The Hating Game…….

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Today we have a guest post from Eddie. 

Who are the most hated teams in the English Premier League?

I would like to invite all football fans to vote for the most hated team in the English Premier League. Although the invitation is open to all I would like to point out that this is an Arsenal blog and we would like the visitors from N17 to behave with respect and those from SW6 to refrain from violence.

I read several articles on this subject and checked some polls and votes. Needless to say that the press is full of editorial errors placing Arsenal even above Tottenham in the Hate Tables, but we know we are and always will be the most loved club in the world. Those who don’t love us are of the jealous disposition.

The ‘hate’ results are predictably inconclusive and inconsistent.  Surprisingly though the top spots are not always occupied by one of the Top Four teams, ie Manchesters, Chelsea or Liverpool.  There are those who still hate Leeds and Portsmouth the most, strange if you ask me. So why do we hate some clubs more than others? Is it all about success, or a manager or proximity of the stadium? Manchester City are currently probably the best club in this country, yet nobody but the red Mancs hate them, why?

Maurinho has been mouthing again claiming that Chelsea are the new United and everybody loves to hate them. He is obnoxious enough to pass some of the hatred towards him, Jose Maurinho onto the whole club. Some pundits say that Jose is the next Ferguson, a genius amongst ordinary managers. I fail to understand what they are saying, but English is not my first language, so I suspect something is missing in translation.  It is true that I used to hate ManU and Fergie, especially when they were at their best, but that was sheer tribal rivalry. Today I hate Chelsea more than any other club, mainly because of Maurinho,  but John Terry, Abramovitch’s impact on the English League, Cole’s saga and Cech’s headgear do nothing to endear them to me.

I do not expect a reasonable and equitable response, but please try to justify your choice.

Thank you Eddie, something to get the ol’ vitriol flowing. Tin hats are available upon entry to the blog, not obligatory but highly recommended.

GunnersoreArse, publishing articles which other blogs refuse. The Charlie Hebdo of the Arsenal bloggosphere. JE SUIS GUNNERSOREARSE! Right, let’s get out of here sharpish and have a glass of wine. Where’s me tin hat 🙂


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  1. Good morning arse holes 🙂

    Great post by Eddie, will we see some action today on the blog? I’ve taken off the blog restrictions to comments to allow a free flowing dialogue. So no one will be held in moderation jail until I let them out.

  2. Actually an amusing and well written Post, Eddie. 🙂

    The danger is that it invites comment from the whole of fan blogdom, and NewsNow might not have accepted it as ‘hate’ is not a word they would like in the current climate. But if they did, the ‘other’ blog would be doomed to everlasting visits from hot headed fans from the cubs in the table.

    norther is the man to sort them out, and it will be interesting to see the results of the vote.

  3. Being a Gooner I have always ‘hated’ the Spuds, it goes without saying. But more recently my dislike of other clubs has been more predominant, Stoke for instance… just because they play anti-football and they seem to dislike us just as much 🙂

  4. Cheers guys, it might be best not to discuss it on AA, the blog etiquette and all that. I hope if won’t cause havoc as I genuinely want to know why some teams are hated more than others. Why not City?

  5. A good point Eddie, about why certain teams are ‘hated’, lets hope we get some reasonable 🙂 responses. I think City aren’t disliked as much as some of the others (especially by Arsenal fans) because Pellegrini seems like a good guy… perhaps?

  6. VCC – why though? Explain in say 10 points 🙂

    Yes nb, Pellegrini is a nice guy, but is it all? The Sheiks are doing a good PR too, developing the area,and keeping quiet about matters they don’t know much about (footy). Kompany is a nice guy too and the rest of the team keep out of media and trouble. Even the Fat Frenchie calmed down a bit

  7. I have a lifetime of hating Spurs.

    I spent many years in SA …. “My name is Raddy and I hate Spurs”. I even took the 12 Step treatment to help my dislike as hatred attracts negativity. I managed to change my mindset into “I am proud to enjoy hating Spurs” but I am afraid my sponsor remained unimpressed.

    Over the years others have challenged Spurs for top spot … for many years it was Leeds, then Millwall, followed by WHU, then Chavs and MU. Then any team who beats us. Oh and I hate both Milan clubs and PSG. And Real Madrid. And Feyenoord and Brøndby. And Wrexham. And Stoke.

    All of these teams I hate positively thereby not inviting any negative vibes, man.

