Costa and Chelsea fuck Arsenal again…

It was a day of bad decisions, it started with the team sheet and Walcott in the team instead of Sanchez. Then the BFG made a bad one to lunge at the cheating fucker Costa which was followed by the refs bad decision to produce a red card. Then Wenger made a bad decision to bring off Giroud.

It went downhill from that moment with our defence in disarray and the Chavs getting a goal. The final stats for us were 7 goal attempts with only one on target.

However, down to 10 men and we only lost 1-0 which shows how poor Chelsea are at the moment. In the second half, when Sanchez came on we held our own, showing more urgency but finally, with a player missing, we were never going to get back into the game.

I felt utterly sick and gutted at the end of the game, will we ever beat these bastards? Some will say yes, we beat them in the Community Shield, well fucking bully for them. I want to see us beat them in a truly competitive game. I fucking hope we get them in the FA Cup.

I’ve watched all the videos today on the internet of the ‘foul’ by Mertasacker against Costa. There was no contact and Costa dived….. no doubts. It’s what he does best, faking and diving and we have suffered from his antics twice now this season.

Where does it leave our season? Well actually, it’s still not too bad, we are joint second on points with Man City and just three points behind Leicester. The title is still achievable if we can pick ourselves up from yesterdays disappointment. Wenger stated that the boys needed praise after the game for digging in and trying to fight back against the odds, I’d say yes to that, they deserved some praise.

However,ย 2 points from our last three games is not the form of champions. We need to get maximum points over our next few games before we meet the Spervs in N17.

At the halfway mark and withย 20 games to go I said that we need to win 14, draw 3 and only lose 3 to get a maximum of 84 points, which could possibly win us the Title if others drop points. So far we’ve won 2, drawn 2 and lost 1, so could still be on track.

I still believe we can do it, we have to play Leicester at home, Man City and the Spervs away, get results in those games and only lose another two or less and we’ll be close. A lot to ask for I know….. but I will keep the faith until it’s impossible for us to win it.

I’m still fucking angry though.


38 thoughts on “Costa and Chelsea fuck Arsenal again…

  1. Steve, I’ve copied and pasted your last comment again ok

    stevepalmer1 says:

    January 25, 2016 at 8:59 am

    Morning all,
    The feelingโ€™s after a nights sleep, has me thinking back to the match, Arsenal at home with a chance to regain the lead at the top, and playing our nemesis Chelsea. Thinking back to the last time we played Chelsea, where we lost because of a controversial decision, and now back to yesterdays game and we lose again by another controversial decision.

    Was Costa offside did Mertsacker make contact, was the referee right to send him off. Really and truly this mornings thoughts on why we lost is in the past, nothing can be done about the result we lost whatever the circumstances and we are back to our regular position of playing catch up.

    Petr Cech spoke after the game and said its possible to make the ground up and lead again, and of course thats true. But with the transfer window coming to an end, and no signs of another signing have we enough in the tank to make up ground.

    We saw yesterday how a mistake by the defence, left our slowest defender handling a one on one with a forward, we knew of this defenders weakness, and as it turned out he had to lunge in a last gasp to stop him, but allegedly illegally. A man down and at the end another loss.

    We of course could still win the league the FA cup and Champions league, but looking at it sensibly, the FA cup is looking our best bet. I feel that after seeing how our new player has still not been used and wont be this month, any player Wenger may get in the last minutes of the window will also need a month settling, so March looks like the month that may see us stronger.

    Alexis came on yesterday, after being out for some time, he did make a difference, Our must have a striker that most supporters said we need, went out the window with Giroud being taken off and leaving a non working Walcott.

    All in all a very bad day for Arsenal

  2. Good morning, yes a bad result but not a disaster.

    There’s more to Costa than just a diver. He’s a clever player who is quite aware of what’s going on around him. He was smart enough to make his run to his left away from Koscielny and closer to the much slower Mertesacker. Okay, he took a roll or two in order to draw attention to the foul, but that’s football today.

    Mertes was a prat to to dive as he did. What was worse, the two holding midfielders went awol. Both of the pillocks were in the wrong half of the pitch.

    Our defence was in disarray for the goal and that is due to a lack of leadership on the pitch, there was nobody taking control.

    Wenger was entirely right to to take off Giroud, we had to play on the break so we needed pace not a static target man.

    The sooner we get Le Coq back and Elneny up to speed the better, then we can ditch those two undisciplined morons, Ramsey and Flamini.

