Ranieri to replace Wenger…


Would this be a good replacement for our best ever manager in the history of the Arsenal?

When you think about it, Ranieri has taken a mediocre team with just two exceptional players to the top of the Premier League, (just like Wenger) and they are now being deemed possible champions. He’s a likeable bloke, he’s good with the media and he seems to be able to get a fairly average team working well together, just like Wenger does with Arsenal. He also buys the team pizza if they win…. so frugal as well.

He could be the perfect fit for the Gunners, he deploys attacking tactics, doesn’t go berserk with buying overpriced players, seems to be level headed and sensible, and furthermore, he is a couple of years younger than Wenger and would maybe like the stability offered by a top PL team, although if you think about it, at the moment he manages a top PL team!

Just some thoughts on who would be a possible successor to the great Arsène Wenger.

What do other Sore Arses think? Am I going along the right route or am I totally mad?

130 thoughts on “Ranieri to replace Wenger…

  1. What do I think ?….Mad !…..too subtle and letting you off too easy !…..lets be honest….you`re a cunting piss artist whose lost the plot !. hahaha

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, Ranieri eh? Nice bloke? Do we want a nice bloke?

    I think we need someone willing to kick our player’s arses when they get it wrong. So that would be on a regular basis.

    All sorts of names are put forward when this particular question is asked, most of them are pretty unlikely to ever be considered seriously.

    Forget Gladiola and Moaniho, the former will go to City, the latter can go to hell. Someone recently suggested Southgate FFS.

    Anyway, we won’t have another manager in the Wenger style. We’ll have a head coach working under a Director of Football……and that could be Le Professeur.

  3. To tell the truth and no disrespect to any of you mangled minge muppets, but give us a Chav/Mansour City owner and a bottomless pit of money and I could manage Arsenal !……………….just like them fuckers, I would give my negotiators a list of quality players to buy, then tell my coaches to coach them !……………….How fucking hard must it be to manage the worlds richest clubs ?….they are obscenely rich and pull in all the best players !……..even a piss artist could win trophies !. 😀

  4. Morning Norfolk
    Don’t mind me and Le Cockie….. he’s just a shirt lifter from the west country who gets off on insulting people in a sexual way.

    I saw the Southgate suggestion, what a load of bollo! I think Ranieri would be a good fit, maybe a ‘nice guy’ but I can imagine in the dressing room, if things aren’t going too well, he gives some stick.

  5. Back from shit shovelling the wife`s fucking horses and they are now honoury sore arses !…………before I eff off again, dont think my comment has no backing as I can prove to some extent and it`s from our very own glorious club…………Bertie Mee !……………a fucking physio !…….he probably just let Don Howe get on with the coaching whilst he massaged any swollen players on the treatment table !. Think how many trophies Bertie would have won with a Mansour type owner by just letting the coaches coach whilst he massaged Girouds cock !.
    GN5 may confirm opr deny this, but Bertie got the benefit from Billy Wright`s FA Youth Cup winning team which contained a few of the double winners !.

  6. The team broke up, which basically makes one of my other points very clear……..heve the best players and you`ll probably win something whoever the manager is !.
    Also to make my other point about even a piss artist can win trophies ……both Clough and Ferguson were piss artists you piss artist !. hahaha

  7. Some excellent snow sculptures…… I wonder who does them?

    So being a piss artist I’m well qualified to be a successful manager….. with the right players! That’s good to know….

  8. Well NB as far as your last question is concerned its painfully obvious the you are totally mad and you are living the life of an oddball eccentric artist.

    But on to your main question – and again your madness shines through – Wenger is irreplaceable and unfortunately the next manager will always be compared to him and he will be driven crazy by the fickle fans who will be singing AW’s name and urging AW to come back.

