There’s only one Arsene Wenger……

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

What a topsy-turvy week it has been for Arsène. Last weekend, booed by a group of dickheads when he was boarding the train at Stoke, then yesterday, the supporters getting behind him and singing his name. The fickle nature of the football fan, eh! But what I think happened at the Newcastle game was a response to the numpties, they must have hated to hear that song being sung. Here’s Monsieur Wenger talking to the BBC post match:

“Our job is to win football games and when we don’t do it I understand when they’re not happy,” said Wenger.

“We lost, unfortunately, at Stoke and we feel guilty for that,” Wenger added. “But 99.9% it is people with full respect even when they’re not happy.

“I can take the 0.1%. Yes, of course, I’m thankful for the fans singing my name at the end of the match. It’s very nice to get support from the crowd.

“But the most important for me is to win football games and the best way to make our fans happy is to do that.”

Wenger clearly stating there that he thinks the boo boys are just 0.1% of the fan base. Which is probably close, but even with such a minority of shitbags, they are having a divisive effect. But the chanting of Wengers name sent a clear message and I was pleased to hear the verbal support for the manager.

It was a very satisfying win yesterday, Giroud and Santi back to goalscoring ways, the Ox having a great game in central midfield. Welbeck getting close on a couple of occasions and a disallowed goal which seemed legitimate to me and some of his movement off the ball was excellent. A makeshift defence which showed Debuchy as a very competent centre-back. Wenger has stated this week that if the whole team were fit, then there is no need to delve into the January transfer window. However, he balanced that by saying the Koscielny situation may mean he has to get someone in to cover. We can only wait to see what happens.

Two results this week which have gone some way to counter the negativity which arose after the Stoke game. Two games which have also shown how the team are starting to combine together and become the force which has been promised but as yet, not been achieved. Injuries have been our achilles heel but somehow, the manager has been able to juggle things around to keep us ticking over. I foresee a big shift over the next few games, moving up a gear and proving the detractors wrong. Liverpool away next week will be tough but a win at Anfield is not impossible if the boys can avoid the inconsistency shown against Stoke. Then QPR at home and a trip to Upton Park over the Christmas period, all are winnable.

So there we have it, my positive take on the current situation and recent results. All we can do is support the team and manager. And as Wenger states, he will make every effort to win games to keep us happy. What more should we expect?

Right, time for a glass of wine and some cheese, chorizo and baguette. Hope you enjoyed your visit…. till the next time.

à bientôt

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245 thoughts on “There’s only one Arsene Wenger……

  1. I`d like to say yes, arnie, but it wouldn`t pass Peaches mums test !…………however, if Peaches mum wants to vote yes over here, she is quite welcome and if she has some of her own photos she`d like to show….even better !. hahaha
    I have a feeling there is a yes vote awaiting in moderation, so we will need one more !.

  2. Terrible thing that Manflu, Michael !. I`m convinced that one day it will wipe out the worlds male population and humankind will be extinct !.
    I had it once and phoned 999 and had an Ambulance with Police escort take me straight to intensive care !. It was even breaking news on the BBC !.

  3. The votes on Cockies bald Goonerette are still being counted:

    Cockie votes: Yeah………… well he fucking would

    Michael votes: Yeah

    Arnie votes: yeah

    There seems to be some dodgy voting going on, someone has registered twice for a vote, seem that Poig is an imposter. Investigations are currently looking into vote rigging:

    So the count so far:
    Raddy: yeah
    VCC: Yeah
    Kelsey: yeah
    Transplant: yeah
    Cockie: yeah
    Michael: yeah
    Arnie: yeah
    Poig: spoilt vote;

    That makes seven yea’s. Not sufficient to win the referendum out right.

  4. It`s a Yes vote from me !………….in case I`m still in moderation !……………….with the nutters on this site, it`s more like…..”Manflu over the cuckoos nest !”.

  5. I am Cockies mirror reflection !…….what a handsome bastard !…….no wonder he plays kiss chase with himself when he`s at home alone !…….he chases himself all around the house only to corner himself in the bedroom and rodger himself !. I`m just an innocent bystander !.

  6. I demand …….Stans Shaven Haven Face !.

    Stans Shaven Haven Face is innocent !…………………..Free SSHF !.

  7. North Star,
    I was going to register a late vote, but Michael and ‘Kiss My Ass’ Poig seem to be different sides of the same coin – so it is clearly a fix and I feel disenfranchised.


