Arsenal vs Southampton…… the pre-match

I fucking love it when there are only a few days between games, but I’m sure it’s different for the players, they must fucking hate it.

We all know what happened on the south coast in December, on Boxing day to be exact. We didn’t turn up and got punished…. it should have been one of our easier away games whilst S’ton were experiencing a bad patch. Since then however, they have hit a run of good form and are currently second place on the ‘in form’ league, having won four of their last six games. Their away form has been a bit dodgy though, losing four of their last six on the road.

We are well down the list of in form sides, currently sitting in tenth place, W2, D2, L2, not a good record for a team that is challenging for the title. Hopefully tonight will see us hit a run of good form…. if we are to keep the challenge going that is a must.

I’m hoping Özil will return for the game and maybe Ramsey, however, based on Aarons recent lack of form, I could imagine Wenger playing our shiny new Egyptian instead. He had a very good work rate against Burnley, his passing was 96% accurate, he pressed the opposition when we were under attack and he touched the ball more times than any other player. He played B2B, just as Ramsey does, so why not? Lets use his new enthusiasm to put some zest back into the midfield.

The team will be back to full strength tonight, Bellerin, Monreal, Cech and the BFG all returning after a rest, so should be no problem beating Southampton….. probably?

Leicester are at home to Liverpool, Man City away to Sunderland and the Spuds away to Norwich…. all potential banana skins for those three teams. We could go back to the top of the league (on goal diff) if we win.

So the January TW has closed and although El Ninny seems to have been an astute bit of business, I’m disappointed we didn’t get anyone else, especially a shiny new striker. Debuchy has gone to Bordeaux on loan….. nice wines, shame about the football team.

This does leave us a bit weak in the RB position, with just Chambers as cover, but the boy did well at the weekend and scored as well, so maybe not too bad.

So tonight, what do the Sore Arses think? Will we win and go on a good run of games to stamp our authority on the league? or are we just on the verge of capitulating and giving it all away?

Come on you fucking Gunners.

PS: The photo at the top of the headline post is Flamini still playing for us when aged 65, and still earning £100,000 a week.







88 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Southampton…… the pre-match

  1. Morning, nice one NB. Deadwood off loaded and fuck all else coming in a total 5mill spend with perhaps a bit coming in, in loan money, fucking ridiculous with 2 hundred mill in the pot, but we have what we have, will it be enough, fuck knows, but it will have to do.

    Southampton should be an easy 3 points, lose tonight and the daggers will be out for the French man. Please for fuck sake don’t put the passenger in tonight, he needs to ride the pine till his are is sore and he learns that he has to work for his supper.

    Ramsey or gypo who knows hope it’s ElGypo

  2. Had a look at some of your paintings, impressive mate, not that I know fuck all about art, but I like the subject, surprising what you learn when her Magesty has your arse pinned against the wall. 🙂

  3. This is the team I’d like to see fielded tonight:

    ——————————- Cech——————————
    Bellerin———- BFG—————- Kos——– Monreal
    —————– El Ninny————– Le Coq—————
    ——————————– Ozil———————————
    —– Iwobi—————————————- Sanchez——
    —————————– Giroud——————————-

    That would be a great midfield with enough protection for the back four, lots of pace, work rate and passing skills.

  4. I’m back from my busy afternoon….. where the fuck is everyone? Where’s the old codger, GN5…? His normally up by now 🙂

    And doomer Kelsey with the bouffant 🙂

    Who’s going to be on a bar stool with me this evening to watch the game?….., and drinking single malt compliments of the guvnor?

  5. Nice 69

    Just before I head down to Bounds Green station for the game

    1) one of those shit films were the young twat sees Ghosts when all we want is to see Nicole Kidman been shagged. The young twat will grow up to be a heroin addict, feeding his habit by selling his buttocks

    2) Stupid film were a bunch of American Coppers walk round in hats and macs. In the real world, rather than Guaranteeing you shag “That Blond Dame” it’s a five year prison sentence and the label nonce.

    13 A beautiful young youth. The sort fat glutinous homosexuals fantasise about. Not me of course.

    4) A lot like the contents of my cellar. Perfect range to threaten the undoing of my flie.

    5) A very disturbing flash back to my youth. After receiving a punch to the head from a West Ham fan, I instantly turned gay, chasing my assailant with crystal of “come back, don’t you won’t to blow a bubble?”

  6. I’ll be watching the game in our media room – its a fantastic set up 120″ HD screen and surround sound, lots of sofa’s to hide behind. But even with surround sound we can’t hear the Arsenal crowd 🙂 🙂

    My son has a business designing and installing media rooms – so we get the best of the best at the bare minimum cost.