    But the defeat (god forbid) which hurts the most is still to the skinny white cocks

  8. Eddie,


    On a very personal note it has to be Leeds, as some yobs from up there nearly killed me.

    Unfortunately we, The Arsenal are hated by many as we are called arrogant by many, but I can live with that.

  9. Kels – now that is a genuine reason. I didn’t know they were Leeds fans. Now I hate them too. My ex boss, a Chav was almost killed by Cambridge fans. He has a scar on his neck that goes almost all the way round.

    Raddy 🙂 you made me ROLF 🙂 I must admit to hating any team doing better than us, except for City. May change my mind later on today

  10. ‘morning all, I don’t particularly hate any team, I despise a few, Stoke for it’s recent history of playing anti-football, and employing thugs as players. Leeds for it’s earlier history of kicking it’s way to titles and Liverpool for their arrogance and “victim” mentality.

    Sorry, Eddie, I can’t add to the hate list. 😀

  11. Morning All
    Well done Eddie, my blue eyes are sparkling.
    My hates have changed over time and some have lasted longer than others, but currently they are Utd, Stoke and Chelsea. Not very original, but for reasons others have mentioned.
    And before you say it NB. 🙂

  12. After experiencing almost endless years of the warming glow induced by St.Totteringham Day celebrations, my feelings towards Middlesex Thursday tend now to be those of mild pity, rather than hate.
    I’m not sure I can actually feel hatred for another club – we mostly need & even benefit from the rivalry – but the team I would certainly most like to see relegated is Stoke, largely for their supporters’ general attitude towards broken legs (desirability thereof). I’m sure there are individual Stoke supporters who genuinely feel shame for the continued barracking of Aaron Ramsey, but than can only mitigate rather than excuse the behaviour of the majority. The Premier League would lose nothing from Stoke’s absence.

  13. Great post Eddie and one that tens of thousands of supporters would like to participate in, It’s s great shame that the hate word may prevent that from happening. If the title was changed to perhaps
    “The Rivalry Game” it would get picked up.

    Hate is too strong a word to use but I detest Man U for the way in which they have been allowed to manipulate the officials and media – they get more dodgy decisions in their favour than any other team. I wonder how many titles they would have won if you take away all of the iffy penalties they “won”.

    Spurs will always be high on my list of the detested along with Chelsea, Stoke and any of Fat Sam’s teams.

  14. I thought it was quite tame, E va va vonne !. Cant see why that couldn`t have been put up on AA.
    I can see why you hate Cech`s head protection, but with your desire of wearing knuckle dusters, I think I would wear them at the Arsenal Tavern in case you turned up !. hahaha

    Now lets put some sense to this mass debate. If you are a proper Gooner, it will be in your DNA to hate the Spuds !…if you were to slice my head off, it wouldn`t have …”Arsenal `til I die ” going through my body like a piece of rock candy, it would have…..”Die Spuds !” .
    Yes, I hate all the other teams, but if I`m honest, it`s because I`m jealous of the one`s who are our competitors !…..Manshafter Std and the Bin Dippers because of their recent and mostly past success. Mansour City and The Chavs because of their money in buying success !. Any team who are a threat to us is hated by me…..I currently hate that nice little club from the south coast of Hampshire !. So there you have it, they can all be hated, but the hate of Tottnumb is in grained !.
    I hate their club, the area, their supporters, everything about them !.
    I used to drive around the scummy slum on my deliveries many years ago and had a novel way of dealing with them, this would be a simple filling up of my windscreen wash with… piss, I then bent the jets to spray out to the side and would drive around squirting piss over the bastards !, they would look up to the heavens and think it was about to rain…more like Gods way of pissing on them !.
    I also had the misfortune to think that I had a best friend who was a Spud !….we did a job where a financial institution very kindly gave us some items of value, I let the bastard look after it all and we were to get £30K for the loot, I only got a quarter of it as he came up with a story to say the “fences” got caught !. I believed him, but just by luck found out that he still had the rest of the money and kept my other 7.4K for himself !. I went around to see him with my mate BB….baseball bat…..but he was out and his wife was in, I confronted her about it all and she started crying begging me not to do some damage !……to cut it short…..I fucked her !. Even though I wanted the money, I kept schtum about it, not letting on that I knew he ripped me off and carried on shagging his wife instead and managed through another “job” to take more than double from him what he owed me !. He still has no idea !.
    I then decided to become a professional shagger of Spud wives !.
    We had a bloke at work who was a Spud and the bastard took MY van out one day on the long run, so I did the short run via his house and fucked his wife !.
    On another occasion a client Spud pissed me off, but found out that his wife had days earlier passed away !, so I found out what funeral parlour she was in and broke in and fucked her and scribbled ..” Last fucked by a Gooner” on her stiffened labia !.
    Coincidently on another occasion…. a spud got in my bad books and found out too that his wife had passed away, trouble is, she was cremated !….so I broke into his house and spunked in his Wife`s Ashes Urn on the mantel piece !.
    A couple of months ago I was walking along the street, when a man wearing a Spud hat had the audacity to say ..”Good morning !” . I followed him home and then took weeks to check up on him !….stands out that he was unmarried with no living relatives !….I befriended him and got him a girlfriend just so I could fuck her !.
    Last week I was involved in a car accident and a bloke wearing “cock and ball” badge pulled me out of the about to explode car and saved my life!…….who the fuck did the cunt think he was ?….touching the flesh of a Gooner !. …..fucking piss taker !…….I found out that he too was relativeless , but also gay !……..he was taking the piss !….and that is what his penalty was by some friendly gay gooners… this photo shows !.

