Newcastle win… Arsenal get three points!

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Good morning Sore Arses.

I’m not sure what to say about yesterdays game! Poor, it was very poor, in fact our performance was fucking dire. The first ten minutes we were all over the Toons but failed to capitalize, then gradually, the boys allowed our opposition back into the game and it looked as if it would be another banana skin game.

Somehow however, we managed to get the three points… how we did it I can’t really say, it was one of those dig deep into the mental strength days and grind out a win… 1-0 to the Arsenal. I suppose it’s games like yesterday that will probably get us the Premier League title this season. I’m not complaining, three points is three points but for fuck sake, we were playing the second worst team in the league, just slightly above Aston Villa on the bad team scale.

The whole team looked jaded, tired, fucking downright knackered and seemed to be prepared to give up at any moment, but they didn’t, to their credit they scraped through and we went two points clear at the top of the table thanks to Leicester dropping points against a 10 man Bournemouth.

That should have been our easiest win in the next few games, we now travel to Anfield and then the Potteries. Two tough games, Stoke being the toughest out of the two. The boys need to get their mojo back pretty soon. I really can’t understand why they looked so tired…. the sooner we get Alexis and Santi back into the side the better.

Next weekend we start our defence of the FA Cup against Sunderland… perhaps some rotation will be neccessary but we can’t take it lightly, history could be made if we retain the FA Cup this season.

That’s about it really, I can’t even choose a MOTM from yesterday, and if I did it would probably be Cech… he kept us in  the game with a couple of fine saves… he’s earning his 15+ points that everyone said he would do.

Onwards and upwards… even if we have to muddle through a few games for a One nil to the Arsenal….. it all counts, points make prizes as someone once said.






75 thoughts on “Newcastle win… Arsenal get three points!

  1. Morning, Crumpet, boy she’s nice.
    What did we think of the Arsenal Machine, Dire, bugger me, we were bad. This is the team supporters and pundits and so called experts are tipping to win the league, Are they out of their fcuking minds.

    I would like to point out the players i felt put a little effort in Cech and Kos did their jobs, Fans favourite Per Merts slowed everything up, why pass forward when its easier to pass back, this is becoming Arsenals trade mark. lets play in our half most of the time as we don’t have to do much running.

    Walcott was a waste of space, but lets face it, he only comes good one game in ten, we should learn from that, and when he has that one game, don’t pick his till when he wants a rise. Theo needs the whole team to play to his strengths, if he fancies a spell on the right or left or down the middle they have to accommodate his little whims, doesn’t matter if he confuses the rest of the side, after all he is Arsene’s favourite.

    Why do we ask for a striker with pace, what we should be asking for is a player who has skill and can finish. Ramsey doesn’t like it on the wing, but whether he plays on the wing or down the middle he is an expert in missing the goal. This man showed promise for a season, but i said after he got injured from he’s good season that he would never come back as good. What i should have said is that he would never be as lucky as he was in that season, miss hit shots or bad bounces went in the goal, but that was then, and now he is back to normal nothing on target.

    We have to stop talking about being League champions, as top 4 is probably as high as we can hope for, this is not a league winning team that is wishful thinking we even made Newcastle look good and Wenger said they were a good side, i have started wondering if he knows anything about good football.

    Injuries cannot be blamed, as most of them we do without most seasons, sad stories of players struggling to get fit , what’s new the same players are always injured. The transfer window is open, we have bundles in the bin and we have deadwood who will always be injured, time to let the lame ducks go, even if we have to give them away and buy new players who will probably end up the same way, at least they will be names we haven’t heard of before.

    Lets get our champions league matches out of the way and then we can try and find our way to top 4, but lets stop talking about winning anything, unless we sign up Dynamo the Magician.

  2. Cracked it, I haven’t seen the game but by all accounts we played like s**t but we got a goal and three points, that apparently is all that matters in some minds, so we must all be happy.

    Some of our players were below par, a bit weary so why doesn’t Wenger rest a couple? Too many injuries I hear you say. Well whose fault is that? Oh! Of course Wenger didn’t by any outfield reinforcements in the summer.

