This Community Shield will be more than just a Friendly….

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I know people say that the Community Shield is just a friendly and nothing should be assumed from the result, but we are talking Chavs here, can you really expect me to accept it as a game that will not have consequences for the rest of the season? Maureen has dominated in the exchanges with Wenger and now is perhaps the time to reverse that trend.

Psychologically, todays game is going to have far-reaching effects. I don’t envisage either manager taking the game lightly, both will field a strong XI and go all out to win. The premiership this coming season is going to be between these two teams so todays result will be an indication as to who finishes top. So not just a friendly.. it’s gonna be war!

On team news Wenger has stated that Ospina was back in training on Tuesday, Alexis will be back this weekend but Welbeck is still unavailable through injury. So for our attack today we have Giroud, Ozil, Oxlade and Walcott available, Akpom however, has gone out on loan. Trying to second guess Arsénes team selection I would go with this:

submit football lineup

Subs: Ospina or Martinez, Monreal, Paul Easter, Oxlade, Wilshere, Chambers, Bellerin.

That’s a strong XI and capable of beating Chelsea on their day. Will today be that day?

It’s now 13 games in which Arséne has failed to beat the ‘mouthy one’ so it’s about time to alter that statistic don’t you think. That’s why this game is definitely not a friendly and why both managers will go all out to win.

Maureen on Sunday’s game: ‘It’s not a friendly, it’s more than that, but it’s less than a Premier League match.’  He has even suggested that he will play Costa, which goes to show how he is viewing the game.

Arsène Wenger also admits that Sunday’s Community Shield against Chelsea “will not be a friendly”.

Wenger hopes his side will maintain their momentum against the champions, but warned against reading too much into the result.

“We have to accept that every game is decided and judged as definite,” he said. “But you know that in real life it is not like that. The tribunal is out there and will draw conclusions from Sunday.”

From my point of view, it will be a strong psychological advantage for the winners. Whether that will translate in to who goes on to win the league is debatable, history tells us that it’s not necessarily the case, however, after beating City in the Community Shield last season we went on to get 4 points from our two League games against them.

So any Gooners out there who think todays game is a friendly and not a ‘must win game’, please think again. There is a lot at stake and it should be treated as a serious game. By thinking it’s a friendly you are doing a disservice to Wenger who I’m sure is taking it very seriously… and you know why, because it’s against Maureen.

So drop your trousers Maureen and bend over, we have the grease ready and are aiming for deep penetration.


Fantasy Premier League: 

If anyone is interested in a little bit of Fantasy, I’ve set up a Fantasy Premier League, it’s the League of Smegs and the code is: 165030-44791. Just go to the Fantasy Premier League site, log in, choose your team and then go to leagues and choose private league and type in the code. Just for fun amongst friends and I,m sure Cockie and Transplant would have fun choosing their team name. But beware, they have rules about anything offensive.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo whilst I search a bit of smut.

45 thoughts on “This Community Shield will be more than just a Friendly….

  1. war, indeed, NorthBank. 🙂

    we will set Terry upon Maureen so that the bending over happens smoothly. 🙂


  2. Lovely bit of smut 69er. Definitely got my vote for best of season so far. 🙂

    Looking forward to a must win game. Brownie points/psycological and all that. Plus Wenger,s revenge?

    In my opinion, we must be getting closer to the chavs, as I’ve only picked four of their players from the predicted line up’s in my joint team. Good sign I hope.

    Going to watch in a packed pub of chavs and Gooners. Should be feisty?……


  3. Nice one NB!!

    I hope we turn them over today and really shine as a team.

    It’s about time that Mighty Mouth has his smirk turned upside down! He is one of football’s most classless clowns!.

    I just want us to strut our best stuff and show just how bloody good our team are!

  4. Full team: Cech, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Ozil, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Monreal, Cazorla, Bellerin, Coquelin

    Subs: Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Arteta, Giroud, Martinez, Iwobi

    I read that Jack has picked up an injury!!!

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  5. Whoooooooop……Whooooooop.That was a lovely feeling. Thoroughly deserved. The atmosphere in the boozer was superb. 100% friendly banter…….how it should be.

    Ditto GN5 2:03. I like the varied approach. Hair down and anything goes.

  6. Not me NB, I think it was great to win and put Mighty Mouth in his place but I believe that must win games are reserved to League and Cup games.

  7. Still, MWG for me. who cares about a couple of losses in the League! not me, at least.

    Cup games? now, that is different. CL, FAC, CapOne, in decreasing order of importance.

    VCC. Scorching glow indeed. 🙂

  8. MWG for me also. Puts doubt into the rest of the Premiership. Also breaks the hoodoo Mourinho had over Wenger.

    Winning becomes a habit. Long may it continue.

  9. Good morning you smug bastards and Maureen haters 🙂

    I don’t know whats come over me but I feel like posting some smut ha ha

    It must be the Cockie influence 🙂

  10. Nice 69

    We done em good and proper. Should have been 3-0

    Morinio reminds me of one of those mad Roman Emperors. if I was his sister or Tony Curtis I would stay well away.

  11. Hey there’s nothing smutty about our Arsenal – she’s an Arsenal beauty proudly displaying her cannon………….

  12. NB – where do you keep the single malt’s? I can never find them are they in that locked cupboard?

  13. Here you go Fat Kim Jong-un !……………….a WMD !……..a Weapon of Muff Destruction !………`s a new scratch and sniff photo…..just scratch the screen !.

  14. Think of it as place to park your bike !…….the front wheel will slot in nicely !.

  15. Can’t remember if it was Cockie or Transplant… but remember my blog about the scrap yard becoming the Emirates… Heroes and Villains. I couldn’t remember the name of the pub at the bottom of Queensland road /Albany Place/ Benwell Road. Well I’ve just had contact with the son of one of the brothers ( I remember him as a kid, 15 years old and coming to the yard with his Dad) and he reminded me it was called ‘The Favourite’. Does anyone remember it?

  16. Right !… honest Le Coq Suckers !…… many of you tried to scratch and sniff the screen ?.

  17. Stretch keeps a clean machine as well !………he probably Cillit Banged his screen !. 😀

    Couldn`t give a damn that it`s a different kind of football………it still says Arsenal on the shirt !.

  18. NB, glad you are back! Where should a Gooner in Avignon go to watch the Arsenal? I have a good friend who is there now from Dalston for a few weeks. I told him he would be lucky to find an interesting, humorous Gooner from way back with a colorful past and lascivious present!

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