  9. hahaha….Snowjobs ! 😆

    Actually `69er…………..you are more qualified than most to manage Arsenal………………………..Wenger out !……….Piss artist In !. 😆

  10. Well, Cockie, I would definitely be giving a bollocking to those players who are not pulling their fucking weight, that’s for sure. Unlike Wenger who probably doesn’t even visit the dressing room at half time, instead relying on the team talk he gave a few days earlier, “Right boys, you know how to play, just play your game and you’ll win”.
    Fuck all that malarkey, if they need a kick up the fucking arse, I’m the one to do it, but then I’d get banned from the dressing room for too many ‘F’s and C’s’ ha ha ha

  11. I feel we should wait, just because another old bugger is doing OK, why change. Managing is poss easy specially at Arsenal, you just need to play who,s fit.
    I could be an expert at that. Mind you spending 8 mill a year could well take some doing.

  12. Afternoon Steve, just as you commented I was settling down for my afternoon snooze.

    There’s been a debate elsewhere (I won’t mention where) about the risks of a new manager taking over and Man United are often cited as an example where it can all go wrong after someone has been in post for a long time. However, that’s only a narrow viewpoint, there are other examples where a new manager has come in and actually done better. I’ll mention Wenger, he came in after Graham and Bruce Rioch and in 1997/98 won the League and Cup double.
    So despite being risks when appointing a new manager, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

  13. £8m wouldn’t change my lifestyle one bit, I’d still be a drunk, womanizing, lazy piss artist…… but in a bigger house on the edge of the mediterranean ha ha and I’d have my wine delivered 😀

  14. A good team needs a robust leader and very little management.Everything is more or less clockwork and furthermore one starts with a solid defence that understand each other and work ones way up from there.When in with a chance to win the leage by default or otherwise you buy to strengthen, and you buy leaders who can give others a bolloxing.Nice boys win nothing. Amen.

  15. You’re absolutely right Kels……… we need leadership on the pitch. We have nobody capable of doing that as captain, apart from maybe Cech. The Coq will eventually be a leader and someone to bollock team mates and get the adrenalin going but he is too new to his place in the side at the moment. Once he’s gained some respect from the team then he’ll wear the armband with pride and conviction.

    However, we need the leader this season so my choice would be Cech.

  16. ha ha Big Raddish the viking….. have you got lost and wandered into the wrong blog 😀 you just couldn’t resist having a butchers. Miss the B & W tits eh 🙂

  17. He wouldn’t be a bad choice Kels at the moment….. BFG is fucking useless as Captain, and I cant
    ‘t see anyone else suitable. But it’s up to Monsieur Wenger, and he has been known to say that a team doesn’t need a captain, that everyone on the pitch should do the job, utter bollocks and in some games that has cost us points.

  18. Actually it makes me wonder, how does the BFG feel about being given the armband when Wenger states that a team doesn’t need a captain…… fucking great for confidence don’t you think, BFG must think, why me?

  19. Some great observations here about living in France, though I do like the tradition of kissing women three times (in the south) but I’ve only really just got used to kissing men.

  20. Evening all, got carried away working. Every team needs a captain, a mon who can comunicate to a cheating referee, and an opposing cheating Captain. A man who can turn round to his team mates and say leave it alone and shut the fuck up, said in a way that everybody knows that he is the captain

  21. Steve, that’s why I like the Coq, he’s not afraid to tell an opposing player to shut the fuck up, I can imagine his English is pretty good, or Jack has been teaching him ha ha

  22. Cant remember the Bruce film, but i think its the one where he had his Fathers gold watch, and flew about on an old chopper, Don’t know the others 🙂 Coq deserves a try. If that Useless Walcott can have it for being injured for ten years then Coq who has more challenges in his short time than Walcott has in all his time.

    Am i the only one who fumes on match days at how fucking useless he is.

  23. ha ha Steve….. not a film buff then, totally wrong about the Bruce film and you’ve got two films muddled up 🙂
    You’re right about the Coq…. I did find an excellent video showing him tackling and 95% winning the ball…. I’ll try to find it.

