Arsenal play amazing football… sometimes!

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Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog… being blogged somewhere in France! La Marseillaise can be heard in the far distance.

Firstly, the game against Dinamo Zagreb, lovely stuff, beautiful football, Sanchez and Mesut playing extremely well together and Ramsey back in the side. We couldn’t have wanted more. What a contrast to the game against the Baggies a few days earlier….. total contrast.

There was a great post on the Arsenal Arsenal blog on Friday, by GunnerN5 about fickle fans. I’m sort of a fickle fan, not to the extreme in the Wenger out philosophy but not over the top as in ‘Wenger is Gods gift’ to the Arsenal. I stay somewhere in the ‘grey’ area…. love him sometimes, criticise on other occasions. However, Tuesday night at the Ems…. the team played how I want them to play all the fucking time… no pissing about with inconsistancy, no bad passing or failing to hit the net after umpteen attempts, good football, all the time, win all the time and score fucking loadsa goals… simple philosophy, easy for our boys but can they do it all the time?

Now today we travel to Norwich…. always a banana skin for us…. they have passionate fans, a small stadium which increases the pressure and Delia Smith… their 12th man who can cook a boiled egg perfectly!

The bad news is that Sanchez is doubtful for the match, the good news is Ramsey is back and possibly the Ox as well. Results yesterday weren’t too bad for us, United got a draw, as did Leicester ( the new kids on the block) but City got three points so a win today puts us on 29 points alongside City and Leicester. So is it a must win game…. fucking right it is, I want to see at least three goals and a clean sheet.

Who do we have to worry about at Carrow Road, well Delia of course… but I can’t see anyone else causing us any problems…. but that’s if we play like Tuesday night, if we play similar to at the Hawthorns, goodbye three points.

It’s been reported that the boys are flying to Norfolk… a flight of apparently 14 minutes and they land at Norwich ‘International’ airport… International, ha ha ha, apparently you can fly from there to such exotic places as Aberdeem and Inverness! They are flying from Luton, so allow the time to get to Luton from London, Customs, boarding… then fourteen minutes in  the air, landing, customs and then a coach to Carrow road…. it all seems a bit ridiculous. A fucking tractor could get them there quicker on the M11.

I’m hoping the stress of flying for fourtenn minutes doesn’t upset the team too much…. but the stress of a few farmers rubbing them down at Norwich International Airport could damage morale…. especially if a particularly enthusiastic farmer/customs officer decides to do a few anal searches… OUCH!

So, a win today…. a must, need to keep up with City and …. the new boys on the block, Leicester. Goals from Ozil, Ramsey and the Ox.

It’s Sunday morning, 9am in the UK, 10h here and the sun is shining in Provence, the wine is chilled, my baguette is warmed and my chorizo is red and spicy. Enjoy the match wherever you are on the planet… and remember, it’s only 22 men in shorts kicking a round thing on a field.



28 thoughts on “Arsenal play amazing football… sometimes!

  1. How do you follow that NB 🙂
    I just hope we play like mustard..
    2 hours allowing to get to poxx luton by caoach/ then a wait then 15 minutes on a plane to Carrow Road, we do make things difficult for ourselves.

  2. Bonjour Monsieur Soixante-Neuf,

    If Delia is on form with her rallying cry of LET’S BE ‘AVIN YER! We could be in trouble today. As it’s a 16.15 kick-off she will have had plenty of to get pissed.

    Thinking about it you and Delia would make an ideal couple, you both like a sherbet or three and your spicy chorizo would be a great addition to her toad in the hole.

    A bientot.

  3. Morning, A graphic explanation of the day in Progress NB, No messing about, straight in there, Of course that is what we want from the team, Fly in play the game fly out with 3 points and the boys on the settee to watch their good work on MOTD.

    You are quite right about fickle fans, most fans i, know swing either way whether we win or lose, i somehow fall in your category, where i can moan and groan depending on results. I also, like i think you do, look at the big picture as well. No good supporter wants to have a go at the players or Manager, even if they are not one hundred percent behind them. Can we field better players than we have, of course we can, is there a better Manager than Arsene Wenger, most probably there is but at present he is not in place, will we win today, Who knows, as a supporter i don’t know what team will fly in, and even worse who is up to the challenge.

    I do know one thing, that if Sanchez sits this one out we will definitely be missing a player that tries his hardest in every game he plays, Aaron back could be a little rusty, but could do good. I have a bad feeling about this game, A few changes very rarely goes down well with this team, i hope i am wrong.

