The Greeks burst the Arsenal Bubble….

Good morning tit lovers from a sunny and warm Southern France.

After the Leicester game I was in very high spirits, the next game was Olympiacos at the Emirates in the Champions League and a good win was envisaged. Due to our unfortunate defeat in Croatia this had to be a must win game to stay in contention for getting through the group stages. Wenger had been under the spot-light and criticised for fielding too many changes to the team against Dynamo Zagreb so the thinking amongst fans was that he would field his strongest side against the Greeks.

There will be many heated debates about the side that Wenger chose and the biggest debate is the inclusion of Ospina instead of Cech. For me, our strongest side has to include our #1 keeper, no question. So why did our manager use the Chilian? There have been a few conspiracy theories put forward. Firstly is that Ospina has included in his contract a clause that he plays all Cup games including the Champions League…. if that were to be the case then for me it is very poor team management. I couldn’t believe that Wenger would be able to make such a promise which could affect his team selection for such an important competition.

Secondly, it was mentioned that Cech had a small injury and Wenger confirmed this. However, my question is, ” Why was Cech on the bench if he was suffering an injury?”. Very strange and maybe the manager told a little porkie to avoid any difficult questions. He has defended his decision this week, saying that he has two world class keepers.

Thirdly, and this is my personal theory, Monsieur Wenger has realised that with his current squad, it is not possible to win the Champions League and therefore, he is treating it like the Capital One Cup and rotating as much as possible to keep the squad fresh for a serious push for the Premier League title. I really can’t see any other plausible reason.

So after such a disappointing defeat on Tuesday we come to todays game against Manchester (the red side) who were topping the league until yesterdays emphatic win by the Manchester blue side against the struggling Toons. United currently on 16 points and us on 13, a win for us today will make us joint second. Can we do it though, our record against them isn’t brilliant and last season their win at the Emirates was Van Gaals first win after taking over. I was critical of the purchase of a 19 year old Martial for Β£40m and thought it was a crazy price to pay for a unproven forward. However, he has proved me wrong so far and he will be a big threat today, as will Rooney who tends to score regularly against the Gunners.

Team selection is a difficult task, Kos is out with a hammy, Arteta and Flamster are both out, but the Big Coq is fit to play. Our strongest back four therefore will be Bellerin, Paul Easter, BFG and Monreal with Coq au Vin sitting just in front. Walcott or Giroud? Your guess is as good as mine, I’ve no idea, but Theo will probably start. The Ox, Cazorla, Ramsey, Sanchez orΒ Γ–zil will form the midfield, again, I’ve no idea who from that five. But one thing is for certain, Cech will be in goal.

What will be the outcome? I think we may see a few goals, it could end up a bit like last weekends game against Leicester…. who will get the 5 and who will get the 2?…. how the fuck would I know. This game could go either way but I’m hoping for a win to the Gunners. Hope is all I have left, I leave the confidence to the manager.

After severe floods down here yesterday I’ve woken to a gloriously sunny day. The wine is chilling in the fridge and the chorizo has been sliced… cheers and bon apetit. Enjoy the game where ever you may be.

28 thoughts on “The Greeks burst the Arsenal Bubble….

  1. Morning dickheads πŸ™‚

    I’m overwelmed with all the comments…. having trouble keeping up ha ha ha

    What a win yesterday….. now just 2 points behind City and the Chavs practically out of the race. We’ve thrashed United and We can beat City, so the EPL is ours for the taking if we can get our consistency up and running.

  2. Morning NB, bloggers had their minds on other things it seems , but nice post mate, i did write this for the other side, but they had another, so seeing how nobody is visiting this site i thought i would share it just for you, hope you dont mind.Morning all,
    Yesterday morning started very much the same as all match day mornings, AAers patiently waiting for Big Raddy’s pre match report, I sensed in the Big Man’s report, that he was nervous and didn’t want to commit himself, i looked for his percentage that he usually gives us, but the big man had left that out, I felt Raddy was trying in his own way of trying to prepare us for the possibility of bad news, i may be wrong, but inside i felt uneasy myself, so maybe i read his fine words wrong.

    The starting of the match with handshakes and the managers pre match interviews, , still ringing in our ears, where LVG looked confident and his ending of we come here to win, showed us all, that he was confident. Arsene of course said his normal things of commitment and unity, many of us have heard words like this many times from the great man.

    The whistle finally went , and Arsenal kicked off, the ball seemed stuck to our players boots, a stream of quick direct passes and it seemed a while before United got a touch, The Arsenal boys looked up for this one, that was for sure. Much was said about United’s latest recruit Martial before kick off, but i felt not enough about Sanchez and Walcott, these two players movement and work rate was sublime, with Ozil and Cazorla threading balls in breathtaking style, six minutes of play when Sanchez finally finished off a fine shot, United was stunned.

    The restart, and Arsenal won the ball back almost immediately, and attacked like a Pincer movement fantastic fast movement perfect passes and Theo run onto a superb pass and quickly saw Ozil waiting for a pass, and Theo provided, Ozil struck like lightening with his left foot and the ball flew in the left hand corner, United players held their heads in wonderment at passing of the very best.

    Van Gael on the touchline, looked stunned, his right hand man Ryan Giggs, who has in his time inflected pain, was showing signs of the same pain, 2 down in seven minutes, and nothing they could do to stop this well oiled Arsenal machine. Arsenal was relentless, surprisingly it took another twelve minutes of extreme pressing before, Theo made a fine cross-field pass to Sanchez who dribbled past four defenders before unleashing a lethal shot high in the United net 3.0 in nineteen minutes.

