Arsenal: End of year review

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As we approach the year of our Lord (Arsene) 2016, the Arsenal are top of the league on goal difference, with Leicester, Man City and some scum from N17 right up our arse. So how have we done so far after 19 games?

The season didn’t start on a bright note when we lost at the Emirates to a rejuvinated West Ham, that was hiccup number one. We then had a topsy turvy few games, a very good win at Crystal Palace followed by a disappointing draw at home to Liverpool. Then two good wins, away to Newcastle and at home to Stoke.

Then came the game that is going to really annoy me for the rest of my football supporting life, Chavs away. They weren’t playing well, in fact they were in a mess and it was on everyones minds that this will be the time to beat the Maureen jinx. However, cheating and a biaised ref conspired against us and the three points stayed in the darklands of SW6…. a very disappointing and frustrating day for supporters and players. That was hiccup number two.

We then went on a good run of five games, a very satisfying win at the King Power against the new boys on the block, a lovely win at the Emirates which saw us annihilate Man United within a few minutes, a tough win away to Watford followed in which the scoreline flatters and good wins against Everton and Swansea.

Then came hiccup number three, scumbags XI, we really should have won that game at home, it’s never  nice to lose points to the shadowdwellers and it was extremely galling to watch them and their nasty lttle fans celebrate at the end of the game as if they’d won the fucking league, when all they’d managed was a draw.

Then came the first real shock of the season, we went away to West Brom with a few good results behind us, having scored  17 goals in six games and on a good run. Hiccup number four, 2 – 1 to the Baggies. That was followed by shock number two, we travelled to tractor land, the team took a plane from Luton to Norwich International airport and muddled out a draw, I blame jet lag. Hiccup number five.

Three good results on the trot followed that, home to Sunderland, away to Villa and a superb 2 – 1 win at home to Man City with a strikers goal from Theo and the spirits and mental strength was building with just a poor performing Southampton to play away and the other south coast team at home over the Christmas period. Easy we thought, after the game against City we were all jumping for fucking joy and saying we’ll be top of the league soon.

Hiccup number six, the third shock of our season so far, and a fucking big hiccup it was, and an even bigger fucking shock…. they didn’t turn up at St Marys’, they all stayed at home eating left over turkey and christmas pudding. Well on the day it was a turkey shoot and we were the fucking turkeys. One to forget in a hurry.

The boys managed to retain a smidgen of pride in the next game and got a fairly routine  2 – 0 win against Bournemouth, not a great game but some pure magic from our assist king, Mesut and some solid performances from our reserves Gabriel, Chambers and Gibbo. Also, lets not forget, Cech made history with his clean sheet.

On that last game of 2015 we moved to the top of the league… at fucking last, (Go back to paragraph 7 and read the last line) but it could have been so much easier to reach the pinnicle, six hiccups does not a title make. The way I look at it, West Ham, Chavs, West Brom and Southampton should have been 3 points a piece for us, plus the draws at home to Liverpool and the N17 dimwits and the draw away to Norwich which could have been wins, would have given us an extra 18 points….. EIGHTEEN FUCKING POINTS? Just think about it, ok perhaps we wouldn’t have gone unbeaten for 19 games but still, it puts it all into context. We would be something like 12 – 18 points above our nearest rival.

Instead, we are on level peggings with Leicester and a following pack not far behind. Furthermore, we have some tough away games coming up in the New Year. Stoke are one of our jinx teams and this season they are playing like fucking Barcelona for fucks sake! Liverpool away, Man Utd away ( well this season not such a tough game), S-pervs away, Everton away and Man City away…. plus perhaps a rejuvinated Chavs at home.

This is the season that we could win it… the PL is wide open and if we can play consistantly in the way we did against United, Leicester and City, and for a short period against Watford (they’re the only ones I can remember for the moment) then it can be ours.

Injuries have happened this season as always but they haven’t appeared to affect us badly as in previous years. As we approach January there is lots of talk about buying…. we definately need to strengthen the side, it would be bad management if they didn’t. Wenger has obviously seen that this is the season we can win the title and therefore, he will clearly spend some decent money to re-inforce the team and avert any major disruptions from further injuries or setbacks to our current walking wounded. I fucking hope he does anyway.

So what do you think SoreArses, in the year of our Lord (Arsene) 2016, will we finally, after a long long wait, lift the trophy we dream of?

I sincerely think we will, why shouldn’t we….