    I’d love to join you for a glass of Macallan NB – but I will have to make do with a nice bottle of our best red.

    We owe one back to the Saints, so I hope we give them a real beating.

  7. Flamoni in as HM, No Coq NO Egyption no Iwobi no Mersacker Out of form Ramsey is back in, do we really want to win this one

  8. Fucking hell, El Ninny injured already…… no Coquelin, WTF is going on.

    GN5, I’ll be watching the game on my 11″ laptop screen but if I sit close enough, it’s as good as a 120″ and when I put the headphones on it’s just as good as surround sound ha ha ha

  9. What is it with Wenger. He’s picked the worst central midfield pairing possible. le Coq is on the bench so he must be fairly fit but the French twat puts the most ill-disciplined player we have in alongside the second worst.


  10. The odd push forward but the saints in control.We just can’t start a game on the front foot.A bit like the start against the chavs .We need the physical presense of walcott on the field

  11. We are being out muscled all over the park, we have no beef at all panic when they press and keep giving the ball away, we lose a goal and the flood gates will open.
    Very little forward runs and they are shielding very well, Giroud trying to shield but being bullied, this is looking to be going only one way.

  12. I’ve just checked the stats and we’ve had 64% possession…. that surprised me because watching game I didn’t get that impression…. but we should be 2 up, Ozil had a couple of great chances but the keeper did well

  13. Wenger was afraid to use Elneney against such a physical side, but i feel he was wrong, i think he would have given as good as he got. Our players look like they are flies playing against swats

  14. Top 4 team thats all not big enough or tough enough, A team without strikers will always struggle, Walcott useless as he has been since his injury, Giroud to slow and clumsy, wrong team selection and no striker brought with over 200 million in the pot, piss poor all round. And a fucking bent Ref, 3 yards from the line and he allows 5 minutes of strapping a bloke up, what was he thinking.

  15. Morning Doomers 🙂
    I’m not writing a match report today…… why fucking bother, I’ll only get angry as I put thoughts into words.
    Our last four games have truly highlighted our need for a regular goal scorer, although to be fair to our forwards last night, Forster did have a blinding game.
    If we are not going to make an effort to win the league, I just ask for two things: Make sure the Spuds don’t finish above us and make a real effort to win our third FAC in a row….. at least we’ll make history 🙂

  16. Morning all,
    sorry Norfolk I shut off last night early with frustration, 🙂 Giroud had a nightmare not up to premier league football at this level, Walcott was brought on at the expense of Campbell, he too was fucking useless. Wellbeck

    I have to say, I have the same views as you, we are just not good enough top 4 is all we can hope for, Spuds are showing no signs of slowing up, and in all honesty deserve their place above us. Wenger has shown no signs of adding fire power, and the wait for Wellbeck will be far too late even if he returned fidid his best but alongside of aorer in on all cylinders, Wenger has left us out to dry with his penny pinchnching.
    I find it exstradanary that he left out Elneny and Iwobi after their fine displays ,for Flamoni and Ramsey, Flamoni did OK but having an out of former Ramsey along side him was a mistake. The Coq was fit but on the benchanting, but he did bring him on when Flamstead tired. Wenger through his penny pinching has cossback andinow believe we need aman withvisionst us again. I now have the feeling that nothing will change until he goes.

    Wenger in my mind is of the wrong mindset to win the league, he thinks about money all the time and top 4 for a30 million payout for an investment of 5 mill he has had his day. Wenger I am afraid to say is holding our progress back and we now need a man with vision.

  17. Morning All

    Well if I continue in the way I am known to express myself I am apparently a doomer but others who can be far more critical than me don’t even get a response.

    I actually thought apart from the now familiar juttering start that we were very unlucky to not win and there is no doubt that their keeper was on top form.

    I don’t have the technical knowledge of others such as GIE and there is no doubting our stamina but I feel every game we play we are getting more and more predictable that I can see the next move before it happens and therefore if I can see it so every team we play will have a plan to stop us which in recent weeks has led to no wins in four vital matches whilst the other contenders march on despite dropping the odd point here and there.

    We really either don’t have a different way of playing or AW will not alter things dramatically.You decide.

    We will know in the next month if we are still in with a shout of the title or (dread to think) in a battle for forth yet again.

    The margins in so many games are getting finer as the seasons roll on.

    I don’t usually get involved in a discussion about refs but in the first half he showed a definite bias against us.

    I am not going to critisize any one player only to say the Kos/Gabriel partnership is not as good as I thought it would be.

