Welbeck……. the forgotten man!

We were all excited when he arrived were we not, he was excess to requirements for Van Gaals new revolution at United and we got him for about 16 million smackerooneys!

Arsenal fandom was buzzing and the red side of Manchester was fuming. That was at the last minute of the summer transfer window 2014. Daniel Nii Tackie Mensah “Danny” Welbeck to give him his full name got his first game against Man City on the 13th of September 2014 and scored his first goal against Aston Villa seven days late and set up an assist for Ozil, Arsenal fans were waxing lyrical about how his play would easily mix into the Arsenal way.

A couple of weeks later he scored a hat-trick in the Champions League in a 4-1 victory against Galatasaray, oh what joy, we had a striker who was going to score goals for fun. He then scored the winning goal that knocked his old team, United, out of the FA Cup on our way to the 2015 final. Oh how we laughed at United and Van Gaal for selling such a gem.

In April 2014 however, he suffered a knee injury and didn’t play again that season, and unfortunately for him, missing our victory at Wembley in the FA Cup Final.

Then at the beginning of this season it was announced that he would be out of action until Christmas, and he still hasn’t made an appearance and we’re nearly at the end of January and I think Wenger has only just said that Danny may be back in training next week.

So from being extremely excited at the beginning of last season to being extremely disappointed this season, we haven’t seen much of Danny boy and I wonder if he is the new Jack Wilshere or even Diaby?

I wonder if we’ll hear in February that there has been a set back in his recovery and willย be out for the rest of the season. I sincerely hope not, if Wenger doesn’t get another striker in this January window then Welbeck is going to be needed urgently.

The injury problems at Arsenal FC do give rise to concerns about the capabilities of the medical staff, we do seem to experience a higher number of set backs when we’ve been told that someone will be back on a certain date but as that date approaches a statement has been made stating that the player will be out for another few weeks or months. It’s frustrating for fans and I sure it’s frustrating for Wenger….. I’m not sure what they can do about it, do you?

SOAPBOX FRIDAY is available for all to post on if any of you have something to get off your chest…. feel free to let me know in the comments and we’ll arrange to do it through e mail.




31 thoughts on “SOAPBOX FRIDAY

  1. Good morning my little Sore Arses ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m about until 11:30 (French time) and then off for an apero and lunch with a mate, so get those comments flowing until I get back this evening at about 6 o’clock.

  2. Steve I’ve reposted your comment from earlier on the other thread because it’s relevant to todays post ok ๐Ÿ™‚

    stevepalmer1 says:

    January 22, 2016 at 8:31 am

    Morning all, Not that many will be up yet, but as i have been told before many times we are in many time zones, so somebody some where is awake.

    I found it quite exciting to read that some of our injured are back in training as i am sure many others are, and with a tough old game this weekend we certainly need them back. Then i read that Mr Wenger now says that they may not be used this weekend as he wants to be sure that they dont have a relapse.

    Why tell us that these players are back in full training if they arnt fit to play. Now i understand these players have been out for some time, Welbeck hasnโ€™t kicked a ball for us this season, and boy with Giroud playing nearly every game we sure need to get a striker fit. Walcott has had many chances to impress and speaking for myself he fails to impress me that he can play that part.

    Alexis Sanchez has been missed by all, I have to wonder if this player was injured in the first place as Hamstrings are usually a couple of weeks. As we know Sanchez has shown he wants to play every week and busts a gut to be included. His injury seems to have given the manager a chance to rest him, and i am convinced that Sanchez has been fit to play, Again Wenger has said he doesnโ€™t want to rush him back. Wishere has had his anual break, he has seen most of this season in his second home the treatment room, Many supporters are finding reasons and ways that Jack can keep fit, I can think of only one, Dont play at all Jack you know you wont last, A talented player yes, no doubt about that, but if his now ready for a comeback we should sell before he goes back in treatment.

    Coquelin is now back training, Wenger said he still needs a couple of day trials to see if he is properly ready, Our new signing seems like he is not properly fit Elneny has just joined us and he is not fit yet, have we brought another injury prone player who needs treatment in our renown treatment rooms before we can launch him.

