Arsenal…. On top of the world, Ma!

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So we move to the top of the table….. for the time being. That could change again this afternoon. Another fine performance yesterday although it got a bit nervy after Barkleys’ lucky deflection.

Ozil my MOTM, he had a superb game. Shame we weren’t able to keep a clean sheet but a win is a win.

So what result do we want to see in Manchester this afternoon? I suppose a draw would be the best we could hope for, which would keep us joint top with City, but maybe a United win would be better, would keep us top on goal average and keep City chasing.

In the other London game yesterday it gave me a warm feeling to see the Hammers beat the Chavs. Maureen having another meltdown after the game….. the guy is losing it.

Can see loads of rotation for the midweek COC game against Sheffield Wednesday…. Alexis, Walcott, Ozil, Kos, Nacho and Bellerin would be the obvious choices to keep on the bench.

That’s it from me today…. short and sweet.

Note: I’ve broken the connection to my PC charger so when the batterie runs out, I’ll have no power for the PC. Won’t be able to get a new one this week because I’m in the mountains north of Grenoble. Consequently, won’t be many comments from me and also, may mean I’m not able to make a post next Sunday. See how it goes.



5 thoughts on “Arsenal…. On top of the world, Ma!

  1. I love your blogs… always so ‘to the point’ and earthy.
    Surely a little initiative will overcome the battery problem…..rubbing two bits of chorizo together and then connect to a USB should do it!!
    Awaiting your next blog with anticipation….. enjoy the mountains then come down to mine outside Cape Town.

  2. Nice one Hector.

    I’m still without my PC and waiting for a new charger. Have come down from the mountain but still not got back to Avignon…. been waylaid with friends ha ha.

    This is Northbank1969 by the way.

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