    Je Suis Cockie !. 😆

  15. An Ethical Dilemma.
    The doctor had sex with one of his female patients and felt guilty all day long.. No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he just couldn’t. The guilt and sense of betrayal of his patient were overwhelming. But every once in a while he’d hear an internal, reassuring voice in his head that said:
    “Don’t worry about it.. You aren’t the first medical practitioner to have sex with one of his patients and you won’t be the last. And you’re single. Just let it go.”

    But, invariably, another voice in his head would bring him back to reality, whispering:
    “You’re a veterinarian, you sick bastard”

  16. Afternoon all,
    Nice one Eddie, Makes me smile when the word hate is a word that stops a post, Personally the C word i find much more offensive. I have to say that to actually hate something someone is quite a hard thing to understand, If someone raped your Mrs or interfered with one of your kids murdered your parents then the word would make some sense, but a football club who must have won against you, no i can not say that.

    Many Gooners will say Tottenham, because they feel that to be a Gooner that is a must, not for me though, we cheated them out of a place in the first division when they had more rights to it than us, it was an underhanded bit of cheating by us, and i wonder had we not cheated would we ever have been good enough to have been promoted on our own merit. Easy to say yes now after all these years, but if we cheated to get in we probably cheated to stay in. No i dont hate Spuds they made it in the end by perseverance..

    Chelsea, why should i hate a club that have assembled a squad of players who are capable of winning the league, a team that won Champions league against the odds, no far from hate i admire them in fact.

    Manchester United a club that has won everything produced good football and have kicked our arses on many occasions, Hate them no i also admire this club as well.

    Liverpool, Maybe i dont like the way they talk, sounds like an old woman wailing but a fine club with more European trophies than we’ll ever possess, no i dont hate them i envy them.

    If there is anything i hate it is the way we cheated our way in the first division, all those years ago and still we havent been relegated to have to fight our way back in, Before you hate others its a good thing to look at yourselves, and realise that cheats do prosper.

  17. Nice one, Eddie. 🙂 Yes, dislike of Spuds is in the DNA, but we need them to reinforce our bragging rights.

    Arsenal is the greatest club that has ever played football, in England and in my jaundiced view across the world. 😛 No apologies there. I hate clubs that try to stop us from playing football by their anti-football stance. Like the Chavs, Stoke, fat-Sam clubs, etc.

    But not Shitty. Yes, they are oiled up, but they try to play football. Obviously they are not as good as us, but we need them as a contrast to show how beautiful our brand of pure football is. No hatred, they are only the also-rans. So far at least! 🙂

    Snooty? Yes, but so damned what. We ooze class, dont we? 🙂

  18. ha ha ha ha ha. this is why we dont hate Shitty. they are a good contrast to show who are the best in playing football, as opposed to anti-football. 🙂

  19. As much as I hate spurs, I see them as more of a little brother now.
    They’re good, and they try hard, so I have to give them some credit.
    Stoke are my pet hate. Though, Utd are up there too. Stoke are the dirtiest bunch of scummers going in my book.
    I can’t help it. They take ‘physicality’ too far.

