It’s Mental: The FA Cup United review.

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers from the Emirates Stadium.

Psychological fortitude! The will to win against all odds…… it’s all mental, it’s all in the head. Think just one tiny moment that you may lose… and that’s what will happen. Manchester United and Arsenal, a long history of rivalry and bitter battles. Viera and Keane, Keown and Van Nistleroy… Pizzagate. It’s all been there in our games against United, but we don’t win very often against them.

I have a good example on how psychology can affect the outcome of a contest. When I was 12 years old and at Barnsbury School for Boys in Eden Grove, there was another kid, William Cruikshank was his name. Short and fat he was and on the running track I’d beat him easily. On the football pitch I’d run past him with the ball as if he was standing still. He and I however, had a bitter dislike of each other and often had fights behind the metalwork shed. This is where the mental thing came into play. Despite several fights, I’d never beaten him. He was short, fat and slow. I was no Mike Tyson but my Dad had taught me how to win a fight.

But we’d get behind the metalwork shed and square up with a crowd of other boys in a circle around us and it started with me knowing that I was going to lose. He’d put his head down and come storming towards me with arms flailing, real haymakers swinging towards my head, and I had no defence against it. Psychologically I was beaten before the first punch was thrown. Despite being the better fighter, he always beat me because mentally I’d lost already.

It feels a bit like that when the Arsenal play United. We haven’t won a game at Old Trafford since a 1 – 0  win in 2006/07. Eight years without a win there.  Has it become mental for us? Are the boys now getting it into their heads that they will not win tomorrow no matter how well they play? The game at the Emirates this season we were clearly the superior side but United came away with the three points… it can only be something psychological.

Our stats against them since then are not good. We beat them 1 – 0 at the Emirates in the 2010/11 season but that has been a rare occurance. So my observations are that it’s a mental thing. We’ve had better teams than them over the last ten or so years but have rarely beaten them. This season they probably have the worst team for many years, despite having the Dutchman, Rooney and Falcao in their forward line. Is this the time to put the mental block against them to bed and get a win at Old Trafford? On paper we are a better team this season, but it needs to be proved on the pitch……….. can we do that? I’m not too optimistic but if the team that beat City turn up tomorrow then it can be done. I just hope they are preparing mentally and not just physically.

William Cruikshank you short arsed fat fucker… I hope you got beaten up a few times later in life.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo. Hope you enjoyed your visit… until the next time.

à bientôt




38 thoughts on “It’s Mental: The FA Cup United review.

  1. Nice 69

    Errr, you sure it wernt just that he was a fat Bastard? There are only two ways to beat a fat Bastard. Firstly, run around him for five miniutes avoiding all physical contact. This should confuse and depress the fat fuck as it dawns on him that he will never be a disco dancer, and knacker him out just enough to bring on a cardiac arrest. The second is, just when hes about to steam you with his blubbering mass, whip out a chocalate eclair from your pocket and start eating. I guarantee you 100% he will freeze on the spot and start sobbing.

    I Used to bully this fat kid called Obese Johny at school. He weighed about 20 stone and was really efeminate. One day, after I had jumped on his back and demanded he ride me to the sweet shop so I could torment him by eating sugar cubes, he snapped, sat on me, and played with my balls.

    Thats why I am now psycholigcaly scarred and cant watch the film Whitnail and I.

    Know what you mean though 69. we owe these Bastards one. But the truth is they know how to beat us and our boys know they know how to beat us.

    The game at the Grove was a joke. We battered them and some how still managed to get beat. It dont exactly fill with you confidence, that why i reckon we will beat the wankers 5-0.

    Come on you Rip Roaring Gunners.

  2. ha ha Transplant

    We need to put this bogey team to the sword. Despite feeling a bit pessimistic I think on our day we can do it. We have the pride of retaining the FA Cup at stake as well. COYG’s

  3. Afternoon all
    You still bear a grudge after all these years lol
    I’m sick of our results against Utd they really piss me off ……sorry Cockie

  4. Good day everybody

    I posted this very sad news that I posted on AA yesterday.


    Hi Folks.

    I have some very sad news.

    Today I had a lengthy conversation with Kelsey and he told me that after a series of extensive tests he has been diagnosed with a very serious and life threatening illness. I cannot go into details.

    He has requested privacy during this time and I urge you all to express your thoughts here on AA and not to contact Kelsey directly.

    In his own time and in his own way he will respond to you.

    I will stay in contact with him and will keep you all up to speed on his progress.

    Kelsey – stay strong my friend our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. NB,

    I got picked on a lot around the back streets of Islington and lost most scuffles until my Granddad told me to stamp on their feet – his theory was if they couldn’t walk they couldn’t hurt you – it worked for me. I also hit them when they were down – street rules prevailed.

  6. Thanks `69er !……..interesting your take on the psychological state of ….It`s all in the head mental thing and I 100% agree !.
    What is also interesting and kind of relative today is the anagram of your nemesis…Willy `Shankers !. It reads like a statement !……A Chris wank !, I kill MU !……quite fitting really seeing as it`s your name, you like a wank and we are playing MU !. hahaha

    The only relevant piece of smut in Goonedom !.

