Brighton Rock and FA Cup magic

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium.

I had an article practically prepared about gay men and homophobia in football for today, but then I got home last night and saw the results. The magic of the FA Cup lives on, the minnows can still cause upsets and that is what can make the Cup so special. Mourinho in his press conference this week said the quadruple for his team was impossible! Well it is now Jose. Now he is saying his team are a disgrace and he is “ashamed.” Manchester City losing at home to Middlesboro, Spuds losing at home to Leicester, Southampton losing at home to Palace, Swansea losing away to Blackburn and Liverpool and Man Utd only managing goalless draws and needing a second chance. For Gunners all this is great news. Some of the EPL teams going out can only increase our chance of progressing to the Final for a second season.

So today we have a day trip to Brighton. All Wenger has to say in his team talk is, “Just look at yesterdays results”. That should do the trick, but then again, if you believe what the papers are saying, the team will be giving the team talk and Wenger will be listening. Yesterdays cupsets will be a warning sign, in big red letters it says, “don’t take these lower league teams lightly.” And I’m sure that message will be heard. Get a result today and the next round has some good possibilities to progress all the way. Here is how Monday nights draw looks at the moment:

1. Crystal Palace

2. Cambridge United or Manchester United

3. Blackburn Rovers
4. Bradford City
5. Derby County
6. Preston North End or Sheffield United
7. West Bromwich Albion
8. Aston Villa or AFC Bournemouth
9. Reading
10. Liverpool or Bolton Wanderers
11. Leicester City
12. Brighton & Hove Albion or Arsenal
13. Rochdale or Stoke City
14. Sunderland or Fulham
15. Bristol City or West Ham United
16. Middlesbrough

There will be a bit of rotation for today’s game I’m sure, but I’m hoping not too much. Sanchez may get a rest on the bench but apart from that, I don’t envisage too much change from the team which won at the Etihad last weekend. The momentum from the City game needs to be capitalised upon. Why change a winning formula. Brighton (and Hove actually) will not be a push over.

And below is the image of the day, Brendon Rodgers greeting Bolton manager Neil Lennon before the game yesterday. “I love you very much Neil, but don’t think you can fuck me today.”


Neil Lennon and Brendan Rodgers

And so onto a bit of Arsenal Transfer porn. Villareal have confirmed that Paulista is coming to the Emirates, with Campbell going the other way on loan. Wenger has said the only thing stopping the move would be the work permit for the Brazilian. I hope we get him, from the small amount of U tube footage I’ve seen, he looks ideal as back up for either Kos or the BFG. Apparently he can also play RB and LB, so a versatile player indeed.

He’s not a pretty boy, in fact he makes Martin Keown look like an Adonis playboy. But whoever said looks make a good player. We already have our playboy in Olivier Giroud, one is enough don’t you think. Which leads me to a matchday question.

Surveys have suggested that 1 in 10 men are gay, so take a look at our starting eleven and the logic suggests that 1.1% of the team is a shirtlifter. From your observations, who would you suggest is our 10 percenter? My money would go on Theo, I know he is married, and his missus is a cracker, but for me there is something about him which just screams, bum invader.

Melanie Slade, Theo’s missus

So, despite going off today for a week in the Cevennes with a friend, I’ve managed to get my Sunday supplement done. Still not sure if I’ll have internet at the house, so I could be MIA for a few days. I may also miss the game today because we will be travelling between 5pm – 7pm. Don’t let that stop you leaving comments or Rack of the Days. Have fun my merry sore arses, and enjoy the game where ever you are. COYG’s.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo, I won’t be driving today so can carry on as normal. Until the next time.

à bientôt

GunnersoreArse, the Sunday blog to read after all the other Arsenal blogs. 




57 thoughts on “Brighton Rock and FA Cup magic

  1. Good morning rectum raiders 🙂

    Post is up, I’m ready for a week in front of a wood burner and the Arsenal are in the process of retaining the FA Cup. COYG’s, and to get this matchday off to a good start, here is the Arsenal shirt of the week:

    She has my name on her back 🙂

  2. Bonjour Le Bank Nord

    Just read your supplies list. Sounds like some thirsty work ahead. Have a great time.

