Arsenals 3rd FA Cup trophy is still a target

Arsenal progress to the last sixteen after narrowly beating a good Burnley side. Goals from Chambers and Sanchez booked our place in the next round but despite dominating the game, it was a nervy last 20 minutes as the Clarets pushed for an equalizer.

A typical Cup tie, the game was contested at a frantic pace. Our second goal was one of beauty as we broke out of defence and with a quick passing (seven passes) counter attack the ball eventually arrived at the feet of Sanchez who calmly scored. It could have finished 3-1 when Burnley were in full attack mode near the end of the game and a break sent Walcott bombing forward with just the Burnley keeper to beat, but he fluffed his lines.

Wenger had made several changes to the side which lost to the Chavs, and Ozil and Ramsey were conspicuous by their absence. However, Coquelin, Chambers, Gibbs, Iwobi and the new boy, Elneny, all had good games, with special mention to Iwobi and the Egyptian. Iwobi was assured in midfield and his passing was accurate and precise. He really would be a better option than Walcott at the moment.

The Egyptian covered a lot of turf during the game, he seemed to be everywhere and showed that his fitness is similar to Sanchez. He tried a bit too hard at times but that’s understandable, he obviously wanted to make an impression on his debut and nearly did on a couple of occasions with shots from outside the box.

Elneny looks as if he will be a good addition to the team, in fact he looked as if he was made to wear the red and white, he definitely looked the part. The stats say he had the most touches of the ball than any other player (100), and had a 96% completion rate, which shows how he got involved in the game.

It was good to see Le Coq back in the side, in the first half he was clearly getting acclimatised to his first full match after a period injured, but in the second half his confidence became more assured and he had a good game.

So we go into the pot this evening for the last sixteen draw. There are still a few premiership sides which it would be good to avoid, the two Manchester clubs, Crystal Palace, Liverpool or West Ham, Watford, WBA, Everton and Chelsea if they both win today and of course, the wankers from N17.

We are number 3 in the draw…… and games to be played the weekend 19-22 February. Here is the full list for the last sixteen:

1 West Bromwich Albion or Peterborough United
2 Leeds United
3 Arsenal
4 Manchester United
5 Reading
6 Liverpool or West Ham United
7 Manchester City
8 Shrewsbury Town
9 Watford
10 Carlisle United or Everton
11 Crystal Palace
12 Blackburn Rovers
13 AFC Bournemouth
14 Tottenham Hotspur
15 Hull City
16 MK Dons or Chelsea
Just before I conclude todays report, another Arsenal player on loan, Akpom scored a hat-trick for Hull yesterday. Well done Chuba.



The Burnley witch hunt… let’s hang the bastards.


FA Cup day…. and we’ve got something to defend and a chance to make history. Just as they made history in Pendle, near Burnley, in 1612. One of the most famous witch trials in English History. Twelve were accused of murdering ten people by witchcraft, of the eleven who went to trial, nine women and two men (one had already died in prison), ten were found guilty and executed by hanging, one was found not guilty. Can’t explain why one was found not guilty, not in those days, everyone was found fucking guilty.

What else is interesting about Burnley, well it’s in Lancashire, so Lancashire hotpot is famous…..

and rightly so, it’s bloody yummy

Lancashire women are hearty and welcoming, they like to cuddle you and surround you with their large ample breasts and warm bodies and feed you their Lancashire Hot Pot…… bloody yummy.


Bury Black Pudding, created when you had to use up every single part of a pig, so the blood was cooked as well….. Bloody yummy.

And then there are Eccles cakes, full of currents and baked with puff pastry…… bloody yummy.

So what about our opponents, Burnley FC, nicknamed the ‘Clarets’, perhaps after the Black Pudding. Founded in 1882 and one of the founder members of the Football league in 1888, their home ground has been Turf Moor since 1883. They’ve been League Champions twice, way back in the dark ages and won the FA Cup in 1914 when every other player was off at the Front fighting for King and Country.

They did however, reach the quarter finals of the European Cup in 1961. They were quite famous in the 50’s and 60’s for being dead ball specialists and developing the unknown concept of ‘Total Football, which made them one of the more attacking sides during that period.

And don’t forget all the inbreeding that went on up there in Lancashire, here’s an example from 1905, a photo of two Burnley supporting brothers….. their father was their uncle and their mother was their sister and it’s recorded that she was their aunt too.