  4. Good morning boys…… Kels, spelling is bad mate, change your app 🙂

    Norfolk… I’d swap sauces with Delias’ toad in the hole and my chorizo… might have to put a large cookpot over her head but I think underneath all that clothing she wears, she may have a half decent body… ok, not Rack of the Day but do-able 🙂

  5. Steve there has to be something wrong when a team can play as poorly as we did against The Baggies and a few days latter as well as did did against Dynamo.

    Motivation, attitude that’s down to the manager.

  6. I will never change if we play well I will give plaudits, if we play without any motivation and crawl out at the start,I won’t be happy. The thing missing is being consistent, which has been our downfall for years.
    I get the feeling this season 6 clubs could really go on a run and then all of them shoot themselves in the foot.United look very average yet remain in contention.Spurs are playing too well for my liking and Chelsea aren’t as bad as many make out but I fear trouble in the dressing room and hopefully deCosta will become more and more a liability..

  7. Hiya NG, I have been thinking on the same lines, i can’t put my finger on exactly what goes wrong with our play, but often it is linked with being closed down fast, i don’t believe we handle that particularly well

  8. Afternoon Kelsey, yeah your right about consistency, many other clubs do seem to keep to a certain level, where we seem out of balance now and again. Dont like to blame it all on injured players as many have been out a long time. I tend to wonder about players form, most players have a normal level of play, but two or three times a season they hit top form, every team needs an in form player, when most are just normal a spark doesn’t seem to ignite if you know what i mean.

  9. Well that was absolutely terrible. 3 injuries and who knows when they will be 100% fit. Kos has had a lt of niggling injuries this season, and Sanchez was an accident waiting to happen, not sure about one legged Santi.

    We are in real trouble now. Haven’t got the players to keep us in the mix and even before the injury to Sanchez the only bright spark going forward was Ozil, who luclily escaped injury with the camera man.

    We are now going to be in a fight for 4 th up to the New Year and forget about the CL. Wenger can’t be blamed for all the injuries but yet again he plays a player in Sanchez who had a very high percentage of really causing damage to his hamstring, and of course if it wouldn’t have happened today it would have been next week.

  10. I sense your concerns Kelsey, I had to ask my self why we had two players shoved into dugouts filled with brick walls and camera’s, and nothing was done about it, how our players get knee’d every time they get challenged, or fouled in a systematic way, and that goes unpunished, That seems to be happening in most of our games, Till now we have almost a complete team out injured.

    Sanchez today was treated unfairly all afternoon and he was looking to the referee for a little protection, but none was available. A few injuries can be considered unlucky, but we seem to have injuries after most matches, i see a pattern, which could just be my imagination, but it certainly is decimating our choice of players.

  11. Hi NB,

    I also felt that we had little or no protection from the referee and that an accumulation of kicks and knees applied in the right areas will eventually wear the muscles down.

  12. Hello chaps

    GN5… the push on Sanchez, into the cameramans dugout was vicious and should have been a red card…. the intention was to cause serious harm, can;t be viewed in any other way. I hope Wenger makes a complaint for retrospective action.

  13. Hi there NB hope is all well with you and your ladies. snow on the ground and -6c here this morning.

    Yes that push was very obvious to everybody except the (less than) honorable John Moss. rotating fouling against Arsenal players is now in the text book of every team we play. Big Fat Sam was the originator of that “tactic” back in his Bolton days……

  14. VCC, sorry mate just seen your post. In case you didn’t see it I posted this this morning.

    Let’s all become real and good morning. We haven’t got a dog’s chance of winning anything this season though the anti Arsenal media are dismissing our appalling injury record saying it is no worse than other clubs.

    Now close your ears if you are 100% pro Wenger.I don’t care what he says, you don’t risk players if there is a still a slight doubt about their fitness. Christ we brought in a new team with all the state of the art inventions that measure this and that and changed the players diet.

    A don’t care a fig about stats how far they run, how many passes they make etc, we are literally down to the bare bones and players like Campbell and Jeff and to a certain extent Chambers have very limited experience at this level.
    He will now rush players back like Walcott and The OX who are injury prone players. Sunderland are utter shite but will beright in our faces and now we can bet not on the score but who gets injured next and then we have Olympiacos.

    It would have been nice to have a slightly loonger run for my money.

    I tell you now despite somehow only being two points off the top we are in a false position and will finish vieing for forth yet again unless we get one or two players in January, our injuries diminish rapidly and players like Ramsey and Giroud start banging them in the net.If I hear once more that Giroud is good at hold up play I will scream, he is a over paid well below par striker.I thought we bought him to score vital goals not number 3 or 4 wghen we occasionally give a team a hiding.

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