    Yesterday’s results will certainly sharpen the focus, so hopefully we’ll be in the draw on Monday.

    As for your 10%’ers question. I reckon you have a few experts here who should be able to crack the code, but Mesut must surely join Theo in the certs. basket 🙂

  3. That’s where you a gone! Yeah, paulista is a Gunner, but I can’t get too excited about him – no a giant, ugly and Brazil in who should all be strikers. Perhaps wenger knows s methinks I don’t, we’ll see

    I thought it was 1 in 6 men that are queen. One, two, three, four, five, puff!! Add those who at for both teams and it’s 50 50. Our butty boys? Not Santa or Szczesny, or Per.

  4. Morning all,
    Nice one NB, glad you had something else to write about, don’t think i would have enjoyed stories of your gay sex life. Have to say i am surprised by some of the results, and if i speak the truth i am also surprised how many penalty claims were turned down.

    Yesterdays results show caution must be used today, i feel that referee’s decisions could be the difference between winning and losing, unless we can use quality that we have seen of late,

    I wish you well for your break away with your friend, i hope the weather stays nice for you, and can i say your comments will be missed if you have no internet connection, but I’m sure that you will find a connection elsewhere.

  5. Nice 69

    The magic of the FA Cup? Lets just get on with it already. All these shit teams celebrating beating big boys who play shadow teams, full of players half cut and desperate for the game to finish so they can go home and play with there Hornby Train Set

    Homosexuality? Ime not bothered, regarding myself very comfortable in my sexuality.

    All these racks of the day is just a way for all those that fear the inevitable a means to disguise there bentness, thus indulging the pretence that Stephen Fry rodgering a young man does not confuse or create an urge to watch an oiled up Burt Lancaster film.

    I have no such qualms. Many time i have been propistioned by those who wear large hearts. After such liasions I make it perfectly clear “Ime not an iron mate. and just to prove my straightness, .ime going to start crying and simultanesly beat the shit out of you”

    Dont know about the Arsenal squad? But I do suspect that Nacho Monreal has felt moments of guilt and shame, and Danny Welbeck has a number on his mobile he dare not phone.

  6. Eddie
    You want to watch that sort of language on here, they are very “understanding” of that man-on-man stuff 🙂

  7. Afternoon All
    3-0 in case anybody is interested. 🙂
    Never really think about who is gay, its only 1 aspect of a person, and doesn’t make them good or bad unless you are a believer in the bible or koran.
    Have a good trip NB and don’t get home with a ring on your finger unless she can keep you in the style you would like to grow accustomed to. 🙂

  8. Nice one `69er !. I`m the 10% who is not gay on this shirtlifting cock sucking site !.
    Serge David Gnabry is probably the one in ten gay arse as an anagram of his name is ………Gay Drivers Banged !… he has a photo of Angela Merkel`s cock in the back of his ” Peoples Car !.

    On another site, a Seagull is saying that the Brighton fans will sing Johnny Cash`s …Ring of Fire !………more like …..Ring Piece on Fire !..,.given the amount of gays who/have lived there …..`69er, Raddy and Didit to name a few !. hahaha

  9. Good morning dimwits 🙂

    From a very cold and snowy Cevennes…. took me an hour to getb the woodburner going this morning at silly o’clock, then went back to bed and got under the duvet till the house warmed up.

    Good result yesterday, glad I didn’t watch the match, looked as if it was squeky at the end. But pleased that Walcott, Ozil and Rosicky got goals. Now look forward to the draw tonight. The internet wi fi connection here is very weak, from a bar in the village and shuts off regularly, so not sure how often I will be on this week. Just getting ready to go out for a walk in the snow…. where I live snow is a very rare occurance so making the most of it 🙂

  10. Hope you are enjoying your snowy Cevennes getaway, NB. That was a fantastic experience for my first away match! Lovely coastal city, fine new stadium filled with huge Arsenal away support enjoying a cracker of a match. Went with Jonny and met up with Damon and his missus to form an ACLF away corps. Singing in the Brighton streets, throughout the match and enjoying some fellowship after the match in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere despite the Seagulls losing that made us still feel remarkably welcome–clearly the inhabitants of Brighton are just too happy! But, ooh to be a Gooner!

