Arsenals 3rd FA Cup trophy is still a target

Arsenal progress to the last sixteen after narrowly beating a good Burnley side. Goals from Chambers and Sanchez booked our place in the next round but despite dominating the game, it was a nervy last 20 minutes as the Clarets pushed for an equalizer.

A typical Cup tie, the game was contested at a frantic pace. Our second goal was one of beauty as we broke out of defence and with a quick passing (seven passes) counter attack the ball eventually arrived at the feet of Sanchez who calmly scored. It could have finished 3-1 when Burnley were in full attack mode near the end of the game and a break sent Walcott bombing forward with just the Burnley keeper to beat, but he fluffed his lines.

Wenger had made several changes to the side which lost to the Chavs, and Ozil and Ramsey were conspicuous by their absence. However, Coquelin, Chambers, Gibbs, Iwobi and the new boy, Elneny, all had good games, with special mention to Iwobi and the Egyptian. Iwobi was assured in midfield and his passing was accurate and precise. He really would be a better option than Walcott at the moment.

The Egyptian covered a lot of turf during the game, he seemed to be everywhere and showed that his fitness is similar to Sanchez. He tried a bit too hard at times but that’s understandable, he obviously wanted to make an impression on his debut and nearly did on a couple of occasions with shots from outside the box.

Elneny looks as if he will be a good addition to the team, in fact he looked as if he was made to wear the red and white, he definitely looked the part. The stats say he had the most touches of the ball than any other player (100), and had a 96% completion rate, which shows how he got involved in the game.

It was good to see Le Coq back in the side, in the first half he was clearly getting acclimatised to his first full match after a period injured, but in the second half his confidence became more assured and he had a good game.

So we go into the pot this evening for the last sixteen draw. There are still a few premiership sides which it would be good to avoid, the two Manchester clubs, Crystal Palace, Liverpool or West Ham, Watford, WBA, Everton and Chelsea if they both win today and of course, the wankers from N17.

We are number 3 in the draw…… and games to be played the weekend 19-22 February. Here is the full list for the last sixteen:

1 West Bromwich Albion or Peterborough United
2 Leeds United
3 Arsenal
4 Manchester United
5 Reading
6 Liverpool or West Ham United
7 Manchester City
8 Shrewsbury Town
9 Watford
10 Carlisle United or Everton
11 Crystal Palace
12 Blackburn Rovers
13 AFC Bournemouth
14 Tottenham Hotspur
15 Hull City
16 MK Dons or Chelsea
Just before I conclude todays report, another Arsenal player on loan, Akpom scored a hat-trick for Hull yesterday. Well done Chuba.



48 thoughts on “Arsenals 3rd FA Cup trophy is still a target

  1. Good morning plonkers 🙂

    It’s un-seasonally spring like here in Provence….. +17°c already. But I’m not complaining, it will soon get bitterly cold in February. Good game yesterday, I had a bad stream for the first half but perfect for the second.

  2. We will play 5 or 6 at Home.

    Not convinced by our general play especially the french pin up boy and the disappearing Wilcott. Iwobi loooked comfortable but how can you judge him after one game.
    Where was the Egyptian actually playing he seemed to do whatever he loked.

    Thank heavens for Sanches because without him we would be fucked.
    One day left but no new signings just Rosicky who is nearly 36 and we await the return of Wilshere and Welbedck whenever that is.

    It’s our defence that troubles,often totally non existent,o confidence, no intricate passing that we had grown to love,but hoofing it away against a load of inbreds.

    A massive improvement is needed as IMO we are going down hill and the thought of playing Brca is unthinkable.

    As you aee I really enjoyed the performance 🙂

  3. Even LB agrees with me over on the other station,and that’s a rarity.

    Terry Wogan just dies aged 77 after a short illness (cancer).Will miss the old codger.So many people have died this month in the entertainment world.

    At least she could sit on the toilet 😉

  4. Well bully for you Kelsey…. another so called ‘expert’ agrees with you 😉

    I’ve got a nice glass of Chardonnay on the go, the balcony doors are open, the sun is shining and I’m chilling. The Arsenal are in the last 16 of the FA Cup which means we only have to win four more cup games to make English Football history…… things look rosy ha ha

  5. Good morning sorearses, or should I say sore heads?

    That young lady in the bathroom is obviously well up in etiquette, it’s quite the done thing to wear high heels when sitting on the khazi.

    So, we are in the draw for the next round, a win at home to Southampton in the week and then away at Bournemouth would set us up nicely for the first Barca game

    Things are looking a bit rosier.

  6. In the photo I posted at the beginning of my headline post, can anyone tell me who the player is behind Giroud and between Bellerin and Gibbs? I’ve got no fucking idea who it is 🙂

  7. Afternoon Norfolk….. I think overall we looked good yesterday. Things are definately looking rosier!

    I’m still waiting for a nice relaxed article from you about one of your country rambles, but more importantly, the pub lunch you have, which will make me extremely envious ha ha

  8. There are reports this morning that Tomas Rosicky picked up a thigh injury yesterday, and could miss anything up to 6 weeks, while Jack Wilshere’s return, already pushed out to mid-March, could be delayed even further as he’s suffered a reaction to resuming full training.