    United held fast for the remainder of the half, they were stunned, no doubt about that, they had been witnessed to one of the best displays of Arsenal attacking play, ever to be played at Emirates stadium. A lot of talking to do in the break, how could they withstand another half of scintillating Arsenal pressure.

    Much had been said prior to this match, of Arsene’s inability to do tactics, Arsenal have been criticised for not doing their homework on other teams strengths and weaknesses, i feel after that 45 minutes, where our side were quicker to the ball, our midfield bossed the middle of the park, our forwards struck like an exocet missile’s, this from a team that does not do tactics.

    The second half started, but Arsenals tactics had changed, the pace of the first half had been dynamic, but now Arsene had decided to change tact, I felt that Arsene’s halftime talk was about conserving what we had, and attack on the break. United was allowed more possession, but he had instructed the defensive lines to be resolute, United had more of the ball but Arsenal it has to be said parked the proverbial bus.

    Arsene systematically made changes, he beefed up more defensively, but relied more from the attacking players to attack on the break, They did and should have had more goals, but the more easy the chance seemed to bring less clinical finishing. The times United had chances Petr Cech was up to the task making a string of fine saves.

    The day was about how The Arsenal can play when they put their mind to it, The league leaders were given a lesson in both attacking and defending at its very best, LVG was absolutely stunned in his interview after the game asked what went wrong, and an honest answer from Van Gael. I still don’t know.

    That said it all, Arsene not known for tactics and plans, but it has to be said on the day he managed this game spot on, was it luck or was it managed , i like to think it was Managed.

  3. Very entertaining, Steve, thanks very much.

    You’ve captured the amazement of seeing such a performance live.
    There were people in the ground (and I’m sure it was the same for those watching at home) holding their hands to their heads staring at each other, looking for confirmation that it really was happening. Superb, πŸ™‚

  4. Well done Steve,

    Indeed that was the greatest display of attacking football I’ve seen in a donkey’s age – from any team.
    Before the game I said to my son “I’d just love to see that smirk wiped off of RVG’s face” – it only took 6 minutes and his smirk was turned upside down.

    I can’t remember having such a great “after glow” fropm a game of football – you know the type of feeling NB69 is always getting – but not from football.

  5. By the way, NB, your pre-match is good as well.
    Everybody was nervous about yesterday’s game after last Tuesday night’s debacle and you summed up that feeling perfectly.

    I still think Ospina for Cech should have been fine as a selection decision last Tuesday. Wenger could never have predicted his number two GK to chuck the ball in his own net.

  6. I can hardly stand up but never mind.I asked on AA about Ozil’s goal.I am sure he scored a similar goal from the same place on the pitch, practically on the half volley, last might have been a CL game. Does anyone remember.

    That Herb thinks I am as young as GN5, cheeky bastard.

  7. Thank you guys, And NB i hope i didn’t take liberties, i was a little excited with our play and wanted to share it. Kel’s you must be knocking on mate, your handle is legendary.Good to see GN5, dont you be a stranger mate.

  8. Not at all Steve…. it deserved to be published. Just a shame Peaches missed your comment in Nuts. Perhaps she’ll put it up tomorrow so to speak. πŸ™‚

  9. Unfortunately thee are not many teams that will go to the Emirates and be foolhardy enough to play an open game against the Arsenal = LVG a tactical genius?

    I’m scratching my head wondering if I’ve ever seen such an awesome display of out and out attacking football – I think the answer is never. It also showed AW’s technical/tactical ability as he switched from all out offense in the first half to a defensive counter attack mode in the second.

    Well done AW and teh awesome Gunners – I’ve been waiting for ever for us to give Man U a good stuffing and finally it’s a done deal – wonderful feeling……………..

    Thanks Steve.

  10. There has been times where i have despaired, when i feel we have a much better team than i have witnessed, It was encouraging to watch these players working together to produce spells of football that has registered remarkable.

    Of course its to early to have visions of grandeur,, but i feel that what i said after the Leicester result, that teams will not look forward to our fixture.

  11. chas

    That’s the one,I knew you would suss it, thanks. Be nice if he shot a bit more.

    Steve, I am one of the original 6 that started AA with peaches and Rasp in control. There are at this time,that I know of at least 4 regulars older than me and I reckon there are very few regulars under 55, that’s why the squabbling is unnecessary.

  12. Steve. There are plans afoot …..

    NB. Why don’t you write the PM’s on the other site when I am on hols (which thankfully is often)?

    More soft porn please.

  13. None of us are that Young Kels. Its up to the lot of us to encourage tranquillity. But as you well know old uns are stubborn Bugger’s, but they are not daft, they will see sense, and they will miss the banter and we will miss them, but they will be back. πŸ™‚

  14. Well Steve, your comment come post got my stats rocketing and got the old comments flowing, cheers mate. You fucking old gits, don’t lump me into that category…. ha ha. You are as young as the woman you feel, that’s my moto.

    Raddish…. I’ll do the pre match next weekend… ha ha. But seriously, I’m permanently on holiday so it’s difficult just to do my Sunday supplement πŸ™‚ but I will give it some thought for next time you toodle off to Italia ok.

  15. The human body always amazes me ……


    It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.

    One human hair can support 6.6 pounds.

    The average man’s penis is two times the length of his thumb.

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    Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.

    If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.

    Women: will be finished reading this by now.

    Men: are still busy checking their thumbs.

  16. Hi there NB.

    It’s simply not possible for you to annoy me as much as Herb does – he goes out of his way to be insulting.

    I sent you an email message as well.

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