    I still maintain that Wenger doesn’t get defensive play or defenders, either that or the players don’t take any notice of his instructions.

  3. Morning Norfolk

    I think our last two games against the Chavs are very good arguments for the introduction of Video technology. If Clattenburg had access to that yesterday he would have seen there was no contact and Costa had dived. However, it was bad marking by us which led to it.

  4. Soixante-Neuf, Mertes should have stayed on his feet and tried to force Costa wider thus giving Cech a chance to cut down the angle and prevent a goal, which was not a certainty.

    Don’t hold your breath where Technology is concerned, there are too many subjective decisions which can impact on the referees thinking.

  5. Yes Norfolk, I said it was down to bad defending but the foul and red card wouldn’t have been given with video evidence and costa would have got a yellow.
    Anyway, life goes on here in a very grey and dull Provence, it’s midday and I’m going to the bar ha ha.
    Be back on later, about 2pm GMT.

  6. Bloody hell….. I go out for a few hours, Kelsey posts Pilbury Dough Boys obituary and the blog goes silent.

    Can’t rely on you fuckers can I …… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Evening all,
    Fishing all day and not a touch a bit like Mertsacker, I some how agree with Norfolk about the technology, The referee had a full on view of the incident, no one in his way, and he either was paid or he over reacted to that Diving B. Personally i think he was paid, as he must have seen our last game with Chelsea and what Costa got away with, these referee’s are all in it together.

    Where i disagree with Norfolk is keeping Walcott on as he has done nothing in every game he has played, We asked for a speedy CF He isn’t it. We should reword that request by asking for a CF with pace who has a brain and a bit of fight, as Walcott lacks all these.

    Giroud would have held the ball, he also jumps for corners and free kicks, he positions himself in defence, because the guy has a football brain, Had he been blessed with pace we wouldn’t be asking for a new one Walcott shouldn’t be played ahead of Giroud Welbeck Sanchez or the Ox in fact every body else, After his little speech before the game he reminded us of his ten years with us, Please dont let us keep him a moment longer. Iwobi a bit of a kid does more in ten minutes that Walcott does for a game.

    I am not on a witch hunt for Walcott, but how long do we continue with a player who is just a passenger.

  8. Sorry, not been around for a bit. Bloody BT Broadband, keeps dropping out, after endless conversations with a variety of pleasant sounding Asians BT have finally acknowledged that there may be a fault on the line. I now have to wait until Friday between 8am and 1pm for an engineer to call and sort out the problem.

    Meantime, it’s too much hassle to keep trying to blog, so…until the next time..

  9. You just didn’t get my subtle hint about it being Paris did you…. FFS. I knew what film it was, just didn’t want to play the Chas game of ‘spot the fucking film’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Kelsey
    I’m really not sure why you still comment over there, they don’t class yo as one of the founders, they don’t class you as one of the ‘in crowd’, they don’t even reply to your comments sometimes, if ever! Get over here with your Crystal balls and bring some others with you. You know it makes sense, and you’ll get the benefits of tasteful Rack of the Day….

    Even Le Cockie man, despite being banned on that blog is trying to fucking creep back in…. the fucking cunt ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Evening all, Great photo, dont know what film its in but i can appreciate how an artist would want her to sit for him.
    Not much of an artist myself, but i could take that in all day. I notice the interest in the weekends game has started to wear off a bit, no one interested in the league at the moment, give it a couple of days and we’ll be into another MWG. I think this will be another nut cruncher, But at least we may see our new superstar, Lets face just how fit do you need to be to face Bournemouth. Then again who knows.

    Apparently the story goes that Petr Cech arrives at stamford bridge to pick up gloves that went to the wrong address, only to be invited into the dressing room, Probably to give their keeper some tips, but while there he see’s Chelseas tactics on the wall for our game. I reckon he missed the top line which must have read CHEAT AND THEN CHEAT AGAIN.

  12. ha ha Steve, me being the artist I’d want her to sit ‘on’ me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You know why I like B & W photos of naked women? It’s because the skin tones are more basic, more defined and the bone structure is more prominent.

    GN5…. good to see you back on…. must have been a long trip to Walmart ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. ha ha ha Cockie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just got home, only went out for a quick apero…… but got involved, ate at a restaurant and then went back to the bar. Je suis very pissed ๐Ÿ˜€

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