It was a Long Boxing Day for Arsenal…

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It was a Long, Long day yesterday for Gooners. First, we had to wait all day for our game at 19:45 and then the 90 odd minutes took a Long time to be over.

Shane Long, hardly played this season for the Saints but totally terrorized our two centre backs. I was embarrased as to how easily Per and Kos were dominated by the Southampton forward. It was only the third game he’d played the full 90 minutes this season.

After such a superb win against City last Monday I had very high hopes that the confidence and team spirit would continue on the South Coast, but we were truly toothless…. what a contrast. How did it happen? What went wrong? and what do they now do about it?

There are some blaming the referee decisions and I think rightly so, Wenger stated after the match:

We lost too many challenges and that explains why we lost the game. But that’s one aspect, so well done to them.

“The second aspect is that on the first three goals we were really unlucky with the decision of the referee. The first goal was offside, the second goal was a foul and the third goal was a goal kick, so if you’re a bit below par and on top of that you have the first three goals against you in the decision-making then it’s even more difficult.”

The main reason is that the Saints dominated mid-field, Wanyama had a superb game, bullying and winning balls…. perhaps he wanted to show Wenger what he can do in the hope that we’ll sign him in January…. on last nights showing I say “Yes please, get him asap”

Blaming the referree and his assistants doesn’t excuse our boys from their responsibilty on the pitch. Could they have been tired from Monday nights exertions against City? Possibly, because Wenger did say the boys were “… a bit below par”.ย  However, if it had just been one or rwo players who were below par we would still have won the game, no, the whole fucking team were below par, they just didn’t play…. I can’t even pick out one player who had a good game, Monreal perhaps, but that’s clutching at straws.

Southampton, to their credit, were up for it and got their tactics in mid-field spot on…. they dominated and pressed high up, and we had no response. Then Martina and Shane Long happened and it was all over, we capitulated and let them get on with it… the banana skin had done it’s job and we couldn’t get up off the floor.

I’m hoping it’s just a glitch in our push towards the title, at the end of the day we didn’t go top but we stay second, one point above City so no real harm done. We can recover from this setback, the title is still there for the taking and it really is ours to lose. However, a couple more performances like yesterday and we’ll get our usual 4th spot. The worrying thing though, is that the Spuds could end up third. Now that would be a nightmare.

So come on boys, recover from this small setback and get back on track. It would be nice if you can do it against Bournemouth tomorrow.



87 thoughts on “It was a Long Boxing Day for Arsenal…

  1. Hi NB and all the very best for a great 2016.

    Yesterday was a bad day for us, our energy levels were low and Southampton overran us in all areas of the pitch. We will bounce back against Bournemouth and normal service will be resumed.

    I fully expect us to be fighting for 1st place right until the end of the season. I also believe that AW is desperate to go out on a winning note so he is more than likely to splash some cash in January to give us more depth.

    Right I’m off to watch the Darts World Championship.

  2. Salut Soixante-Neuf, that must have been the easiest match review to write ever.

    One word would have done GARBAGE.

    The poor boys were a bit tired? Garbage! They’re supposed to be professional athletes, on the money they get they’ve no right to be tired.

    The referee made some bad decisions? Garbage! Our defending on all the goals was, well, Garbage!

    We need to do a lot better on Monday, and the players had better not be “a bit tired”.

    A bientot.

  3. I can always forgive “one crappy game”. Sadly there have already been too many such this season.

    Count up the points dropped and see where that leaves our season.

  4. It leaves us two points behind the leaders with half of the season to go and our best players to return and possibly some new recruits.

    Counting lost points means nothing – its what is to come is that matters – the past is history..

  5. So the first half of the season doesn’t matter?

    We should learn from history not ignore it. Arsenal’s history of blowing chances is all to well known and history has a way of repeating itself.

  6. I’m happy to say that I will never be a member of the doomers club.

    Oh – I’m also steeped in nearly 70 years of Arsenal knowledge so I’m fully aware of all of our ups and downs – I just prefer to be a positive supporter and not a morbid fan.

  7. Lovely jubbly boys…. some footbally talk on GunnersoreArse… that must be a first ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let’s lighten the mood for todays game, here’s a lovely for all to enjoy ha ha, wouldn’t allow this on AA

  8. Tres bien, Soixante-Neuf, merci.

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s game, a bit of Shakespeare might liven the boys up….Once more unto the pitch dear friends, once more to shore up the defence with our crippled players….. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Hi one and All. We desperately need to get back on the winning trail today. Start with zip and energy, plenty of efforts from edge of box and get Walcott to hug the line and attack their full backs.

    The Ox has had his day for me. He has reached a level, and won’t progress imo. That unfortunately, will not be good enough for the Arsenal.

    Gabriel to give either Merts or Kos a rest.

    Bournemouth are not to be treated lightly, so our full backs need to play with a bit of caution early on.

    If Campbell plays, i truly hope he gets on the score sheet. This would help his confidence no end.

    Have a G8 girls.


  10. Morning NB,

    AA is now history for me, in their self protective interest they censored a headline post that I wrote about blogging issues – I assume that it hit a nerve as there were too many home truths.