  20. Up from behind the sofa and cant wait to watch MotD tonight !….unusual for me that I had a good feeling about todays game !…or was it that unconsciously I thought we had no chance so the nerves were not there and was relaxed ?.
    May be it`s down to …the more outrageous photo I put up…..the better we play !. hahaha

  21. They’ve had to cancel the pantomime ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ in
    Birmingham, Bristol, Oldham, Bradford, Burnley, Leicester, Manchester and London :
    Apparently the giant couldn’t smell the blood of any Englishmen.

  22. Years ago it was suggested that, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
    But since all the doctors are now Muslim, I’ve found
    That a bacon sandwich works great!

  23. Hi Kels ! 😀
    What`s the latest celebrity gossip ?……………….I`m convinced that Jessie J ( fucking spud supporter ) is really a transvestite !…can you confirm ?.

  24. I`d fuck Jessie J (spud) by hiding his make up, Remington razor and cock hiding pants !.

    Another Spud I`d like to fuck is…Adele !…..I`d fuck her by burning her season ticket for Greggs the Bakers, the fat bitch !.

  25. Jessie J is openly bisexual as are a few Arsenal supporters I know 🙂

    Amazing Pers only had to make one tackle today as he was so well protected.(no pun intended)

  26. NB,

    It’s unbelievable to watch the game on the 120″ screen in our home theater, it’s all courtesy of my son – he runs his own home theater business. The surround sound makes it even better as you really feel as though you are a part of the game – best TV viewing I’ve had in my life.

    Next up in 5 minutes is the first of the NFL Super Bowl semi final – Seattle vs Green Bay.

  27. What a result. Santi was amazing, Le Coq was great, as were they all really. The game seemed different to me. They had 17 corners and not 1 dangerous, something has changed and I’m liking it.

  28. Good morning dipsticks 🙂

    Who woke up with a smile this morning then?

    Eddie, your post had a really good response, my second best stats for clics and views since I started the blog, well done. Just a shame we didn’t have a few rival fans putting forward their views. Although Arsenal got a few votes for ‘most hated’ they didn’t leave a comment. Shame.

  29. hi nb – pleasure! of course the rivals didn’t put reasons – there aren’t any. There is absolutely no reason why anybody would hate the Arsenal 🙂

    you have a nice blog, I like the modern, clean layout. But it is probably not for females, even those wearing DMs. Good luck!

  30. Morning Eddie

    The Sore Arse blog has probably become a blokes pub but it doesn’t mean girlies ain’t welcome 🙂 if you have any more article ideas I’d be more than pleased to post them on here, your DM’s and knuckle duster would keep the wankers in line 🙂

  31. Whoa, popped over to read the Eddie post.

    Interesting to see the Arsenal Code moral high fliers GN5, Kelsey and Arnie all endorsing a pic of blokes wearing an Arsenal shirt pissing in someone’s mouth.

    Humour, satire, free speech? Whatever.

  32. NB
    Hey look, nothing against you or your site, it’s your shout obviously.
    Ok, I personally don’t want to see poofs pissing in someone’s mouth ever, and never in an Arsenal shirt on an Arsenal site, so count me out.
    Just don’t like double standards, although I guess it’s not double standards if you actually like looking at that sort of thing.
    Came back only to respond to you, as it would appear cowardly otherwise.
    Now for some ‘effing work.

  33. Just because GN5, Kelsey and Arnie comment on this site, it doesn`t mean they endorsed the photo I put up !, they may liked it or not and maybe they even understood it`s satirical relevance to a post abou the hate of other teams !. Anyone could have found that photo on the internet, it just happened to be me !. It doesn`t mean that I get aroused by such images…..just that one because it was about a Spud supporter !. hahaha
    At the end of the day, you can either take it for what it is meant to be…..humour !….or just admit that you have not got a greater varied sense of humour as me and others !.
    Listen !, I have had emails from moderators moaning about my humour and then seen the same people laugh at one of their buddies post some of the same stuff, stop being hypocrites and just have a sense of humour and stop trying to tell people what is humorous or not, no one is an expert on what humour is or not , it`s all down to personnel taste !.

  34. neither do I. 🙂 as a matter of principle, I like ideas expressed through symbols rather than explicit images. That holds for any form of expression. However, I can live with theatrical over-exaggerated images or views

  35. As you all know by now my senses of humour is completely off the wall but like Kelsey I did not endorse the image of the gay prick. I don’t feel that it is my place to be critical of the site content, NB does a superb job and I’ve found his judgement to be extremely sound.

    I’ve only seen two images on the site that I quickly scanned past and one has since been removed.