    Why not put a couple of the bench players in? Good enough for the bench? Yes, good enough to play? Apparently not.

    Yep! The sort of form we are in will scare the pants off the rest of the Premiership and Barca must be quaking in their boots.

  3. Ouch I just felt a sly jab in the ribs but I’ll take all of the jabs that are thrown for a win and being 2 points clear at the top of the table.

    In our next nine PL games we have seven that are going to be really difficult and if we play awfully in all of them and come away with a positive outcome’s – then this Gunner will be delighted. I most certainly don’t give two fucks about the manner in which we win – as at the end of the day the only thing that matters is who has the points.

    I distinctly remember Man U wanking game after game in their treble winning year but they were never pilloried for the “lucky” wins instead they were lauded for their tenacity and never say die mentality.

    21 Liverpool – A
    22 Stoke – A
    23 Chelsea – H
    24 Southampton – H
    25 Bournemouth – A
    26 Leicester – H
    27 Manchester U – A
    28 Swansea – H
    29 Tottenham – A

  4. Exactly right Norfolk. If they are good enough for the bench, they should be given a chance every now and then. Wenger keeps doing the same thing.

    If our squad/bench is not up to the task then buy players. Wenger know’s about the injury prone’s Wilshere/Arteta/Rosicky/Gibbs.

    Then we have the lame duck, Oxlade Chamberlain. Perhaps lame duck is too strong, but, imo, he has reached his mark and won’t push to the next level. Let’s sell him while we can get some money and off load the dead wood and get some fresh faces in………..Something that I, and many more have been saying for some time now.

  5. GN5. That’s a stern test of fixtures indeed.

    Probably why Wenger see’s it necessary to spend some of Arsenal’s money. Let’s hope so. If not wee can kiss the EPL goodbye.

  6. GN5, i have always respected your opinion, but i cannot believe you would settle for how we played, every week, and walk away saying we were worthy champions. Your Arsenal through and through, but your a football man. I don’t care what you write, cause down deep it hurts you as well as it does me.

    Maybe i have read you wrong, but i don’t think i have. We need a bit of rough in this side, tough spirited individuals that will run through walls . Coquelin has been a revelation. Sanchez does things wrong at times but the guy will run the length of the field to put a mistake right, while a weak Walcott puts in a weak challenge then sits on his arse till some body else covers, far to many like him in the side.

    We miss those players while out injured i don’t think we have ever missed Walcott and his like. If i have offended you i apologise, i seem to do that a lot just lately.

  7. Steve the word “worthy” has not appeared in anything that I have written about this season.

    However if we win the PL, under any circumstances, we will indeed be worthy by the fact that we overcame all odds and critics and were crowned Champions. When I watch the games it goes without saying that I would prefer to see us playing Wengerball at its best – but at the end of any game my preference is that we got three points.

  8. If we were to win the league playing as we do, then it wont be anything to do with Arsenal, it will be the FA’s decision

  9. Although I love us playing beautiful football and getting CL every year, I must admit that I just want to win the league !….by hook or crook I don’t care !………do we want to lose pretty or win ugly ?…… with plenty of you lot, I have fcuked some ugly women in my time and some pretty ones too. but it always ended with the selfish same result….I came first !

    Lets play fcuking ugly and win the title if need be !
    And for you Steve…..a paper bag !…….you can either put it over their head or vomit in it, just make sure you come first and get the fcuk out as soon a possible !. hahaha

    I`m sure that`s part of the reason Transplant has gone missing !………..the stupid cnut put the paper bag over his own head and cant find the way out !.

  10. Good evening Fumbuckers 🙂

    I see the Chavs beat Palace…. still 14th in the league though…. ha ha
    Spervs are just about managing a draw at the moment… come on Everton

  11. Hi NB, no censoring needed – but I’m considering writing a letter to Arsene Wenger and asking him to apologise to our aggrieved fans for taking 3 points off of a deserving Newcastle and suggesting that he gets the FA to give them to Newcastle.

