Arsenal…. not a disaster yet!

There’s been some doomerism this week, including me at times. The result against Southampton should have been better, we had the chances during the game but fate and a very good goal keeper meant we only came away with one point. Not worth trying to analyse it, just get up off the floor, wipe the blood from our faces and get back in the fight.

I’m sure Wenger will be analysing some of our performance, the misplaced passes in midfield, the inability to get a goal and how Southampton were able to press high and contain much of our play.

All is not lost, we travel to the south coast this weekend to play the Cherries and have to get maximum points if we are to stay in the race. Then the following week we host Leicester, a chance to close the gap at the top. Here is how I see the potential to go top over the next two game weeks……..

All top four teams play each other, Man City entertain Leicester this weekend, we entertain Leicester and the Spuds play away to City the following weekend, a very crucial time for all four teams. It could go good for us but it could go bad, a good scenario would be this:

First weekend:- Man City and Leicester draw and we get three points at Bournemouth. Spuds beat Sunderland at home, would leave the top four looking like this….

Leicester……. 51




Following weekend:- City and Spuds draw and we beat Leicester, which would then leave the top four like this if we’ve improved our goal difference over Leicester….





That would be the best scenario for us…… any different ie: us losing pointsย and we will be in a fourth place battle with Man United and the Spuds will increase the gap between them and us. If the Arsenal don’t want to win the league, the least they can do is make sure we finish above the N17 wankers.

So, working on the basis that the above results are correct, we need to then push on and get some good results. The boys will still need to play at White Fart Lane, Old Trafford and the Etihad, where any gains over the next two weeks could easily be lost.

Whatever happens, as long as we stayย inย  the top four race, it’s going to be an interesting end to the season. COYG’s.



122 thoughts on “Arsenal…. not a disaster yet!

  1. Morning all, Nice early and good post NB,
    Yes, i suppose you could say i have been commenting on Doomervile, so i have decided to turn my mind to the positives.

    I believe in expressing myself when i am disappointed, in actual fact , I don’t like us losing and i get a bit touchy. I often see what many others do not, the downside of losing. One minute leading the League, and chance after chance of widening the gap when others are struggling, only to see us lose to a side i feel we should beat.

    Yes at that time, i has aspirations of Arsenal running away with it, we were leading, with a string of matches in front of us that i felt we could win, but of course all clubs go through little lulls, and of course it happens just when you start to believe.

    I was having a debate with N5, heres a guy who has been around a long time followed Arsenal through thick and thin, While we were debating, i said what Wenger had said after our last game, that the only injury sustained was Rosiski’s Thigh problem, GN5 rightly told me that Wenger takes all training sessions and he knows when players need rest. I had commented on new signing Elneney, saying i felt he should have been picked before out of form Ramsey or second string Flamoni, Then GN5 enlightened me to something i hadn’t even considered, he said that Mr Wenger may have thought Elneney looked exhausted and left him out to recover. Now GN5 knows his stuff, so who am i to feel that, if this has happened, its a probable cause , fair enough, only he has only played one game in the month he has been with us. Never mind Think Positive.

    We often predict what we feel is going to happen, many predict with their hearts as thats how they want it to come out. In Arsenals case Predicting would seem ridiculous, How would it be possible to predict anything other than a top 4 finishing position, as that has been where we have been for season after season. So i am only suggesting that at present top 4 would be a positive remark, anything better would be remarkable.

    Another positive is that Elneney is now rested, Coquelin should make our next game if he is not exhausted, and young Iwobi may find a spot on the subs bench, Ramsey may have found his form and Petr Cech extends his clean sheets. Walcott will battle and break his goal ducks and Giroud finds a bit of pace.

    Of course more positives, Sanchez is back scoring and boy that lifted me, Merts ban is over and available, in fact things are looking up. COyRRG’s

  2. Morning reprobates

    ha ha Norfolk…. I’m only trying to get some positivity back into Arsenal blogging, but you never know, stranger things have happened….. like Leicester topping the league and now being considered as possible winners ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Although this is a time of upbeat posts and Positivity running through the site, bad news in the shape of Thomas Rosiski, who has been diagnosed with a ruptured thigh muscle, which may end his Arsenal career. Thomas is out of contract in the summer, he may well have played his last game for the club.

    Positive news to lift our spirits, it has been reported that Arsene Wengers tunnel confrontation where Wenger reportedly said.” Its always the same with you” to the referee, where Ronald Kohman stepped in with his two pennath. Apparently the official reported to his board that there should be no discipline handed out.

  4. Sad news indeed for Rosicky, still I expect we have him well insured. Terminate his contract and claim on the policy. Give Iwobi the number seven shirt and flog a whole bundle of them.

    A definite win win situation.