    That might mean another season without football for the 23 year old, a hammer blow for him personally, and a big miss for Arsenal who will have to reassess how they view him in this squad. And if it’s 6 weeks for Rosicky, that’s practically a season ender too.

    We’ll wait for official confirmation, but we trust this source here at Arseblog News. Any better updates than this can be considered a bonus.(arseblog usually is right)

    Well I for one am not surprise.I have no death wish on our players but that is why we needed to invest as I stated earlier.I just knew that both are fecked,sad but true.

  9. That guy in the picture is weaaring a white shirt and red tie.Could be a youngster from our reserves but nevertheless shouldn’t be in the picture.Looks like he has had too many porky pies 😉

  10. There are reports that Wilshire was injured when Gabriel tackled him in training. I doubt if we will see either him or Rosicky this season. It’s time to let them both go.

  11. Actually, the ‘string’ (in France) or the ‘thong’ (in England) is now going out of fashion with women because it touches the arse hole and then slips forward and introduces bacteria to the fanny.

    Just thought I would share that bit of interesting information ha ha

  12. Morning all,

    Nice balanced game report NB even though you watched it through a dodgy stream.

    Coquelin is back in action, he was rusty but that was only to be expected after his injury.
    Iwobi really showed off his skills – looks like he will be around for the long term.
    Alexis is Alexis and once again showed that he is in a different grade to most players.
    Ospina did not get much attention in the media but he saved us on several occasions and is a very capable number two.
    Giroud continues to be maligned and his team contribution is always overlooked.
    Elneny had an excellent start to his Arsenal career and really looks to be a good fit.
    Chambers goal was well taken and he had a solid game.
    Oxlade will explode into action – one of these days?
    Koscielny Gabriel and Gibbs and were all adequate but not impressive.

    Walcott –even as a sub still has to show us some consistently good form
    Arteta and Rosicky just make up the numbers and have little to add to the squad.

    Although it was not Arsenal in top gear we still showed our class.

  13. I started to write a post on the atmosphere at the Emirates but gave up as its old ground that has already been trodden down – plus it depresses the life out of me 😦 😦 😦

    But I personally find it to be deplorable that 60, 000 “supporters” can make so little noise and show the enthusiasm of a chicken being given beef for dinner.

    Our 12th man always has the worst game in the stadium.

    Good topic for your next “Sore Arse Soapbox”

  14. FA Cup draw in full
    Chelsea v Manchester City
    Reading v West Brom or Peterborough
    Watford v Leeds United
    Shrewsbury Town v Manchester United
    Blackburn v Liverpool or West Ham
    Tottenham v Crystal Palace
    Arsenal v Hull
    Bournemouth v Everton.

  15. Morning all, Nice one NB.
    I saw on TV this morning, that Chelsea are finally bringing John Terry’s Chelsea career to an end. 36 year old Terry will probably finish his career abroad. On good morning Britain a black presenter gave his opinion on John Terry, He brought up what type of man Terry was in his private life he also said of him being Racist, in fact he didn’t paint a very nice picture of Terry.

    Pierce Morgan, Did stick up for Terry, he said as an Arsenal supporter he would have loved Terry in our back four, He also said that he had met Terry a few times and chatted to him, and he always gave a good impression.

    Although it is very unusual, for racial action to be taken for what a black man says, He did Character assassinate, on prime time television.

    To change the subject back to Arsenal, Has Wenger found a very cheap outstanding talent in Elneny. 5 million for a holding midfielder, Imagine the price of a YA YA Toure, I also feel that Iwobi, could be a new one for the future, I have to say that i have been very impressed by what little i have seen of this young man.

    With the injured returning, and new talent coming through, i can see this window closing without any new signings so we have who we have, is it enough.


  16. Seeing how we talk about all sorts on this blog, i feel that fishing in this country is going downhill in this country, The introduction of Red Signal Crayfish in our waterways has spread right across the country, These Cray fish which are 2 or three times bigger than our own Crayfish, have wiped our Crayfish out are now breeding at an alarming rate. Many Anglers are cursing these fierce predators who will feed on fish eggs after spawning, which in turn reduces the replenishing of fish in our waterways, What with the climate changing and the amount of more fowl life, many waters are reliant on stocking of fish to make them going concerns.. Yes on the last 3 outings i havent had so much of a touch 🙂

  17. Morning Steve
    I quite like Terry as a player, his idol was Tony Adams and he reminds me very much of our CB. His views and behaviour are questionable but he has been a loyal servant to Chelsea and in the process he has won several trophies.
    As for fishing……. I’d rather watch the Spervs play.

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