65 thoughts on “Arsenal: End of year review

  1. Good morning fumbuckers 🙂

    I had some time on my hands this morning whilst drinking a glass of Chablis and eating breakfast of runny camembert, hard goats cheese and spicy sausage. so thought I may as well give some thought to how the season has gone so far…. and put it into print.

  2. A Happy New Year to you NB and your band of merry men. It’s a pity to have read all the comments on here these past few days.They are read by others and long term not good for either blog IMO but I shan’t say anymore 🙂

  3. Yes Kelsey, it is a shame but as we have seen with blogs in the past, people have different viewpoints, opinions and standards. This will obviously cause friction at times and on this occasion it caused a fracture. For me it was double standards that finally broke the camels back and I had to put forward my views, I will still blog there if I’m allowed because the banter can be excellent…. but I’m currently on a warning, along with a couple of others I believe. I feel for GN5 because he was treated appallingly without any support, he was a founding father along with yourself and it’s a pity that he now feels unable to blog there. Their loss and perhaps my gain because I look forward to publishing some of his posts.

    Happy New Year to you mate and I sincerely hope it is a healthy one 🙂

  4. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, yes the first half of the season has been a definite curate’s egg, good in parts but pretty rotten in some.

    We can only hope that the manager and his squad make a new year resolution to cut out the crap and play as though they want to win every game.

    There have been some inexplicably bad performances, but then again there have been some gems.

    Keep up the good work 69, and a prosperous New Year to you and all the other Sorearses.

  5. Good morning, 7:35am here.

    Thank you for your review I also rue the loss of so many “easy” points but that happens in the game we support and that is one of the great things about football – the unpredictability.

    Kelsey, Frankly you have re-opened a dialogue that I was prepared to leave in the past but I will now address your comments.

    The pity is that is was necessary to make the comments in the first place, I had no idea that NB69 had come out in support of me as I had not viewed AA until your comment perked my interest. Although NB69 and myself had/have not personally discussed the subject his thoughts mirror my own.

    The fact that “others” read this blog is fine by me as I have said or done nothing that I regret, I have purposely kept my views away from the general AA readers by not discussing this on their blog.

    I felt/feel badly let down by the AA leaders with the notable exception of yourself and BR. The rejection of my post, which was totally non accusatory or controversial was the last straw and left me in doubt as to the true meaning of the “AA Ethos”.

    Other than a few notable occurrences I was very content to blog on AA and I showed that by the amount of personal time and effort that I took to support the blog. Nothing is ever final and I may well adjust my feelings in the days/weeks/months to come.

    I will say no more……………

  6. Hahaha…….`69er on a warning !……..I had plenty of thoise in the past, but I`m still around and just accept that some of the chosen few will get away with stuff without a blink of the moderators eye !
    I kept some of the emails and the funniest hypocritical one has someone saying all the lesbian stuff pisses them off, only to laugh with their mates at some of their stuff !. As I said I just accept it and will always think that whatever I have put up was just humour and if you cant accept humour then you are a saddo. We men do what men always do and take the piss out of each other, if you dont get it, you must be a Billy no mates !. 😀

    Anyway, Wenger is all over newsnow saying we are short and he will be busy in the TW !………it`s a cert we will buy, but will they be Super Quality ?

    It is also a cert we will not win the EPL, all them tough away games will be a bridge too far, just cant see us going to all them and getting much change, we need to win all at home to counter it to have a slight chance.

    Being unbiased, how do you think we would normally do against this lot !

    Manshafter Std
    W Ham
    Mansour C

  7. Morning GN5

    It’s a sad state of affairs…. it’s a very good blog and some of the morning chat is excellent. However, when they censor a painting by Georgia O’Keefe… it was art ffs, then you have to wonder at the mindset of the people who run it. I had no problem with someone called Fumbucker…. which when you think about it could be deemed as offensive… but then I was aksed to stop using Wet Willy as a name and they deleted an advert for ‘Happy Bottom, Bum Butter’. It was a genuine advert for cyclists ha ha ha….
    That;s it, the issue is closed for me…. let’s forget about it and concentrate on football and lovelies with nice titties 🙂

  8. ha ha Monster Coq….. she wouldn’t look at you twice mate 🙂

    As for our 2016 away games….. Sunderland, West Ham, Bournemouth, Liverpool and Everton are winnable and I would hope the shithole called White Shite Lane will yield at least a point… United, if still under the Van Heil influence when we play them should also yield at least a point. That just leave Cuty and Stokealona HAHA

  9. NB, many times I attach excel spreadsheets to my posts, will you be able to include them when published or should I figure out another way to include the data?