  7. Arnie,

    You gotta feel for NB here is in his 60’s and he’s still out there searching for his connection.
    He spends more time searching for his perfect connection than he does worrying about us poor parched punters,

  8. For a pub to have life and atmosphere it needs customers… no good if the guv’nor stays there on his own waiting for the crowds to arrive. 🙂 But I don’t mind drinking on my own. May get something up a bit later… my connection is like a woman, gives it now and again but holds me to ransom more often than not!

  9. Just pay the extortionate blood money and get your own internet connection! Then we can work on getting more people into the pub.

    You know the stuff – quiz nights, thai food, darts, karaoke, strippers etc

  10. In search of a connection by GN5

    Oh, the network outside is delightful
    But a closed pub door is frightful,
    We have nowhere to go,
    Net is slow, net is slow, net is slow.

    It doesn’t show signs of improving,
    All our friends are slowly leaving;
    The bandwidth is way too low,
    Net is slow, net is slow, net is slow.

    When he finally connects to a site,
    It’s way too late at night;
    Is the Nags Head’s the way to go,
    Net is slow, net is slow, net is slow

    It’s not through our lack of trying,
    Of that there can be no denying,
    But we have nowhere to go,
    Net is slow, net is slow, net is slow.

  11. I’m here… I’m here. In the bar…. in the bar! Will be investigating a new internet network later today. But more importantly didn’t the boys do well last night, I’m proud of them. Just a shame we let the third goal in at the Ems. Shame… this could have been our year. Still have the FA Cup though 🙂

  12. Good to see you are back behind the bar NB, mines a single malt and buy one for arnie.

    I really enjoyed watching the “real” Arsenal and based on yesterday’s effort they deserved to win the tie………but one giveaway by the Ox and an absentee defense in Leg 1 cost us dearly.

  13. Good to see GN5 is a single malt man, any man who can tell the difference between a blended whiskey and a single malt is OK in my books..

    Having spent much of my life drinking whatever was put in front of me I am more discerning these days.
    Love a quality grappa or a slippery little rum but my favourite tipple are Italian reds – not the swill they serve in bars and I am too poor to drink decent wine in restaurants therefore I tend to do my drinking at home. In a bar my current tipple of choice is a Tuborg pilsner.

    Set ’em up ’69

  14. Raddy,
    I used to have to make monthly trips to Vancouver and did so for the best part of 15 years.
    One of my favorite restaurants was called Joe Fortes and it remains to be the only restaurant/bar that I have visited that had a single malt listing – 63 in all.

    Over the years I sampled each and every one – my favorite is 25 year old The Macallan – very expensive but worth every penny.

  15. GN5. For my birthday a couple of years ago I gave a party. Invited 30 odd people and received 11 bottles of whisky …. what does that say about my reputation? 😀

    My fave is Ardberg

  16. Possibly the greatest news ever for you bastards !…………..yes, you can still get drunk and slobber over disgusted females, talk and write incoherent posts as normal, take your yellow stained trousers to the dry cleaners, think you are still attractive to young woman even though you have a beer belly, stink of piss and have more hair growing out of your ears than on your head !……..but you wont have the hangover anymore !.

  17. ha ha ha excellent banter ladies….. see, it doesn’t take much and you don’t need the barman to be here. What a load of pissheads… can’t wait to meet up with some of you in April… though my plans to get into the Ems for a match have taken a big knock. Sunderland game now put off for the FA Cup semi…. no CL Quarter final midweek and so now just the home game against Chelsea… and a friend has informed me that tickets are an astronimical £94. So it looks like the Arsenal Tavern for the FA Cup and the Chelsea game….

    On the internet note…. I’ve just visited SFR, Numericable and Virgin and have been informed that it’s not possible to buy or pay for JUST an internet connection… now it’s the Box – TV – internet- mobile – home telephone package. Can’t just get an internet or wi fi connection…. now ther must be a business opening there somewhere for any greek entrepreuner?

  18. I’m in the bar …. literally, but will be leaving soon for lunch. Will make a big, big effort to get it up on Sunday. In the meantime…. I’ll have to keep you bastards happy with this……

  19. That’s a bit cheeky NB – but who is going to serve me a single malt I’ve been waiting for 3 days?

  20. I’ll be in the bar tomorrow morning to do a post…. not sure what about, at the moment it’s 2-1 for the good guys aginst Newcastle… I’m a bit drunk in a bar in France… ha ha ha 🙂

  21. Good fucking morning you bastards…. I’m here in the Bar des Halles…. 1st glass of the day already, still fucking drunk from last night and hoping to get my post up before 10am english time… watch this space…. 🙂 I’m working on it

  22. NB. Can’t you get the internet through your phone? It is probably the cheapest option and then link your phone to your computer by Bluetooth.

    I pay around €20 a month for lots of web-time and phone calls

  23. I finally found you Gunner N5
    I don’t know if women are allowed on here, some naughty talk haha.
    I’m looking for the article you wrote about Barry and yourself. Cant’seem to find it.
    Love your sis

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