Merry Christmas to all

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A Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful New year to all the Sore Arses and Gooners. It could be a good 2016 for the Arsenal so let’s hope Santa brings us something shiny.

Just to apologise for not posting last week but my Charlie dog (all 102 years of him, in human terms) took a turn for the worse last weekend and had a mild stroke , so on Monday I had to make a decision to have him put to sleep. So it hasn’t been a great week for me, he had been with me for over 14 years.

Anyway, here’s wishing for a Red and White Christmas and Leicester to start dropping a few points and us to continue on a good run.

Blog will be back to normal this coming Sunday after we’ve beaten Southampton on Boxing Day.




5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all

  1. Very sorry to hear that N.B. Thats terrible news. They become such good friends and as ever when friends part ways it’s a sorry state of affairs. My deepest sympathy. I dread the day and know it’s coming. But prefer not to think about it.

  2. Toutes mes condoléances pour ton chien.
    I’m off to Islington tomorrow (Boîtezing jour) till the 3rd. Couldn’t make it for Christmas this year.
    The ryanair Grenoble-Stansted will get me there in time for a good few pints before a good few more in one of the Gooner pubs down Highbury corner way for the Southampton match.
    Have a great Christmas, in spite of your painfull loss. Chablis with the turkey (if you find one in this turkey-hating country) years of trying every red to go with it brought me to this conclusion.
    Bonnes fêtes, Banque du Nord!

  3. A very nice Pouilly Fume with the turkey today. A South African Muscat Rouge with the Christmas Pudding. Very nice! Now a short snooze….zzzzzzz.

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