  5. Morning all, I’ve just returned from a short morning walk – to the bottom of my driveway and back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Steve, I read your 9:19 and I’m not sure if you are taking the piss out of me or agreeing – the printed word can be taken several different ways.

    In my business life it was always necessary for me to be clear and precise in what I said so I always said what I meant and more importantly I meant what I said. I try to do the same in print – but I’m rarely successful.

    If you disagree with my conjecture that Elneny may have been worn out after his first full game in England then just say the word – I was simply expressing a “what if”


  6. No problem Steve, It just wasn’t clear that’s all.

    As I’ve aged I’ve also mellowed and my levels of disappointment are softened by many similar past experiences. I hate us losing or dropping winnable points but I no longer kick the dog or throw the cat out of the window – I just suck in and get over it.

    This was/is a season where the poor form of our rivals should/could have given us an edge – but we’ve managed to throw that edge away by dropping points we should have won.

    So life goes on and we are still in with a (lesser) chance of winning the title,

  7. Well against my better judgement I popped over to the other side and the PIP’s are their normal negative selves,

    I’m very happy with my decision to stop blogging there as it really began to have a negative effect on me.

  8. N5 anybody who has to go out in the morning shovelling many inches of snow deserves to be a bit touchy, you handle it well mate. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have to admit i do wander to the dark side myself now and again, but i have found that the visits are diminishing.and should cease in the very near future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Good afternoon ladies….

    The picture GN5, was meant to depict being left, ‘high and dry’ ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve not been on much today, I’m preparing to go away for a few days at my ex-wifes…… work to be done as usual. I’ll have internet access so no problem with new posts and a PM for the Bournemouth game.

  10. 69, my browser has been telling me that gunnersorearse was not responding with the correct data and may have been hacked. I hope all is well but you might like to check.

  11. Word has it, that Wenger has barred our Spanish contingent from talking to the Spanish Media before we play Barcelona in the next round of Champions league, apparently he feels it will keep the lads focussed.

    Wenger has a way with words doesn’t he. I would think ,just playing the worlds best team who are having a very long run of winning games would be enough to focus anybody.

  12. I just noticed this sign which was hung from the stands at a Liverpool home game.


    Only three words but it speaks volumes.

  13. Norfolk… there’s not a problem. The son of a friend of mine is a computer wizard and he has loaded a very good spyware app and he has a look for me every couple of months.

    Supporters not customers…. it’s about time supporters everywhere start to co-ordinate action, imagine if all the supporters in England managed to boycott just one game, all at the same time…. that would be power. The clubs would lose, the TV companies would lose and the supporters would win. However, it would never happen, as we’ve seen with the internet, loads of stuff to boycott this, don’t buy that, don’t vote for him…… the problem is, the world is too diversified and will never, ever all agree at the same time ha ha ha.

    Steve, don’t ever feel that you are alone mate on the Arsenal blogosphere…. you may have been deleted elsewhere but you have friends here on GunnersoreArse.

  14. The funny thing is NB that at the Emirates the sign would read.

    “Customers not Supporters” because they seem to believe that they are there to be entertained and not to show support for their team ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  15. GN5…. I’ve noticed over on the other blog that since the ‘spat’ with Rasp, loads of new names are appearing occasionally and immediately afterwards, Rasp is appearing and saying welcome, nicely put, and good point……. I bet it’s fucking Rasp putting the comments up to try and show the blog is popular…. what a fucking Goldfish! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like you, I will now stop going there but I will always read the headline post, and ‘like’, just to wind the fucker up.

  16. Thank you Gunnersorearse, leaves me speechless. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking over the little bit of news that comes out about our fine club, i am getting the impression that Ramsey and the Coq are going to start this weekend. Now i realise that Elneney is exhausted and a wimp, and Iwobi is a flash in the pan, but the news that Jack Wilshere is nearing a return after missing all season so to Daniel Welbeck who look like they may be ready together. Will this mean that we will endeavourer to run with Ramsey even if his form is low and leave Elneny to build strength and Iwobi to get older.

  17. Having never been there GN5 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t really comment…. but I can imagine the ‘working class’ element is gradually disappearing , and the merchant bankers and corporate wankers are taking over.

  18. We can’t have it both ways.

    We all want the club to buy top players and they cost top money. The club are a business, businesses exist to make a profit. Naturally clubs milk the fans, just as they demand huge sums from sponsors.

    If we want a top club we just have to accept that we must pay top prices for it.

  19. Steve I’ll always speak to you but I will always be frank and will most likely disagree with a lot of your comments – that’s what good dialogue is all about, an open frank exchange of views.

    NB – a big thank you for operating a blog where we can be open and honest with one another.

    PS. The bar is awful ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Not that I spend much supporting Arsenal. I’ve only ever been to The Emirates once and haven’t attended games since moving to Norfolk in 1974. I do pay for a Sky subscription but that covers a huge range of sport and other entertainment. I also have BT Broadband with which I get BT Sport free, so I can watch a great range of sport from the warmth and comfort of my armchair.

