Arsenal…. playing badly but winning!

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Good morning knob-heads. Well I said it last week, the Gunners play amazing football………. sometimes! Yesterday against Sunderland wasn’t one of those amazing football days, in fact, it was one of their worst but they got the result, despite the French poof trying his hardest to give the Black Cats the three points. It seemed quite ironic that he scored an OG…. get it? Guaranteed if he had been in that position in front of the opponents goal, he would have knocked it well wide of the target.

It was good to see Campbell get on the scoresheet but I wasn’t too enamered with his dummy celebration, the way he was searching in his shorts I thought he was gonna get his dick out and wave it around. Imagine, he has probably been carrying the thing in his shorts for every game he’s played just so he could get it out yesterday…. no wonder he’s not been able to score…. it was probably chaffing his cream crackers.

It was a great pass from Moll though…. Mesut threading the ball through the defence with such precision it deserved to be a goal. Then Giroud made amends for his goal against us, Ramsey the supplier for the header, who then rounded off a MOTM performance with the third. A flattering result because Sunderland held out well, and gave Cech a bit of work to do.

So overall, not a great game from us but we bagged the three points and if not for the French hairstyle, it would have been a clean sheet. It puts us second in the League, two points behind high flying Leicester, with Villa away next week and then City at the Emirates before Christmas.

Fuck it… I pressed the ‘publish’ button by mistake.

Anyway, off to Athens in midweek for what is now a must win game. Anything less than a two goal margin and we’ll be playing Spursday night football. On the subject of the Spuds, there was a short period of yesterdays game where I broke out in a cold sweat… they were winning their game and we were drawing…. for a moment we descended into the shadow of N17….. fucking terrible feeling it was, I went all clammy and dizzy, cold sweat, pulpitations, legs went wobbly, I spilled my wine and reached for the razor blades. Please Arsenal, don’t do that to me again.

Ok…. that’s it from me…. wine and chorizo for breakfast. Till next week, after we’ve thrashed the Greeks 5 – 0. COYG’s



15 thoughts on “Arsenal…. playing badly but winning!

  1. Good morning Monseiur Soixante-Neuf,

    So you’re off to Athens for the CL match? Make sure you don’t arrive by boat or you’ll find yourself packed off to Bulgaria in double quick time.

    Must be about time for a livener over there, so I’ll leave you to find the corkscrew.

    A bientot.

  2. I like your pussies 😉

    Well I am fecking hard to please my friend.
    3 weeks in a row we have gone one up only for the oppo to get an equaliser a few minutes before half time,a crucial period, therefore giving them the momentum, and all three teams are supposed to be shite teams and we managed to beat one, well isn’t that fucking great.
    Cech saved u at least three times but having said that Ramsey scored (just) with his fifteeth attempt of the season,
    Heaven help us in Greece.
    You pinched my comments NB about Campbell havving that dummy strapped to his cock.he’s a headless chicken but a tryer at least.
    I think many just see what thay want to see.We finally overcame them but it was hard work.Bellerin has played really badly these last three games and our defense would get drawn to threads by any decent team.That we don’t have adequate cover in the squad is another story.

  3. Good afternoon NG and Kelsey hic!

    It looked to me as if Campbell is going to be one of these big egos with no talent, just like Bendtner. He was so into himself and his dummy after scoring that he didn’t acknowledge his team mates who were congratulating him.

  4. Good morning you unfaithful, disloyal load of smegs…. the bar has been open all fucking week and what do I get…. two fucking customers, and thank you Kelsey and Norfolk 🙂

    What can I do to get more people on the blog…. I post photos of lovely women, I call everyone a cunnut, I do everything a decent Parisien barman would do, insults, surly indifference, but no… it don’t fucking work. so here is my contribution for today….

  5. Why, thank you sire, will try to become a regular here. Been reading Aclf for a while and just started posting.

    Story going around that Chambers might play against Olympiakos. Maybe it’s his position to take.

  6. Welcome WCC

    It’s defo a chance for Chambers to step up as cover for Le Coq…. I’ve always thought, given the chance, he’d make a good DM. On;y time will tell. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Ok, we´re getting closer. Have this awful feeling of heroic failure. Almost getting there but stumbling on the last hurdle. A great win but not enough.

    Would love for us to have that extra stroke of luck. But more of a inkling that they´re gonna get a dodgy penalty close to death. Really don´t have much hope for tonight.

    Wow Nb, that bird has got be one of the top pics in the entire Gunnersorearse history.

  8. What a great win tonight in Greece…. must admit I had doubts as to whether we could get the 2 goal margin to go through but the French poof stood up to be counted and did a good job. Campbell had a good game too, which surprised me because I have been one of his biggest crtics…. just goes to show.
    Now we have to wait till Monday for the draw…. Wolfsburg or Zenit would be the best we could expect but we’ll probably get Barca or Real.

  9. Your prediction was almost perfect. Had the Flamster’s attempt not hit the bar and Theo ‘s simple chance been buried it would have been 5.

    Terrific night and fully deserving of another B&W pic of a pretty lady

  10. Morning Radish…. I bet the result made the few hairs that you have on your head stand on end 🙂

    It was a terrific night but unfortunately I went to the bar to watch the game and two old french gits in the bar wanted to watch the Lyon game… eventually they went and I got toi see the last 15 minutes, so missed all the goals.
    And this is just for you….. I’ve got no interest at all….

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