Furthermore, it still goes on, as this headline from the Burnley Daily Herald proves:

CCTV APPEAL: Man seen touching himself and making kissing noises at young girls in Burnley town centre.

But where are Burnley FC now? They’re in the Championship, somewhere near the top and doing well, in fact, they could even be promotion candidates. Last week they thrashed Derby 4-1 and are on a good run of form.

Do we have to be careful today? They are quite capable of causing a Cup upset, Wenger needs to field a strong side if we are to continue our march towards a third FA Cup trophy in a row and make history.

Who do we have available? Sanchez and Özil are fit, it looks as if Le Big Coq will be fit, I hope Cech plays but there are rumours that Ospina will be in the team and I’m sure our new chap from Morocco will get a try out today as well. The BFG won’t play because of his red card so Paul Easter will be included next to Kosser, Gibbs may come in for Monreal but Bellerin has to play because we don’t have anyone at the moment to deputize for him.

Up front, your guess is as good as mine, take Giroud, Walcott, the Ox, Campbell and Iwobi, put their names in a hat and pull out two.

So what are our chances? I don’t fucking know, I’m not a football bollocks expert! I prefer to post black and white photos of naked women, get drunk and have a fucking laugh.

I’m 100% sure that there will be a result though.

It could end up two ways, we thrash them and go through easy peesy, or they cause a cup upset and my dream of us making history goes down the drain just like the blood of the witches in Pendle in 1612. Let’s just hope they haven’t put a spell on the referee or offered him a free lifetime supply of Black pudding and ample bodied Lancashire women.

Come on you fucking Gunners.

The Sore Arse Soapbox

Carl Jenkinson gets returned….. crocked

I’ve read in the news that young Carl has been injured and will be out for the rest of the season. Apparently he has been returned to us for his rehabilitation and joins the already crowded treatment room at London Colney.

So he’s had half a season with the Hammers, he’s scored a couple of goals, got a few yellow cards and one red and I think he conceded a couple of penalties and got one own goal. He’s played 1228 minutes in total in the Premier League and has been a useful player for West Ham helping them to maintain a position just out of the CL places.

With Debuchy probably going before the end of January Jenkinson was always an option to recall to act as cover at RB, but now he’s not available for the rest of the season. What happens, do the Arsenal get compensation? Do West Ham contribute to rehabilitation costs?

No matter what the financial implications, we end up with a squad player out injured and if Debuchy goes we will be without adequate cover for Bellerin, so I hope Wenger gets someone in before the transfer window closes on Monday. I would be surprised if the French FB doesn’t go, it’s mean mentioned several times that he wants 1st team football and he isn’t getting it at Arsenal.

I’m not sure why, but this situation with Carl has really annoyed me, he would have been adequate cover for RB so the urgency to find a replacement for Debuchy wouldn’t have been an issue, but West Ham have benefitted and we then get him back injured. Now we have to find a suitable replacement if the Frenchman leaves.

It highlights the inadequacies in our recruitment of new players, it’s happened this season with Welbeck unavailable and having just Giroud, Walcott and Campbell as our front three choices and Sanchez has shown that he is not ‘unbreakable’. Now we’ll be left with just Chambers as our RB cover.

It’s not good enough…… Wenger should be planning in advance, he should have done all this in the summer but now there is probably a panic as the TW comes to an end and we are short of two crucial players.


Ranieri to replace Wenger…


Would this be a good replacement for our best ever manager in the history of the Arsenal?

When you think about it, Ranieri has taken a mediocre team with just two exceptional players to the top of the Premier League, (just like Wenger) and they are now being deemed possible champions. He’s a likeable bloke, he’s good with the media and he seems to be able to get a fairly average team working well together, just like Wenger does with Arsenal. He also buys the team pizza if they win…. so frugal as well.

He could be the perfect fit for the Gunners, he deploys attacking tactics, doesn’t go berserk with buying overpriced players, seems to be level headed and sensible, and furthermore, he is a couple of years younger than Wenger and would maybe like the stability offered by a top PL team, although if you think about it, at the moment he manages a top PL team!

Just some thoughts on who would be a possible successor to the great Arsène Wenger.

What do other Sore Arses think? Am I going along the right route or am I totally mad?

Costa and Chelsea fuck Arsenal again…

It was a day of bad decisions, it started with the team sheet and Walcott in the team instead of Sanchez. Then the BFG made a bad one to lunge at the cheating fucker Costa which was followed by the refs bad decision to produce a red card. Then Wenger made a bad decision to bring off Giroud.