  11. Boring boring `boro at home !. 😀

    Fucking glory hunting mancs have so far had…Yeovil.. and if they beat the mighty Cambridge at home….next either Preston or Sheff Utd !……….Cnuts !.

    Going back to Brighton, it sounds like the easiest place in Britain for someone as hunky as me to get a blowjob !…….but I prefer a woman`s softness against the skin of my groin, not some prickly stubble !… !….It`s no good you bastards telling me you will have a close shave !……..It wont happen !…. fucking jizz gargler`s !. hahaha

    I bet `69er is being arse raped by Frosty the Snowman whilst tea bagging someone`s snowballs as we speak !.
    Let it snow let it snow let it snow !. hahaha

  12. Hello wankers; I,ve managed to get a network link; …. on a different PC and having diffficulties, but don’t worry, I’ll be back ssoon you tossers, probably Sunday night or Monday morning. If I could post a Rack of the Day I would…………. but she’s alreqdy in my bed ha ha ha ¨-)

  13. Good morning youi bastards 🙂

    I’m starting to think you lot are the silent minority. I’ve been getting a fire going since 7am, the house has gone from a chilly 7c to a balmy 16c and my friend, who I nickname Apoca-lips (for obvious reasons) has told me she wants to stay in bed. I’m just not appreciated ha ha 🙂

  14. Morning NB
    If you are going to the UK start saving….I got £100 and cost me €141.
    This retiring thing…don”t know how I found time to go work ha ha

  15. Morning Moichael

    Is the xchange rate that bad? So I’ll have to allow a lttle bit more!

    I suppose you’ve started your vegetable patch, joined the local Irish folk music club for over 65’s, and the Meals on wheels lady gives you a blow once a day 🙂

  16. I only grow herbs and spices. 🙂
    I went to sign on, on monday the woman didn’t believe I was 65, she thought I was about 52 and thats true. It would have been nice to think the transition from work to retiring would be easy, not so here..wankers.
    Beat this, my mates neighbour got caught with 3kg cocaine and 1kg grass…suspended sentence, and he didn’t grass or he would never have made it to court….yet don’t pay your tv licence!!!

  17. I bloody posted a comment this morning… it’s fucking disappeared?

    Anyway, Good morning Fanny fingerers 🙂

    Apologising for not putting up a post today ( well not on here anyway 🙂 )

    Too many problems with internet connection. Started to write one but then lost connection and 400 words. Haven’t got the energy to start again… laters

  18. Very nice st1g, but your avatar looks very familiar ha ha
    Great win today very comfortable. Very pleased for young Bellerin to get his 1st senior goal.
    I did think that Rambo didn’t seem that thrilled after Theo scored. The team is looking strong AW got his mojo back??

  19. I couldn’t help but over-hear two guys in their mid-twenties while sitting at the bar last night.
    One of the guys says to his buddy: “Man you look tired.”
    His buddy says: “Man I’m exhausted. My girlfriend and I have sex all the time.
    ​She’s after me 3 and 4 times a day,​I just don’t know what to do.”
    A fellow about my age sitting a couple of stools down, also overheard the conversation.
    He looked over at the two young men and with the wisdom of years says:

    “Marry her. That will put an end to that shit.”

  20. The only thing worse than being hated is being ignored. At least when they hate you they treat you like you exist.

  21. Moses went to the airport and saw George Bush. When Bush approached him and said hi Moses ignored him. Bush again tried to talk with Moses but Moses still ignored him. When Bush asked Moses why he was ignoring him Moses answered…

    “Because last time i talked to a bush I was in the dessert for 40 years!”

