We get our revenge today against Chelsea

We all remember the game at Stamford Bridge on the 19th September last year…. cheating bastards and Diego Costa the dirty fucker. Today we have our opportunity for revenge against a poor Chelsea side.

Maureen has gone, unceremoniously sacked and now unemployed, he got what he fucking deserved, he turned out to be an expert in failure. So today we face a team currently 14th in the table and struggling to remain above the relegation zone. It has to be the day we stick 5 or 6 past them, because I want revenge for that game in SW6.

I saw in the news yesterday that they had sacked an Arsenal supporting steward for saying that Fabregas was a “snake”. I think another case of unfair dismissal and discrimination is called for, just as they had unfairly treated Ms Cameiro!

Back to todays game, we’re hoping to see Özil and Sanchez back in the side with all guns blazing, we may get a cameo from our new Egyptian and we should have a strong side out on  the pitch. Hopefully too strong for the Chavs.

Leicester and Man City both moved above us yesterday so we definitely need a win today, furthermore, those wankers from N17 are getting a bit too close for comfort and we need to keep some distance between us and them.

We haven’t beaten the Chavs in our last eight meetings in the Premier League, not since 2011, so today looks like the day we will put an end to that poor record. They come to the Emirates having W6 D7 L9 this season and have a GD of -3, so let’s make it L10 and a GD of -9 and keep them near the relegation zone. The boys also need to keep that bastard Costa quiet as well, and I’m hoping that if he employs some of his snide tactics the ref deals with it appropriately.

I’m looking forward to the game, we’re due a win after two hard fought draws away from home, so let’s get our good run in to May on the go today and we’ll be back to the top of the league on goal difference this evening.

Come on you Gunners!



71 thoughts on “We get our revenge today against Chelsea

  1. Right, I managed to get it up 🙂

    Good morning sore arses….. especially all those who live in the Eastern USA, hope you are all wrapped up nice and warm and have heating and food to keep you safe and well.

  2. Good Post NB,
    Yes the Chavs have had the best of our recent meetings, i hate to say it, but i feel the trend will carry on. Yes we have a few back but with too many outside influences and the hatred among presenters pundits and so called experts who find it difficult to word a sentence in Arsenals favour, i feel we will end this game a way off the top of the league.

    The transfer window is coming to an end, We have purchased a holding Mid, it is now the 24th of January and we still have not seen this player play. Still no sign of a prolific striker, and we still persevere with passengers like Walcott and Chamberlain.

    The potential i saw in Arsenal at the start of the season, when many of us wanted more top players and got a Goalkeeper, i still felt that we had enough to hold our own, but of course was disappointed with our spend. Through the tribulations of other clubs form we managed to stay around the top although our injury list was as long as your arm, we have been fortunate with results.

    Our form of course has been spasmodic, from the sublime to the depths of despair, I find our form is Jeckal and Hyde and not consistent enough for the top honour. Our first couple of encounters in Europe was almost laughable, and then we see a different Arsenal to squeeze us through to the next round, to meet our next opponent Barcelona. Don’t like to say it, but that will need more top players than what we have and we will not be equipped.

    Todays game at home favours Arsenal, a fair few points separate us in the league, but we have a team that may feature players who have not match fitness and one new player who has never kicked a ball in the premier.

    I hope we have the good side of Jeckal and Hyde today but i feel our best result could be a draw, if i am wrong i will hold my hands up and be prepared to be shot.

  3. Team for today will be something like this:

    ———————— Cech———————-
    Bellerin—— BFG———– Kos——- Monreal
    ——————- ———— Flamini————–
    ————— Ramsey——————————
    ———————– Ozil—————————
    Campbell———————————— Sanchez
    ——————– Giroud—————————

  4. Good morning, I hope to get this comment up before BT Broadband crashes again.

    Steve, I can only congratulate you on your consistency, in fact you are depressingly consistent.

    Soixante-Neuf, I’m with you, a win today is a distinct possibility, one nil would be enough to get us back on top….just.

    We have a decent ref today, Clattenburg doesn’t take any shit Iand is not afraid to deal with miscreants like the evil Costa.

    It’s time we put the Chavez hoodoo to bed.