  10. I`m being a bit presumptious !……..that could be a photo of TMHT from behind !….I mean, he has syphoned so much of his clients money and had new teeth, hair and Dennis knows what else done !.

  11. Just testing to see what happens when I post a spreadsheet.

    Premier League Champions Records
    Season W D L Pts GF GA GD
    1992/93 24 12 6 84 67 31 36
    1993/94 27 11 4 92 80 38 42
    1994/95 27 8 7 89 80 39 41
    1995/96 25 7 6 82 73 35 38
    1996/97 21 12 5 75 76 44 32
    1997/98 23 9 6 78 68 33 35
    1998/99 22 13 3 79 80 37 43
    1999/00 28 7 3 91 97 45 52
    2000/01 24 8 6 80 79 31 48
    2000/02 26 9 3 87 79 36 43
    2002/03 25 8 5 83 74 34 40
    2003/04 26 12 0 90 73 26 47
    2004/05 29 8 1 95 72 15 57
    2005/06 29 4 5 91 72 22 50
    2006/07 28 5 5 89 83 27 56
    2007/08 27 6 5 87 80 22 58
    2008/09 28 6 4 90 68 24 44
    2009/10 27 5 6 86 103 32 71
    2010/11 23 11 4 80 78 37 41
    2011/12 28 5 5 89 93 29 64
    2012/13 28 5 5 89 86 43 43
    2013/14 27 5 6 86 102 37 65
    2014/15 26 9 3 87 73 32 41

  12. He`s recovering from a sex change, GN5 !……………..such is his passion and loyalty for Arsene that he has a replica Arsene manequin with a 250cc kawasaki engined dildo strappon built and wants the whole experience of riding it, so hence the sex change !……nothing new though, I have one of Jeff Blockley !.

  13. Right down the gym, I have already done 1800 abs exercises, I increased it from 1500 as it was not hurting !…….to tell the truth even the 1800 didn`t hurt, I need to maybe do it with some weights or back to the drawing board !.

  14. Here’s our 2nd half schedule, games 20 through 29 will be our biggest test but I feel we can get 18/20 points in that run. Games 30 through 38 are a lot easier on paper and we should get another 18/20 points. So would replicating our first half total of 39 points to give us 78 points be enough to win the title?
    It’s been 17 seasons since 70+ points has won the league.

    20 Newcastle H
    21 Liverpool A
    22 Stoke A
    23 Chelsea H
    24 Southampton H
    25 Bournemouth A
    26 Leicester H
    27 Manchester U A
    28 Swansea H
    29 Tottenham A
    30 W.B.A. H
    31 Everton A
    32 Watford H
    33 West Ham A
    34 Crystal Palace H
    35 Sunderland A
    36 Norwich H
    37 Manchester C A
    38 Aston Villa H

  15. GN5

    Last season we lost four games in the first 19 games of the season and were on 33 points and were 5th in the league. This season we’ve also lost four in the first 19 but have 39 points and are currently 1st.

    Last season in the last 19 games we lost three and finished 3rd…… last season out of those last 19 games we won 13, lost 3 and drew 3. If we do that this season we’ll be on 81 points at the finish… that could do it, but last season we had a very good run in but still only finished third.

  16. Kelsey… if Wenger is correct then we need to win 13, draw 3 and lose 3…. that would give us 81 points. If we go on an unbeaten run till the last game we’ll have 96 GN5….

  17. Here are Man Cities last 19 games…. it compares slightly more favorable to ours

    20 Watford (A)
    21 Everton (H)
    22Crystal Palace (H)
    23 West Ham (A)
    24 Sunderland (A)
    25 Leicester (H)
    26 Spurs (H)
    27 Newcastle (A)
    28 Liverpool (A)
    29 Aston Villa (H)
    30 Norwich (A)
    31 Man Utd (H)
    32 Bournemouth (A)
    33 West Brom (H)
    34 Chelsea (A)
    35 Stoke (H)
    36 Southampton (A)
    37 Arsenal (H)
    38 Swansea (A)

  18. Of course !….being at the half way point everyone has to play everyone again, so in theory, everyone is in the same boat, but it the home games versus the away games which will decide this title and I`d be surprised if anyone had harder away games than us !…..looking at `69`s lot above, Mansour City only have Chavs, Liverpool and W Ham which may be considered hard !….where as we have the full set apart from Chavs being at home !
    My biggest worry is what are scumbag spuds tough away games ?