    It now becomes very much a mental thing for all of the top 5 either to sustain winning or getting back to winning, and we all know which category we fall into.

    (I put this up on AA and a number agreed with me ) They must have a bug or something 😉

  18. What amazed me was the biased Ref. Several of their players committed what were clearly bookable fouls, including a blatant push on, I think Sanchez, but they didn’t get yellows. Le Coq comes on in the 85th minute and his first tackle, which wasn’t terrible, earns him a yellow. Then in injury time at the last moment, we put in a corner and there’s a scramble where we could have possibly scored and the ref blows the final whistle because it looked like we might score.

  19. You have your views Kelsey, and yes your right in many ways. Wenger is holding us back, not buying when it is apparent that we need players is missmanagement. He does it all the time, that’s why we are only a top 4 side.

    How he plcks the teams has me baffled, Players who finish their last game uninjured, and then not played in next game because of injury, does not compute. Le Coq was he fit or not while waiting on the bench. Obviously was as he brought him on, so why start Flamoni when Coq is better.

    Ramsey s for has been bad why pick him. Walcott s for has been off why bring him on instead of three Ox or Iwobi

  20. Morning all. How are you all, well just reading your comments I know the answer 😦 😦 😦

    NB – I’m surprised you even bother to go to AA, I stay away completely the PIPs over there drive me crazy.

    I appreciate how some of you feel but in the end its only a game and only time will tell what’s in store for us. I remain confident having AW as out manager and firmly believe that he would have brought in some extra firepower if he had found the right players – I can see no logical reason why he would not have.

    Here are our remaining games – as you can see we still have to play the 3 teams above us – so while its not totally in our hands (feet) we can still do ourselves a huge favour by beating all 3 of them.

    Bournemouth – A
    26 Leicester – H
    27 Man U – A
    28 Swansea – H
    29 Tottenham – A
    30 W.B.A. – H
    31 Everton – A
    32 Watford – H
    33 West Ham – A
    34 Crystal P\ – H
    35 Sunderland – A
    36 Norwich – H
    37 Man C – A
    38 Aston Villa – H

    Keep the faith maybe its a lucky 13 games left. 🙂

  21. I admire your loyalty N5, but I feel your heart is ruling your head, If the right players are available, you make them available with an offer they cannot turn down.if you sit and wait for them then they are not worth waiting for, or a fucking bidding war breaks out, and we know the outcome of that.

    Why doesn’t Wenger spend big often, because he knows the leagues are fixed and won’t play along with their game’s, too many others who are liked more than us. I said this morning, they allow us top 4 wenger spending is less than 5 mill but a top 4 spot is worth 30 odd mill, put the money in the bank till the penny drops.

  22. Hi Steve, You’ve got it completely wrong my heart has never ruled my head I am driven by logic and in my opinion its totally illogical to believe that a man as smart as AW would not bring in the type of recruits that we needed if they were available. My logic also tells me that just because you spend a lot on money you get a “quality” player – Van Galling has spent almost 200 grand in the short time he’s been at Man U and they are below us .

    It’s pretty simple really – we just disagree. 🙂 🙂

  23. We’ve all been saying for a while now that sooner or later the top clubs will get their act together and start winning on a regular basis.

    Well now we can see it happening, sadly though not at Arsenal.

    Does anyone still believe Leicester are going to blow up?

    Man City are definitely running into form.

    Man U have begun to win games.

    Even Chelsea are looking rejuvenated under their new manager.

    And, worst off all, Spurs have overtaken us.

    Anyone prepared to put money on Arsenal for the Premiership?

  24. We will have to disagree then N5 🙂
    Wenger in my opinion very rarely finds what we want, when we want it, Maybe 2 or 3 seasons later when the balance has been changed, I have watched and supported many things Mr Wenger has done or not done, and have arguably gone along because he should know more than i do. Through those many fruitless years he endeavourers to find excuses not to spend money.

    I have now come to a time in my life where when i see the top clubs all struggling and even our own form has been shaky and still he wont repair what in all sense is not working, i can only point a finger and say that a club that must have 300 million in the pot and cannot find a striker better than we have , then he is just a caretaker Manager, Not players, Money.

    although you wont be happy to hear me say that i visited the other side, and they seem to feel that we should sit on our hands and wait and see how the season pans out, They of course have said similar statements throughout the barren years, Of course the FA cup has saved them from Harycarry, but if you have all ways bashed your head against the wall, sadly one day you will get a bump. They seem happy to accept the knocks.