It went downhill from that moment with our defence in disarray and the Chavs getting a goal. The final stats for us were 7 goal attempts with only one on target.

However, down to 10 men and we only lost 1-0 which shows how poor Chelsea are at the moment. In the second half, when Sanchez came on we held our own, showing more urgency but finally, with a player missing, we were never going to get back into the game.

I felt utterly sick and gutted at the end of the game, will we ever beat these bastards? Some will say yes, we beat them in the Community Shield, well fucking bully for them. I want to see us beat them in a truly competitive game. I fucking hope we get them in the FA Cup.

I’ve watched all the videos today on the internet of the ‘foul’ by Mertasacker against Costa. There was no contact and Costa dived….. no doubts. It’s what he does best, faking and diving and we have suffered from his antics twice now this season.

Where does it leave our season? Well actually, it’s still not too bad, we are joint second on points with Man City and just three points behind Leicester. The title is still achievable if we can pick ourselves up from yesterdays disappointment. Wenger stated that the boys needed praise after the game for digging in and trying to fight back against the odds, I’d say yes to that, they deserved some praise.

However, 2 points from our last three games is not the form of champions. We need to get maximum points over our next few games before we meet the Spervs in N17.

At the halfway mark and with 20 games to go I said that we need to win 14, draw 3 and only lose 3 to get a maximum of 84 points, which could possibly win us the Title if others drop points. So far we’ve won 2, drawn 2 and lost 1, so could still be on track.

I still believe we can do it, we have to play Leicester at home, Man City and the Spervs away, get results in those games and only lose another two or less and we’ll be close. A lot to ask for I know….. but I will keep the faith until it’s impossible for us to win it.

I’m still fucking angry though.

We get our revenge today against Chelsea

We all remember the game at Stamford Bridge on the 19th September last year…. cheating bastards and Diego Costa the dirty fucker. Today we have our opportunity for revenge against a poor Chelsea side.

Maureen has gone, unceremoniously sacked and now unemployed, he got what he fucking deserved, he turned out to be an expert in failure. So today we face a team currently 14th in the table and struggling to remain above the relegation zone. It has to be the day we stick 5 or 6 past them, because I want revenge for that game in SW6.

I saw in the news yesterday that they had sacked an Arsenal supporting steward for saying that Fabregas was a “snake”. I think another case of unfair dismissal and discrimination is called for, just as they had unfairly treated Ms Cameiro!

Back to todays game, we’re hoping to see Özil and Sanchez back in the side with all guns blazing, we may get a cameo from our new Egyptian and we should have a strong side out on  the pitch. Hopefully too strong for the Chavs.

Leicester and Man City both moved above us yesterday so we definitely need a win today, furthermore, those wankers from N17 are getting a bit too close for comfort and we need to keep some distance between us and them.

We haven’t beaten the Chavs in our last eight meetings in the Premier League, not since 2011, so today looks like the day we will put an end to that poor record. They come to the Emirates having W6 D7 L9 this season and have a GD of -3, so let’s make it L10 and a GD of -9 and keep them near the relegation zone. The boys also need to keep that bastard Costa quiet as well, and I’m hoping that if he employs some of his snide tactics the ref deals with it appropriately.

I’m looking forward to the game, we’re due a win after two hard fought draws away from home, so let’s get our good run in to May on the go today and we’ll be back to the top of the league on goal difference this evening.

Come on you Gunners!



Welbeck……. the forgotten man!

We were all excited when he arrived were we not, he was excess to requirements for Van Gaals new revolution at United and we got him for about 16 million smackerooneys!

Arsenal fandom was buzzing and the red side of Manchester was fuming. That was at the last minute of the summer transfer window 2014. Daniel Nii Tackie Mensah “Danny” Welbeck to give him his full name got his first game against Man City on the 13th of September 2014 and scored his first goal against Aston Villa seven days late and set up an assist for Ozil, Arsenal fans were waxing lyrical about how his play would easily mix into the Arsenal way.

A couple of weeks later he scored a hat-trick in the Champions League in a 4-1 victory against Galatasaray, oh what joy, we had a striker who was going to score goals for fun. He then scored the winning goal that knocked his old team, United, out of the FA Cup on our way to the 2015 final. Oh how we laughed at United and Van Gaal for selling such a gem.