    Considering the image that he is discussing I find the last 6 words in Cockie’s post @10:58 to be totally hilarious………… I pissed myself laughing……….

  36. Raddy,

    I was unaware that you followed the NFL. I was rooting for the Sea Hawks as I lived for about a year in a beautiful spot called Liberty Lake in Washington State.

  37. Once again I’m the good guy…but thats not unusual. 🙂
    It’s relaxed here and people don’t get upset with each other, almost regardless what is posted, my kind of place …keep it up NB in whatever sense.
    Eddie while you might not post, NB has your ip address so he will know if you have been peeping ha ha. 🙂

  38. Urination? Not every ones cup of tea

    I can understand that. I once had a fat man in a club toilet with a ridiculous spray action. The idiot never even realised he was a danger to the hygienically dry, yapping on to his mate how he once managed to consume a six course meal as a starter.

    Luckily I was in possession of a rather large needle, so stuck it in his fat arse. There by enjoying my piss in piece as his large flatulent buttocks sprayed all those behind.

  39. honestly, a bit sad. 😦 I agree with GN5 that NB really handles it well. Je Suis is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it takes grit to handle it.

    Yes, I find some of the stuff disgusting and pass over it quickly. Perhaps also make a snide remark or two. But if we enjoy a bit of naughty heterosexual male fun, surely we are man enough to take some gay or women-friendly stuff as well!

    After all, we are fans of a club that celebrates equality and diversity! 🙂

  40. Steve. well said. I have sympathy with your views. in some parallel universe, I might even agree. 😛

    but now now, not today, not this week, or the next, or the one after. 🙂

  41. Good morning donnuts 🙂

    Good discussion yesterday in my absence. Free speech is an indispensable tool of self-governance in a democratic society. I would only censor comments or images if the majority disagree. Micky clearly doesn’t like the idea of Arsenal fans being depicted as ‘poofs’, he is entitled to that opinion, but as Arnie shows, the Arsenal have a large gay supporters group.

  42. Morning NB

    I don’t have a problem with gays but why are there so many particularly young people gay. NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO, Sidney and even lONDON IS SWAMPED WITH THEM.


  43. Kelsey

    They’ve always been there mate, it’s only just recently though that they feel confident to come out. Nothing has changed.
    I think it’s sad that dating agencies and websites have become the new way of meeting people. It will ruin the good old days when we could flirt at a pub and get our end away. 🙂

  44. Isn’t the perceived percentage of gays at 10, which if so there will be a lot. My mates daughter told me awhile ago that my “gaydar” wasn’t working, when we were talking about a mutual acquaintance who I didn’t realise was gay.
    I don’t have a problem with them, but don’t like to see effeminate men and butch women. 🙂
    Who have we bought today? 🙂

  45. I very much enjoy Homosexuals. Just means more available women for me.

    Not as good as boring men though. A world full of Stewart Robson or Phil Neville types means a lot of frustrated housewives. This drives Terrys cock wild.

  46. IMO the tone of the site is determined by the moderators. If it is OK by NB then fine by me – I can scroll passed anything I find offensive. Had Cockie’s pic been on AA I would have binned it.

    Many of my best friends bat for the other side (both men and women). What they prefer in the bedroom (and their bottom) is their business.

  47. Transplant will know about this. In Greece, girls who are dating but want to allow their boyfriends to have sex with them without losing their virginity, will let him do it up the bum.

  48. Yes, there are a lot of gay people around. Being gay is part of nature, I believe, but being effeminate is culture. Many gay people develop it deliberately, many dont. There are many gay people that you would not know are gay unless they revealed themselves to be so.

    I attended an invitation at an office mate’s house and was surprised to find out he is gay. His partner is effemnate but not him.

    I understand that yound kids, and kiddesses, these days try out both ways when they are young. Just as a form of self discovery. I find nothing wrong with that. However, apparently a substantial portion stay bisexual, which I find a bit puzzling. I thought nature said you were either hetero or gay, but not both? hmmm.

  49. During a particular difficult birth my one was shouting and swearing at me saying look what you have done to me. I countered that I wanted anal but you said it was too painful. 🙂

  50. Afternoon Turd Tunneller`s !.

    I`m proud that our club were the first club to come out and support the gay community and I personally have nothing whatsoever against anyone whatever they may be in this world………………..apart from Spuds !.
    I have been controversial in the past and there`s no way I would have put up my photo on AA or BK as I know their limitations and abide by their rules whether or not I agree with them !. If `69er wasn`t such a lovely gay…..sorry guy… who is a champion of free expression, then I wouldn`t have put it on here, he does however reserve the right to change his mind and become a hypocrite !. hahaha
    All I will say is that, if there is intent of humour ( may be taking into account certain bloggers humour and personalities ) , then take it as that as that`s all it is and given the world we live, in it is mild to say the least in comparison !.