    I will remain here as you call a spade a spade and there is no bias or censorship – well done my friend and I hope that more bloggers also see the NB69 light.

  11. If and Ostrich buried its head in the sand it would die of asphyxiation – its nothing more than a myth – just like some doomers views on Arsenal when they make the unforgivable sin of losing a game and only being 2nd in the league – how dreadful!!!

  12. VCC… I would hate to see the Ox left on the wayside, he’s such a likeable player but I can see what you mean… he doesn’t seem to be improving, perhaps it’s lack of game time?

    GN5…. you old fucker, have a single malt, relax, look at the young lovelies and enjoy. As you say, we’re still second and tonight we could well be first…. time for our boys to stand up and be counted, couldn’t be a better time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. THe “tinkerman” has done an incredible job at Leicester and they fully deserve to be in first place – and if (bite my tongue) we don’t win the league then I hope they do………..

  14. A few months ago you could have got 100/1 for Leicester to win the PL on Skybet, now they are 11/1.. and bite your fecking tongue GN5…. we’re gonna win it ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. We need the Cokie monster and Transplantv on here… they’re wasted on the other place, but I’ll only allow them on if they stop posting pictures of fucking ugly women… I have to maintain some standards ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. VCC,

    Yea, even after over 5 years on AA and having written hundreds of headline posts I was still summarily ignored. Unfortunately for a “non political site” its very much an “us” and “them” scenario.

    I enjoyed my time on AA but it was a little like pissing your pants in a dark suit – you got a nice warm feeling but no one else noticed.

  17. “I enjoyed my time on AA but it was a little like pissing your pants in a dark suit โ€“ you got a nice warm feeling but no one else noticed.”

    Classic GN5…. are you on the single malt already? Must be cold enough over there to warrant a couple at 8am ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. NB69er. I’ll sign that petition to get Transplant and Cockie on here regularly.

    Cocky can only respond with ugly girls as that’s a habit of a lifetime, being he is soon ugly himself. In fact Mary Shelley modelled her famous monster on him.

  19. Not yet NB, I’m giving my liver a rest – in the hope that it will recover in time for New Years…….

    I agree that both Cockie and Terry should be over here.

  20. So we can have a recruitment drive…. I must admit it can be disheartening sometimes to write a post and only have 5 or 6 comments. I know I’ve been a bit lazy at times ( artist lifestyle) but I would defo write more if I had the feedback in comments. I would also ask more people to write posts, the only guest posts I’ve ever had were you GN5 and the one I nicked from Cockies comment on here about Silent Stan ha ha

  21. Oi !…..that was my Silent Stan comment with the re-working of The Tremeloes, Silence is golden hit !.

    Proper Arsenal related sluts !.

  22. And you are always welcome to do so GN5…. you know my e mail, just send it and I’ll post it, even if it’s about ‘blogging issues’ ha ha or even the last time you had sex… which must have been quite a while ago so very interesting for us young’uns ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. On a health and safety issue……I would always recommend Strip Darts with the sucker things on the end instead of the pointy ones !… don’t want to go for a piss and it comes out like the rose head on a watering can !.

  24. I blame GN5 !…he started it !….and he`s already started off the Toronto Strip Darts Association !….he doesn`t hang about !.

  25. Some years ago my next door neighbour was an undercover cop and he got me to play for the Toronto police darts team, They were an incredible bunch of guys, they had tough jobs and enjoyed their time off to the fullest. On of the distinct advantages was that at the end of the evening they gave out a map showing where all the “RIDE” traps were!!! (Reduce Inebriated Driving Everywhere)

  26. I’m having to record our game today as my son has an appointment and we like to watch the games together. I’ll watch the Man U Chelsea game and have a good old laugh at two strugglers in action, it could well be Van Galling’s last game – I’ll keep the sound off to avoid hearing the score of our game.

  27. 2 – 0 win can’t be bad, can it? I don’t know as I’ve been restricted to BBC Sport’s text commentary.

    Perhaps the rest of you sorearses can tell me how we played.

    Top of the league!

  28. NG… didn’t play too badly, some good quick breaks and Ozil had a very good game. Near the end he made an amazing pass across field to Walcott but Theo just couldn’t get in past Boric… shame, it would have been a superb goal. Overall, much better than against Soton… but then again, anything would have been better than Boxing Day ha ha

  29. Thanks Soixante-Neuf, it seemed from the text commentary that Ozil was outstanding.

    Always good to record a win.

    Time to settle down with a bottle of Fleurie.

    Night night.

  30. Ozil was superb Norfolk. As 69er says, he played a sublime pass late in the game right across field into Theo’s path, but, unfortunately Walcott couldn’t capitalise on it.

    Overall we played well within ourselves and in control throughout.

    Would have liked to see Iwobi and Rene given a twenty minutes runout at the end.

  31. Good morning sorearses ๐Ÿ™‚

    Top of the table and hopefully a city win or a draw against Leicester today will keep us there for New Years Day…. lovely stuff. It will only get better.

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