  24. The first one`s Looper and a decent film !…3/4/5 I haven`t a scoobey doo !…..2 looks familiar, but it`s probably just an image I have of steve on a boys night out !. hahahaha

  25. Oi….. as the controller and Big Knob on this blog, I do know when someone has been clicking on a photo….. so whoever is the cheating fucking bastard, stop now and play the game fairly 😀

  26. Sorry Steve, you didn’t get the Bruce film mixed up, the one about his fathers watch, being kept up his fathers arse for five years in Vietnam and on a chopper is right, I thought you meant chopper as in helicopter, but you meant a Harley called Grace, just after the Southern bum boys fun with Marcellus…. Pulp Fiction

  27. hahaha nice pictures Cornwall. I didn’t know GN5 was into snow man shagging. The nice thing about those pictures Is that they turned me on. I really hope it snows heavy soon.

    Didn’t like 69 bumming the snowman though. I could tell from the photo that the snowman didn’t want it.

    Right 69

    1) Bruce Willis shooting a gimp for trying to bum him. That was 69ers fatal mistake, taking the mask off.

    2) That’s Steve going round his new neighbours gaff for a cup of tea followed by a night of entertainment of ropes and burning.

    3) wasn’t that fat geezer married to Roseanne Barr? Looks really happy?
    Probably got her head in that bag.

    4) Viera and Keane waiting to meet a couple of birds. Keanes got his best pulling suit on . He’s had loads of success dressing like that, usually after administering the chloroform.

    5) That’s Kate Winslett. I met her a few years ago at some charity event. Could tell she wanted it. Probably dreaming about putting her hands on my hairy back and running her fingers through my wig.

  28. Talking of ghosts, well sort of !………Have you ever seen how if you`re naked straight from a bath/shower, how your dog will just look at you in the eyes and not look at your cock whilst you`re towel drying, they are so unconditional in their love, yet cats are different, they are evil !…..i once came out of the shower and started to dry myself in the bedroom whilst the cat was on the bed. It started to look at my swinging knob, at first just playfully patting it with drawn claws, then it went mental and flung it`s self at my groin area in an unprovoked attack digging it`s claws into my knob and scrotum kicking away with it`s hind legs in a frenzy !. At this moment in time the door bell rang and I couldn`t get the bastard of my cock, so I just rapped a towel around myself and answered the door !.
    It was a couple of woman Jehovah witnesses !…….I said hello and they immediately looked at my groin area in amazement, the cat was hissing and low growling under my towel !. The Jehovahs took a step back and started yelling….” His cock is posessed. !” ……and started chucking holy water on my cock and whacking it with rosemary beads !.
    I said…..”No, No, you dont understand !…it`s not what you think !”…..and proceeded to drop my towel !…..they screamed and ran off shouting…..” The man is Lucifer himself and a perverted pussy molester !”.
    Next thing I know a Van pulls up and some heavy god squad members jump out hold me down and perform an Exorcism on my cock !

  29. We only had about 8″ fall overnight and it was the fluffy stuff , so it was very easy to shovel but we have a 6 car driveway and took about and hour to clear. 😦

    Then I took my daughter, who unfortunately has become severely disabled, on her weekly grocery shopping trip.

  30. Thats a shame `69er…as I only see it as a true story and a lesson and warning to all cat owners !…….mind you some people would probably dangle a goldfish from their knob to entice a cat into some pussy action !. hahaha

  31. Must go, it`s exercise time !…..that`s exercise time, not exocism time !……although, doing 3 X 5 minute planks is the work of the devil on my abdominals !.

  32. 1. is the new training regime at London Colney

    2. The shed on a quiet day

    3 early seventies thriller of some sort

    4. First ISIS film ever made

    5. Don’t know but the bath is old , cracked and filthy a bit like NB 🙂

  33. Cats are domestic carnivores that are usually kept as indoor pets but can also be kept outdoors. Cats can hear in higher frequencies than people. They can also see better in the dark but have low color vision abilities. Cats also have a better sense of smell than humans. This allows them to hunt small pests easily.

    Le Coq the last sentence is probably why the cat attacked your thingy. 🙂

  34. Hahaha True GN5 !………………….My missus shouted at me whilst in labour……………” how can such a small pesty thing cause so much pain !”

  35. Was it you steve who called LB a plank ? hahaha
    Really am going now…….. honest !…unless you try it, you wont know the pain the plank causes !.