  22. Good morning douche bags 🙂

    I see GN5 has been busy improving my comment stats ha ha very good.

    Where’s Michael since he retired? Probably with all this time on his hands he’s now suffering with ‘excessive porno website virus’ 🙂

  23. I’m here but severe internet problems. It’s gone from slow to fuck me I can piss faster.
    So no porn for me, in fact I even had to cut down on sex chat lines since retirement due to costs, so now I phone the samaritans and say if you don’t talk dirty I’m going to kill myself. So bad is my love life, I have told women that I am only available for a short time and hope that their shopping instincts kick in. 🙂

  24. arnie, if you ever wonder why this pub is always closed you should check over on AA. NB has become an away blogger…….

    I’m so grateful that we can always rely on the Nags Head – if this guy isn’t shagging up in the mountains then he’s over there trying to impress Peaches and Evonne – I just hope that they are wise to his less than subtle tactics.

  25. To right GN5

    Now 69 has discovered the joys of obscure musical videos and photos of strange looking fish, he now longer wants to know

    Why mix with begotten like us when he can enjoy witty repartee with middle aged men who have traveled the East and play the guitar to a very low standard.

    Of course, unlike you and I GN5 who are happy with our fluffy slippers and cup of tea, the main reason is 69s lust for sexual depravity

    His fantasy of a threesome with Peaches and Evonne, probably were we, Michael, arnie, and Cornwall are forced to watch his oblong shaped performance, has overwhelmed him and turned obsessional.

    Very sad really

  26. Terry,

    Should we intervene and warn Peaches and Evonne before they get hooked into a trip to Monaco on the false pretenses that he has tickets?

    They will turn up to find out there are no tickets and end up becoming art models or even worse they will be lured up the mountain!!!

  27. Just ignore me I`m experimenting !.

    [video src="" /]

  28. All right then !….I`ll satisfy your insatiable appetite for a ………….Shirt of the Day……………..this is a cracker and it almost looks like it`s been painted on !. hahaha
    If that elusive fcuker `69er was a decent Artist he would find it easy to get copious amounts of French pussy and paint Arsenal shirts on them and then put them on site !…………. Cazy Lunt is what he is !.
    Trannysplant is more interested in Arsene`s zip !……….but this is what you call a Zip !.

    Shirt of the Day .

  29. Anyone think that will be too adultish for AA ?………Raddy about ?…….what do you think ?………it`s very Arsenal related, especially with the FA CUP Winners theme !………………chas could put it up as he is more tolerated !. hahaha

  30. Nice Cockie

    I’d certainly think more suitable for AA than here, what with your “boys” over here and their appreciation of the man on man stuff 🙂

  31. Talking man stuff, and this may sound sexist but housework is womans work, I’m a hunter gatherer ffs. Girls do the girly stuff and men should be left alone with their toys, Neil Young was right, “a man needs a maid” 🙂

  32. Good afternoon dipstcks 🙂

    I’ve been camping over at AA this week plus out on the piss…. sorry the bar has been closed but now open for business as usual. Here we are then, smooth as ever:

  33. If you put…..” we won the league at shite hart lane “… Google maps, it`s brings up the spuds ground !………………….even …”shit hart lane”…..brings up the spuds ground !.

  34. Nothing wrong with a good scratch of the googles Michael my dear man !. 😀

    Micky, I will put that photo on AA when we play `boro in the FA Cup and blame you !. hahaha.

    On a personnel note may I just make it clear that I am indeed bisexual !…….I only like women and lesbians…..except the Doc Marten wearing ones !. hahaha
    I`d love to have a Polish girl named Dawn from Krakow……….Krakow Dawn !…………..actually that would be a great name for Eddie !.

    Shirt of the Day

  35. Good morning Spud haters

    Who’s Pulled pork then…. is it Transplant???

    Liking your experiments on google Cockie…. but putting a map of N17 on the blog is out of order, no matter how you found it 🙂

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