  21. I was going to games regularly until the late 80’s when I moved from London to Brighton….. I went to just three games after that at Highbury and then I moved to France in 1999…. did try to get a ticket last year when I was in London but failed, this year I won’t be in London till June so perhaps next year I’ll plan to be there during the season and make a big effort to get to the Emirates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Burgundy is good Norfolk…. I prefer to Bordeaux, but I have now acquired a taste for Cotes du Rhone, especially those produced close to Chateauneuf du Pape…. just the same but without the high prices ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I’m in the same boat Norfolk, I still pay for a red membership but like NB I only see games when I’m back home and the last time was in 2003. However I’ve not missed watching a game for perhaps 20/25 years as I’ve either subscribed to both US and Canadian sports channels or pulled in the signals by dish.

    It’s now my 70th season of supporting Arsenal and by my reckoning I believe that in that time I’ve watched over 2,500 games – either at the games or on TV.

    My single malt is always a 25 year old Macallan it’s very expensive here but worth every wonderful occasional sip. Our staple is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile called GatoNegro.

    I’m off out on a grocery run.

  24. You lot talk about working class people, but you still have upper class tastes, what ever happened to a couple of pints, which is my tipple. I used to make my own beer and wines, but since being diagnosed with Diabetes i stopped making beer,I have my own vine in the garden and do make wine from that,

    This year was not so good for grape, and i only managed to start a gallon , I started it off end of September and it is now standing after 3 rackings this was the last one, a couple of days ago. I did taste it while racking and i was really happy with the taste not that i have much idea what its supposed to taste like as last seasons grape got contaminated while brewing. This years grape will only produce six bottles but i intend to enjoy every bottle.

    Norfolk is right, quality cost dough, thats why we dont win the league, were a tight club with all the trappings of wealth. State of the art stadium huge history where managers spent, today we are the club with the dearest season tickets a burger that skints you and 4 quid for a warm beer.

    I am not being negative as we all like positive, but while everybody says we need this and we need that and we dont buy, the club only increases it vast wealth. Personally i am on the waiting list, this will be my fourth year waiting and just before Christmas i had new from Arsenal telling me my name is nearing the top of the list, and i could be offered a ticket in the next 3 seasons, i am not holding my breath, when i applied i was keen to go, but i have to say that four years older and many games on the settee with a beer whenever i want one has faded my wish to walk all the way to the stadium from the train station in all sorts of weather, going to watch a side who need top quality Players.

    Perhaps when the offer comes i will turn it down, after all i can buy a couple of beers for a pound and have a piss when i want. What a miserable bastard i am fuck old age ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I bet only just ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, that’s it for me, must eat and just sort a few more things before I leave tomorrow for a few days

    a demain mes amis ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I’m back I guess I am the oldest but age is only a state of mind and other than a couple of dodgy knees due to playing and coaching football for many years my general health is fine. Steve If you could have seen the area that NB and myself grew up in you would know that any taste that we have has been acquired over the years.
    The house I lived in as a kid only had one toilet and one cold water faucet on the lower of 4 levels, gas lighting, no bathroom and my mum cooked on a wood burning stove. But as kids we knew no better so we never felt poor – we were real street urchins. Frankly after WW11 was over everything seemed great to us – we felt safe for the first time in our lives and I remember the day when food rationing was over and you could buy whatever you wanted using only money – if you had any that is!!

    NB was in the area after us but it must have still been pretty run down.

  27. Your all right N5, i know that, I was a Shorditch kid, grew up playing on the bomb sites, as you say no one had anything, thats why doors were never locked. but many of us had tough times but never really knew it. I don’t knock anybody who has done well for themselves, and if i had had any sense i should have left this country fucking years ago, but it never seemed the right time.

    Looking at the country now, i know i made the wrong move, but am now to set in my ways, and feel too old to care. My kids seem to accept many of the things that i get mad about, so things are changing but i don’t think for the better.

    Like you N5 Arsenal is in the blood, like it or not we are stuck with what we have got, I dont see Arsenal now as English, just a business, that carries the name thats ingrained in me, so i feel i can knock it for what it has become.

    The club is now owned by money grabbers,, they charge expensive prices, and i don’t see them spending when we all feel that they should. 5th richest club in the world and they cant find a centre forward better than Giroud or fucking Walcott bollox.

    Arsenal have built the stadium but they have still to build a league winning team, while they keep banking the money and making excuses i will still have a go at them. Its my opinion that supporters pay the best prices for not the best players, that has to change for a club to win the title.

  28. Drinking a bottle of Merlot at the moment N5 one i made 3 years ago, i know it should be room temperature but i like it cold, Thats the working class in me , but its fucking Hansome.

