That was a big win for the Gunners.

Welcome to the Sunday suppliment sore arses.

This morning I feel ashamed, I have to confess, I need to bare my soul to the world and say…..” I didn’t think we’d win at Leicester”. I thought they would be up for it and Mahrez, Vardy and Co would get the three points. I definately didn’t forsee us getting five and little Alexis getting a hat-trick.

But I suppose that’s what supporting Arsenal can be like sometimes, occassionally a small crack will materialise in ones faith, a smidgeon of doubt appears on the horizon and you find yourself dreading the next game. That was yours truly yesterday morning, I had no enthusiasm for the match…. but luckily, I watched it and as the game progressed my doubts, my fears, my dread, slowly dissolved as I watched a master class in football.

Theo… oh Theo, there have been so many doubts about you as CF but yesterday you showed that you have the hunger, the mental attitude and the skill to actually do it. Perhaps it just needed time for you to aclimatise to the position but against Leicester you proved, Yes, you can. Some great runs behind the defence, Positional awareness and a sublime Henryesque goal, and now you even sport the haircut and beard of King Henry. Well done lad.

Little dynamo Alexis…. MOTM, a hat-trick and a great third goal. The duracell has finally recharged and will now terrorise PL defences for the rest of the season. Long may it continue.

Overall, it was a good game by the whole team, shame we conceded a couple but still, it was a big win, no, in fact it was a massive win. Something I’m sure Wenger will want to build upon and improve. Our passing and counter-attacking play was quick, assured and positive. We were unplayable. Our two wing backs made a massive contribution to our attack and interchanged well with Ramsey and Alexis. Özil made some excellent passes, including the assist for the Alexis header and was unfortunate not get on the score sheet himself.

So, from my doubts and fears of yesterday morning I am now free of negative thoughts about the greatest team in England. We have moved into fourth place, just three points behind leaders Man United and with them to play at the Emirates next weekend perhaps a tougher test than Leicester but on yesterdays form, I don’t see us losing the momentum.

It looks as if the battle for the title is going to be a very close fought affair. The Chavs are gradually drifting out of contention, Leicester and West Ham will eventually fall by the wayside, as will the Spuds, despite their win yesterday. So that leaves Us, City and United to contest the top spot. City have now suffered back to back defeats and their defence is looking vulnerable. United are on form but as with City, their defence is questionable. So now that I’m in a much more positive mood I reckon in a few weeks time the Arsenal will be topping the PL. Inconsistency will be our only enemy.

Right, —-> Glass —–> Wine —–> Knife —–> Chorizo

Thanks for reading…. COYG’s.


15 thoughts on “That was a big win for the Gunners.

  1. Blinding post, NB,
    I must admit, i did share your concerns prior to the start, I have watched them a couple of times this season and felt that their fast breakaways could unsettle us. As you said they got the first goal and could have had a second, but i feel we underestimate the quality we have, and our quick passing and our own breakaways are first class.

    Where we have struggled in our finishing, and that i feel is where our weakness has been, but yesterday the finishing was second to none. I did feel that Coquelin missing from Midfield was to be our downfall, and i do feel we missed him, but Flamster gave us a few minutes before going down with a hammy injury, and i must admit, i took a gasp when Arteta came on.

    The team rallied together, and the goalscorers took the pressure off. Leicester have a good side, and a few players who will cause others a lot of problems. Our wing backs were superb and Merts and Kos steadied things at the back, Cech made a few point saving saves, and the rest of the team dug out what in the end was a comfortable win.

    Having said that Leicester was dangerous, and their fast breakaways stretched us and at times tormented us as well, I felt that our closing down was fast and did make the difference, they also did the same to us, and we did make mistakes which put us under a lot of pressure.

    Tinkerman after the game, was quick to point out that we are a side with a lot of talent, and that when we got our noses in front, he knew they had had it. A very honest Manager

  2. Morning Steve P thanks mate

    I should have mentioned Leicester and their game…. they are a joy to watch and did cause us some problems. But we overcame that and proved to be a class above.

  3. Hi NB, good and honest report.

    I wrote yesterday that I feared we would be in for a nasty surprise – but instead it was a very pleasant surprise. Wow! what an offensive display we put on it was a joy to behold.

    Our defense was all over the place in the first 15 minutes and although pressured continuously throughout the game I felt that they put together a solid overall performance.

    I so. so, want us to put i big one over on Man U – we have owed them a sound licking for years and I hope this is the week that it becomes a reality!!!

  4. First off, happy to have been completely wrong last week saying that Costa would never ger retroactive punishment….doesn’t change the result but at least there’s been some kind of recognition that this is not the way the game should be played. The way the game should be played was on show yesterday, fantastic match.
    I too think we owe united a proper spanking, but they ain’t gonna come at us like Leicester, will be a cagey affaire.
    First up, Olympiakos. Need to give them a spanking too.
    Ps; Got some evil looking hornets made a nest in my outdoor cushion box….’les pompiers’ don’t do this kind of call anymore, so I’m getting a specialist in to destruct the buggers. No way I’m going anywhere near them!

  5. Johny Legend, i feel we had a few Hornets in our team this week, A very powerful sting from Sanchez, would make anyone think twice, A darting Hornet in Theo and a worn out older Hornet in Oly, saying that they certainly, combined their stings and will make a lot of others carry a Hornet spray, Keep away from the Hornets mate, and get it done by Pro’s

  6. Steve P, don’t worry…ain’t gonna get a bee in me bonnet….. will leave it to the pros.
    NB, you getting these Chinese hornets down in Avignon?

  7. hello John

    Haven’t had any here as far as I know……. although we’ve had a lot of those tiny flies from North Africa… I think they’re called Arabies?? But they bite like hell… worse than mosquitoes.

  8. I’ve been a bit negligent this week and not posted any nice breasts…. which is probably why Big Raddy hasn’t posted a comment… so without further ado, here she is,

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