  19. Evening all, Nice one NB,
    Got to say that breakfast with you, wouldn’t go down to well with me, Just a full English for me.
    Wenger spending, well that’s novel, believe it when i see it. Can we win the league, bit too early for me to predict, but i suppose a number of teams could at this moment in time.

    Nothing has been won in the first half of the season, so Position is not really that important, Results are what will help a team to win the league, Points and good decisions certainly help, The old saying that luck balances itself out over a season usually have something to do with decisions from Officials. Funny that as half the fixtures have been played, Leicester results have started to change, I have no doubts that Chelsea will now start finding wins and City will be pushing all the way in.

    Van Gaels departure will start United’s fight to the title, I feel one more bad result will see him off, and miraculously United will become a force. Arsenal i feel will probably make top 4, Wenger may buy. but i am not convinced, has he ever done what the fans want, its not his way.

    I hate to sound negative, but Arsenals form is not consistent enough to win the league, No way would we be in our position if all the others had been in form. Many times we get chances to put pressure on the others and we blow them, i feel we will struggle with the run in. Injury is certainly prevalent this season, how many times do Arsenal players have a season off. it happens all the time at Arsenal and that will stop a long winning run.

    I have to say that i also feel that the FA have a say on who leads and who finishes top at the end, Fixtures and times may change for all clubs as to where they are in the table, nothing unusual with that but when all the clubs play different days and different times pressure could be applied, and also change the mood of players.

    Its my opinion that the FA along with the other affiliations can make you or break you, a loser or winner at the snap of their fingers, so in my opinion whether we buy or not will not make that much difference, But if the FA want us up there, and lets face it, if we don’t win it soon it will look fixed, so i suppose we will just have to wait and see, trouble is feeling like this is spoiling the surprise for me, never mind.

  20. Evening Steve

    You and your conspiracy theories 🙂

    Leicester have only lost rwo games so far this season, against us and Liverpool. They have some tough away fixtures coming up. Last season we managed a good run in to the final day and I can see us doing it again this season…. if we can get to 80+ points we’re in with a shout because this season we are not the only inconsistant team…. everyone is.

  21. City have lost 5 this season, we’ve lost 4 and Leicester 2. More worrying is that the S-pervs have only lost 2, the good news is that they have drawn 8…. they’ll drop off the pace a bit in the second half of the season. 🙂

  22. Evening NB, Hope you had a good Christmas mate.
    We all have opinions, mine are like many others who talk a load of rubbish, I watch probably too much football, but i have seen over the last few years more and more diabolical decisions, I feel i probably take more notice of decisions, than i ever have , but i have to say some thing is not right mate. Maybe i am ageing, an expectant Arsenal supporter with years and years of disappointments, but i can see a pattern without being able to explain it, or perhaps i am just talking shit 🙂

  23. Steve…. I’d stick to fishing mate ha ha 🙂

    But seriously, I’ve been one of those looking for some form of dirt in the refereeing ranks and sometimes it looks as if there is…. but now I reckon it’s just bad officiating. The FA need to review the level of competence among refs.

  24. The only advantage I can see we have is being 3 points in front of Mansour City, 4 points in front of the Spuds and 9 points more than Manshafter Std !…..No shit Sherlock !. hahaha
    Trying to look ahead and from a point of view on current placings, we cannot afford to lose to either Mansour City or The Spuds !…….No shit Sherlock again !.
    I agree with a lot Steve has said and the main one is Manshafter will be a lot better if they get rid of the manager !. Manshafter have a decent squad and the only reason they are where they are is down to the tactical way they play and that is all down to Van Gaal, so lets hope he stays on !…..No shit Sherlock again !…………..tell you what, I`m fcuking good at this Sherlock shit !

    Saying all this and downing our chances ( although I would say that I am just being level headed with feet firmly on the ground )….I must admit that considering the amount of injuries we have had, we are punching above our weight and although this is a team effort down to the manager and the staff, I still think Arsene,,,,and Steve wont like my term of wording….was naive in not looking historically at what has happened over the last Dennis knows how many years on the injury front and buying some top quality players who lets face it, every man and his dogging session knew we needed, from supporters to pundits to former players, we all knew the injuries would bite Arsene`s arse !…………..and this is not talking with hindsight, it was predicted by nearly everyone incuding me and I know fcuk all !.
    As we all know though, football is a funny old game and we can never tell whats going to happen…..well, apart from the injuries !….we might just do it with a bit of luck !.