  5. Sorry NB, just the way i read it.
    I would have liked to see Gabiel in, Debuchey in and Bellerin moved to Walcotts position. Of course that won’t happen as we don’t do things like that, I would like to see Iwobi on at some stage as i feel he gives us another dimension. I feel we need to use our young up and coming players more as the season comes to an end, we will lose a few for next season and i feel we need players who are ready for next season.

    Wellbeck may come back and do what we all want him to do, but come the end of the season we need to know if he is the striker that will move us on, if he doesn’t come up to scratch we need to buy. Chambers has been good and not so good, Hard to find a level when not playing regulary. Coquelin should be back soon and we will have to wait to see what goes on with Santi, but i am hoping that our new bloke can marry up with Coq. Campbel and Sanchez are grafters i like that pairing Walcott and The ox are back up players, and from what little i have seen of Iwobi, i would pick him before the others.

    Where ever Wenger see’s Chamber’s final position, he ought to start using him there, as he will be a big part for the future. We have at the moment Giroud Welbeck and Walcott, Giroud although scoring i feel we still need better, but with Walcott not being able to play the position and Welbeck being the glassman we would almost certainly need a striker.

    I would have liked to have seen Costas and Gabriel again as i feel our man had him tied up in the last match, and i would like to think our man would have learned some thing. looking forward to the start.

  6. I don’t mind your views Steve…… sometimes it’s a good balance to my over optimism 🙂

    Not sure about your idea of Bellerin playing in place of Walcott on the wing? He plays very much like a winger from his FB position. I don’t think we’ll see much of Debuchy….. he’s on his way mate.

  7. Steve, what ever do you see in Debuchy?

    He doesn’t have the pace of Bellerin,.

    He doesn’t have the legs to get back to his defensive position after joining in an attack.

    He can’t cross like Bellerin.

    He can’t run with the ball like Bellerin.

  8. Steve, I don’t see your logic where the defence is concerned.

    We have been playing with a settled back five for a few games now and it has been largely successful. Now you want to move Bellerin forward, drop Merts or Kos to bring in Gabriel and Debuchy, it makes no sense to me.

    Now if you had suggested Chambers for Flamini I could agree with you.

  9. I don’t like the idea of utility players, okay I know it gives youngsters a chance to fill in at more than one position, but it must be better for them in the long run to concentrate on one position.

    With Flamini likely to leave in the summer, Chambers could very well be an option as back up to Le Coq. In fact I’d rather see him alongside Flamini today than Ramsey.

  10. I’m not too sure, I think it can be good for a players game , especially defenders, to play two or three different positions. Keeps them sharp regarding defensive tactics, tackling etc.

  11. Afternoon Rancid Rectumers . 😀

    MWG for me, had we won our last two then I`d have settled for a point, but seeing as we are on a bad run only a win will make me happy !.
    Dont be fooled by their position, they have as much if not more talent than we do ……i wonder why that is ?.
    Mansour City are in the same boat of having loads of talented players……I wonder why that is ?, but are flattering to decieve, what`s the problem with these two and Manshafter Std ?…….tactics, formations and pressing teamwork………….look at the Spuds (Cunts) and Leicester, how many of their players would make it into any of the above ?. I`ve always said it and have no reason to change my mind, give me a team of ordinary players who work their socks off against a team of talented Arshavins and the work the socks off team will always win. The Spuds(Cunts) manager has said that his team(Cunts) suffer less injuries than others because he makes them(Cunts) do double training shifts, they(Cunts) have had a cup replay, played 200 games in the Europa league and still run their(Cunts) socks off !…..Cunts !
    Some of Arsenals best performances over the last few years have been when we press hard….first 20 mins against Manshafter is an example…..the last time we beat the Chavs 3-1 at home we pressed them allover the pitch !…………it`s easy to workout why the usual suspects are not so great this year, it`s because all the other teams are working their socks off !.
    Now I hate The Spuds(Cunts) more than anyone I know and the thought of them(Cunts) being as close as they(Cunts) are is killing me. but if they(Cunts)go and win the fucking thing….well….I dont know what I will do !….ONLY US WINNING IT AGAIN WILL END MY DEPRESSION !……………………please Arsene, buy some super strker to help us… especially me…..keep them cunts in our shadow !
    I will be at DEFCON 1 for the rest of the day behind my Fort Knox style sofa……60 months interest free payments courteously of DFS !.