  36. Steve, she does a full naked in that film, she was offered a fanny wig (which is used in naked scenes now, specially if it’s a period piece or before women shaved) but she refused, so in the film, the muff you see is her muff 🙂

  37. Oh no not another example of double standards involving the clique. Oops I’m sorry they don’t have a clique and they never ever apply double standards. Right!!!

  38. Right GN5….. they offer a balanced and friendly service…. until someone who’s not in the clique over steps the mark 🙂 then it’s a banning order from Peaches mum

  39. well Steve, you’ll have to keep clicking on the photos to get it…. cos I know it’s you trying to cheat ha ha. I’ll give the answers tomorrow morning, you’d enjoy the film, makes you think!

  40. No you wasn’t banned Steve, but they deleted your posts instead of getting involved in a constructive debate. That’s what started my thing off, I criticised Micky for shooting innocent animals for fun….. wasn’t allowed, oh no, not something contentious like that. Well he shouldn’t have told the whole fucking blogging world that he shoots deer should he! 🙂

  41. Trouble with running blogs NB, is it takes certain types, if they want lots of comments someone has to man the site any new bloggers welcomed and asked questions, drag them in so to speak. Trouble with that is it takes dedication and when you live life to the full like you, sometimes theres nobody there to comment.

    I am getting used to how this site works now, say your bit while guys are there, and when it goes quiet have a drink, Blinding 🙂

  42. ha ha Steve…. now that would be fun shooting Spuds, I have got a story about that, for another time maybe.
    Right, time for something to eat and prepare for tomorrow, I’m meeting with the plumber and the electrician at my new tractor garage conversion.
    It’s been an excellent days blogging amongst the Sore Arses, we even managed some football bollocks 🙂
    I may continue with the Film quiz because some of the responses were excellent. Answers to todays films will be revealed tomorrow morning before I go out, though Cockie did get N°1, Looper.

    So Bon appétit and bonsoir dickheads 😀

  43. Untrue headline posts on newsnow give the blog thousands of hits but next to no one goes past the first sentence or paragraph.

    “Wenger is set to leave” when he feels is the right time (as an example)

  44. ah ah, just caught you before I sign off Kelsey. It’s the headlines that get the hits, I’m not on Newsnow so don’t give a shit. The AA blog prides itself on how many hits they get each day, but as far as I’m concerned, if you don’t get commentators, then it’s all bollo.
    Good night from me and it’s good night from him 🙂

  45. Very true Kelsey, I feel that newsnow is basically for news and as you say people are duped by a headline. Thats why a blog like this suits me better, Have a moan have a sware look at nice photo’s and talk about anything, Lets face it just how much football can you talk about between games.

    I realise that to get the hits they try anything, but stopping people saying things which we all talk about in normal life is wrong when someone may be offended, they dont seem to understand that anything anybody says is going to upset somebody somewhere. Hope your well mate

  46. Steve, AA has some really good bloggers but even after 5.5 years on the site I still felt like an outsider the original clique really dominate the site and that is to the detriment of the blog. They are proud of the hits the blog gets and yet they don’t foster new bloggers and seem to want to keep it a “warm and cosy” site for the original 5/6.

    Its their site and they run it the way they want – which is their right but we all have choices to make and I made mine.

  47. Got to say i have been trying to ween myself off of the other blog, but when you have been logging on for yonks it takes time.

    I have to say that Didits short sharp post; or was it a comment did have a bit of merit. What can win us the league, he writes. I did look over one or two of the comments, but the more i read just made me get the hump at the people i am reading commenting are the people who wont listen to any of yours, so i though fuck em and came back here, this is starting to make me feel comfortable.

    Anyway i kn ow theres no fucker on here to answer , a little bit like the other blog during the day, but i still felt that Didits comment needed amswering.

    Arsenal to me are arsehole lucky to be where they are in my opinion, Other clubs have been commiting suicide arguing over doctors in fighting in the changeing rooms, old players being moved on after years in service, players nearing strike action, players almost refusing to play Managers realising that their jobs are not safe frustration anger back stabbing and not excluding fixing.

    We at Arsenal have capitalised on their misfortunes, but of course we still have our old usual problems injuries being Arsenal Nemesis, Every single one of our players hane been injured, nothing new i can hear you say, and you would of course be right.

