Villa Park the bus…. but Arsenal win!

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Fuck… I’m suffering today. Went to a party last night and the Champagne flowed. I met a gorgeous woman with a mouth made for a blow-job. I tried my best charming way to try and bed her, using my stock chat up lines such as, “I want to put Le Coq into your penalty area and shoot”, but she was having none of it. Next time I meet her I’ll make sure she’s well pissed and she won’t realise anything has happened until it’s all over.

So Arsenal travel to the beautiful city of Birmingham today, with the local accent we all adore, great curry restaurants and Aston Villa. I like Remi Garde and I hope he manages to keep them in the Prem, but today he will hate his mate Wenger because we are going to thrash them. After a well deserved win in Greece midweek the boys should be on a high and full of confidence. We also managed to avoid Spursday night football and playing teams with idiotic names like FC Midtjyland, FK Krasnodar, Liverpool, Man United and Spurs.

So spirits and confidence should be high today, lets hope OG doesn’t get an og and Campbell creams his soup and gets his dummy out again. We are boosted by the return of Walcott and Ramsey looks as if he is on the verge of hitting some good form. Wenger has had his crystal balls out this week and they predict Ramsey scoring a shitload this season! How they know that I’ve got no fucking idea but he’s said it, so he knows best! However, we need others to get on the scoresheet, Ozil, the Ox and Monreal.If we get three points today we go top of the league, tomorrow the surprise package called Leicester entertain the Chavs, if they lose we stay top. However, there is a nasty streak in me and I’d like to see Leicester thrash the Chavs and keep them close to the relegation zone.

Furthermore, I have Vardy and Mahrez in my Fantasy team so I need them to have a good game to increase my points…. the upside would also be seeing the Chavs struggling.

Maureen stated this week that it would be an achievement to get a fourth place spot, well eat humble pie you fucking cunt because Wenger manages that every season. I sincerely hope you get relegated you fucking dick!

Right, from a hungover, sexually frustrated Nortbank soixante-neuf… that’s it. I need a hair of the dog and some spicy chorizo, baguette and some goats cheese for breakfast. Wherever you knobheads are watching the game today, enjoy…. and lets hope we get the three points and top the league… I didn’t mean it about Leicester winning… a draw would do and we stay top on goal average.




6 thoughts on “Villa Park the bus…. but Arsenal win!

  1. Bonjour Monseur Soixante-Neuf,

    there shouldn’t be any doubt about who is going to win today,should there?

    According to Ian Wright, Wednesday night’s match was the best Arsenal performance he can remeber, or words to that effect. So we know just how well we can play, and it wasn’t a one off either. Remember mashing Man U at the Ems? Beating Bayern? Zapping Zagreb?

    Trouble is, we never know which of Le Profeseur’s Jekyll and Hyde teams is goingto show up. Is it going to be a champagne feast at the Ritz or a bottle of brown ale with pie and chips down the Greasy spoon? We’ve been in this famine or feast situation too many times in the past.

    Still it’s a relatively early kick-off, so there will be plenty of time to either celebrate going top of the table or to drown our sorrows at missing yet another golden opportunity.

    So is it to be James Cagney in White Heat, “Made it Ma, top of the World” or Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront ” I could bin a contender”

  2. Morning.

    Method acting – just an excuse not to learn the script. Brando was massively over- rated. I much prefer the talented Ms Hattie Jacques.

    So TOTL, after the losses to rubbish like WBA, WHU and Chelsea it is a welcome surprise

  3. Morning Raddy

    Come over here to have a look at the smut have you? Just imagine if we’d been able to beat West Brom, draw at Stamford Bridge and beat Liverpool at home and win against Norwich, we’d be 9 points clear…. but hey ho, we now have a good run coming up… we’ll be top on News Years Day.

  4. Ha ha ha…. this is what I posted on Arsenal Arsenal blog yesterday and it got censored… for fuck sake, it’s a cream for cyclists…. the world has truly gone fucking mad when something like this is censored… truly mad. When they let someone called Fumbucker post… whats the difference, Bum fucker or Bum Butter?

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