  12. Hiya NG, Of course your right mate, but if we dont ever try different things we end up with the same results. Now of course Belerin has made the position his own, and so has Bfg, but Belerin has a lot more up his sleeve in my opinion, we have had very good fullbacks before, and they went on to be good for other clubs, Gibbs has been one of the only FB to be moved forward, OK not a good example but other players are working a couple of positions, who knows we get a surprise even though it may not be good. Ha ha

  13. As for Debuchey we thought we were getting a very good defender, we thought we were getting a good Midfielder with Santos but he liked the buns, The Boosh got injured and the Belering rung, it happens like that sometimes.

  14. I hate these games where I`m convinced we wont win !….fucking hanging around waiting for the inevitable disappointment !……will have media lockdown for 2 hours before looking on BBC through my fingers at the result !.
    I cant help it, but all our games cause me an immense amount of stress resulting in me hiding behind the Sofa like a scaredy shit cunt !…..if my mum was alive today, I`d be cowered up to her like a scaredey shit cunt baby sucking her tits !.
    Sometimes I wish I was just an anorak train spotter…..in other words….a Billy no mates fucking virgin !….all right, I might get caught by British Transport Police wanking over the Penzance to Paddington sleeper train in the Bodmin waiting room, but at least I wouldn`t have any stress !.

  15. I`d like a nice quite Sunday afternoon, `69er !……but just had British Transport Police knock on my door asking for semen sample !. I said how am I supposed to give you a sample with the match day stress I`m under ?……the woman officer said…” How about I strip down to my stockings and suspenrders, will that help ?”. I said…”fuck of you cunt !……just give me a railguide or a photo of a 61306 “MAYFLOWER” B1 locomotive and I`ll knock one out in seconds !”. Cunts !.

  16. Would rather hear about his birth NB, when he popped his head out, he must have been in Tottenham 🙂

  17. Steve, Coq is training but it will take a while for him to be match fit…..he`s probably at pre-season stage or less !.
    The Burnley cup game may see a few long termers get a try depending on their fitness levels .

  18. Win and I promise not to have a wank for 24 hours !…………………thats what I call dedication to the Arsenal cause !. 😆

  19. Just watched Walcott chat about his ten years at Arsenal, and he hopes to be with us for another ten. Well i don’t know, He would be on the bench behind Iwobi for me, but he certainly is due a good un. Thanks for the update CoQ

  20. Well that started well, Costa looked offside and Merts had minimal if no contact the referee was duped or well paid, I agree Walcott should have gone but he has the ten year armband and Oli had to go. Wrong decision by Wenger, but Chavs havent done a lot.

    We have missed some sitters, so anything can still happen, i just hope we don’t run out of legs

  21. That was very disappointing…… I’m fucking gutted. We lost to a very poor Chavs side. I think the red card was harsh and maybe Costa was offside anyway, fuck fuck fuck

  22. Very disappointing but not unexpected, some thing about Chelsea and we do usually end up with ten men, Very harsh decision but Merts was the last man and he has no pace, i doubt he got a touch but the treble roll and the broken leg and scream what am i saying a tight sock thats all.

    Not a great decision but the referee wanted a new car, What a bummer. Walcott again disappointed dont know when the penny will drop with Wenger, and why Giroud was chosen instead of Walcott to go off has me puzzled. But the lads tried right to the end so fair play to them.

    Arsenal showed heart, but with results like todays we dont look like champions.

  23. 2 points from last 3 games means only one thing………spend some money ! hahaha
    Our best chance in years and possibly our only chance as we know Manshafter, Mansour and Chavs will spend spend spend .
    Still cant beat the cunts even without Mourinho……………….if anyones not pissed off and disappointed then there`s something wrong with you !……I`m so pissed off I`m going to blow up my Hornby train set and I cant even have a wank as I`m now suffering from erectile dysfunction !. 😥

  24. Well that was painful, the sooner Le Coq is back the better, Ramsey and Flamini as a pair of defensive midfielders are a disaster. Where were they when Costa broke clear and the snail, oops I meant Mertesacker, was left to cope on his own.