    Just look at some of the news from the last 2 days !………….a Saudi Arabian cleric put a fatwa on a snowman !

    A prominent Saudi Arabian cleric has whipped up controversy by issuing a religious edict forbidding the building of snowmen, describing them as anti-Islamic.

    Asked on a religious website if it was permissible for fathers to build snowmen for their children after a snowstorm in the country’s north, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid replied: “It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun.”

    Quoting from Muslim scholars, Munajjid argued that to build a snowman was to create an image of a human being, an action considered sinful under the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Sunni Islam.

    “God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on,” he wrote in his ruling.

    Today we hear the truly shocking news of IS executing 13 young Iraqi`s for watching Iraq play Jordan in a football match on a Television !!!.

    So please less of the moral high grounds on football related satire when it pales into insignificance compared to the deaths of young innocent victims of terror !.

    Today on talkSPORT….on Colin Murray and friends, was John Hartson !…..he was asked by Colin Murray, “who was the best footballer you ever played with or against ?”. Hartson said two….”Dennis Bergkamp and Henrik Larsson !”. Murray then asked which of those two would he let take a penalty ?…….” Derrick or Henrik ? “……DERRICK !!!………fucking Blasphemy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………I now ask you `sorearses what should be Colin Murray`s punishment ?…..Beheading ?…..or torture ?…….I know a couple of Gay Gooners who do a brilliant version of “waterboarding” !, called …..”Pissboarding !”……oops !…..don’t want to put another photo up which offends limited humourists !. hahaha……actually, I`m pissed off no one endorsed my Spud piss taking photo !. It must be bad if even Stretch doesn`t condone the torture of a Spud !. hahaha

  51. NorthBank. Continuing on my somewhat uncomfortable true with JeSuis. You say: “Free speech is an indispensable tool of self-governance in a democratic society. I would only censor comments or images if the majority disagree.”

    Fair enough, that protects the majority because they can “disagree” with views/ images that they dont like. What about the minority? Where/ how are their sentiments protected?

    Just asking. 😛

  52. On a note closer to home, there are roughly 1200 billionaires in the world, an amount of money I find grossly obscene, compared to personal needs and third world poverty etc etc.
    Nothing wrong with being rich (i’m guessing) but superich, it is to do with power and control, which can and does interfere with elected representatives. Billionaires out!! 🙂
    Basically something which is staged by consenting adults doesn’t disgust me, whether it appeals or not.
    Here endeth the lesson on behalf of the “Lets form a committee branch of Anarchists” 🙂

  53. True, Arnie !.
    Judging by the lack of support for my Photo of a Totnumb supporter…..(which in it`s self is ironic that a Spud is getting more support than an Arsenal fans satirical view)….I`m surprised `69er hasn`t removed it as the majority were “disgusted” ( fanny licking, cock sucking, anal fucking hypocrites !. hahaha ) with it !.

    Je Suis Cockie Minority One !
    Free The Cockie O !. hahaha

  54. I would have put up…..Shirtlifter of the Day !………but he`s fucked off for a “long” chorizo and changed his avatar !.

  55. Fuck it …. I hate this bastard computer which does things without permission……

    As I was saying. Re: Wealth

    It all depends upon how one assesses Enough. My enough is a secure life for my family – I don’t want anything more. I don’t need to fly business, I don’t need a fancy car, I don’t need a Rolex etc etc. A billionaire has different values.

    In no way do I envy a billionaire. One of my best friends is an accountant/lawyer in Monaco whose clients are all mega-rich, he says none of them are satisfied or happy. They all compare their billions to another man’s billions. They have no friends because they are so wary about whom they let into their lives as their money is the most important thing they have and because their values are all based upon money they expect to be cheated. Their wives hate them but fuck them for the plastic lifestyle. Their staff hate them because they pay so badly. Even their children hate them.

