The Sore Arse Soapbox

Carl Jenkinson gets returned….. crocked

I’ve read in the news that young Carl has been injured and will be out for the rest of the season. Apparently he has been returned to us for his rehabilitation and joins the already crowded treatment room at London Colney.

So he’s had half a season with the Hammers, he’s scored a couple of goals, got a few yellow cards and one red and I think he conceded a couple of penalties and got one own goal. He’s played 1228 minutes in total in the Premier League and has been a useful player for West Ham helping them to maintain a position just out of the CL places.

With Debuchy probably going before the end of January Jenkinson was always an option to recall to act as cover at RB, but now he’s not available for the rest of the season. What happens, do the Arsenal get compensation? Do West Ham contribute to rehabilitation costs?

No matter what the financial implications, we end up with a squad player out injured and if Debuchy goes we will be without adequate cover for Bellerin, so I hope Wenger gets someone in before the transfer window closes on Monday. I would be surprised if the French FB doesn’t go, it’s mean mentioned several times that he wants 1st team football and he isn’t getting it at Arsenal.

I’m not sure why, but this situation with Carl has really annoyed me, he would have been adequate cover for RB so the urgency to find a replacement for Debuchy wouldn’t have been an issue, but West Ham have benefitted and we then get him back injured. Now we have to find a suitable replacement if the Frenchman leaves.

It highlights the inadequacies in our recruitment of new players, it’s happened this season with Welbeck unavailable and having just Giroud, Walcott and Campbell as our front three choices and Sanchez has shown that he is not ‘unbreakable’. Now we’ll be left with just Chambers as our RB cover.

It’s not good enough…… Wenger should be planning in advance, he should have done all this in the summer but now there is probably a panic as the TW comes to an end and we are short of two crucial players.


92 thoughts on “The Sore Arse Soapbox

  1. Good morning you plums 🙂
    Need some football bollocks talk today, but before that, here’s the answers to yesterdays film quiz:

    N° 1: Hancock, starring Will Smith as a drunken super hero.
    N°2 : Captain Philips
    N°3: The Departed with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonado di Caprio
    N°4: Goodfellas, you must all know that one 🙂
    N°5: Meet Joe Black, the actress in that was fucking lovely, Claire Forini I think?

  2. Get down from your soapbox and enter the real world, commentators like you would not be happy with 100 player squads,we would still be a “bit short” and no manager would ever be “perfect”
    This might happen in fantasy land but in cold hard real life you have not got a prayer !!!

  3. And before we get on to the football bollocks, here’s todays quiz…. there is a theme behind these five films, I think something Cockie will enjoy finding ha ha.


  4. Bonjour, Soixante-Neuf, can’t agree with you about Jenkinson he will never be good enough for Arsenal.

    Neither fish nor fowl. A moderate defender, not quick enough to play the wingback role. Let’s face it if he can’t make it at the Hammers what chance does he have with us?

    It looks like we’ve had another bid for Leicester’s young RB turned down. We’re heading for Panic Monday again.

  5. Morning Norfolk
    I didn’t say he was good enough, but as a squad player and cover, he would be sufficient in an emergency. I agree he doesn’t have the pace od our super wingback, Bellerin, but he has passion and he loves the Gunners.

  6. You can’t have it both ways 69, you agree he’s not good enough and then you say he would be “sufficient in an emergency”.

    A bit early to be finding hidden themes, I’ll try after breakfast. Full English coming up. 😀

  7. Bon appetit Norfolk…. I’m jealous!

    I’m not trying to have it both ways, just that Jenkinson being available wouldn’t have made our position at RB such a panic….. who knows, perhaps no other team wants the Bush?

  8. So Debuchy is going to Sunderland or Villa so in my eyes despite the rise of Bellerin he wasn’t a good buy for us as he has dropped down the ladder dramatically.Hopefully we aren’t relying on the inexperienced Chambers as cover.

  9. ha ha Kelsey, now he’s got the same eye as he had in the Vikings 🙂

    and despite what you said on here about leaving the issue alone, I see you had a subtle pop at Didit this morning 🙂

    Morning Deer ha ha

  10. Morning all, let’s face it, we have waited for what seems like forever for a top striker and a holding mid. We were lucky with the Coq as he was on his way,3 or four years later he buys another holding mid who we know nothing about,

    All we do is keep the boosh Jenks will recover eventually then be loaned out again, Jenks has got something the others don’t have, he goes down as home grown

  11. We need players who play for a whole season, of course players get injured, but ours seem to have months off instead of weeks.

    Our latest signing has taken a month to get fit for premier league action, now we have to wait for him to settle what’s that another month.