    I have heard no news about Cazorla, so i assume he could be another month or so, been so long since i have seen him i dont remember what was wrong with him. Debuchey wants away, strange this one as he wants to play heโ€™s as fit as a fiddle but warms the bench every week, Aston villa want him and what Gauls me is that he wants to go, what the hell is going on at Arsenal.

  3. Well done NB, you finally got it sorted,
    Nice post mate, Yes Danny boy did have a good start, and he did look promising, Usually a player can come back from an injury like his and continue where he left off, of course Danny will need a few games to get his match fitness as no matter how much training you do, it never seems to get you all the way back.

    We seem to be getting a few players back at the same time, Welbeck Coquelin and Sanchez Wilshere, It would be foolhardy to make wholesale changes should they all peak at the same time, so at least our bench should look more appetising.

    Santi Cazorla has still to be announced, so could possibly be a little later, Not heard much about Rosiski, as he could be a useful player to have as backup.As for the transfer window, i doubt a Marquee player will join us in this window, and with Welbecks name in the frame, and Sanchez almost kicking a ball i feel the window hold’s any more secrets for us.

  4. The first half of the season, has seen us without players, But as luck has had it other clubs have had their problems as well. League managers have been sacked and other clubs have also been without players. All in all we have maintained steady progress, and at present share the lead, and although we are up there, it will be a tight old run in, But with our players back, and the possibility of rotation, we stand a chance of keeping our momentum, and less chance of exhaustion

    A lot of people have mentioned how a winter break could help football clubs, and although i dont recommend having as many injuries that we have had, it has rested some of ours. and could end up being signifiant

  5. Steve

    I wouldn’t want to see the EPL introduce a winter break. I like the fact that we are different here in England and I really enjoy the Boxing Day and New Year games. OK, sometimes it can have an impact on European games when the rest of Europe have a break but our players don’t, but it’s a tradition I’d like to see continued.

  6. Like me NB, I don’t want a winter break either, Footballers earn a decent wage, they know when they sign on that they are contracted to play right through, Of course many could opt out of playing internationals, that could save them a few games, and i am sure they could even opt out of european games if they had it written in their contracts.

    Mere mortals like us, many who work in the less paid jobs, take on the conditions of work set out by the employer but they still have the option. Personally wouldn’t we all like to be paid like a top footballer, Yes its a bind to work weekends and bank holidays, but they do get Christmas day off and a nice break when the weathers better, ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. A Kosovo friend of mine damaged his shoulder lifting things at work, he needed an op on the shoulder and was out of work for close on a couple of months, He told me that he had to go back before he was fully fit because he only got a month sick pay, He went back doing light duties and has been told if he cannot do the work he was doing, then he’ll have to be released. Although he is a Gunner i bet he wished he played for us ha ha

  8. A bit late on today, as it’s raining and there’s a south-westerly wind, naturally BT Broadband keeps going down.

    Welbeck eh! good news that he’s ready to rejoin the first team training on Monday. I look forward to hearing from Wenger to say “Danny Is only a few days away”. Then “Danny is a bit short for Saturday”.
    To be followed by “Danny has had a small set-back, only a few days”. “We are waiting for the result of the scan, but the injury is small”. “Danny is in the hospital, as soon as we found it, we sent by FedEx to the hospital, his right leg”.

    A bit cruel, but not prophetic….I hope

  9. I see no reason why we can’t retain the Christmas/ Boxing day/ New year fixtures and then have a two week break in January.

    Steve I think you’ll find most Premiership sides run a training session on Chritmas morning.

  10. Late to the blog today -1’ve been on a shopping trip to Costco’s – one of the huge warehouse stores here, great quality and pricing – but always in bulk.

    When I lived ion England I really enjoyed the fact that games were played during the traditional Xmas holiday and it was great opportunity to watch the games with out of town family. But it does cause an issue for the teams involved in the CL as the players get no rest.

    Must be about time for the missing barman to return from his wined up lunch – just in time for his afternoon nap. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Well NB Danny is only 24 years old and has many years ahead of him as a footballer I along with many others was shocked when Man U sold him to us. I have been very impressed with him in his time with Arsenal and in particular when he was playing for England. It’s always a big ask for players to return to their top form after long term injury – just use Ramsey as an example.