    Would a re-distribution of their wealth improve the lives of the poor and down-trodden? No, but it would be a start

    Thinking about it, this is a subject I could write a book about and this is supposed to be a football pub – I will shut up 😦

  56. Cornwall, course I support the picture.

    The only problem I have is that it aint enough. After pissing on the bastard the other one should have shat on him

    I yearn for the day when a Totnumb wanker is on fire and begs me to assist him by dousing him with piss. When that day comes, i will go right up to the blazing Bastard and start pissing the other way. hahaha

  57. hahaha Stretch……I knew I could count on my mate !…….I differ a little, as I have the most flammable piss known to man and would piss on him until he was cremated !…..I`d then piss in his ashes urn !. hahaha

  58. PS
    Obviously, I`m not a total bastard !…… I would then console his wife by fucking her !

  59. I support the super rich. One day I hope to be one of them.

    I plan to sail my luxurious yacht past a group of poor who will yell with desperation “Terry, give us a job mate, minimum wage”. were upon my generosity give them fuck all. I will allow them to watch me having sex with a high class prostitute and guzzling the finest champaigne however. Ime not that heartless.

  60. Nice one Cornwall, I completely support your campaign to fuck all Totnumb bastards wives

    In answer to your question 69…..Yes, I love anal sex, but only when Cornwall is performing the act on Tottenham fans wives. hahaha

  61. hahaha….I`m not a total bastard and you`re not heartless !…….what a great management team we’d make to get this country out of austerity with our compassionate ways !.

  62. The book writing project is a great plan, Raddy. I wish I could do something productive like that. 🙂

  63. Incidentally, I heard that Obama has spoken about removing wealth inequaity in his State of the Union address. All hot air, IMO. Income inequality can perhaps be reduced through labour market, education and welfare reforms.

    But wealth inequaity? That would take a revolution! ha ha ha.

  64. Good morning cunnilingus crusaders 🙂

    The blog has early morning activity. Getting a bit deep with all this talk of revolution and take money from the rich and give to the poor. Is it a Robin Hood complex? 🙂

  65. TCM 4:51.

    The subject of your urinating photo, posted a while ago,made me so upset and angry I have not been able to comment on this site until now. I felt it was sooooo disgusting!! for reasons I will now make.

    Now my anger has subsided, I feel strong enough to reply to the totally inconsiderate content.

    How dare you post a photo of two Arsenal guys urinating into a Spuds mouth !!!??????

    One should have been urinating into a Spurs fans mouth……..and the other urinating into a Red Devils supporters mouth. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha 😉 :-0 🙂 😀

    How can any one have a cock or devil on their head is beyond me. LMFAO

  66. Thanks Vics baby………………I knew you would love it !. 😆
    If I can find a photo of anyone or anything urinating in a Mancs Mouth I will post it !. Thing is, where you live in Essex, you have more chance of finding a Glory Hunting Manc supporter than me !…..make sure you have your Arsenal shirt on when doing the “selfie”, as to be on this site it has to be Arsenal related as I doubt `69er will let any non Arsenal related pissing in the mouth photo`s on site !. Although the piss artist probably drinks his own urine as he sees it as a waste of good wine !. hahaha

  67. Getting my priorities right in my sons education……`s natural !… his DNA !……quite a relief actually as he`s dyslexic and thought he might piss over a greengrocers stall !.

  68. HaHa Cockie……..As you know, I am working on this Urine to Wine conversion contraption. Deep in the heart of Kings land “Essex”.

    It’s all top secret stuff. I plan on becoming a millionaire this time next year. 🙂

    I have seconded 69er as sampler. He’s been well up for it 😀 Tests are going well.

    When I have finally over cum some small details I will label the bottles and have a right OL shindig.

    What do you think for the name/label…….how about “Coc au Wine” a delicacy from the green fields of Essex.

    I will keep you informed as to the opening night of above said party.

    Redders is going to be the Doorman……Stretch and Eddie will be performing for me.

    I need a crooner……..have you any one in mind?

    Stay tuned.

  69. I really do bring you the best related Arsenal stuff !…..I should be praised, not abused !. hahaha

  70. Hows it going Vics? What about “Vics Golden Shower”? One drink of this shit and you would rather have Vics piss on you. hahaha

    Nice Video Cornwall. She would definately get it. Mind you, with my urges every one would definately get it.

  71. ime alright Vics thanks. Yeah, ive been seeing the same bird for about two months now. I like her,. shes very intelligent, good looking, and does what i tell her in bed.