    Seems like the fair and honourable thing to do.

  12. Two points dropped and now six points behind !……….and living with the darkside….the force of the shadow is strong !.

  13. Saw the new Star Wars film and loved it…..I wont spoil it for any of you Jedi Gooners, but take a hanky if you`re going to see it !.

  14. Nice one 69. I was at the game and really enjoyed it. What’s the point of it been easy? That would only make us happy all the time, and no one likes a smiley happy bastard.

    I like miserable old fuckers, that’s why I post on here.

    I was in Paris for a week 69. Kept showing a photo of you to locals, telling them to imagine that face pissed and trying to shag you. Every one could imagine it. One bird even said she saw you on a bus painting a filthy picture of her whilst fiddling your brush.

    Steve, know what you mean about the FA mate. Only last night that horrible bastard Greg Dyke astral traveled into my bedroom and threatened unless I have him a grand he would deduct us two points. He also threatened me with a red card unless I made association with his balls

    All in all a good weekend. Two points clear and one step closer to the title

    Don’t worry, if winning the title means letting Dyke shag me, then I will do it.

    The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stirring

  15. Ha, ita chu witta da white shoos. So dat chu name Terry, Terry dat a nice a name for some a one who jump ona my grave. Now I gotta chu name I haunta chu good. I senda not thirty ghosts but maybe forty ghosts to haunta chu alla time. Chu waita see.

  16. I met an older woman at a bar last night. She looked pretty good for a 60-year-old. In fact, she wasn’t too bad at all, and I found myself thinking she probably had a really hot daughter. We drank a couple of beers, and she asked if I’d ever had a Sportsman’s Double? ‘What’s that? I asked. ‘It’s a mother and daughter threesome,’ she said. As my mind began to embrace the idea, and I wondered what her daughter might look like, I said, ‘No, I haven’t.’ We drank a bit more, then she said with a wink, ‘tonight’s your lucky night’. We went back to her place. We walked in. She put on the hall light and shouted upstairs: ‘Mom…you still awake?’

  17. Still all quiet on – so the waiting game continues. I still believe that he will strengthen both the midfield and attack in this transfer window. Trouble is the “window” always seems to be closed for Arsenal 😡

  18. A nice place for GN5 to rest his walking stick or Bear gun or whatever he uses to get about with in the snowy wildernest !. 😀

  19. All quite on GunnersoreArse this morning.

    Has anyone heard from arnie lately?

    Still no transfer news expect the persistent rumors about some big Egyptian ninny?
    In fact there has been very little action from any team so far which is very surprising.

  20. Afternoon my sorearse friends 🙂
    Sorry I aint been on much but rather busy. I’m currently drawing up plans to convert a 80m2 garage into open plan loft style living space and studio, in a small village…. for me to live in. So the next few months I’ll be travelling between the Vaucluse and the Gard, and time on Arsenal blogs will be limited. I’ll try to keep up ok 🙂

  21. Sounds like a “lofty” goal NB, I wish you the best of good luck. It sounds like it may be an ideal
    situation for you, it would be great to see some pictures of the building and village and a series of progressive posts/pictures might just fill in the void.

  22. The Elneny rumours have been verified by Arsene – lets hope its nor so complicated that it fails to happen.

    Wenger on Elneny, Gnabry, Debuchy

    Read extra quotes from Arsène Wenger’s press conference ahead of the Sunderland game. For more headlines, visit our Digest page.

    on Mohamed Elneny…
    It is complicated a little bit but we are working hard on it and hopefully in the next two or three days we will get to the end of it.

    on Mathieu Debuchy…
    He has an opportunity to go but he as well has not been in touch with any club.

    on Troy Deeney link and Ox to Chelsea rumour…
    Yes [it’s not true].

    on whether Elneny will be the only signing…
    The only one? I don’t rule out anyone else, but he will be at least one signing that comes into an area where we are short at the moment.