    Arsene Wenger is not known for splashing the cash, and no matter what position we are in he never will get carried away. Is it because deep down he realises that the leagues are fixed and it wouldn’t make any difference who we buy they wouldnt let us win it anyway. That’s my guess, so do it on a shoestring budget and bank the cash.

    How can we win the league i laugh when i hear people asking. We still Play Wallcott, not scored for god knows how long Not put in a tackle for years, this fastest lad who never shows us that blistering pace and when a chance should come he fucks up miss hits or row z or hits a corner post, why the fuck is he not on the bench or even better sell him and bank the dough,

    Mertsacker although he is a good positional defender, we all know his shortcomings, (Carthorse) we all knew that would cost us, so why hasn’t this been addressed. We have to realise that to win the league we need eleven players all doing their jobs, but with just two that i have spoke of that is a weakness that wont win fuck all.

    Flamoni should have been retired, we all know that, Coq injured and no proper backup that has cost us Arteta the same Rosiski injured all season he has been no use at all Wilshere always injured .
    without going further do you see where i am coming from. Its almost impossible to win the league when we have so many obstacles.

    Buy a holding midfielder, does anybody know anything about him has anybody seen him play and not just clips, we have had him for close on a month and he is still not fit how can you win the league with that.

    We lost to an inferior team this weekend, because we wasn’t good enough, and were not good enough to win the league either. Keep on believing as much as you like but far to many things wrong at Arsenal and we just don’t deserve it.

  48. Sorry N5 didn’t realise you were still with us, That Blog is history mate, as you say its their site and good fortune to them, The likes of Me You Cockie and our leader obviously was not welcome we move on mate.

    Northbank does things his way, he is a straight talking fucker, and he felt aggrieved that they banned him understandable but he is like us, he will keep giving them hits until he realises that he has what will hurt them more, People that have left and started here. At present not to many of us but mark my words many will get to hear of this site even if it is not high on wordpress, people will come and they will enjoy.

    Your an old un like me and your a true red and white, you love the Arsenal like the rest of us, you will be insulted sworn at and made fun of but they will be Arsenal people the same as us . this site will grow and many will start to submit posts, not to duping posts posts that give us some thing to chat about. We will follow our team win or lose when it gets tough we will laugh at the dopey bastards on this site and there will be many, you will have to cover your back as there will be a lot of stick, but you will definitely get a daily laugh Fuck them were the future

  49. Good morning dimwits.. 🙂
    Far to fucking early for me but things to do. Bloody hell Steve, you went on a rant after I logged off, been on the juice had you?

    Here’s the answers to the Films:
    N° 1: Looper…. great time travel Gangster movie, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levett, Cockie got this one.

    N° 2: Django Unchained, Tarentinos’ epic about slavery. The scene in the photo is when the KKK arrive to get the Black bloke and their hoods don’t fit right and the eye holes are wrong, very funny scene. I’ll play the video. See Steve P, hope you’re chuckling now 🙂

    N° 3: Flight, super film about a alcoholic, drug using airline pilot. With Denzel Washington and John Goodman excellent as the drug dealer.

    N° 4: Inside Man, starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen…. a bank robbery with a difference.

    N° 5: The Reader. Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. Nazi Germany and a decade afterwards at a war crimes trial. Fucking excellent film.

  50. No 1 is a public colonoscopy.
    No 2 is our new DM
    No 3 is a badly dressed man with a gun
    No4 is Rodney from Fools and Horses in a more grown up role with Starsky sitting next to him
    No 5 is last tango in Halifax remake

  51. I have no axe to grind with anyone on here or on AA but I really think that any future correspondence should be behind closed doors,perhaps via e mail and therefore put this to bed once and all. I hope you all agree.
    There is a place for both blogs and if you don’t like a comment on either blog just skip past it.

