January sales and keeping our hands on the FA Cup.

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

Transfer porn month.

Well, back to normal after the festivities, which for me means carry on as normal. I’ve never been one for waiting till a particular moment in a year to celebrate as if there is no tomorrow. Why wait until a birthday or New Years Eve to get bolloxed and out of your fucking head when you have 365 days in the year to do the same. Plain stupidity is how I see it, and is influenced by big business and corporations who think only of profit. A retail shop or supermarket can earn 50% of its annual turn-over during the short Christmas and New Year period. Fucking madness but the world joins in regardless.

Which leads us nicely into the transfer window, one month for managers to rush around like headless chickens, trying to find the new expensive toy which will keep the children (fans) happy. Arsène Wenger is in his normal January position, injuries and a suspension forcing him into the market place where he could be at risk of buying a dummy like Kaelstrom. From the statistics I’ve just looked at we have Welbeck, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere, Arteta, Bellerin, Gnabry and of course the glass man, Diaby all on the treatment table, having their egos massaged along with their thighs, calves and other muscles or tendons. Add to that list Giroud who is suspended and Podolski, who is injured but also abroad talking with another club, then we can imagine our French manager is already in the queue outside either Harrods or the Poundshop, depending on your viewpoint.

What is on the shelf in the shop then, something tasty and long-lasting or a short-term sweetener to keep the taste buds initially happy but ultimately, leaving you wanting more.

In the press and on the blogs there are the usual suspects being chucked around like the proverbial confetti, Edinson Cavani, William Carvalho and………. Winston Reid…. the list goes on. Will we get a player on short-term loan, or go for the longer stability of the team? Where are the most urgent needs in the team? And do we really need any new players? Wenger has to weigh all these things up before he commits to splashing the cash, which from some sources apparently, we have plenty to splash.

Add into the mix the other big clubs who will be in the queue as well, with their chequebooks open and negotiators on hand ready to beat us to the deal, then the whole process is a nightmare which will last a month, not just for our manager but for us as well, the fans. Oh what joy, all the usual blog shit and guesswork will rear its ugly head in a four week orgy of transfer porn and speculation. Enjoy.

Can we keep our grubby hands on the FA Cup?

Today it starts all over again for the Gunners, FA Cup 3rd round tie against the team we beat in last seasons final. Wenger said this week:

“We want another cup run and we want to, if possible, keep the trophy. We have won it five times in my period in charge, so that means we know the importance that it has,”

He also went on to say:

“What is for sure is that we have room for improvement and we have to manage to do that quickly.”

As we  found out at Wembley in May, Hull City are no push over. They will come to the Emirates with a plan and with the intention of leaving with a result. I’m not as confident as some, the Tigers beat Everton last week quite convincingly, whereby at Southampton we showed our defensive frailties once again. However, goalkeepers will probably be changed for the game against Hull, with Ospina coming in for Chezzers and hopefully, Theo will be ready for a full 90 minutes. But as with the defensive weaknesses last week, our forwards and midfield need to improve from that performance as well. Our shortcomings, excuse the pun, in attack was clearly evident against Southampton and how did we play, high balls into the opponents penalty area, where we had two 5’6″ players up against defenders all over 6′, it was painful to watch. Our passing fell to pieces and for a team that prides itself on its passing game, that is unforgivable. So as Mr Wenger says, “What is for sure is that we have room for improvement and we have to do that quickly.”

Understatement of the year after last weeks match and if those improvements aren’t made this week then I can see our grip on the FA Cup being grappled from our hands rather quickly. Enjoy the match where ever you may be watching, lets hope for a win but prepare for a defeat.

Right, time to continue with my New Year celebrations, still 362 days left, so a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo. Hope you enjoyed your visit…… until the next time.

à bientôt

The GunnersoreArse Sunday supplement, a haven of calm and tranquility and pictures of tits and arse, for those who like it that way. 


67 thoughts on “January sales and keeping our hands on the FA Cup.

  1. Studies about sexuality have shown that 9 out of ten men prefer women with curves, the 10th man prefers the other 9 men. So out of the regular 10 men who comment on the sore Arse blog, one of you is gay………. so own up you fucking poof! 🙂

  2. Morning `69er !……………………..may I just say how fucking attractive you look this morning !. hahaha

  3. By the way, although I may have had a couple of slight issues over on Bergkampesque, it is without doubt the home of the best pre-match writer anywhere on the Gooner planet…..Oz Gunner !….well worth a read !.

  4. Lovely stuff, NorthBank. It is nice to see you finally found some time to compose a proper post. 😛

    Yes, Jan Transfer Window is nothing but extended Boxing Day sales, where price inflated rubbish is peddled at the hapless customers desperate for some goodies in the New Year. You open the boxes at Christmas and found that Santa had forgotten the i-phone that your grandson wishes for. So you go into Boxing Day sales and buy some rubbish leftover that no one else wants at inflated prices.

