Arsenal robbed of 2 points…

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Good morning Sore Arses.

The sports back pages are full of Joe Allen the super-sub and how liverpool denied us. What utter bollocks… at the end of the game I expected Klopps flops to all hold hands and do a lap of honour in celebration.

We were robbed, we were clearly the better team and deserved all three points. It was gut wrenching to see that 90th minute goal because it was undeserved, Liverpool had been outplayed all over the pitch and rarely threatened.

Ok ok, a bit over the top, it was a scintillating game, going from end to end and ultimately, we gifted the point to the flops due to being unable to guard a lead. We missed a couple of good chances in the second half to put the game to bed and avoid that 90th minute Joe Allen goal.

The good news is that we remain top on goal difference and City only managed a draw against the Toffees. Leicester beat the Spervs which was great but does keep them on level points with the Arsenal.

We go to the Potteries next weekend after both Leicester and City have played on Saturday, which could see both temporarily move above us before our game on Sunday.

The Premier League is still wide open but we are in a good position to win it, one of our tough away games was yesterday and we came away with a point. Wenger announced after the game that El Ninny has signed so we’ve strengthened in midfield but we still desperately need another striker. Walcott was poor last night and the Ox did his usual of running with the ball until he was dispossessed. Giroud got two good goals and his away tally currently stands at 11 in 11 games. Ramsey is hitting some good form so let’s hope he stays injury free and we have Sanchez due back for the Stoke game, so looking good.

Finally, I want to make special mention of our two full-backs. They are phenominal, both Monreal and Bellerin are becoming the best defenders in the PL, if not the world. I sincerely hope we can hang on to them!

That’s it from me but just to let people know, I will not be commenting on the other blog anymore, for some obscure reason, I’ve been blocked by the administrators.

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47 thoughts on “Arsenal robbed of 2 points…

  1. Good morning dickheads:

    Great game last night….. fully enjoyed it until the 90th minute. It was an advert for attacking football and how the game should be played.

  2. Thanks, NB.
    I thought you were deadly serious for a moment about us clearly being the better team and deserving all 3 points. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ant and me spent a lot of the 2nd half needing binoculars to see the ball down the far end. The only surprise to me was that the equaliser didn’t come sooner.

  3. Morning all,
    Nice write up NB.
    Have to say that Liverpool put us under a lot of pressure, and had us chasing shadows at times, closed us down in numbers and spammed the brains of our don’t like contact players., We was of course the opposite where we close no body down, and let them bring the ball down until they have complete control, before we move in slowly of course, in case we should make contact. Of course there are always players who go against the grain, and young Campbell was one of them, he was like a dog with a bone and chased wherever to win the ball back, many say he is lightweight as he never seems to play ninety, but for the effort he puts in its a wonder he see’s out the time he does.

    For me Walcott again was a complete wast of space. How long do we still pick him when all he does is hide. We have youngsters who would show more effort but dont get picked, i find that annoying.
    I felt we were lucky for the draw, in my mind Liverpool was the better team, but of course they made mistakes, and luckily we actually scored, I felt Petr Cech could have done better, but so could all of them. A draw seemed fair to me, i don’t think we showed we deserved it, no more than they did so shared points about right.

    Sorry to hear that you have been chastised, but swear words and other talk, that can make Word press stop you going global, loses you hits, which in turn loses them money, and lets face it that is more important than menbers

  4. Morning all, its me the AA outcast.

    What a great game of football, I’ve been to Anfield on several occasions. My wife is from Liverpool and my in-law’s are as fanatical about their team as I am about Arsenal. Since I was a child Liverpool were always my second team and I’ve enjoyed watching many of their successes.

    We were simply overrun in the first 10/15 minutes and they fully deserved their two goal lead but over the rest of the game we were the better team and should have won – but Lady Luck had other ideas and we end up with a single point.

  5. Afternoon girls

    Hello Steve P…. glad to see you’re still about mate!

    GN5 the AA outcast ha ha….. the old rebel with a cause, it was all your fault ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi NB,

    Life is always full of surprises, I never thought of myself as a misfit but who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel as though us North London’s are very reactive to injustice whether it be real or perceived.

  7. GN5 we’re not North Londoners mate, we’re Islingtonians, there’s a big difference ha ha.

    My Dad had an innate sense of justice and it rubbed off on me. He was always getting involved in stuff where someone had been unjustly treated or was the underdog… often leading to fights, but he was a tough bloke. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hahaha………………I didn`t know I`d been banned on AA until I read it on here !…… email account for Le Coq Monster is one I dont use for emails etc`, so I had no idea !………… the one I use for proper letters and correspondence is the one when I`m……. Gooner Lost in Cornwall (GLIC). Oh well such is life !. If you`re not in the clique, then you cant be a hyprocrite !. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. It was very petty Cockie…. just because Peaches boyfriend lip quivers everytime when someone calls him names shouldn’t justify a ban…. but as you say, cliques and hypocrisy ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. As for Peaches mums test !…..well the only test I`d be worried about is if I caught a dose from her !. hahaha
    Time for exercises and some speed training later @7pm……no pain no gain !.