  8. Hahaha With all the loonies down here, Raddy, it`s easy for me to blend in and not look out of place !.

    Ok then, by a popular democratic vote…a Goonerette showing her Syrupless Stan !.
    Actually, that is some big labia and any park the bus teams could have their busses confiscated inside there !. hahaha

  9. Michael.
    I think it`s quite artistic with my favourite iconic styled Arsenal shirt. Plus I think Stan should lose the syrup permanently as he looks quite happy in the pose !.
    Do we have to have a vote everyday ?….as I have more of Shaven Haven Face Stan !.
    I could understand some objection if these classy ladies were not wearing any Arsenal attire as it is an Arsenal blog !.
    You wouldn`t believe some of the stuff which come up on Google !……one picture had two men wearing just Arsenal shirts and they were pissing in some naked blokes face !…..I assume he was a Spud !…….it may take a few more votes for that one !……..I reckon Stretch would get aroused by it as he hates Totnumb just as much as me !. hahaha
    I will be driving around Cornwall tomorrow and then have my works Xmas do !….so may be a little late for the voting !. hahaha
    Good night connoisseurs of Arsenal related smut . 😆

  10. Watching the children in their little replica kits walk out on to the pitch with the players before the match is always a touching moment,. The kids (almost) always look really excited, the players always look a little awkward, and the whole deal is a nice little example of how football brings us all together.

    Then the parents get the bill.

    According to the Guardian, some clubs are charging staggering amounts of money to parents in order to allow their children to take part in that pre-match tradition in the sport. Of the 20 teams in the English Premier League, the Guardian reports that 11 of them charge fees of up to £600 for those 30 awkward seconds.

    Most of the clubs that charge for children to hold a player’s hand, including Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle, Leicester City, West Bromwich Albion, and Stoke, vary between £200-400 depending on the opponent in the match. QPR and Swansea City both charge a flat £450. The worst offender of them all is West Ham, who despite supposedly being “the club of the working class,” charges a jaw-dropping £350-600 for child mascot privileges.

    Many supporter groups are justifiably outraged, claiming clubs are taking advantage of parents wanting to do something nice for their children in order to make more profits, which seems ridiculous in an era where every EPL team gets over £50 million a year in TV revenues and sponsorship money is through the roof. The pricing also effectively excludes lower- and even most middle-class families from having their kids participate, which seems patently unfair given the sport’s humble origins.

    There are a few clubs that don’t charge at all, though. Nine clubs, including Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, and Manchester City, don’t charge a penny for local kids to take part in the opening ceremonies of their matches. Some of those clubs, like Liverpool, pull their mascots at random from members of their youth fan groups that require a paid membership, but the cost of those memberships are generally around £20 and come with a variety of other benefits for children and families alike. That cost is negligible compared to the “wonderful value” that Swansea claims their £450 charge to be a youth mascot is.

    It’s already getting more difficult for parents to give their children the experience of enjoying their favorite teams, with youth kit and ticket prices soaring in recent years. To charge so much for something like this is simply ridiculous.
    Nice eh?

  11. Good morning scumbags and porno pervs 🙂

    Nice photo ultimately Cockie…. at least Arsenal related 🙂

    I dread to think what elst you have up your trousers ha ha

  12. On a visit to the United States, Charles de Gaulle was honoured at a banquet in the White House. Seated beside his wife was an official who spoke no French, but who tried to engage her in conversation by asking
    “Madame de Gaulle, what do you think the most important thing in life is?”
    “A penis”, she replied.
    Overhearing, her husband said gently “I believe, my dear, that in English it is pronounced ‘appiness.”

  13. So while I’ve been off playing Santa for kids and trying to chat up the lovely teachers no body has misbehaved. Well done children 🙂

    Now I’m off out on the piss

  14. I don’t know why NB says he is going on the piss, when he is just topping up!!

    Keep them coming Cockie, can’t have too many boobs and bums (female) 🙂

  15. Good morning Pervs 🙂

    Chas, as Backdoor is a surfing term, does that mean Micky would like to use his long board on that 🙂

    and continuing yesterdays theme from AA, is she well oiled up ha ha ha

  16. Am I the only one who looks at that “perfect backdoor” and thinks it looks a bit like the end ball joint of a bone !. hahaha

    Time for an Arsenal lady !.

  17. A couple of interesting things about Methane gas ( the gas which emits from your arse !….or a gay man blowing a kiss !……or a gay man perfume ! . ) on the news !…….1) Scientists say that…… Squirrels, Rats and wait for it …..Beavers emit more Methane Gas than humans !……that’s it, we need to plug woman`s fannies up !. 2) Scientists say there is life on Mars, because they have found large pockets of Methane on that Planet !………and there was me thinking that it was more likely to be found emitting from Uranus !.

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