Will Girouds right testicle Pool on Monday night?

Good morning my saggy little  gooner gonnads. Round three of the premiership is upon us and we’ve had a mixed bag for the Arsenal so far. However, after the disastrous start against the Hammers the boys came back with some semblance of decent football away to Palace. Olivier got a wonderful goal and we held out to get a win in a difficult game against a tenacious Palace team.

Sanchez is back and returning to form, Ozil showed some of what he can really do and the defence held out, though in a rather nervy fashion with Cech trying his hardest to do a ‘Sczesney’ with high balls from set pieces. Wenger seemed pleased with the performance against the Eagles and I’m sure he was also relieved that we came away with the three points.

Rumours continue regarding Wenger buying a new striker and this will probably be giving Giroud some incentive to put in a few good performances. The pressure is on him as our only true striker although with Walcott pressing for a place up front Ollies position is under threat from within. However, on Monday night we have the juicy possibility of Sanchez, Ozil and Walcott being played to terrorise a Liverpool defence who have yet to concede a goal. Giroud should be well serviced during the game if those three are chosen to start.

The big, good-looking French bloke needs to start scoring for fun and with such a creative midfield behind him should start to regularly get on the score sheet. If he doesn’t then we will be in trouble. Last season our ability to put the ball in the net was seriously lacking, they cannot afford to do that this season.

Our defence should pick itself and Cazorla and Ramsey should also play. Which brings me to my one concern about our squad, Coq au Vin. Brilliant as he has proved to be, it’s this position which is our weakness, basically because we have no cover. Le Coq was close to being red carded last week and if that or an injury were to befall our ‘petit coq’ then we have no player who could step in and do the job he is currently doing.

This is where Wenger needs to prioritize in the current transfer window. I don’t see him having a choice, it’s a glaring frailty in our defensive strength. There must be someone available out there at a decent price who could offer sufficient cover? There have been too many potential names to mention on here but  Wenger must be concerned and therefore searching the footballing world for cover and rotation for Coq au Vin. It would be criminal not to get someone and for me should be a priority, even if it is at the cost of not getting a striker.

Right, time for a glass of wine and some spicy chorizo. Enjoy the game where-ever you may be. Until the next time my sore arsed friends.


14 thoughts on “Will Girouds right testicle Pool on Monday night?

  1. Now that is a really good Post, Norther, and we do need to do something about the CF and DM positions and there are few who would disagree – other than who should be brought in.

    I have a new idea — we will play the CF at DM and the DM at CF – simple, and brilliantly modelled on soixante-neuf – obviously.

    Of course that will change who we want to bring in for those positions — although I guess Raddish will want the lady above to figure as she is clearly a striker. 🙂

    Welcome back, Chorizo Man. 😀

  2. Nice one NB, nice to have you back on,
    I have to admit we do need to inject new blood, Clubs around us are buying up talent, and whether their buys are worked out to fit in with the teams, is anyone’s guess. The special one has again waited for a big name Manager to show him players worth buying, and has stepped in to bid huge amounts of his owners money. Again the fool has brought a striker, and although he has a few, he may have to ask the managers who brought them to his attention, on how they were to utilise them.

    Of course we don’t have those problems, Wenger knows who and why he wants certain players but his problem is how much they cost, Of course he stays very quiet as the special twat will snap him up. I have my suspicions that new blood will be in soon, but whether they are top players or will turn into top players is anyones guess, Just glad your back NB you always make me smile.

  3. Hi NB, I share your concern over Coquelin being our only “clean up man” in mid field although we still have Flamini – both are prone to red cards but that’s really nothing more than the nature of their position where aggression is the name of the game.

    Fine post and it’s good to see you back – please restock the single malt as it’s prone to rapid evaporation when I’m around…………………..

  4. fair call, NorthBank. 🙂 Cover for Le Coq! whatever happened to naturism? 😛

    But no single malt left in the cupboard! oh, well …..

  5. Not sure how she made the poor 15 year old boy`s cock hard and then made him grind away all night…………..probably some kind of Witch Craft or some Hypnotising as there`s no way he would have got a hard on without that kind of shit !………poor boy !.

  6. Cockie… she looks as if she’s getting on a bit… as a 15 year old I would have been terrified as well 🙂

    As for last nights result, only one thing to say:

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