  29. Morning all, Bout time you had a contact address NB, when you have no time for a post, maybe some others can help you out, you may even get one submitted to WordPress and drum up a bit of support, A speaky clean post once a week, may be just the sprat to catch the Mackerel. Leave her alone NB, i can read your mind ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Yes i have to say that NB’s mind is on shagging the ex, so cannot be bothered to write a post, so yes i ventured to the dark side, something i am gradually weaning myself off.

    They have a multitude of experts over their on finance. More accountants than Welders that’s for sure. I read their post, and a lumbering excuse as to why Arsenal’s Player pot is not 200 million but only 60 million tops, What a crock of shit that is Arsenals gate receipt is 3 million a game 20 premier league games comes to sixty million in themselves without the overheads, probably 40 million profit.

    TV payments must run into millions enough to pay wages and sponsors money must pay our mortgage. ยฃ30 million Champions league money every season for 20 years equates to a hefty old sum, but say just this year and with our annual spend of 5 million on the Egyptian and a couple of million in return for our loanee’s as far as i see it even with Kroenke taking his 5 million holiday money i still see us sitting with a fucking healthy Player pot of a fucking site more than 60 million,

    Accountants are fucking legal sharks, they know a client is earning fucking bundles, but its their job to let the fucker off light. In other words they are fucking legal crooks, and in my eyes Elneney was brought by one fucking home game, paid for by the supporter. One fucking player for a whole season, one weeks fucking money and these fucking so called big shot accountants try and tell the world that the Fifth richest club in the world can not afford a centre forward BOLLOX. Rant Fucking Friday.

  31. Nice bit of info NB, didn’t think you would surface for a while yet. but then again, you are ageing as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    All i can say about that bit of new’s is start selling our deadwood to the Chinese as fast as we can, We should be able to fully communicate with them as we have been buying their food for as long as i can remember.

    I honestly feel we would do better putting an appeal on Tele, apparently the British love to donate up to 25 quid a month for a good cause. Lets face it if people will pay a fiver a month to save a Donkey they wouldn’t think twice about one of ours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. hey Steve, if you want to write a post for GunnersoreArse mate, no problem. Just mention it in comments and I’ll e mail you (if your e mail address is good), then you can reply with your post. I’ll do the title and add photos as appropriate ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I have noticed that Cockie…. who was close to being banned over on the other side…. has started to crawl to Peaches mum… being all nice and lovey dovey, and Transplant the ficking Greek is also creeping all over the site…. the fucking Cuntz, the pair of them? I’m glad they’re not my mates, if we all got arrested together they’d be shopping me to the old bill within minutes, fucking couple of nonces they are…. and Cockie pretends he was once in nick…. probably Rule 43… the fucking kiddie fiddler ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. An anagram of accountant is….cunt on a cat !………I`ve just put my info on AA and it`s all simple maths and words from the horses mouth…Gazidis !……he said in 2013 that we had ยฃ70M to spend on players ( not even including their wages ) every season from now (2013) onwards and that didn`t take into account the new TV deal next season !…….so it`s simple, if we only spent ยฃ30M on players the first season, then the other ยฃ40M goes onto the next seasons ยฃ70M making ยฃ110M !.
    Can any of you can tell me we have spent all the last 3 years amount of ยฃ210M on players ?……no way !….not even half if you count all the transfers out !.
    We may not have ยฃ230M to spend, but we certainly have more than ยฃ100M minimum !………….is it a coincidence that most of the Arsenal accountant fans are pro Wenger and use any maths means to justify their worship of him ?

  35. No !…..Wengers the kiddie fiddler !……well he aint really, but thats the joke that got me wrist slapped on BK !. hahaha

    Gladly shop you to the old bill !……..make me the new Bertie Smalls !.

  36. Close to being banned !……………I was banned a few times a while back, but they aint permament , bit like being sent off or sent to the sin bin !
    True ……Transplant went behind the scenes to get me back the first time, I wasn`t bothered, but he missed me, so did all the donkey work !……No official apology from me, just said I would keep the adult humour down !……then it gradually crept in again ! ……then another warning ! hahaha

  37. Conspiracy of Theft…..5 years and did 2 and half…………….lots of money involved, but hey, did the crime, did the time and some of the funniest story`s to be told, but I coulkd get into troble again !…..learnt more inside than I did out !….it`s like a university for crime and funny enough, quite a few dodgy accountants !. hahaha

  38. Evening Cocky, they need you over there mate, No reason you can’t be in two places at once mate, Nice and tidy over there and a Normal person over here. The thought of you over there keeps them on their toes, they have to monitor all the time in case they get a tug. Personally i don’t really care as i find you humorous and you know your football.

    I have to say that the freedom on this site is refreshing, I dont think anybody wants to upset anybody, but when your censored befor anybody moans is taking the piss.