    on whether Guardiola’s ‘three-year blocks’ suit Arsenal…
    Anything is suitable. Every manager has his own way to run and model his career. There’s not only one way as long as they give their best to the club where they are. What I think is most important is that anybody who works for a football club gives full commitment. How long does it last? Nobody knows. I didn’t plan to stay here for 20 years.

    on Guardiola being the right man for Arsenal…
    I’m very pleased that you care about our club and my succession but it’s not my job to talk about that and not your job to make this decision. I can only make sure of one thing, that the guy who comes after me finds the club in a very strong position with very good players in a very good, strong financial situation. I hope I can convince you that I can do that.

    on Serge Gnabry’s situation…
    He’s on loan at West Brom, a year-long loan.

    on if the loan will be cut short…
    We have a commitment. The player wanted to go there. We have a commitment with West Brom. If they want to cancel the loan, they have to contact us and speak about it. But at the moment, we are not there.

    on Arsenal being top of the league without Alexis…
    You compensate for the absence of quality players with different styles. Sometimes with more physical commitment, more solidarity, because you’re conscious that you have less individual potential to change the games. We can make up for it but in the long term it’s always better that you have all your players available.
    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source


  23. Morning fellow gooners… I failed my blogging duties yesterday but I can assure you it wasn’t my fault. Went to a party in Marseille with a mate Saturday night (after I watched the game) He promised me he’d be fit to drive back… well here’s a fucking surprise, by midnight he was fucking legless and then went a pulled a bird. I didn’t hear from him again till this morning at 8am and we’ve just got back to Avignon.

    Great match on Saturday… a will deserved win after a dodgy start… Kos was not on form for the first 30 minutes, tired perhaps. But the others all had a good game… Bellerin becoming an Arsenal star… no wonder the Boosh wants to leave, he’s got no chance as long as Bellerin stays fit.

  24. With the company you keep what else would you expect? 🙂

    I thought that you may have started on your loft project.

    This is the start of our “make or break” period of nine games-

    21 Liverpool – A
    22 Stoke – A
    23 Chelsea – H
    24 Southampton – H
    25 Bournemouth – A
    26 Leicester – H
    27 Manchester U – A
    28 Swansea – H
    29 Tottenham – A

    – and there’s not an “easy” one among them. We will really find out if this is “our” season or just another slippery stepping stone 😦

  25. Afternoon ? Morning GN5

    We do have some tough games coming up… defo a make or break period.

    My loft project is just at the drawing / planning / permission stage…. will know more in about four weeks.

  26. Permission ? does that mean the village elders are running a background check on you? 🙂
    I bet that they have already heard about your etchings stories and have sneaked into your place to see how many different DNA sample they can get 🙂

  27. ha ha GN5… if they did a background check on me they’d deport me back to the UK tout suite 🙂

    No, the permission is needed for change of use by the Mairie (town hall) or in this case, village hall ha ha

  28. Bloody cold here today, a storm blew in last night bringing snow and freezing rain we had winds od 75kpm and the te
    mperature has dropped to -15c which with the wind feels like -35c.

  29. The thermometer in my lounge is saying +17c…. the sun is shining, a balmy day in provence. 🙂 I shouldn’t gloat, it must be tough living with those temperatures, especially at your age 🙂

  30. Gold fish !……….Shag, Marry or Avoid ?. hahaha

    Just incase Mr Giggles Rasp deletes my reponse, I`ll print it here !. hahaha

    I dont know the first thing about Goldfish, but I dont see them complaining !………probably forgot about it after two seconds and possibly have a sense of banter and humour if only they could remember !………..alright !….I apologise !……and I`m sorry to you as well Rasp !.

  31. ha ha Big Coq…. he’s too sensitive, I always thought as you get older these emotions diminish somewhat and one is more calm, obviously not with the Rasper 🙂

  32. I don’t get you two.
    Why not keep this tomfoolery over here?
    You know it’s not welcome on AA.
    If you get invited into someone’s house, you don’t shit in the bed, do you?
    What’s the game?

  33. But Chas… it was welcome when you were Fumbucker…. and all the smut you used to post on AA, and the tree penises… and it was accepted… but others do it and they are censored.. so whats your fucking point?

