Language problems could cause Arsenal FA Cup exit.

Four candles? Nah, Fork Handles…… Handles for Forks!

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Why does Wenger have to be so honest? Why does he have to tell the media all his intimate thoughts? Why did he feel a need to tell the press that Paulista Gabriel could be a problem in our defence because he doesn’t understand a word of English?

If he plays in the back four today, surely Middlesborough will target an area where they know communication between our players could be a problem. Koscielny shouts to Gabriel (in his French broken English) “hey Gabby, get over to the left and take their centre forward”, and Gabriel moves backwards putting the whole ‘Boro forward line onside to score their first goal. Monreal shouts in his shaky English accent tinged with Spanish, ” Gabby, cover me, I’m going forward”, and Gabriel moves towards the right back instead and the left side is left uncovered and ‘Boro score their 2nd goal. The big Coq says to Gabriel in his Cockney French accent, “Gabby, stay back I’ll go up for the corner,  cover for me”, but instead Gabriel goes up for the corner as well, leaving the defence lacking in players when ‘Boro storm forward on the counter and score their 3rd goal. And so, Arsenal, the FA Cup holders go out of the cup because one player cannot understand a word of English.

If the FA Cup back line today is Chambers, Koscielny, Gabriel and Monreal, poor old Paulista will have to comprehend English spoken by an Englishman, a Frenchman and a Spaniard. I suppose Nacho could speak spanish to the Brazilian, or do they speak Portuguese in Brazil? And if at some point if the Big Fucking German has to come on and play alongside the Brazilian………Chaos and confusion!

Wenger has said that Gabriel’s poor English could cost his side goals.

“When you don’t speak English and you don’t understand ‘Come out, come back, right, left’, it is a problem for a defender,” Wenger said.

“You need to know the key words. Offside. Referee. Foul.” and he said further, “If you mix ‘going forwards’ with ‘going backwards’, it can cost you.”

Language barriers can be a source of confusion. Take it from me, having lived in another country with a different language for over fifteen years. Some embarrassing and awkward situations can arise, I’ve experienced it. However, could it cause problems in our defence? Furthermore, if the manager thinks it’s a problem and doesn’t put Gabriel in the side, how long will that be for? How long will it take the Brazilian to learn enough English to enable him to play without a communication breakdown?

Middlesborough are not going to be a push over. They are riding high in the Championship and are likely candidates to move into the Premiership next season. Do we really want to introduce a non- English speaking centre back into such an important game? A game that if we win propels us towards the final and retaining the FA Cup.

I wonder at what level he is currently? I assume he can say “yes” and “no”, and probably “Thank You” and “Please”. He may even have got to the serious level of, “I like you” and ” What’s your name?”. I’m sure Coq au Vin has taught him how to say, “Shut the fuck up”. And perhaps Giroud has taught him to roll on the floor with his arm in the air, shouting ” Ref… foul”. However, will he understand something shouted at him in the heat of the moment, in a period of sustained pressure and confusion?

“Paul Easter, get back you fucking idiot” (put in there French, German, Spanish, Chilean or English accent as appropriate) and barely audible with the Emirates crowd making a hell of a noise. He’ll have no chance.

I jest of course, I don’t think it will be problem at all. He’s a professional, he’s played at the highest level and he knows how to play at Centre Back.

What do you think? Should he play despite lacking the fundamentals of the English language? Is it a risk worth taking? Or am I just falando besteira?

OK , le temps pour un verre de vin et certains chorizo ​​épicé, j’espère que vous avez apprécié votre visite … jusqu’à la prochaine fois .

à bientôt

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39 thoughts on “Language problems could cause Arsenal FA Cup exit.

  1. I would not be surprised if Zippy starts Paulista in this one. IMO, the only premiership manager that would do this. I would have given him a twenty minute run out against Villa at the end of the match when we had the three points in the bag. A much better ploy to introduce him in that one.

    Karanka will out do Zippy with tactics ( that’s not too difficult as a six year old can do that) so we must hope our superior skilled players see us through.

    Squeaky bum time.

  2. Morning all, Blinding post as per normal well done NB.
    Can understand what your suggesting, but i don’t think there is a problem.