  39. Course I would grass you up 69. In fact, i would love to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit. The thought of you doing 10 years whilst I send you vids of me having sex with all your former artist models is refreshingly exciting. hahaha

    Cornwall, so now it’s down to 100 million hahaha. Seeing the last accounts are historical, I tend to agree with that.

  40. Hahaha…..yes Stretch !……I have had to re-adjust my accounts as someone with that much hair as kelsey has ….has the making of a Rule 43 merchant !…………………….`69er needs a visit !, chloroform, barbed wire strapon and taken to Sir Chips Keswick`s dungeon and made to eat peaches mums muff stuffed with chorizos whilst Sir Chips angle grinds his barbed wire strapon to gillette G11 sharpness before entering `69ers art world anus !.

  41. The arguments by the PIP’s on AA are invariably retreads of previous discussions with everybody trying to have the last word – its extremely tiresome and I have found it very refreshing not to have to read their redundant bullshit.

    I’ve never been nabbed or done any time but that was down to good luck as my judgement was flawed on many occasions. I have what I refer to as my “Oh Fuck” moments in life and whenever I think about them my first thought is always “Oh Fuck” did I really do that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  42. Must exercise !…….did a 3 mile time trial last night in shit weather, but did a respectable 22 mins and 11 secs overs undulating hilly roads…………………….and no, I wasn` running from a crime scene or a farmers wifes bed !……….would have been much quicker had that be !. hahaha

  43. Evening Terry boy, thought i’de get in quick before you make them laugh again. do miss your humour mate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. hahaha yeah, he needs sorting Cornwall. We should jump in the van and go over there. Show him that fucking with a bent accountant and van driver who steers with his cock has consequences.

    Evening Steve & GN5

    I do like it on here, even if there is only six of us. hahaha

  45. Evening N5, Not getting caught is the way to keep out of trouble, Most crimes i would imagine is money related, they have it and the others want it. Always makes me smile when a rich fucker moans about someone nicking one of his cars, what the fuck has he got to moan about when he has twenty more locked up, its not as if he has to get a bus is it.

    Its the pervs and the Bastards who beat up a pensioner and nicks their pension that need sorting out but when they get caught they get six months while a bank robber gets 30 years.for drilling 3 holes

  46. Hahaha……yeah, you know what Stretch !………we nick all his pss artist art work and kill him by Peaches Mums muff suffocation, then he will be famous and his work we aqquired legally through your bent office will be worth ยฃ100`s and we can sell for a decent night out a lap club !…….even invite Steve along as he already has a hood !. hahaha

  47. Spot on Stevie !……………..there were some heinous villains getting a lot less than me……. nick sack loads of money even without any violence and they will hit you fucking harder than some rapist and child molestors……worse thing you can do in the eyes of authority is steal money, even though the rich greedy bankers stole millions and get bailed out by the tax payer !
    Mind you, being a rich villain has a certain influence on the opposite sex, they love a bad boy !.
    I always ask this of people who turn their nose up to money theft of banks etc`……………………….when you are watching a film of Oceans 11…..The Italian Job…,…Robin Hood etc`… you want them to get caught ?……no !, they dont !. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Very true Cocky, no i dont want them to get caught but show me a Savile who goes through life doing what he did, and The Fucking Authorities and BBC turn a fucking blind eye to it, but only till he snuffed it. While fucking mugs like us was saying shame, he did a lot for charity. They made right mugs of us and he lived a millionaire lifestyle

  49. What’s your take on The Hatton Garden pensioners heist,Cockie. Had to be an inside job, all rather strange especially 70 year old men crawling through minute holes.

  50. Hahaha Yes !……`s obvious he is pissed when painting !…….he even thinks the blow up dolls are real live models !.
    Right 3 x 5 min planks done and now 30 mins on running machine !……..fucking hero i am , no wonder all the girls in my fanatasies love me !. hahaha

  51. Hi Terry, its true there are only a few of us but no issues over here we all get on like a house on fire – that is other than the fact that the bars always closed, NB’s always off out shagging whatever bird he can pull, Steve always stinks of fish and Le Coq keeps going over to the other side. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. They are fucking Heroes, kels !……and yes, most probale an inside job…….funny you came back about the same time from Spain ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Can you imagine me, you, GN5, Steve and the youmg whippoer snapper doing such a crime .
    You know that there will undoubtably be a film about !………Michael Caine is sniffing around the idea already !……………………….Right Treadmill !

  53. SXhows you that none of them were accountants. ๐Ÿ™‚ Poor fuckers couldn’t live on there old age pensions, and couldn’t get benefits

  54. Young Whipper snapper Transplant !.

    All to be let down by the piss artist getaway driver !…. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Hahaha GN5…….going over to the other side is mandatory in the nick, it`s the only reason they supply excessive amounts of soap !.

