ontario the vast majority of which are only accessible by water or air.

    Unfortunately those days are long gone but the memories remain vivid. My brother in law has been on dialysis for the past 8 years and is now, sadly, in the final stages of his life. If somebody had suggested to him that our trips were akin to “brokeback” he would most likely have broken their back………..

  53. GN5
    Sorry to hear about you brother-in-law……………. but it sounds as if you had some wonderful times together. If he’s able to break someones back does that mean he’s a bit of a Backwoodsman? 🙂

  54. No NB just a tough son of a bitch, you would enjoy his company he’s a great story teller. He lives in the sea port town of Rockport Mass, about 80 miles due north of Boston. It’s around a 1000 kilometers from my house and we can drive there in between 10 an 11 hours. He was an avid scuba diver and would dive for lobster, believe me there is nothing quite as good as east coast lobster fresh from the ocean or fresh clams……..

  55. Here’s a clam recipe that we enjoy.

    1, Place the clam on a half shell
    2. Cut a strip of bacon in half.
    3. Place bacon in a X over the clam
    4. Add a few drops of Worcester sauce.
    5. Put under a grill until the bacon is crispy

    A large glass of Chardonnay is a great compliment.

  56. GN5

    Of course, insinuations of homosexuality are complete nonsense, and I would not entertain such thoughts.

    However, forced upon depravity is not uncommon when dealing with uneducated woodsmen, or those more colloquially known as, Inbreed fuckers who enjoy a bit of banditry.

    My question is then my friend, did you or said brother in law at any time encounter a man called Virgil, who was armed with a rifle, looked like he bathed in a swamp, and have the eyes of a depraved poof?

    And did Burt Reynolds kill him?

  57. Love …..Rack of the Day and about time that they were unveiled !.

    So it gives me great pleasure to put up a new something of the day……..Crack of the Day !.

  58. Oh, I see !……not the kind of crack you were hoping to see !.
    Alright, here`s a real Crack of the Day !.

  59. Dont know about that 69. Johns got a reputation as a hard man. According to Ashley Cole, JT can get very hard indeed

    Thats why the fucker never gets injured. He breaks a leg, but then one look at Coles arse gets him so hard, that the blood flow cures the break.

  60. Good Morning you old tarts 🙂

    Feeling good today eh? Brilliant game last night, ok against a very poor side but lets not take anything away from the performance and the goals 🙂

  61. Hahaha…..No Stretch !……that was me !….I was in your bathroom closet watching that goal on my mobile…….I erupted like Vesuvius !.

  62. Oi boss,
    Before you go besmirching my (good?) name elsewhere, you have to realise that I only pasted a link to somebody else’s tweet. 🙂

  63. You may say that Chas…. but nobody is gonna believes ya mate….. Peaches has sent me an e mail to ask if I could keep you on GunnersoreArse and away from AA 🙂

  64. How disturbing it would be if chas`s 5:12pm turned out to be a photo of `69er posing with his head out of the photo !………………………..still, it wouldn`t stop Stretch !. hahaha

  65. hahaha, we would have to chance it lads

    if it did turn out to be 69 though, we would have to spend the rest of our lives walking twice the speed, develop bulging eyes, and never making eye contact with a women again. hahaha

  66. Oi you load of chancers…. even if it was my arse, do you think I’d be bending over for you lot 🙂

    It is a nice arse though…. you don’t get to see too many of them in the flesh during a lifetime ha ha ha

  67. heh Chas, whats with the Edward Hopper painting….. just because I’m gonna be Father Christmas at a local school next week, is that meant to be me outside the bar? 🙂
    I’ve promised my teacher friend who has arranged it that I will be sober ha ha

  68. I did see the painting and think of you for some reason but I’d forgotten you were going to be santa. 🙂

  69. You may be bored, chas, but I bet Stretch is knocking one out at the last two of Arsene`s arse !. hahaha

  70. Arsenal have managed the impossible, they have managed a seemingly impossible feat – they have silenced many of the blogs simply by winning a game. It would appear that the blogs are mainly fueled by negativity and our emphatic win against Galatasaray has left them almost speechless, all they could come up with were a few lame comments like “Galatasaray were poor opposition” or “If we had areal striker we could have scored six and won the group”

    I’ve been blogging (or early versions of blogging) since the mid 90’s and I continue to blog because I enjoy the company of fellow supporters – but I get really disappointed at the level of abuse thrown at our manager and team by the “expert” bloggers and pundits.