    What ever made wenger buy him if the bloke is never fit enough.

  12. I have always supported Mr Wenger, but I have started to doubt him, why does he persist with Walcott when it is obvious he is not up to the task, whilst Iwobi has proved to me already that he has more about intent. We need graters 11 of them Sanchez Campbell and the Ox all graft, even Giroud will fight his corner, and all I hear is what an Arsenal man Walcott is, maybe it is time for a new broom

  13. Nice 69

    Dont think Jenks is good enough mate. I really want him to succeed, English and proper Gooner and all that, but hes a bit shit.

    About 10 years I was involved in a charity which helped mentally handicapped people and people with various mental conditions develop outdoor pursuits. This included 5 a side football. I loved them all, really taught me the best lessons ever about life. Honestly, my best moments in life was seeing these people enjoy life and smile.

    Anyway,there was this one particular bloke called Barry who had some form of weird aspergers. He would talk jump into different subjects “Terry, Terry, what do you think of the new star trek film Terry, what do you think? Can I have sex with your wife Terry?”

    During the five a side he would get the ball, start legging it and run it out of play, and continue legging it. I would have to chase him for miles but he was so fit he would get to far ahead. The only way I knew were he was were the distant shouts of “Terry, what you having for dinner tonight Terry? Beans on toast Terry? I love beans on toast Terry, can I have sex with your wife whilst your eating beans on toast Terry?”

    Jenks reminds me of him

  14. Jimmy Saville was a fucking kiddie fiddler Kelsey…… typical Sperv supporter.
    Transplant, I’ve worked with the severely disabled and the mentally disabled and I agree, can be extremely enlightening.
    Steve….. El Ninny is just unfit, having played in the Swiss league, he’s on the bench so must be fit to play, I reckon he’s not been played so far because of the games we had, he’ll probably play in the FA Cup game tomorrow.

  15. Afternoon GN5

    Sounds like the type of support group for me. Friends tell me that I’m an alcoholic but I tell them alcoholics go to meetings, I go to parties 🙂

  16. ‘It will be ‘small steps’ for Welbeck’

    Arsène Wenger says Danny Welbeck will take “small steps” as he prepares to return to first-team action.

    The England international has not played since April 26, 2015 because of a knee injury, but has made good progress and is back in full training now.

    Wenger is wary of rushing Welbeck back though, and says he must go through a series of measures before being considered for selection.

    “It has to be gradual; he has to go through an under-21 game first,” the manager said. “Danny has not played since April 2015 and we are now in February basically, so that is very long for a top-level competitor.

    “You have to accept that he goes through small steps and one of them is to play in the under-21s, first for 45 minutes.

    “He is basically fit but now it is to absorb the competition and the intensity of the competition. That is the next step for him.”

    Francis Coquelin has also returned to full fitness, and Wenger says he will be considered for Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round tie against Burnley.

    “I will make some changes, not many,” Wenger said. “We spoke about Elneny, maybe I will give him a chance to play. Coquelin I have to think about. I will play with a team that is a Premier League team.

    “Coquelin gives us defensive stability in midfield so he will compete with the players we have in this area. Before he was injured he had a very good spell in the team and the results were good, including his defensive records. He is now in a position where he can compete again for his position.

    “It is a possibility [that Elneny will start]. He is naturally a box-to-box player who is a bit more defensive-minded than your usual box-to-box midfielder, so he can play in several positions in front of the defence or go box to box. He has good technique, good vision, he is very mobile and agile.”

    Copyright 2016 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source
    Rob Kelly 29 Jan 2016

  17. Hi NB,
    I like Jenks and feel that he has everything it takes but I only see him as a back up to Hector.
    Hector is one of the best in the world and will only get better.

  18. I like him too and he would fight tooth and nail for the club, I wouldn’t go as far as Transplant and say he is mentally retarded but as you say, as back up he is fine. Anyway, he’s now out with a knee injury for the rest of the season so will we see some transfer activity this weekend?

    I think one of your comments has gone into moderation…. me go look 🙂

  19. Norfolk, This year I will undergo one knee replacement for sure and my surgeon is considering replacing both, I have cataract surgery for my left eye scheduled Feb 9th after having the same surgery on my right eye last April. I’m in remission from prostate cancer after 4 years of treatment.

    I love my life but getting old is no fun at all – in fact it fucking well stinks 😦 😦

  20. GN5

    I don’t go to see the doctor, that way I stay ignorant of any ailments 🙂
    France has just introduced a watered down version of euthanasia…. that will do me when the time comes ha ha

  21. Having said that its a lovely day today about 5″ of snow fell overnight and the scenery is quite beautiful.
    If Derby County knock Man U out of the FA Cup it will turn into a fabulous day!! 🙂 🙂

  22. NB, I avoided doctor’s my whole life – until the prostate issue occurred and since then I’m a regular visitor – and hate every second I’m there. The last time I saw a dentist was in 1992 and I still have all of my own teeth.