  34. Yeah, but I’ve stopped.
    You’re not on some freedom of speech crusade on a blog run by your friends , are you?

  35. Sorry, I’ve come on at a bad time as I’m just about to be picked up by my brother to go to Liverpool.
    Up The Gunners.

  36. Bully for you…. nothing to do with freedom of speech crusade Chas or my friends, it’s a matter of double standards, but R+*sp”rs doesn’t seem to understand that. It became really annoying when I got an e mail from P—ches to ask me to stop using the name Wet Willy when Fumbucker was accepted… a bit cliqui mate if you ask me… alright for my pals but not alright for others. Sorry, but it’s a matter of principle… GN5 got attacked by Herb and asked for intervention but got none, someone calls you a poof and they get jumped upon… you understand what I’m saying Chas. I like AA, I think it’s an excellent blog but the double standards can irritate somewhat.

  37. WTF !!!……….”I dont get you two !”………..then you dont get yourself !……………one sentence about a Goldfish and your on a high horse defending your humourless buddy !……..surprised at you chas, I thought you off all the AAers had one of the best sense of humours !…….you`ve gone soft mate !.
    Instead of having a dig at me and `69er, maybe you should have defended the right of humour !…… know that saying which you see on car stickers….One Life Live It !……..I prefer…..One Life Laugh at It !.
    Maybe it`s the stress of tonights game…..I mean I`m already behind the sofa and maybe I should cut Rasp some slack as he`s probably stressed behind his aquarium in his mac`peeping though to the little under water castle where a lovely little Goldfish Princess is taking a bath getting ready to watch the Arse on her H2o Plasma screen !.

    Honestly, chas…..other than me, Transplant and `69er, you`re the last person I would have thought would have written that @ 2:45pm………fuck me !……..I`ve written a lot worse !. hahaha

    Hope you have a great time tonight with a win and then you will see the error of your ways !….anything less than a win and me and `69er had better leave the country !………………fuck !….`69ers left already !.

  38. You have to forgive 69 and Cornwall chas. You see, doing bird has led to a self defence mechanism more colloquially know to those who have participated in Tooth Brush Wars as “take no shit”

    We’re as you and I would have taken the sensible option by shoe shining the Guvnors shoes and sneakily informing the latent homosexual warder that a fellow inmate was dealing in hard core shampoo, they would be resisting.

    Ok, we would have to share a cell with Graham Rix and face possible advances from the confused screw, but when we get out we would have a new found alertness for arse security and shiney shoes.

  39. Hi Terry; good to see you over “the other side” so to speak.
    How are you doing?
    Just to cool things down we now have about 18″ of snow and its -25c with the wind chill.

  40. Yeah, good GN5. Trust you are to.

    18 inches of snow? Bloody hell. I kid you not GN5, but back home we have had the mildest winter ever. The other day I woke up and noticed a low humming noise coming from my pyjama bottom. When I put my hand down there I felt a sharp pain on the finger. It was a bloody wasp, who gets stung by a wasp in January for fucks sake?

    It was probably after my cock, but couldn’t find it. hahaha

  41. I said I would bite your hand off for 4 points from the `pool, Orc games !… anything other than a win against the Orcs will be unacceptable………..well, a draw wont be the worst result as long as Leicester, Mansour City and Spuds lose !…..the only conditions I`ll accept !.

    Talking of Prison, Stretch……True story this !…….There was this guy in the nick called Freddie The Freezer, he killed his missus and kept her in the freezer, probably had enough of her being frosty in bed so why not make her frosty all the time……anyway, one day me and Tony the Torch ( he was in for Arson, no he wasn`t a Wenger lover like you !….he caught his wife in bed with some bloke when coming home early and just casually walked out whilst setting the house on fire ! ) were watching TV on our own when Freddie the Freezer pokes his head through the door and said….” Is it all right to come in and watch the TV with both of you ! “…..quick as a flash I said…..” fuck off Freddie !….two`s company, Freezer crowd !”.

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