    Complete Bollox. We do not need to go into the silly sales. I hope we peddled Poldi for a good price though. Nevertheless it generates excitement and some fan bollix discussion.

    Over to Poundland, I say! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. On the FA Cup, it is a disgrace that the best two teams from last year should meet in the 3rd round. Put our best foot forward, and may the best team win.

    Dont mind a draw though, another chance to watch the good guys another 90, or maybe 120+ minutes. Life as a Gooner is fun! 😛

  6. What is crazy about wanting the torture of watching the good guys play? 😛 win it today, I say. 1-0 to the Arsenal does me fine.

  7. A very good Post, Norther.

    1 in 10.

    How did you know about Cocker? I thought Terry had been sworn to secrecy. 🙂

  8. last day before the juggernaut starts again. just trying to maximise the fun, NorthBnak. 🙂 why the Mrs is busy preparing for a party tonight. 😛

  9. Fun? arnie it could be torment for 90 mins, and with the age profile here…well heart attacks r us. 🙂

  10. Michael. would death any other way be more pleasing? 😛

    OK, jokes apart, we really want to win tonight. COYG. 🙂

  11. Sleep would be my preferred option. 🙂
    A comfortable win please, playing good football, is that too much to ask?

    Oh and very little shopping in the sales, maybe. 🙂

  12. I went to ASDA today…….( part of WallMart……part of Kroenke……so being loyal to an Arsenal connection ! )………and saw a padded jacket down from £20 to £5 …..so I bought two and just to get my monies worth I shall wear them both at the same time !. hahaha

  13. I like to think of it as a large high rated tog value duvet rather than a padded cell !.

  14. Good Morning Rectum Rogues 🙂

    Whey hey……. started our route to Wembley last night 🙂

    And this morning I’ve booked my flight to UK for April. Will be there from 16th to 26th April. Games scheduled are Sunderland at home 18th, (or FA cup semi final)
    On the 21st there could be a CL 2nd leg quarter and on Saturday 25th…….. Chavs at home.
    Bloody fucking blimey, I’m all excited. So sorearses, anyone up for a drink in Islington during that time? Hoping to get at least one ticket for one of those games…. whoop whoop 🙂 🙂

  15. Happy New Year Rectum Facilitators

    Havnt got time to comment, to busy working for the tax year end. Still manage the odd wank, but even thats spoilt by images of capital gains tax.

    69, closer to the dates, i will sort you out a ticket for one of those games.

  16. No financial charge mate.

    Just make sure you wear easily removable Y Fronts. I dont want to go through the same thing I did with Cornwall. hahaha

  17. ha ha Transplant, you’ll be pleased to know that normally I don’t wear any 🙂
    But you won’t be taking me any where near the back of Waitrose in Bounds Green…

    You can’t believe how excited I am about finally getting into the Emirates… I feel like a kid at Christmas. Last time I was in the UK I took a French bird with me, for fuck sake, I didn’t get out of Camden Market for the whole time 🙂 and the only game was away to Liverpool. So I’ve planned much better this time, no French bird and possible three games, and I’ll go to a local pub for the others 🙂

  18. NorthBank. The timing does not suit me well. In the US at that time, otherwise would have travelled down to join you at the pub.

    The Monaco plan still stands though, provided you can get tickets. 😛 So get cracking! 😛

  19. That’s a shame Arnie…….. going by those photos of you on Cup final day, I think we’d have a good laugh together and hopefully we’ll get together in Monaco. I’ll be on it this week for Monaco. 🙂

  20. Just got to the post. Another lovely read.

    Statistically, I am gay, chinese and abused in childhood. Plus I suffer from middle child syndrome.

    Tough being a Pisces

  21. Good morning Arse Warriors and Cosmic Visionaries 🙂

    A day trip to Brighton, I’m envious of all those who will go, apart from London, it’s my most favourite town in the UK.
    I suffer from middle finger syndrome… has got me into trouble my whole life 🙂

  22. This Prince Andrew thing !…..Is the age of consent 18 in America ?.
    It`s 16 in the UK and I remember being abused as a 15 year old !. My Auntie in law ( Uncles wife ! ) a former lingerie model in her early 30`s asked me around to help move her bed whilst Uncle Arthur was at work !…..I got around there and she called me to come up stairs where she was standing near the bed and wearing just stockings, suspenders and peep hole bra !. ” Oops, don’t mind me, just help me move the bed ! “.
    I got near the bed and she pushed me on to it and climbed on top of me !. I was too weak to push her off and she started kissing me and I knew it was wrong of her and so did my cock as it was bursting to get out of my trousers and run away !.
    I kept it quiete, as I did not want a family feud and the disgrace of her being accused of having sex with a minor !.
    I last see her 20 years ago at a Sainsbury`s in Wapping, where the sight of her and the memory had my cock bulging in my pants trying to escape and do a runner again !.

