Post hoc ergo propter hoc… or, will injuries be the cause of another failed season?

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It is often cited that ‘luck’ or ‘fate’ have seriously affected the Gunners when challenging for the title. Injuries have been the main cause of us being unable to sustain a strong starting XI and therefore, being handicapped in our push for a trophy. ‘After this, therefore, because of this’.

This season so far, we have been fairly ‘lucky’ with injuries. Jack and Danny are the only main concerns but their absence has not as yet, been a dibilitating factor. There are still enough players to fill their spots. However, will this continue and can we maintain an injury free period long enough to make our current good start in the Premier League a successful? Sanchez has finally found form but last weekend he walked off with a groin injury, fortunately it wasn’t bad enough for him to miss playing for his country. If however, he were to be out for several weeks or months then that would be a serious disruption to our team dynamic.

The last few seasons have shown the fragility of the Arsenal when it comes to maintaining a fit team. This season, apart from the opening game, we have started extremely well and it looks as if we could mount a promising bid for the title. Injuries are my main worry and inconsistancy is my second concern. Mr Wenger seems to be targetting the Premier League title, with rotation now the norm in the Champions League. Rotation will hopefully reduce the risks of any of our main players picking up an unneccessary injury.

We have a fairly good run of games up until Christmas and I can foresee us topping the league on Christmas day.

Watford (a)

Everton (h)

Swansea (a)

Spuds (h)

WBA (a)

Norwich (a)

Sunderland (h)

Aston Villa (a)

Man City (h) and then Southampton (a) on Boxing day.

A maximum of 30 points…. wouldn’t be beyond our capability to get close to 30 points on current form and the injury Gods smiling kindly upon us.  Injuries and inconsistancy are going to be our biggest enemies. Inconsistancy can be worked on as a team and in training and mental preperation. Injuries can be inflicted at any moment so rotation in the other competitions is going to be crucial. A good push for the PL and the FA cup is going to be the priority for Wenger…. the PL because he needs it at this stage in his career, and the FA cup because we will make history.

Todays Sunday supplement is short and has been rather rushed, I’ll apologise for any spelling errors because haven’t proof read…. a weekend of alcohol abuse has taken it’s toll and I must admit , I’m feeling rather rough. However, I think a glass of wine now with my normal spicy chorizo should do the trick. Post hoc ergo propter hoc…. as they say. Santé!

9 thoughts on “Post hoc ergo propter hoc… or, will injuries be the cause of another failed season?

  1. Morning NB, That nipple looks tender, must have been worked on, but now resting like our injured. NB i understand your concerns, but i look at it like this, we have cover for most positions, and the guys who pull the strings, ie providers and scorers, by the time they are feeling their legs. Jack and Danny will be back fresh and raring to go, for the run in.

    Injury seems to be fairly light at present, Flamster has a little Hammy but Arteta is still there should we feel the nead, Midfielders by the bucket load so no obvious problems their Sanches Giroud and Theo all look to be ready for every game, a couple of reasonable keepers who dont exactly knock themselves out, If there is a weakness i would say its at the bottom of the spine Kos and Merts, Easterman is there and their cover man Coq would be a massive miss.

    As it is, we seem in pretty good shape, you need to have a nice little glass of vino and relax NB, worry about it all when it happens not before me old mucker, and i reckon you will enjoy it more. Thanks for the post mate.

  2. Hi NB,
    Given your condition that was still a good read, I’m typing softly in case the noise bothers you!

    Injuries have been our Achilles heel and have cost Arsene and Arsenal a few titles and trophies along the way, surely it’s not too much to ask for the injury gods to be kind to us for at least one season – is it ??

    It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and I’m cooking a turkey roast and all the trimmings for 12 people, three berry and apple pie for desert.

    Hi Steve how are you?

  3. I don’t think you are far off the mark NB but of course we have the back to back games with Bayern Munich starting very soon and one could debate several ways as to which of the following would be the best end result.
    For me, I never want us to lose,but the possibilities are pretty slim that we reach the knock out stage and if we do could we progress further,I doubt it. I would rather we finish last than third so we avoid Thursday night football for two main reasons. The financial rewards are a pittence and do we have a squad big enough to cater for endless games and at this moment we are also still in the Carling Club.

    On a personal note NB if you ever come back to England being a cab driver would suit you down to the ground.

    Check this out. 😉

  4. NB You are right about injuries being the biggest shark in the water for Arsenal this season but less so than in previous years. The only irreplaceables in my view are Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil with Coquelin being very close to the same but I am reluctant to open up old wounds let alone restart the transfer window wailing. Further Arsenal can put out a strong team even if these three get injuries but simply not with the same world class sparkle.

    However I find it very curious that Bielik who was purchased as a very high quality young defensive midfielder is being groomed at centre half which seems particularly short sighted given Arteta’s propensity for injury and Flamini for both injury and multi-coloured cards.

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