From Paradise to Highbury and back again in ten days.

Well here we are then….. smooth as ever. Don’t all choke on your morning coffee/tea/wine (delete as neccessary).

I’m in the Bar des Halles, having a chilled glass of white wine and thinking about my trip to England in eight days time. Flight from Nimes to Luton and hopefully customs will allow me back into the country, my passport is very convincing so it shouldn’t be a problem. Then it will be drinks with my brother and me planning to be at a pub somewhere in Highbury for the FA Cup semi-final on the Saturday…… all suggestions will be gratefully recieved and considered but at the moment I’m thinking The Arsenal Tavern.

Then a week of being a tourist in my home town, the Tate Modern top of the list followed by Pie and Mash.

So, who will be out and about in Highbury for the FA Cup game? I really was hoping to get a ticket for the home game against Sunderland but I’ve got no complaints with the Semi-final taking that game away from me. Then the following Saturday my brother and I will watch the Chelsea game at one of his local pubs in Bedforshire. No way will I be able to get a ticket for that one, so my dream of going into the Emirates for a game will probably not be realised. I may have to take the guided tour with Charlie George.

I’ve got a funny gut feeling about the final part of this season and on that feeling I’m going to have a tenner on the Gunners to win the league, a long shot I know but the odds are currently 22/1 so it’s worth a ten pound note. We still have to play the chavs at the Emirates and they could slip up at QPR this coming weekend.

The game against Liverpool last weekend really did my happiness levels a world of good, we played some lovely football and gave a real message to the others chasing a top four spot and probably put the frighteners up Chelsea.

I’m going to post this post today because I’m going to be rather busy preparing for the trip over in the next few days. I will have an internet connection when in the UK so will probably do a daily Travelogue…… something for all you wankers to look forward to eh.

Keep the faith you bastards….. GN5, help yourself to a single malt and stop fucking complaining.

I will check the blog over the weekend so anyone who fancies meeting up for a couple of pints/glasses of wine/cup of tea or coffee/glass of orange juice (delete as neccesary)…. let me know on here and then I’ll email you.


34 thoughts on “From Paradise to Highbury and back again in ten days.

  1. As always, great and enjoyable post. Would love to meet up with you but it will have to wait until you come to Cape Town as I have lived here these past 10+ years.
    Enjoy Blighty…….. enjoy our Semi.

  2. NB,

    I hope that you enjoy your trip to London Town and that you manage to sneak through the check points undetected.

    Arsenal are the form team in Europe at the moment and we are being treated to some awesome displays of both football and power – long may it last.

    I went over to the bar to get my promised single malt – and true to form the bloody doors were locked…….?

    While you are in Highbury check out the Nags Head to find out how a pub should be run.

  3. NB69
    Are you bringing the new bird over as well? ๐Ÿ™‚

    We’ll be at Wembley for the semi.
    I think the Rocket on Holloway Road might be a good place to watch it.
    Tickets are a fiver but include a pint, so not too bad. Not sure if there are any tickets left though.
    Here’s the link.

    You’ll be able to get a ticket for the Chelsea game on the Exchange easy enough with an Arsenal red membership number. You just have to borrow a Red membership number, I think.
    Then again, young Terence or the ticket fairy might be able to get you a ticket if the Exchange fails.

  4. Morning all ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m waiting on two possiblities for a ticket for the Chelsea game on the 25th April. wey hey, I may yet get into the Emirates for a game. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Best of luck with the tickets.

    I always go to the 12 Pins in Finsbury Park but the Rocket is also great for away games. Thankfully I have never been unable to get tickets for a home game.

    London in Spring is great. I did the tourist thing in October, even hiring a guide for a walking tour. We visited Tate Britain (Turner exhibition), then took a Thames boat down to the Tower and walked back along the South Bank passed the Tate Modern (too packed) and onto RFH. Sunday was National Gallery and Portrait Gallery next door. Then pottered around Covent Garden .

    I wanted to visit St Pauls but would not pay the huge entrance fee – two tickets = โ‚ฌ40, Westminster Cathedral costs โ‚ฌ47 for two!! Fucking madness.

  6. ha ha Raddy

    If somewhere is too expensive I’ll just find a pub opposite…. sit on the terrace drinking and look at the outside. I actually don’t know any of the pubs in Highbury or Holloway now… will need a little tour ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. OK chaps…. I’ve been on the bar terrace for two hours… chilled white wine and sunshine. Next time I post a comment or a post I will be doing it in the UK. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pie and mash here I come ….

  8. Morning NB – if you are around for the Chelsea game so am I. I usually drink in the George in Eden Grove so let let us know if you have a plan !!

    If you are interested in a slightly unusual tourist site try the Cabinet War Rooms under Whitehall. Went last year and it was a good day.

  9. Thanks Andy nic

    I’m at my ex-wifes, my Charlie dog is nicely settled and I’m just waiting for my lift to the airport.

    Andy, would be a pleasure to meet up with you at the George. I will be in Highbury for the Chelsea game but also hoping to meet up with some other Gooners but not sure what pub yet. Will let you know…. I may end up doing a Highbury pub crawl ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. So, even the best laid plans can go wrong…. when I booked my flights, there should have been three games for me to see whilst here in the UK. The Sunderland game got moved but I’ve still got the FA Cup game this afternoon but will be watching that with my brother at a pub in Luton. Then there should have been a CL game midweek but we all know what happened there. Then there was the Chelsea game which was scheduled for Saturday 25th…. I planned around those games but when I got here my brother told me the Chelsea game had been moved to the Sunday……… the day I get a flight back to France. I am fucking pissed off………… Andy nic, means we won’t be able to meet up mate. Unless you just fancy a drink one night in London? And anyone else of course… I could end up not meeting up with anyone from the blogs….