  11. You are right NB, North Londoner’s are a varied bunch but the Caledonian Road is very specific.

    When I was a twelve year old I used to help on a milk round and we went up and down the Cally and we even had Pentonville prison on our round.

  12. What about the rights of Goldfish ? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Honestly, `69er, it has to be a class thing !……..if I didn`t call my mates tosssers and cnuts etc` they would think I`m a pussy !.
    The moderators dont know whether to go for the pink or the stink and usually end up in both for being indecisive ………there`s cnuts and cnuts, we all love a good cnut, but nobody likes a shit cnut !.
    Right really exercise time you cnut !. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. GN5 in April when I was in London I took a little walk around the Cally and went into the Two Brewers in Roman Way for a quick drink ha ha, right by where we used to live. The prison warder (screws to me and Cockie) blocks of flats are next door, well they are really run down now and mostly empty. The barman in the pub said there were mainly squatters.

  14. Hello NG

    We must have passed the work permit issue so he’ll be ready to play immediately but I bet Wenger will say he is not up to our fitness levels. ๐Ÿ™‚ Apparently he’s good… but that was in the Swiss league… time will tell obviously but I’m really hoping we’ve found a little gem in the mould of Mahrez.

  15. Just a repeat of my last comment, I’ve been having trouble with WordPress.

    Let’s see if this works.

  16. Yes!

    Hope so Soixante-Neuf, we need something in midfield, hopefully with a bit of discipline.

    How’s the weather? 1c, sleet and strong winds here at the moment, the road between me and the pub currently blocked by accident. Curtains drawn, central heating turned up and a nice bottle of red breathing.

  17. The two Madrid clubs have been banned in the transfer market until summer 2017, same ban as Barca had and the one which we are under investigation !……dont wait to see whether we get banned or not, use the ยฃ230M now before it`s could be too late !……are us suppporters the only ones who see this as common sense ?……….I`ll have my …Common sense person of the year award now !. hahaha

  18. Thing is `69er……them vids have the ability to make players like Bendtner look world class and even the little fat tnuc Arshavin look like Alexis`s more energetic twin and Goldfish look alluring to aquarium owners !.

  19. Cockie ๐Ÿ™‚ I know mate but they’re still good to watch and get the juices flowing, and that’s just the goldfish vids… they’re called Billingsgate Porn Videos ha ha

  20. Aha Coqozil sounds great!

    That’s the first time I’ve watched any videos of him – not bad at all.
    I very much doubt if AW would put him in the squad without any concentrated team work – maybe on the bench to see how the team flows.

    Hi NG I miss the stories of your walks and visits to your locals – they always make me very envious.

  21. I think so, `69er !………….but speaking to his shrink , it`s seems it all stems from a fair ground encounter !……he was on the dodgems with his girlfriend and you know them greasy Elvis look-a-likes who jump on the back and try and nick your bird, well R was gullible enough to take the words of the pikey…..” you look after the goldfish son, whilst I show your girlfriend the ins and outs of a Dodgem motor “…….ending with R having sex with the goldfish behind the Dodgems marquee !……the rest is history and millions of illegitimate goldfish looking for their father !.

    Off Running !.

  22. Well well well, tune in to find a load more comments, and sure to be more bloggers. If all the other sites have the c- word as part of their rulebook, you could end up having to write posts everyday NB.

    I often feel that one of the rules other sites have, of not bad mouthing former sites is probably a good one, after all once left why dwell on it.

    Arsenal supporters usually want to talk about Arsenal, we get caught up thinking that chatting with other like minded Arsenal supporters, is a bit like a chat with your mates in the pub, but truth be known, we forget that world events can also be brought into the equation, Apparently that cannot happen on an open forum.

    Politically correct wording is now of paramount importance, as someone’s feelings may get hurt, So a tip from a guy who has found blogging in England, a country once known for free speech, is now being censored, and should it not be seen as just a comment, will now not even be shown.

    My feelings on this new way of blogging, is why bother, if you cannot say how you feel, there really is no point at all,,l and you, now have to think of every bodies feelings sod that.

  23. and Cockie… winner of the common sense award 2016 was right, Real Madrid are going to spend ยฃ250m before their transfer ban kicks in…. fucking bastards. If we’re gonna get the same after the investigation then spend, spend, spend.

  24. This is funny, my views had an extremely high peak yesterday after the thing with the other blog, over 1000 hits…. must have been Rasp and Peaches checking to see what I was saying about them ha ha ha ROLF

  25. And Stevie P…. the fisherman ๐Ÿ™‚ I can say what I fucking like on MY blog and can bad mouth another blog if I wish to…. they can have their moral high ground, censorship and double standards, so why can’t I have my response ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. People can say what they like on this blog… I may not agree but I won’t delete it, I’ll probably argue against it and would hope others would do the same… but censorship belongs with the Nazis and other fascist regimes. Burning books and art is not my thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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