  55. Gรถรถner In Exile says:
    February 5, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    Kelsey I donโ€™t suffer fools gladly and so when someone spouts โ€œfactsโ€ that are clearly incorrect I may be a bit short in my reply. You may call it rude I call it direct. Whatโ€™s that phrase again โ€œI say it as I see itโ€, canโ€™t help that can we?

    Never liked the overweight pompous arsehole.just becausse he played in goal for a forth team on Hackney Marshes as a goalie thinks he is above everyone, prick of the largest order.

  56. Beauty, of this site is we can talk about them, but they cant talk about us , rule 4 or some old shit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Hahaha true GN5

    The thing about 69 you see, is were as the likes of you and I can take criticism of our profession with a pinch of salt, 69 invests so much feeling into portraying human emotion via his work on nude models that after a while the realisition, and a couple of bottles of red, that he can not possibly capture the true human spirit leads him to gain feeling by clutching his groin.

    Hand on groin, 69 weeps for his art and demands the girl leave immediately so he can take solace in a frenzy of self love making. More commonly known as masturbation.

    Poor man.

    By the way 69, that boat crash in the headline post looks suspiciously like my cousin Captain Nikos boat. He crashed it while ferrying some Japanese tourists from Crete to the Pelopanese. Rumours were that he was watching porn and drunk on ouzo

    Got in terrible trouble for it. Apparently the Japenese claimed that a drunken and trousers down his ankles Captain Nikos fled the boat before the women and children.

    At his trial he denied these lies, claiming that using some fat Japanese kid as a life raft proved he left the boat at the same time, but pressure from the Japanese consulate resulted in a breathalizer been installed on his boat and from now on he would have to con tourists by claiming to be his cousin Gregoris

    Very harsh punishment

  58. Morning you fucking wankers ๐Ÿ™‚

    And in the famous words of Peaches Gooner, “Some great blogging yesterday” ha ha ha
    Good to have the two cuntz the Greek dodgy accountant and white van man on here having a laugh.

    Free The GunnersoreArse Six…… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    My Wi Fi connection is a bit weak here but will be on as much as possible.

  59. Morning all,
    You will be pleased to hear that Andy Grey believes Arsenal will bounce back to winning form this weekend after not winning for our last few games. Mind you he is working for a betting company.

    I see that the dark side had a good days blogging yesterday, New names who were welcomed with greetings of great comments and thanks for contributing, Such a good blog over there apparently, So good in fact , that some of their top bloggers needed to come over here to get away from all the back slapping.

    The beauty of blogging is that you do need to get away from the same people at times, As Bloggers start to get their feet under the table, and they are led to believe they are top notch bloggers, they then start believing that what they comment on is actually going to be accepted as right. But as we know over here, is that as soon as they start to get a few supporters, they will suddenly be censored and dug at, until they get the hump and jump ship.

    Fucking hell. you cant have a blogger coming on, and start to take over can you, fuck them off out of it, and just leave the clique to enjoy complete power. \Andy Grey pisses me off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. morning

    I take City to beat leicester quite convincingly and unfortunately Spurs to beT Watford as which ever way you look at it they are on a roll.

    I know Chelsea were held by Watford but look at all the crap teams that have taken points off them only we got nil points.

    Weather forecast is rain and very windy tomorrow especially the south coast so conditions will help Bournemouth.

    Going back to accounts I have seen plenty in my life and none of them have a sense of humour or charisma in fact they are total bores and I will never forgive that fat ponce when GN5 told the main people on AA about my heart attack(with my permission) they were all very nice and wished me a speedt recovery accept one who said nothing,yes that fat ponce.Will never forget that.thinks he’s a superior being putting up fucking pictures of his kids as if no one else ever had kids.

  61. Glad you are getting over your troubles Kelsey. I hate to hear of anyone who has health problems, but it comes to us all i’m afraid. Hopefully you will go on for a fucking long time yet. When i first started Blogging i saw your name, and read what you had to say, you may of had many handles over the years but i always remember this one. A good Arsenal man and glad i had the chance to blog with you.

    Dont worry about fat cuntz, your bigger than that, Fuck em Many know your name and admire your views, you have a touchy side now and again but fuck me who doesn’t ๐Ÿ™‚ Dont let the fuckers get you down mate , come over more often and get slated over here, the fucker over here has a go at every fucker and if he knows you have a few years the bugger takes the piss, you will always have friends over here mate.

  62. Right, I’ve stopped working…. it’s France, it’s 12h, it’s time for an apero. In this village there is only one bar ha ha
    Kelsey, I got it wrong in my headline post? I thought the Spuds were playing today at home to Sunderland, but it’s Watford….. :-ยฐ

  63. A new phenomenon called


    We all know those cute little computer symbols called ’emoticons,’ where:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ means a smile and
    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ is a frown.