  11. Gutted for you NB.

    I blame Margaret Thatcher. If she hadn’t instituted an environment where greed is good, foreign multi-nationals like Sky Sports would have no influence upon the timing of English football matches.

    Trouble with our blog mates is that most live outside London and only meet up for the games.

    Still …. She Wore, She Wore

  12. Had a brilliant time in a Luton pub on Saturday… Reading gave us a bloody good game…. but we are through and can beat Villa. I’m doing my London tourist thing at the moment and yeaterday walked far too much around Islington. My intention was to end up at the Emirates and take a selfie with Thierry but I went into a old pub haunt of mine and there was a bloke who I went to school with, so ended up getting a bit pissed ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t had the time to do any travelogue stuff yet… too knackered when I get home in the evenings. Will do something when I get back to France.

  13. NB, what awful luck! I hate these TV changes made so late to the schedule.

    I don’t know if you caught my reply on ACLF the say you posted in, but I ended up having to vacate the flat in Lindon for a week for my landlord and we went in to Paris. I watched the semi-final with Phil the Aussie Gooner on ACLF who happens to be there in Paris these days at the Lions in the 13th right next to the BNF Mitterand where I was working. Very convenient! I asked if you were around for Chelsea and was checking in now I’ve returned to London. Sad you will miss Chelsea as I hoped to find you somewhere in Highbury.

    But I am around. Thurs evening (tomorrow) would be good as I’ll be working at the British Library by St. Pancras. There looks like a terrific free exhibit on the Magna Carta there that I want to check out myself, plus some other things of interest on the go. Great institution, worth seeing. Also nearby was a very good exhibit on Forensics and Crime at the Wellcome Museum on Euston Rd. Early printed maps of Persia at Brunei Gallery at SOAS also interesting and free. Let me know if you want to meet up Thu evening anytime from 6pm on. You have my email!

  14. NB, I think you are out having such a great time in London that you haven’t been visiting the blog. I’m busy Thu now, but could meet up after Fri at BL or in the vicinity anytime after 3:30.

    If we don’t cross paths, I hope you had a fun visit and that you find another opportunity soon to make the pilgrimage to the Emirates. Don’t neglect us on ACLF!

  15. Hello Limey… I’m not in London today, helping my brother to do some stuff at his house but I will be in London on Friday seeing a mate of mine on Canary Wharf in the afternoon. Then at 7.30pm I’m meeting another friend at Mill Hill Broadway… so a busy day but am staying overnight in London so will be around Saturday if we can arrange something. It would be a shame with you in London and not being able to meet up. I’ll get online tomorrow morning to check your response.

  16. Hi NB, it would be a shame! It might be difficult, but let me see what’s on Saturday–I’ve already made some bargains to be free Sunday afternoon for Chelsea!

    Are you able to see my email? Why not write me directly if you can and let me know what Sat looks like for you. At the very least I’ll post later tonight or early Fri morning.
    Alas, no extending for a day?! Monday flight? Getting together, I think, with a couplee ACLFers for Chelsea at the Rocket or a similar Highbury spot for the match. We’d enjoy a visit with the mythical NB!

  17. Hi Limey
    Unfortunately I have things arranged already in France for the Monday so changing my flight is not feasible. Saturday is fairly unstructured for me so very flexible. Will be going back to Luton from St Pancras at about 3 or 4pm so meating close to there could be good.

  18. I’ll be at BL right next to St. pancreas from 12:30 on. How about we meet at the cafe in the plaza of the BL–there are some tables indoor and a few outdoor with umbrellas in case it is drizzly. Name your time, if that works for you, NB.

  19. Lovely stuff… I’ll be there about 2pm if that’s ok. Look forward to meeting up mate. I’m in Mill Hill at the moment but will check on here later when I get to Kings Cross.

  20. Better luck next trip, NorthBank. I’m glad you came and we at least had a nice chat. A real pleasure to meet you. Perhaps next time in the South of France!

  21. I want to see this famous bar you hang out at to use the wireless and watch matches at! But truly some great medieval art at that museum by the Palais du Papes. I am sure you have your own set of favorite places that don’t make it into the usual guidebooks!

    In case you are in Paris for Arsenal matches, that pub Phil and I enjoyed is The Lions on rue Chevaleret in the 13th just 2-3 mins walk from Chevaleret metro and right behind the BNF Mitterrand. Good atmosphere. I don’t know if you caught the Chelsea match but 0-0 with Chelsea wildly celebrating their dire display says it all. But our boys fought hard. Confirms your feelings about OG. Good striker but not the sort to create a goal by his own brilliance against a top team that can defend.

  22. My story for Sunday is that I met friends and a cousin of Ospina and helped them get to the Ems for the match! Full story over at ACLF. But that’s it in a nutshell–they were totally lost and we had a nice conversation on the ride over as I went to meet some gooners to watch in Highbury.

  23. Limey… sounds great. How did you meet a cousin of Ospina? I was disappointed with the Chelsea game, I think we should have nicked it 1-0. Their penalty claims were all dives accept for the Ospina attack on Oscar, but then again Oscarhad his boot too high.

  24. Right you dickheads………. I will have a post up on Sunday morning… back to normal for GunnersoreArse. I will be writing about my trip to Mecca Emirates Stadium. Watch this space, Sunday at 9am GMT.

  25. Looking forward to your post NB. I hope you enjoyed your trip the the olde sod.

    Is it even remotely possible that your pub will ever reopen?

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