  25. Need full team against Burnley, only chance of a trophy !. We always fuck up in the league and that is no surprise as I said from the beginning of the season that only buying Cech was naive !.
    £230M in the bank ( as confirmed by the knowledgeable Kelsey ) and a recent history of injuries to bankrupt the NHS and Arsene thinks we have a strong enough squad to adapt !……………………yes, we have a team as good as any in this league when it is full strength, but when was that last ?.
    There is a reason why I doom !……because I know what`s going to happen and most supporters do as well, why cant Arsene see it ?….a man of his undoubted intelligence !.
    Why ?…..because….and this is another thing I have said before…..like a lot of intelligent people I know, they lack common sense !……or maybe it`s that with the intelligence comes a lack of listening to others and being stubborn that they cant see the wood for the trees !.
    As you can tell, I`m still seethingly pissed off !. hahaha

  26. There comes a time that every supporter feels let down by his team, The thoughts of despair hangs like a shroud over the head, a feeling of a wasted space within them and an overwhelming feeling of despondency.

    Some supporters take the defeat as part and parcel of being a follower. I am a supporter who is a bad loser, having been a sportsman in a previous time, i felt that if you compete and lose it all seemed a waste of time, put yourself out and work your socks off, for sweet fcuk all, certainly left a bad taste in the back of my throat.

    Of course as we get older, we start to realise that a loser still has merits, A team of footballers start the game with eleven players each, usually the game ends with the same numbers, but sometimes the sides are unbalanced, and the thought of despondency creeps in. Today although shocked to see a man down, the team as a whole rallied to make up the unbalanced side, Many must have felt that the officials red card was harsh, but the players accepted the decision in their stride.

    The initial restructuring of the side, to compensate the loss did take a short while, and before they had time to settle down, the opponents struck, The feeling of despair was now doubled but most of the team stepped up to the plate, The game continued to its climax where the score never changed, The victors of course were jubilant, while the home team consoled themselves.

    MOTM is interviewed after the game, we had a great start he said we dominated the first half, we knew what needed to be done and did it, we felt comfortable on the pitch, and never felt pushed. The opposing Manager was also asked his views of the game. We played our game and took it to them and when the chance came we took it, He said he would have liked them to have added more but was quite happy that they never conceded.

    Of course our manager was also interviewed, he was a little upset with a reduction of one of his players, but was quite happy to chat, although he would have liked a share of the spoils, The interviewer felt the need to remind him that it is now several games without a win against the same team, i feel he appreciated being reminded.

    A team that has had a reduction of their team, all have more work to do, and any weak links makes the job at hand that much more difficult. although i felt we had one who went missing, the others covered for him, and the substitutes did make a difference.

    We started the weekend off, at the top of the league but finished the weekend 3 points down. Writing this comment, i hoped would lift that shroud, but i am afraid it hasn’t, perhaps a few more beverages may dull the ache, till the next time.

  27. It’s not a good morning today….. I don’t feel any better today than I did last night, I said I wouldn’t write a post today if we lost but I need to get some anger out somehow, so one will be up soon.

  28. Morning all,
    The feeling’s after a nights sleep, has me thinking back to the match, Arsenal at home with a chance to regain the lead at the top, and playing our nemesis Chelsea. Thinking back to the last time we played Chelsea, where we lost because of a controversial decision, and now back to yesterdays game and we lose again by another controversial decision.

    Was Costa offside did Mertsacker make contact, was the referee right to send him off. Really and truly this mornings thoughts on why we lost is in the past, nothing can be done about the result we lost whatever the circumstances and we are back to our regular position of playing catch up.

    Petr Cech spoke after the game and said its possible to make the ground up and lead again, and of course thats true. But with the transfer window coming to an end, and no signs of another signing have we enough in the tank to make up ground.

    We saw yesterday how a mistake by the defence, left our slowest defender handling a one on one with a forward, we knew of this defenders weakness, and as it turned out he had to lunge in a last gasp to stop him, but allegedly illegally. A man down and at the end another loss.

    We of course could still win the league the FA cup and Champions league, but looking at it sensibly, the FA cup is looking our best bet. I feel that after seeing how our new player has still not been used and wont be this month, any player Wenger may get in the last minutes of the window will also need a month settling, so March looks like the month that may see us stronger.

    Alexis came on yesterday, after being out for some time, he did make a difference, Our must have a striker that most supporters said we need, went out the window with Giroud being taken off and leaving a non working Walcott.

    All in all a very bad day for Arsenal

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