    When you moved to live in a foreign country NB, i don’t know how much of their language you could use or understand. Lets just say you were like i would be and couldn’t understand a word. Would you starve or would you walk the streets naked because you couldn’t make yourself understood in the shops, and the answer to that question is no because you would pick up a lb of sausages and put your money on the table and walk out with your dinner, the same as you would a pair of strides in a mens shop. Every body has a way of communicating sign language acting out what you want yes of course it is not always easy to ask for certain things and it may take longer to explain but we get over it.

    A good footballer whatever language he uses will understand the rules of the game, the language of football allows footballers from all over the world to compete against one another without understanding a word but your footballing training has instilled what you should be aware of a natural instinct which is in us all. The look on a team mates face can tell you instantly the way he feels no words need to be said, an arm raised and pointed can tell you all you need to know.

    I like everybody else has had to work with foreign people who cannot speak a word to one another but if you are showing them or them you you can easily cope. Football training before a game will show players where and what is expected of them if they are good players which i would expect them to be then they know what they have been employed for and also should know where and what is expected of them

    You have lived where you are now for several years and because you are you will be able to convey what you want , and the longer your there the more understanding until you need the words for love, that speaks for itself, you fancer her and if she feels the same then bango you do the business that said COYRRG’s.

  3. Good morning SteveP

    After fifteen years I still make stupid mistakes. But I’ve never really had a teacher, apart from my ex who often got very frustrated with my lack of commitment to learning. I’ve generally left it to a ‘It will eventually sink in ‘ type of mentality.

    Paulista however, will be getting intensive language teaching from an expert.

  4. Morning All
    Isn’t it normal when someone doesn’t speak English to talk louder ha ha.
    I’m hoping for a much improved performance today after 2 lots of crap, and of course a win. 🙂

  5. You want to try and get a word in edgeways at a dinner table full of the French during a heating debate… practically impossible and no one is listening to what the other people are saying…. I used to just drink more and get pissed 🙂

  6. Good morning donuts 🙂

    Match Report: We won, we won easily, the whole team played well and with confidence, Gibbs MOTM and a good start for Paul Easter including a professional foul that earned him his first yellow card in English football. Lovely stuff…. who do we want in the next round?

  7. How wrong could I be? Zippy had no competition Sunday. Really surprised at the lack of ambition showed by Middlesborough.

    Complete professional job done by our boys. Controlled the tempo from start to finish.

    Hats off to Mr. Wenger, he got it spot on.

  8. Morning VCC

    I said somewhere yesterday that perhaps Boro would have their eyes on promotion rather than continueing a run in the cup….. maybe that influenced their motivation. Who’s to say, they played brilliantly against City.

  9. Happy days….for a while anyhow. 🙂
    I thought we made them look bad. Karanka talked the talk beforehand but couldn’t deliver.
    Nice to see the rack back, either of them could pleasure for the night….some chance without a lotto win. 🙂

  10. Geez I’ve been clearing snow for 2 hours, I’m tired and cold so I decide to pop into the pub for a nice glass of single malt and guess what……………the bloody pubs closed again!!!!!!

  11. Good morning Girls 🙂

    So Chelsea get out of Paris by the skin of their teeth. And Chelsea supporters show their true colours on the Paris metro.

    GN5, opening times are UK…. not for you Eskimos 🙂

  12. I like the calm mid-weeks with nothing to moan about except the weather and the opening hours of virtual pubs.

    Actually, there is something to moan about ….. I just paid €4 for three organic lemons. That my friends is how Danish shops take the piss

  13. No, but NorthBank has been spotted locking up his virtual pub! 🙂

    Tough times, not much chance to catch a quiet bit of time in this watering hole! 😦

    Chas says, I am mostly sad, maybe he is right. They sometimes call it midlife crisis. 😆

  14. Just to let you chaps know that I’m having problems with my wi fi nerwork and connection. Cuts off all the time. Will try to post something tomorrow but have to do it from the bar where I have a good connection. 😦

  15. Bon jour Michael

    I reckon a 2-1 win today, just need to make sure Palce don’t score first.
    Just as I mention my wi fi network is playing up, we have a storm and it all seems ok now, must have been something in the air 🙂 . I was panicking because I don’t want to pay for internet access.

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