    A supporter who never challenges what the club do, is just a follower, they will accept anything any excuse, and also second rate players, Whatever Wenger says about a lack of talent about, is for fools, 300 mill can buy you the very best there is, but of course i wont Argue with you, 🙂

  25. Very tasteful NB Just like this blog no rows, in fact nothing to talk about, sounds like me and the Mrs 🙂

  26. We’ll have plenty to talk about soon enough…. last night was a good game, it was a game we could have, and should have won but things just didn’t fall right for us….. pick ourselves up Steve, dust ourselves down, wipe the blood from our faces and get stuck in again against Bournemouth 🙂

  27. I watch every game NB, who he picks at times stuns me, will we see our new man or will he still be injured, will Iwobi get to play as he looked quite good, we can only guess, the one thing we know for definite is the passenger will definitely feature, because Hodgeson has requested him to be fit.

  28. The choice of Ramsey and Flamini in our midfield was woeful, we were overran and the supply to our strikers was miserable Alexis was constantly dropping back to pick up the ball. Obviously AW made the choice’s but is it his fault the Ramsey had a stinker ?

  29. You have asked a question N5 and although we have different views, I feel compelled to say yes it was his fault. Coquelin was fit ,as he was on the bench. Ramsey has been out of form any one could see that, In my opinion when a player loses form his confidence is low . Flamoni is cover not a first choice player the same as Arteta. Elneny finished the weekends game uninjured, Wenger said after the game we sustained no injuries apart from Rosiski who after six minutes sustained thigh trouble.

    Wenger openly suggested that Elneny was not up to the physical toughness of premier league football yet, He looked like he can handle himself very well to me, or was he talking about Walcott.

  30. I feel its only fair to point out what NB said, Yes we had many chances on another day we could have scored goals, but we a talking about winning the league, Giroud as Walcott had what looked like easy chances. They are strikers who are supposed to score goals Ozil Koshielney and Sanches had similar chances but of course are midfielders. Strikers strike thats what they do, but they dont.

  31. Steve,
    Form is an important and sometimes elusive ingredient in a players makeup – AW, unlike a lot of managers, runs every Arsenal training session so he is as close to a player that its possible to get. He makes his assessment based on what he sees in training – lets make a “for example” with Elneny – he may not have been injured but its entirely possible that he was burnt out after the Burnley game and AW would see that in training and therefore choose to leave him out.

  32. Sorry N5 dinner called, Your perfectly right, Wenger would know in training who is looking good and who is not, thats part of managing. I would also say that he is at every game, he see’s what you and i see in a game. That said, wouldn’t he see how Ramsey has played and over a few games assessed that Ramsey is not getting any better.

    I dont say this to be confrontational, but i see it as a supporter, for a supporter who goes to matches like many of my friends, they wonder why Wenger persists with Ramsey why he is playing like he is. I have to say that like you said form comes and goes Ramseys form came a couple of seasons ago and sadly has not returned in two seasons. Personally, i felt Ramseys turn of form at the time was luck or fortune related, He was never blessed with a blistering shot and many goals he scored was though good fortune rather than skill, his work rate was exceptional and no moans about his engine but he doesn’t have the skills many feel he does.

    Of course we a talking opinions and mine and yours differ, i have to say that when Ozil came, i thought at first he was a waste of 42 mill, and voiced my opinion, but Ozil did have the skill and made me eat my words, but Ozil proved to me within half a season that the outstanding talent was there, i am still waiting for Ramsey.

    Wenger does work in mysterious ways, 10 years i have waited for walcott to show the form he promised, Wenger plays him regular if his fit, Ten years and he has offered very little, we kept him and released other talent that made bigger impact than him.

  33. Just looking at the league table and I honestly think we are more in a battle with Manshafter Std (who are 5 points behind us) for 4th place than we are in a battle for the title !……………..not so much a doom as looking at the stats and facts of games to play as provided by GN5 above !.
    The thought of The Spuds(Cuntz) winning the league makes me feel physically sick and because they (Cuntz) are playing like they(Cuntz) are going to win every game my sickness is amplified ten fold !…..I`d bite your hand off right now to not win the league if it meant them(Cuntz) not winning it, such is my worry and hate of them(Cuntz).
    I feel so depressed about them(Cuntz) that I could quite easy walk into a Spud (Cuntz) pub on a matchday wearing a Giant Red and White Arsenal Condom yelling I`m going to fuck you all !

  34. Right !…..the missus is calling me down to watch TV and she will give me that same old dig because I`m depressed !….you know the one !……” How do you men get so worked up ?, it`s only a game of men kicking a ball about !”………………maybe I`ll use that fucking condom now, the other cuntz can wait !.

  35. Lets just hope they do as they always do, and start dropping away. They are going to cause us trouble, wenger will do something stupid

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