  25. The only thing that I’m going to predict is that we are going to play every other team in the league.

    No one can predict how those games are going to turn out, looking backwards usually means you bump into something in front of you. We have a game against Newcastle on Saturday, that’s as far ahead as I’m looking, and it should be as far ahead as the manager and team are looking too.

    Predictions equals guessing! What’s the point?

  26. Right that’s it for me today you mugs….. good day of footbally bollocks, lovely stuff. And Le Coq Monster didn’t once post a close up photo of labia… and cockie man, that’s not an invitation to now post one ok ha ha. Good night…. I need to get a few things ready for tomorrow….. PARTY.

  27. Evening CM, your straight talking football is refreshing mate, as you know, I know f All, I seem to upset more supporters than i want to, but i still have an opinion, which is why we blog. Do i feel we have a team that can win things, yes i do, but with half of them injured for best part the season i see top 4 the only position possible.

    I look at our squad and am excited, we have stacks of talent that on their day could beat anybody decisions aside i feel we are capable, but we never have them all. Many teams could say the same and thats the way it should always be.

    Premier league i feel is the best league in the world, not knowing the figures, i guess we have more injuries than any other leagues of course i could be wrong but even so when playing foreign sides we do seem to struggle even the lower Eufa league we seldom win it why not.

    I am a supporter that likes to see a competitive league, and at the end of a season i like to feel that the best club has won, For many many years i see the club that finally wins have had many decisions for, and that is no coincidence.. United in their hay day had penalties and free kicks on the edge of the box it stood out like a sore thumb, but over the last couple of years you very seldom see it.

    Maybe i read too much into football or as many say, the game is changing, change with it.

  28. We have a lot in common, Steve, if you like me and know fcuk all !. hahaha
    All I`ve ever wanted from our club is to be competitive and when we are, then I jump to the next level of being pissed off if we dont win something !…..yes !, I`m that shallow a person ! hahaha

    Night all !

  29. Good morning you donuts 🙂

    I won’t be on much today, lots of things to do including preparing to cook for 12 people tonight. So hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve… I’ll see you in 2016 🙂

  30. Al the best to my fellow Gooners in the coming year !…..touch wood !, I`ll be coming just after midnight with the tasty looking barmaid !….now that`s what I call a coming year !.

  31. The transfer window doesn’t open until midnight on 2nd January, GN5.

    Eleney has passed a medical, according to the Guardian and agreed personal terms. Fee is €10 million.

  32. Norfolk, I only believe anything about our transfer news when I see it on I don’t pay any attention to the self fulfilling nonsense either written or spouted by the media.

  33. Excluding…..the most reliable person to read rumour wise is the BBC`s David Ornstein, if he say`s something is going on then it`s usually 99.9% accurate . Anyone else is as GN5 says !

  34. NB that is Carrie the star of Homeland , real name Claire Daines.A really horny looking bird, who is bi polar but works for the CIA..Homeland is a fantastic series.

  35. ha ha… she’d get lost in Kelseys locks 🙂

    I like her lips…

    Right footbally bollocks…. good team line up…. Deboosh looks as if he’s on the way out the door, shame but the guy needs first team playing time. Can’t blame him really.

  36. Wow that was dire apart from Ozil.Campbell must start in front of the Ox for the time being and we need reinforcements now. Ramsey is still playing hollywood football I would rather he stuck to basics, though unlucky with his last minute attempt.
    Get Sanchez back and the goal difference will get better.

  37. All I can see is 3 more points in the bank, winning ugly is so much better than losing, so why complain?.

    2 points clear at the top looks great but our 2nd half has at least 7 tough nuts to crack and we are in desperate need of recruitments. For some reason I feel that AW already has the new players lined up and will sign them very quickly.

    21 Liverpool A
    22 Stoke A
    23 Chelsea H
    24 Southampton H
    25 Bournemouth A
    26 Leicester H
    27 Manchester U A
    28 Swansea H
    29 Tottenham A
    30 W.B.A. H
    31 Everton A
    32 Watford H
    33 West Ham A
    34 Crystal Palace H
    35 Sunderland A
    36 Norwich H
    37 Manchester C A
    38 Aston Villa H

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