    Sometimes these are represented by

    Well, how about some ‘ASSICONS?’

    Here goes:

    (_!_) a regular ass

    (__!__) a fat ass

    (!) a tight ass

    (_*_) an ass hole

    {_!_} a swishy ass

    (_o_) an ass that’s been around

    (_x_) kiss my ass

    (_X_) leave my ass alone

    (_zzz_) a tired ass

    (_E=mc2_) a smart ass

    (_$_) Money coming out of his ass

    (_?_) Dumb Ass

  64. Leicester are still thumbing their noses at the rest of the PL and are 0-1 after the 2nd minute. Not the ideal score for us as draw would be ideal.

  65. GN5, a few weeks ago we did not need to worry too much about other results, but now as our challenge has come off the rails we must look for other clubs to drop points.

  66. Afternoon all,What a good game at City, This is a game of end to end football Leicester finished the half defendingb but second half now underway and you can see why these two teams are where they are Fucking blinding Foxes double their lead.

  67. NG, you are right we have tied our own hands behind our backs and now have to rely on other teams dropping points. At it stands we are eight points behind Leicester with a game in hand – so our games are all “must win” especially our home game against them – lose that and its all over for another season.

  68. Whatever i say will be misconscrued but hats off to leicester and with the weather warning tomorrow that will balance things out but we still have a chance for the title but it’s diminishing.It’s so tight up at the top but as GN5 says lose at home to leicester and we are fighting for a CL place.
    Oh the joys of supporting Arsenal.

  69. We, and Arsenal, need to put the upcoming Leicester game out of our minds, Bournemouth will be no push overs tomorrow.

    A wet and windy day on the south coast can be just as tricky as a wet Tuesday night in Stoke on Trent.

  70. our main problem is lack of consistency and goals.Stoke are 3-0 down at home to out of form Everton.Our GD is the worst of the top sides and we are renown for an attacking side that scores but it’s been on the cards foe a few weeks now.A must win game has never been so apt.

  71. I know several people who agree with us NG when you literally talk to them and then blog and say the complete opposite.I have never understood that.

  72. I hate to say it, but we have just not been good enough, I hate to put the onus on the Manager, but it has to be said he had opportunities to buy a Holding Mid in the summer and a centre forward, But were skint. Not got a bad side when all fit but thats the trouble never all fit.

    Arsenal have had weaknesses for years and years defensive Midfield and strikers, The manager if as good as he is supposed to be has not addressed the problems till we have been Ruled out of being champions. This season is another prime example of stubbornness.

    Injury this season in many position has made our play spasmodic sometimes embarrassingly bad, But we rode our luck on other clubs bad form or internal problems, but as usual we didn’t address our own problems and now we are falling behind.

    Wenger finally brought a holding Mid, but waited till all our players a fit again far too late to help us. Been with us a month Played once and is now sidelined, sounds like a genuine Arsene signing. Walcott misses most of the season, comes back out of form and couldn’t score if a keeper wasn’t there. His work rate is below even the under 21 players but Wenger still plays him.

    Welbeck has not made an appearance all season, but now he is nearing fitness and has played for the under 21 he will probably have to wait another month until he is match sharp. Our chances of the league was slim, now its almost impossible as the leaders are pulling away and playing well, and heres us scared to play Sundays game, and class it as a must win game. We have had must win games all season and struggled but one thing in our favour is we usually play better when we are the club chasing. Spuds pulling away has not helped my mood, does it show.

  73. Kelsey, I take my last comment back. There is a doomer here and his name is Steve.

    Now dear old doomer Steve holds genuine opinions, so in his case doomer is not an insult.

    Doom on Steve, nobody will hold it against you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. Good evening girlies…. lovely chat today, shame I couldn’t have been part of it.

    I got a shock when I just looked at the City/Leicester result…. they’ve definitely made a statement of intent today…..

  75. Evening all The Doomer here. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yeh i know, no fucker wants a guy who reminds you of Arsenals Failures. Of course Arsenal have been Successful many many times Doubles FA cups, on for 3 in a row something that has not been done in our lifetime Yes we have had success Invincible s fucking Magic.

    I blogged on a site where i made excuses for Wenger, They had the same view as i an feeling now, they felt that it was time for a change of Manager, I was adamant that Wenger had issues with the club , getting money out of them, where they felt that Wenger had money but was arrogant enough to do it on a shoe string.

    I wasn’t popular on that blog, and really and truly they showed me the door, of course by then i had started to enjoy talking about the great man, but he has started to wind me up, and i have started to turn into one of them.
    good centre forward
    Gazedez Kroenke Kes and our old mate Arsene all tell you we can stand with the best, there has been talk of us being the fifth richest club, we are known throughout the world, we are a massive club, Yeh right we dont have any fucking money, any club who have a Manager who doesnt spend, can only mean were skint.

