Arsenal play amazing football… sometimes!

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Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog… being blogged somewhere in France! La Marseillaise can be heard in the far distance.

Firstly, the game against Dinamo Zagreb, lovely stuff, beautiful football, Sanchez and Mesut playing extremely well together and Ramsey back in the side. We couldn’t have wanted more. What a contrast to the game against the Baggies a few days earlier….. total contrast.

There was a great post on the Arsenal Arsenal blog on Friday, by GunnerN5 about fickle fans. I’m sort of a fickle fan, not to the extreme in the Wenger out philosophy but not over the top as in ‘Wenger is Gods gift’ to the Arsenal. I stay somewhere in the ‘grey’ area…. love him sometimes, criticise on other occasions. However, Tuesday night at the Ems…. the team played how I want them to play all the fucking time… no pissing about with inconsistancy, no bad passing or failing to hit the net after umpteen attempts, good football, all the time, win all the time and score fucking loadsa goals… simple philosophy, easy for our boys but can they do it all the time?

Now today we travel to Norwich…. always a banana skin for us…. they have passionate fans, a small stadium which increases the pressure and Delia Smith… their 12th man who can cook a boiled egg perfectly!

The bad news is that Sanchez is doubtful for the match, the good news is Ramsey is back and possibly the Ox as well. Results yesterday weren’t too bad for us, United got a draw, as did Leicester ( the new kids on the block) but City got three points so a win today puts us on 29 points alongside City and Leicester. So is it a must win game…. fucking right it is, I want to see at least three goals and a clean sheet.

Who do we have to worry about at Carrow Road, well Delia of course… but I can’t see anyone else causing us any problems…. but that’s if we play like Tuesday night, if we play similar to at the Hawthorns, goodbye three points.

It’s been reported that the boys are flying to Norfolk… a flight of apparently 14 minutes and they land at Norwich ‘International’ airport… International, ha ha ha, apparently you can fly from there to such exotic places as Aberdeem and Inverness! They are flying from Luton, so allow the time to get to Luton from London, Customs, boarding… then fourteen minutes in ┬áthe air, landing, customs and then a coach to Carrow road…. it all seems a bit ridiculous. A fucking tractor could get them there quicker on the M11.

I’m hoping the stress of flying for fourtenn minutes doesn’t upset the team too much…. but the stress of a few farmers rubbing them down at Norwich International Airport could damage morale…. especially if a particularly enthusiastic farmer/customs officer decides to do a few anal searches… OUCH!

So, a win today…. a must, need to keep up with City and …. the new boys on the block, Leicester. Goals from Ozil, Ramsey and the Ox.

It’s Sunday morning, 9am in the UK, 10h here and the sun is shining in Provence, the wine is chilled, my baguette is warmed and my chorizo is red and spicy. Enjoy the match wherever you are on the planet… and remember, it’s only 22 men in shorts kicking a round thing on a field.


West Brom Bag all the points…………

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I’m back in Avignon after four weeks where I was rarely sober. I have a new charger for my PC so am raring to go….. GunnersoreArse is back with a bang, but yesterdays game makes it feel like a whimper.

With a fairly easy run of games coming up, most Arsenal fans saw yesterdays game against West Brom as the start of a winning run to put us top of the league before Christmas……….. well we were fucking wrong weren’t we! Our boys once again showed how inconsistant they can be….. 73% possession, eleven shots on goal and we managed just the one goal from Giroud. The Baggies had four shots with one shot on target and scored twice. Cazorla missed his first ever penalty in the Premier League and both Gibbs and Cambell had good chances that they flunked. Oh but Arteta got a goal.

You just have to laugh in the face of such bad luck and the bad luck continues with injuries, the one we’ve all been dreading…… The Big Cock. It looked like just a knock but the Frenchman isn’t a player who goes off the field easily, he is one who would stay on no matter what, so do we read into that something serious?

It was all rather disapointing but give West Brom credit for playing the game with energy and commitment. They threw themselves at everything. What was even more disappointing was City losing to Liverpool and therefore, a win for us would have put us two points clear at the top. A wasted chance.

Up until yesterday we were the in form team, with five wins and a draw in our last six games but now, in a very bizarre situation, we have Leicester and Stoke topping the in form league, with Leicester top of the Prem on 28 points, two clear of Man Utd. I wonder what the betting is for Leicester to win the League? Could be worth a punt! I’ve just checked and Sky Bet have them at 100/1….. worth a tenner?

Next up is Dynamo Zagreb……. I’ve got mixed thoughts now about the Champions League. I’m tending towards finishing fourth in the group and going out, Spursday night football doesn’t fill me with any excitement.

Then on to Norwich away next weekend before we meet Sunderland at home and then Remi Gardes new Villa on the 13th December at Villa Park. One must hope that these will be winnable and put us back in contention before we host Man City on the 19th December. If we can keep the injuries to a minimum (what chance of that?) then I still believe we can do it. Wilshere and Welbeck should be back soon and I’m hoping Coq au Vin only has a knock to his knee and nothing more serious.

Right, Sunday morning, sun is shining, my mood is improving so time for a glass of Sauvignon and some spicy chirizo. Keep the faith Sore Arses, enjoy life wherever you are in the universe and don’t forget…. it’s just a game of football.