    But ime getting bored with it. hahaha

  72. Intelligent !!!………………I`d rather they be a bit thick !………..yes, Felicity ….without the fellatio I will die !.

    This is true !……….My wife ( who is a great animal lover ) and I was just watching a programme and there was a Budgie on it and the missus remarks…….” Remember when I worked for Wally for Wireless !….well there was a girl who had a Budgie and she loved and cared for it like her own baby !. One day the door was open and a cat crept in and grabbed her Budgie and ran off with it and the Budgie started screaming …Mummy…mummy ! “.
    Well bastards !, I pissed myself laughing and the missus say`s….” It`s not Funny !, she loved that Budgie !….how would you like it if someone ran off with Max ( our dog ) ! “. Fuck me !……this happened fucking 40 years ago !. hahahahaha
    My wife is completely different to me in the humour department and will not laugh at anything like…Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, Paedo Jokes, Animal Jokes etc`……….basically not much !. hahaha
    If she saw ….”That Photo”…..she`d probably divorce me !. hahaha

  73. A Husband and his Wife went to the Doctor.

    The Doctor took the Husband in first.

    The Husband was a bit embarrassed and told the Doctor he had trouble getting an erection with his Wife and she was getting frustrated.

    He gave the husband a complete physical and sent him off to a specialist for more tests.

    A few weeks later the Doctor called and asked him to bring his wife in with him to review the results.
    When they arrived the Doctor gave the wife an examination and then asked her to completely disrobe. Then he told her to turn all the way around slowly. She did as instructed. He then told her to turn all the way around in the other direction.

    Then he said – Okay you can get dressed now, I will talk to your Husband.

    Then the Doctor went into the other office and told the Husband – You can relax . There is nothing wrong with you, I couldn’t get an erection either!!

  74. Oh it`s all gone quiet on here…Oh it`s all gone quiet on here…. Oh it`s all gone quiet…it`s all gone quiet….it`s all gone quiet on here…….all together now !………………

  75. Good morning bum burglars 🙂

    Raddy, that is a toatally subjective opinion. Are you trying to make a comparison with German footballers?
    Personally, I think Britain make the best cars, different and unique, not made for the masses. Bentley, Caterham, Morgan, Aston Martin, Lotus.

    I would never buy a BMW or Merc… favoured by city stokebrockers 🙂

  76. Sorry I’ve not been about for a couple of days, an ex girlfriend from Marseille was in town for a few days and contacted me to have a drink… one turned into two, two turned into six, you know how it goes. 🙂

    Will be off on Sunday for a week at her ‘maison secondaire’ in the Cevennes…. I will hopefully get my Sunday post done before I go. But not sure if I’ll have an internet connection.

  77. That’s no excuse. Get writing NOW.

    NB you are wrong about cars. Jap, Italian and Kraut cars are by far the best and most reliable.

    Rolls and Bentleys = Fat people with cigars or footballers.

    But ….. my fantasy car would be an Aston Martin DB9

  78. I agree about jap cars, I had a Mazda MX5 for a couple of years… brilliant car. And my ex wife has just bought a Suzuki Swift, bloody excellent to drive, a real joy.

  79. I’m probably talking to no one, but hey this is what it’s all about isn’t it? 🙂
    Cars are a waste of money, but for most a necessity. German cars are made in USA and Japanese cars made in England built with parts sourced round the world as examples. The best cars are ones that start when you turn the key.

    Football…have we bought a first teamer yet?

    NB what out for soft verges or have you got starch? 🙂

  80. So the tosser has fucked off for a shag.
    I however and am both proud and embarrassed that the lads that I worked with took me me out on my retirement for a do, drink, food and cake, with money in an envelope, and some on minimum wage. Lads of 25 or 26 turned up, fucking unreal. I am humbled. And nowhere else to say it. (alright you shouldn’t begin a sentence with and)
    When young lads appreciate you, you are not doing a lot wrong. Gobsmacked 🙂
    Grumpy old bollox.

  81. Bonjour connards 🙂

    Poig, sounds like you had a good time, but I wouldn’t talk too much about ‘young lads’ appreciating you…. you know what Cockie and Transplant are like 🙂

  82. Morning NB
    I’m a young lad really ha ha, bed at 2.30 after a skin full of Guinness and up again at 8.30 raring to go, well sort of. 🙂
    Who have we bought?

  83. You are as yoing as you feel Poig, that’s my philosophy. Just back from doing a shop with my friend Emily. All ready for a week in the Cevennes. 2 ltrs of Pastis, 10 ltrs of wine, some food and most importantly, firelighters for the chimney. 🙂

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