What’s going on in the Premier League?

Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog… being blogged from Bourgueil in the Loire Valley. Where there is currently a wine festival and so I’ve been up all night and now going to bed.

Just seen all the results from yesterday… I think Leicester are gonna win the league. The Hammers beat us last week at the Emirates and then Leicester visit Upton Park and get a win…. what is going on?

I will be in the Bar d’Etoille this afternoon to watch the Palace match….a must win game me thinks and lets hope Monsewer Venger and the equipe get there tactics right and get the three points. If not by the end of tomorrow we’ll be bottom of the league. The good thing if that happens is that there is only one way to go…. UP!

That’s it from me, and it that’s it from them….. I’m off to bed. You tarts can do whatever you want… just leave some soft porn for the Big Raddish.


4 thoughts on “What’s going on in the Premier League?

  1. I think being deep behind the sofa was justified . šŸ˜€

    [video src="https://cdn2.streamable.com/video/u791.mp4" /]

  2. Yoo Hoo is anybody home?

    I drank all of the single malt – fank you…………

    Haven’t seen you around lately NB, I hope all is well

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