In April 2014 however, he suffered a knee injury and didn’t play again that season, and unfortunately for him, missing our victory at Wembley in the FA Cup Final.

Then at the beginning of this season it was announced that he would be out of action until Christmas, and he still hasn’t made an appearance and we’re nearly at the end of January and I think Wenger has only just said that Danny may be back in training next week.

So from being extremely excited at the beginning of last season to being extremely disappointed this season, we haven’t seen much of Danny boy and I wonder if he is the new Jack Wilshere or even Diaby?

I wonder if we’ll hear in February that there has been a set back in his recovery and will be out for the rest of the season. I sincerely hope not, if Wenger doesn’t get another striker in this January window then Welbeck is going to be needed urgently.

The injury problems at Arsenal FC do give rise to concerns about the capabilities of the medical staff, we do seem to experience a higher number of set backs when we’ve been told that someone will be back on a certain date but as that date approaches a statement has been made stating that the player will be out for another few weeks or months. It’s frustrating for fans and I sure it’s frustrating for Wenger….. I’m not sure what they can do about it, do you?

SOAPBOX FRIDAY is available for all to post on if any of you have something to get off your chest…. feel free to let me know in the comments and we’ll arrange to do it through e mail.



Arsenal prove their title ambitions

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So we went to Stoke and got a point in what turned out to be a very enjoyable 0 – 0 to watch. Who’d have thought I’d be saying that about a game against the Orcs. Unbelievably there wasn’t one single yellow card., that must have been a first for a Stoke vs Arsenal game? The Stoke team seem to have improved their playing style, however, their fans are still cunts…. booing Ramsey everytime he got the ball.

We go back to the top of the table with some slightly easier games coming up which starts with the Chavs at the Emirates and then Southampton at home as well.

Without Ozil and Sanchez we still played a fairly good game but still too often losing possession easily. The Ox seems to be the biggest culprit but Ramsey made some bad passes as well yesterday, but they are minor criticisms in what was a very good team performance at a difficult ground for us.

It started off with us putting in some tasty tackles and for a while we were playing like a Stoke team under Pulis, but we gradually gained some control and in the end the result was a fair one.

It would have been good to see El Ninny play a few minutes at the end but perhaps a debut at the home of arsehole fans Wenger was wise not to play him. Perhaps the Egyptian will walk on the Emirates pitch against the Chavs.

Hopefully Ozil and Sanchez will be back in the team next week so we can give the Chavs a fucking pasteing. We did miss the creativity of the German yesterday and he could have made all the difference… but the poor fucker probably needed a day off. He’ll come back refreshed at the weekend.

It’s still looking good, though just two points from our last two games should have been at least four, but the title is still there for the taking and optimism is high amongst fans.

Need to get a few points in the next couple of games and if Man City and Leicester drop some, that would be even better.

I wonder if Wenger is still prowling around out there in the wilderness looking to buy another player… a striker preferably? Two weeks before the window is pulled closed so I have some hope that he may manage to get one more player.

I can’t wait for the next game…. I’m all excited!




The Friday Rant… free speech

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This is firstly a blog about the Arsenal and Arsenal fans. However, recent events on another Arsenal blog have brought to the surface the issue of free speech and how we deal with it. Is Censorship the answer? Is banning someone the solution?

Some will view the issue as a slippery slope, because the issue of free speech impacts on all of us, directly and so definately. How can we have a broad, discursive, and expansive literature on life in general without free speech which may offend others? Conversely, how can we quell our own innate desire to stop the speech of anyone who goes against our own beliefs?

But isn’t that the sine qua non of the debateChomsky, probably Americas’ last remaining true progressive put it very succinctly, he said this:

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for those we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”.

Free speech is complicated, if you want to silence some KKK member in the USA for his beliefs, then you also have to silence someone like Salman Rushdie, and personally I don’t want to do that.

Free speech is a privelage that is restricted in the world to just a few, many countries Imprison or assassinate people who express their rights for a different sexuality, for a different religion and for their beliefs that are different.

I want to hold on to that privelage…. it’s extremely important to me and to many others who are discriminated against and abused. However, to do so also means that we have to be more lenient on those who have opposing views.

Voltaire said, “Think for yourselves, and let others enjoy the privelage to do so too”.

That’s my rant done, now if any of you talk about something that offends me you’ll be banned. HA HA HA.