  23. Just a reminder to all you guy’s, the data shows that over 80% of men will suffer from prostate cancer – so PLEASE make sure you get an annual PSA blood test – a simple jab of a needle could save your life – like it did mine 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. GN5, it’s important to carry on with life as much as possible. It’s now over three year since I suffered a heart attack and I’m more than grateful for those extra years.

  25. Apple computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play Hi Fi music in women’s breast implants.

    The New Product is called The Apple iTit. It will cost between £499 and £699.00 depending on speaker size.

    This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their tits and not listening to them.

  26. And my Meat and Two Veg Electronics Co are testing our new product !…`s a micro chip inserted into the scrotum of a man and the mouth of a woman ! ……it detects when a man is about to come and instantly sends a signal to a womans mouth which releases a small electric shock which causes a womans mouth to spasm and shut !. We have been testing this product for 10 years now, but still cant get a woman to shut their fucking mouth !……………….It has had a working model code name of…..And the Cheque`s in the post detector !.

  27. Afternoon all, looks like I’m blogging with emergency ward ten, poor fuckers. The way our fucking team are playing is enough to give anyone a heart attack or toothache, even fucking up your sex life, if you stop blogging we’ll have a minutes silence, unless of course it’s in the middle of a game then we’llhave it when NB goes on the piss.

    This Elneny better be fucking good, we have waited a fucking long time for him, like buses I spoke wait fucking ages then two come along.

  28. Will be interesting to see if Elnobby and Le Coq can muster a decent B2B and DM partnership !.

  29. It relates to AAers if I`m correct….a fish called Wanda is obvious…..The Vikings is obvious…..Deer Hunter is obvious….not sure who the other two represent !.

  30. Went running last night,69er and a woman I run with is a lezzer……nice !……there was a report on newsnow a little while back about a survey that said all woman are either Lesbian or bi-sexual……nice. I told all the woman at work about it and they all said…..” where was I when they were doing the survey ? “………as if to say, they would have said they were all straight if asked !…..yeh right !………………..I know for a fact that if I was a woman I would be a lezzer…..nice !. hahaha

  31. Actually Cockie, I think most women are Bi or could be. My experience, especially in France, is that they are Bi at least. All the women I’ve slept with here have admitted it and have invited me on occasion…. and I’m not telling porkies. 🙂

  32. Well there you have it, 69er !…….all the ones you`ve been with are Bi and the rest are Lesbians !………..nice !.

  33. At least they are considerate, make a little time for us, mind you answer them back and your banned ha ha

  34. To be different from AA !…..instead of photos from a movie to guess the film, maybe a photo from a porn movie to guess the porno !………Transplant will win it hands down……….his trousers !. hahaha

  35. Right !… to sort out them fucking `sorearse horses !……..cuntz !……..if the missus ( dubious lesbian looking type) hadn`t have felt sorry for the two cuntz, `69er would probably be having them in a burger over in France as we speak !…..cuntz !

  36. Right, now I am off for a drink, Friday night, apero at the bar and see what happens…. I’ll be writing a FA Cup match preview tomorrow morning. Bon soirée mes amis…. 🙂 not been able to find ‘sore arses’ in French. I suppose ‘Mal au Cul’ would be the closest ha ha

  37. Remember Burnley have a reputation that goes back centuries for witches and inbreds.Knowing you it could be included in your preview with pictures of course.Alright deer 🙂

  38. Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is running again and could return to competitive action by the middle of March, says boss Arsene Wenger.

    England international Wilshere has not played this season after fracturing his left fibula in August.

    The 24-year-old was initially expected to be out for three months.

    “Jack is starting to run,” said Wenger. “Once you move outside, from the first day you count six weeks to be competitive and build up stamina.”

    Wilshere’s career has been plagued with ankle problems since he first sustained a stress fracture during pre-season in 2011, which left him sidelined for 15 months.

    He had two operations last season after injuring his left ankle against Manchester United in November 2014.

    Meanwhile, Gunners striker Danny Welbeck has returned to full training after knee surgery which has also kept him out for the season.

    Well that’s god news,our Jack is actually running again and will be back in March (is that this year) Welbeck has been out for 9 months and will need a long time to get match fit and finally Ospina is in goal today.

  39. Morning, reading that comment brings home to how many long term injuries we get, I know other clubs sustain injuries, but it just seems that we have more than most

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