    We’ve had really bad luck as a club with some super players not being able to return after major injuries two classic example would be Diaby and Eduardo, lets hope that our current crop don’t have the same problem.

    Names beginning with “W” seem to be bad luck at Arsenal,with Welbeck, Wishere & Walcott all getting long term knacks.

  12. Evening all,
    Back from a fish and chip lunch at our local Weatherspoon’s plus a couple of their special ales, the Mrs did sample a couple of glasses of NB’s Plonk.

    Just seen the news on TV, and Petr Cech has made the news, the supplier of his gloves, sent them to Chelsea, instead of Arsenal. Arsene was asked for a comment, and he said Thats alright Cech has many pairs of gloves.:)

    Thank you to NG for that piece of news, they work even harder than i thought then.:)

  13. Good evening my petit puces je suis bien arrosez et bien fucking drunk ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good discussion…. I’m worried about Welbz, I don’t think he’ ll get past this injury, he’ll play another two or three games and then he’ll be out for another – months… I just feel it in my water, or my crystals, or whatever, sad I know because I’d love for him to get back in the team and make an impact, but I do’t think he will ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. Soixante-Neuf, things will look better in the morning. You’ll have a cafe au lait, a croissant and a cognac and Welbeck will begin to look like a thirty goal a season striker.

  15. OK …. I just had to check over on AA…. this is the clique, they had 57 comments today amongst the group of friends that Rasp seems to like: Chas, Big Raddy, RA, GoonerB, LB, Mickydidit, and Fatgingergooner, plus Eddie who made a cameo appearance. So that’s the in crowd, all fucking 7 or 8 of them…. despite Rasp saying they have over 6000 clicks, just 7 or 8 people comment. Fat Ginger Gooner? Is he a Gooner? is he Fat? or is he a Ginger? fucking confusing! probably all three ha ha

    I just can’t let it go…. it looks as if AA is going down hill…. and I know why!

    Good night from me and good night from him ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Good morning shitheads ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s Saturday, there’s football and the sun is shining in this part of the world. But the Arsenal don’t plat till the last game of the weekend ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so city and Leicester both have a chance to go temporarily top again and we have to play catch up tomorrow against the Chavs.

  17. Morning NB, I will be around later today, its only 6:42am here and I have a bust few hours ahead so I’ll see you later – if you haven’t nodded off ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. A very slow day today on here, results in the PL didn’t really go in our favour with the Spervs and Leicester both winning easily but United lost and City only managed a draw, which leaves us in third on goal difference with City.

  19. I’ve just been looking at the news about the storms in the Eastern USA and on the map it looks as if GunnerN5’s region is being hit as well. So we may not hear from him for a while, hope all is well GN5 and stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I watched the Spud game, Pretty even to start with, but spuds scored some blinders, and in the end deserved the win. They look pretty dangerous to me. City game was end to end, Hammers and City well matched a draw seemed fair from what i saw.Shampoo boy pulled of a couple of blinding saves, Hammers are starting to show some good football.

  21. Good morning Ladies

    It’s matchday and a Pre Match is on it’s way at about 9:30am GMT.
    Steve, sorry I missed your late comment yesterday. Wash your mouth out with soap young man…. how dare you talk about the Spervs ‘looking pretty dangerous’…… if you’re not careful , I may have to ban you ha ha ha.

  22. Morning NB,
    Yes your right, i apologise, wouldn’t have anywhere to go would i. Blogging today is a little different, not sure i like all this honesty and censorship how wonderful this chap is and what a sportsman he is when everybody knows what a complete arse somebody is, but nobody wants to say, or is not allowed to say,.

    They say they have to think of their bloggers feelings, What they really want to say is, you are censored mate , be a good Gooner and fall in line..Bollox

  23. Morning Steve
    You’re right mate, everyone over there knows that one among them is a wanker but never say it….. it’s because he has Big Momma looking after him and she has control ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Van Gall, getting a bit of what Wenger had, looks like United will have to let him go. How many Managers will they have to have, before they get settled, Either that, or start putting bigger money in the brown envelopes

  25. Should be an eye opener today, Will we see players we haven’t seen for ages, or are they being saved for an important game, In my day if you could walk you was in. ๐Ÿ™‚

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