Emotions of a fickle fan! A tale of two games…

I’ve been having an argument in my head on whether to do a post this morning. Three days ago I was angry with Mr Wenger for fielding a COC team for the Champions League, today I want to kill Mike Dean for ruining what should have been a cracking game of football at Stamford Bridge and Wenger is my hero. So I’ve decided not to vent my anger because others do it in a much more eloquent way… as does Redders on AA, so here is his rant from this morning, I hope you don’t mind RA… I’ve nicked your post.

Redders posted this:

Here is the musings of a deflated fan: not with his team but with the way football has been allowed to descend into farce!!

A match which most of us had looked forward to with both hope and uncertainty over the result, became instead all about neanderthal man Costa and the weak, incompetent referee Dean.

On a more prosaic level, the game was decided when we as a team fell to a sucker punch by allowing Gabriel to be provoked into a tame back-heeled foot flick towards his tormentor Costa, who swiftly screamed like a wimp to Dean what had happened, and allowing Dean, who clearly had not seen it, to walk away and become surrounded by other Chelsea demanding a red card which he then produced with his usual dramatic flourish.

Where was the Arsenal captain while this was going on – who the hell was the Arsenal captain in the absence of the injured Herman the German. Why it was the diminutive Cazzor who was conspicuous by his lack of leadership.

If anything, at anytime in a game required a firm no-nonsense word by the captain to Gabriel instructing him to cool it and not allow himself to be gulled into a red card that was it.

The despicable unbalanced Maureen gloated after the game that Costa was his MoTM, and as a physical, cheating embodiment on the pitch, of the twisted perverse mentality of the balding Machiavelli, then Costa was indeed that.

It seemed to many, and not just biased Gooners, that the incompetent Dean seemed to be frightened to admonish Costa, either for fear of the physical threat to himself on the pitch, or the verbal lambasting he would receive off the pitch by the puppet master, and allowed the nutcase free reign to do his malevolent worst on the pitch.

It is easy for those wishing to knock the Arsenal manager but this behaviour, which had such a catastrophic effect on the result of the match, cannot be legislated for by one manager by himself, and also to ignore the obvious that if Costa had been sent off for the original face smacking head banging assault on Kozzer, then Maureen’s MoTM boy friend would have been in the bath and not on the pitch.

It would not be fanciful to believe that Wenger and not Maureen would have been celebrating victory if the referee had done what was demanded by the rules of the game, and not chickened out.

This whole debacle did not bring credit on anyone, certainly not the Chelsea or their hormonally challenged manager, and in fairness, Arsenal need to look at themselves too, for being poorly captained, and unprofessionally naïve in being so predictably provoked, and finally, the sheer weak, incompetent and disastrous refereeing was, as Arsene said, was totally unacceptable and needs to be urgently addressed.

There you go then… I couldn’t have said it better. I want to start a hate campaign against Mike Dean. Send him some hate mail, damage his car, post photos of him naked with 12 year old girls and being a friend of Rolf Harris, search his waste bin for signs of cannabis use and drug dependancy, hack his computer for child porn… you know the stuff, lets ruin the cunt.


24 thoughts on “Emotions of a fickle fan! A tale of two games…

  1. Fine write up but to be honest it puts you off watching the game of football when you see things like yesterday.I won’t say too much but why didn’t AW strengthen.I saw Le Coq was injured before half time he was limping,and stated it on AA and to be honest Chelsea aren’t that good compared to last season. Now hopefully Costa will be made an example of retrospectively.

  2. hahaha, top stuff nicking Redders post 69

    I agree with him. We lack leadership and carachter. Ime sure when the chelsea wankers surrrounded the ref I spotted Santi juggling the ball. Carzola only attends parties were the host has a table tennis set.

    in the old days someone like Keown or Adams would have chinned Costa for his wankiness.

    Ime with you 69, Dont think it will be a problem digging up dirt on Dean. I fully suspect the mans pastime is as a latex clad Gimp were geezers dressed in full football kit give him a good rodgering. As the cunt is getting bummed he yells in ecstasy “Ahhhhhggghh, red card for wenger , send me off costa, send me off, fuck the fourth official”

  3. I seem to think we have two top teams, meeting one another, should have been a match to look forward to, The shame of it was one team wanted to show football in good light and one who would stoop to the very depths to win ugly. Shame is the Ugly side won. football steps back in time.

  4. I don’t know how he does, Norther but Terry cannot stop me chuckling as with his 1:27. 🙂

    Now Arsene should sign him up to show the lads how they can have character like him!!

  5. Hi Kelsey, 🙂

    I don’t think that Maureen was joking about the Neanderthal being his MoTM. He wants to win at all costs and cheating is part of his way to do it – so Costa performed his role perfectly.

    The ex-professional players who are idiots like Shearer and the other toss pots will change their stance from ‘I like his robust style’ and also say that Costa did not do anything much wrong, if he was playing against their ‘home’ team – so let’s remember what they said when Costa cheats against their old clubs in the future, and he will — then they will sing a different tune — or should I say Toon – when that happens.

  6. I am always impressed when anyone finds a way to reduce his workload – it is an art I have been working on all my life and you NB are proving to be a master.

    Not only lifting RA’s comment for a post but lifting it from another site. Top quality avoidance.


  7. Hello from la drôme.
    The press and pundits are 100% licking Mourinho’s arse, and 95% supportive of his bastard demon son Costa. Wish I could be wrong, but there ain’t a chance in hell that Costa will get retroactive disciplinary action, the FA are loving it. Dark day for the Arse, and for English football.
    This is what they want….

  8. Raddy

    It was a bit of a liberty I know… but I don’t think I could have made a post considering how angry I was… so I looked for a more balanced option and Redders produced it.

    Hello John in the Drome….. hows the weather been up there? Have you suffered floods?

  9. Was in Denmark all week where the weather was suitably crap and the beer and fish were suitably excellent.
    Nope, no floods in Romans, slightly higher ground than where you are.
    Looking forward to the game today.

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