    It seems that the only way to attract a large amount of comments is by posting negative articles with even more negative headlines.

    I’m thankful that GunnersoreArse does not either encourage or attract the dour, negative, “I told you so” type of blogger.

    Instead we have Crooks, Professors, Transsexual’s, Bent accoutants, Flaky artists, Monsters, Rack of the Day presenters and Clairvoyants – a real genuine bunch of chancer’s…………..

  71. arnie, I find it to be nothing more than lazy blogging – a negative headline followed by a negative article is self fulfilling and attracts negative comments, which the writer than believes substantiates his point of view.. Their comments are based on actual events and they have the benefit of knowing the outcome – yet they still seem to believe that because they can (obviously) see the flaws that they know better. Given their benefit of hindsight they then have the audacity to debase our manager and team as if they should have known what the outcome would be.

    There was a time when I would counter their negativity but I (long ago) discovered that was an exercise in futility as they cannot be reasoned with – as they know best? (after the fact)

  72. GN5. sad indeed. 😦

    On on to the CL draw, what if we draw Porto or Monaco, Dortmund get Barca (as reward for an undeserved top spot), and Chelsea draw PSG! 😛

  73. Whey hey…

    People over the age of 65 who are knocking tentatively on death’s door, perhaps with a cane or withered hand, are expected to have drugs legalised for their use because “they’re going to be dead soon anyway”, claimed a government minister.

    “The whole point of legalising drugs for this age group is due to the fact that they’ve served their time in the work force and should be able to enjoy their retirement,” explained a government spokesperson. “If some of them spike a bit too much brown and happen to die as a result then obviously we’ll be sad but at least they won’t be on the state’s pension bill.”

    It is expected that the drugs, particularly the psychedelics, will assist some of those with terminal illnesses in dealing with the oncoming specter of death – which for most of them, especially the men, isn’t far off.

    “Hopefully it’s not far off for the lot of them, they’re basically useless now because their bodies are gone to shite and they’re afraid of computers so there’s no work for them,” he added before stressing that the move is not some kind of novel solution to cut the pension bill but that if that did happen “would it be so bad?”

    The government said that no guidelines on dosages and safe use of drugs would be given to the pensioners as they “don’t need to be mollycoddled and are old enough to know what they’re doing”.

    “Just because someone has contributed all they can to the tax base over 40 years of back breaking labour doesn’t mean that they can’t figure out how many pills is too many,” explained the government. “But hopefully, they can’t.”

    “We can’t legalise drugs for young people, that’d be silly, then who’d work the mindless jobs we need to keep the economy going?” explained the source. “When young people do drugs and questions things or die horribly in a puddle then it’s genuinely sad because you’d probably have gotten another 30 years of income tax out of them but with the old ones the well is dry, they’re useless husks to be thrown away.”

    “If they die from drug use at least they were having fun while they were doing it and the country didn’t lose the years of productive labour they would have if a young person died, isn’t that better than old age, isn’t that more dignified?”

  74. Just read back. Apparently I am a “chanced”!

    NB, Cockle, Terry and Micky. Definitely
    Chas, Michael, Arnie and Kelsey. Probably

    But me? Honest as the day is long ….

  75. ha ha Raddy, when I was younger we knew a geezer who we used to call honest John, biggest porkie pie teller in Holloway. He used to say, “I’m as honest as the day is long…” too. Your a chancer, admit it! 🙂

  76. Afternoon Chancers
    Well they must be thinking of me NB, and they certainly are. Yesterday I got a package from the UK on how to get my pension. I thought my ex sent off for it, but no she didn’t.
    Question of the day how the fuck did they know where I live?

  77. I can see us getting spanked tomorrow with even more injuries we have….Ramsey out again !. They will pick us off on the counter, bad feeling about it !. 😦

  78. In fact………..I will be hiding behind my sofa and wont come out until I`ve scored more than Newcastle with my bitches !.

  79. I need a big Sofa to cover up what will be a raging boner with hearing all the abuse Arsene is going to get if we don’t win “a must win game !”. hahaha

  80. Arsenal subs: Martinez, Ajayi, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Podolski, Sanogo

    Arsenal team to play Newcastle: Szczesny, Bellerin, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Flamini, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Welbeck, Giroud

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