  23. Not really, `69er !………my cock has gone stiff having a panic attack thinking about that past abuse episode and may have to phone the Samaritans over my PTSD …..Penis Traumatic Stress Disorder !. hahaha

  24. Raddy. My lunar horoscope predicted a long life mostly spent in insanity! 🙂

    And about career wishes, I ambition first was to be a godman, when that failed a politician. My current profession is my 4th, and I came into it just by accident. 🙂

  25. arnie. My first ambition once I reached my teens was to get laid. Then to play for AFC, followed by lumberjack, racing driver, dealer, rock star, Britt Ekland’s lover.

    My parents wanted me to become an chartered accountant which would give a good foundation for my future – guess my first job? I lasted a year. Hippies don’t wear suits

  26. Well so far this window nothing in, will it stay that way? Or will we wait to see whats left?
    I can’t see us signing a first team player, sad to say. 😦
    But I will be happy to eat humble pie. 🙂

  27. After watching Le Coq a few years ago in a couple of games against Shrewsbury and the Spuds, I was convinced he was going to be a top DM…..maybe he just needs a decent run out !. Lets face it, Wenger is not going to buy anyone if Le Coq keeps performing well and we start to see a reverse in injury luck with players coming back quicker from injury than the one`s getting injuries !.

  28. My big goal for the season at this point would indeed be holding onto the Cup. The League is just out of our reach even if we were to reinforce properly in the Jan window, the CL can be unpredictable though I do hope we’ll get past Monaco and maybe the next team into the semis as I don’t expect us to get past the very best teams, but retaining the FA cup would be a great achievement. Especially if I it came with a good run in the league including a win or two against City, Chelsea, and/of United and a CL quarters or semi. I’d declare the season a success, which I can’t do with only top4 finish. So I am glad, NB, you’ve dedicated the post to our title defence. I have been lucky enough to see Arsenal now in all four competitions and have by far most enjoyed European nights and our FA cup opening win against Hull. Hopefully when you come we’ll still be in the Cup. But for now: On to Brighton–hopefully I’ll land an away ticket, but these aren’t too easy to come by. Would be a first away match for me–a favourable fixture away that might keep my attendance record of five straight wins in three competitions!

  29. I’m sorry that I can’t contribute to any footy talk today, I’ve been busy contributing to the outrage of yesterdays cowardly attack on journalists and artists: Some of my anger has been put into drawings, as follows:

  30. NB,

    Great work, extremely well done.

    The preservation of free speech and expression is vital in all of our lives. Radical extremist militants are destroying the rights and beliefs of others in the name of their beliefs ……………..so ironic and so very sad.

    I find it to be sick and repulsive and applaud you for your sketches and putting your beliefs up front and center.

    Keep those sketches coming.


  31. I see this vision of a radical bent over he has a pencil (with a wick instead of lead) sticking out of his arse. Behind him you see an artist who has an unlit cigarette in his mouth and a lit lighter in his hand – above his head is a question mark?.

  32. Brilliant stuff 69

    Ideas are always more powerful then the gun

    Ok, when William Wallace aka Mel Gibson, blurted out “your never take our freedom”, he was killed, but the Jocks still have there choice

    When Tony Curtis belted out “ime Spartacus”, Kirk Douglas had to kill him, but because of Douglas brilliant acting skills every one now knows slavery is wrong.

    These people will never win mate. The ancient Athenian civiliisation flourished because of “freedom of expression” and 3000 years later Greeks still love there freedom and that idea took hold and spread around the whole world

    Elefteria i Thanatos.

  33. very nice work, NB. very sad.

    unfortunately, IMO liberal society in the West is still losing the war. This is because Western societies have put far too much effort to fight with arms and far too little to fight with the pen. The pen is mightier than the sword, but why do we not use it more often? 😦

  34. what a sad couple of days. hope things go back to normal now. but can they? an invasion on teh freedom of speech and artistic expression can never be simple. 😦

  35. Good morning toss pots 🙂

    It’s been a weird couple of days here in France… I’ve been very involved in things here in Avignon, with Artists, writers and cartoonists. All night vigil on Thursday night and been catching up on sleep since then. Back to normal now I hope… footy weekend 🙂

  36. Lovely jubbly Cockie to Bellerins bird 🙂 but I question his fashion sense, his trousers are above his ankles ha ha ha

    Sunday post is on it’s way, will be delivered 9am gmt as usual

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