  52. Well, I’m back and it’s great to see so many responses to the quiz 😀

    Got my quotes from the plumber and Electrician….. better than I’d calculated.
    So where is everyone, Steve is probably sleeping off his hangover, GN5 is still tucked up nice and warm in bed, Norfolk is probably out rambling somewhere and looking forward to a pub lunch, Cockie is probably shovelling his wifes shit, Transplant is down Bounds Green Road behind Waitrose with a young gay boy, Kelsey was here, but he’s deserted and probably gone over to AA…. fucking traitor 🙂
    Raddy is probably waiting for some nice young bird with lovely tits to be posted……

  53. Kelsey, with all due respect we pay them far more respect than we were shown by them. 😦

    I will continue to voice my opinion wherever and whenever I wish. GunnersoreArse, due to NB69, is a place where our opinions can be stated without any hypercritical attacks – and long may it last.

    Bloggers here are not thin skinned and recognize that they might not receive universal agreement with their comments or pictures. Plus we don’t run to mummy if we get criticized or offended.

    I know it was not your intention to do so – but in making that comment you have simply fueled the fire.

    Anyway you know that none of the posts here will ever get deleted because NB is to busy shagging or drinking to even notice what is posted. 🙂

  54. The injury news is getting better every day, sounds like Coquelin will be the first returnee to be playing.

    Team news: Coquelin, Welbeck and Cazorla

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round clash against Burnley at Emirates Stadium:

    on the team news…
    Mertesacker is out because of the red card, and everybody else is available, apart from Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. After that it is just a question of selection and decision-making, that is the key.

    on Wilshere and Cazorla…
    Jack and Santi are progressing well but they are at least a few weeks away. But these two apart, it is just about competitiveness and match fitness.

    on Welbeck…
    Danny Welbeck is not completely ready but he is not far. He needs a game or two because he’s been out since last April. The Stoke [under-21] game is too soon because he only had one session with the team, and that is too short.

    on Coquelin and Rosicky…
    Francis is available to play now because he has passed two weeks of full training. Tomas is also available for selection.

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source
    28 Jan 2016

  55. Afternoon all, had an mot this morning for 10 o’clock, and wanted to spruce the car up, been pis sing down with rain for a couple of days but dry this morning, started about half seven, but there had been a frost, the pressure washer water just froze on the car, so was a bit of a pain, but finally got it clean for the test. I Brought another car last June,but was still attached to the old one so never sold it, been parked outside unused but came home one day to find it had been clamped no tax no insurance. Had to get tax and insurance then pay to have the clamp off, came to about 500 sobs came home next day and had a text message telling me the Mot Is due, took it down this morning and it passed got home to find I had been fined by the dvla for no tax another 127 sobs, paid that and then cleaned the other 2 cars, knackered, little tip,if you buy another car fucking sell the old one.

  56. Yeh your right N5, 🙂 sentiment has no cash value, someone told me that years ago, should have listened

  57. Steve, ive got a second car parked outside my office. With the help of my client, a second hand car dealer, I transferred the ownership on to this geezer who lives opposite me. I hate the Bastard. He looks and acts like a Copper and has a nose the size of a very large gloved puppet. After asking him round to do my hoovering he now hates me to. I had no choice, I have an unseemly stain on the carpet which only an enormous mechanism like his hooter would clear. I explained that to him, but it just made the fool angrier.

    Anyway, by day I drive around in the BM as a suited and conservative Accountant. A perfect gentleman I drive within the speed limit and refuse to mow down pedestrians who I do not like the look of

    At night I drive the uninsured and taxless Fiesta. Dressed in full leather and a donning a Freddie Mercury cap I cruise the streets high on cocaine and amphetamines

    I hear Vacuum Nose is up in court for been off his face on drugs and soliciting a male prostitute.

  58. Evening girls

    I see GN5 dressed up as a snowman outside his house and got some free Snowjobs 🙂

    Good news on the injury front, le coq could be in at the weekend so to speak. But you heard we’ve got Jenkinson back, but he’s crocked for the rest of the season

  59. Blinding Terry, what with you and Cockle, we’re sure to have a daily laugh haha. Good idea icant think of anyone I don’t like enough to do that, I am anise guy really 🙂

  60. Don’t know any of the films, this competition is to hard, let’s have another girly pick, 🙂

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