    Season after season we finish top 4 magnificent achievement but we aint champions and we have gaps in the team weaknesses that Wenger does not see , and i am nearing my final years and cannot see things changing so i speak my mind.

    Of course, Wenger may just make a complete mug of me, and come summer spend a fortune and fill those gaps, win the league win the CL and clean up the domestics, but come summer i can see a cheap y off load the poor fuckers who are finding it hard to walk now, and promote our loanee’s and even show one of our youngsters. Groundhog day again.

  76. ‘kin hell….. Steve is a bigger doomer than our Kelsey, never thought that could be possible ha ha ha

    Hopefully I’ll be able to get my post up tomorrow morning, all going well with my connection. Bon nuit les mal au culs ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Fuck Steve and Kelsey !………I`m the biggest Doomer on here !……fucking imposters !. hahaha
    I like reading GoonerB`s stuff over on AA as he is a more realistic blogger… a young Kelsey !. He was putting it out there that if we dont win the league this year it could be said that Wenger has not really inproved us over the last few years . I tend to agree,
    My thoughts are that he has improved us with certain signings…Cech, Ozil, Alexis, Gabriel, but where he hasn`t improved us imo is tactics wise. I being into fitness have always said that a team of average players who are super fit will always beat a team of talented Arshavins !…..there is nothing to stop any player getting super fit, it is all down to one basic thing……hard work.
    I know from being in a running club and having a daughter who has a BA in sports science that it is speed work outs that will only make you quicker in races, they have to be followed by rest periods !.
    Footballers know how to play football, they`ve been trained doing it from a young age, they are not going to get any better skill wise, they are already at great levels, so let them do more stamina and speed work and rest the next day, no need for some training and if they play a game at 100% then dont have them in the next day doing sprints etc`, let them have an easy workout.
    The spuds have said they make their players do double workouts and it shows with the amount of running and pressing they do and they are not letting up or getting as many injuries as us………`s all down to superior fitness !.
    I remember our prison team had quite a few ex-youth players of Cardiff, W Ham and a variety of semi pro teams, we hammered every team we played as our fitness was as you can imagine from daily gym workouts exceptional, I was in my mid to late 30`s and doing under one and a half hour marathons !……believe me !, teams hate players who dont stop running all game, honestly, it`s all down to hard work !
    One of my pet hates in the football world is all the …Fatigue crap !……2 games per week is nothing for a conditioned athlete !……and praising them for doing a 10K in a match, which is six and a quarter miles, big deal !……I`d expect 20K in over 90 mins plus injury time and a 15 min break !.
    Right thats enough from `sorearses technical sports director !. hahaha

    Tomorrow I expect a win and Leicester at home, a win aswell….anything less and it`s bye bye league……even though I already think that anyway, my real gut feeling is that Manshafter Std will overtake us for 4th !

    Night kuntz !.

  78. Evening Cockie, i always had you down as a youngster don’t know why, you have surprised me.
    A man of the world with a grown up Daughter You had me fooled mate.

    I like you when i was younger, was into fitness, I was a night worker and we had a gym in the workshop which we made ourselves in a corner of the workshop, Tea breaks and lunch times we used to train, and train bloody hard. Pyramid training we wanted to build bodies that made us look good , make us look good feel good and help us pull birds.

    We would start with bench pressing at around a hundred an twenty, sets of ten and then spot your partner, add weight and so on we got up to 300 but only managed one or two and then stared to take weight off, i’m sure your familiar with that training.

    A manager came on the firm and was into training and he started a gym inside the factory for all the firm, he had seen our weights and benches leg presses and dum bells and wanted to get them off the workshop and make people train in a safe environment.

    Doing it safely in a gym with water fountains and comfy machine took the fun out of it a bit for me so i brought weights indoors and started my workouts at home.

    When i played football i went out Jogging we called it running in those days sprints and then jog sprint then jog trying to replicate what happens on the pitch until stamina built up, and we could run for the whole game.

    I understand what you meant when you said work hard and then a days rest. let the muscle repair itself so it can grow, we did arms and chest one day back and legs the next so on and so on, I was always aching but not painful but i felt powerful. Injury never bothered me, i suppose i was lucky. I was fast with stamina and powerful and tough, never frightened of any player and went in to win.

    Sadly i was lacking natural talent, as i never had a trial for anyone, but i played for 30 years and loved it, When i started to struggle keeping up with the youngsters i got the hump, and knew my time was up.

    A professional footballers career is fairly short, Get in do the work, earn your dough, and then retire. Players today start off doing the work but once their bank balance looks good they then feel they have made it and end up sorry examples of knackered footballers many on booze many on drugs. The ones who have been good then turn into prima donnas, Jelous yeh course i am, but i tried 100 percent till the end, made fuck all money but enjoyed every game. Thats my kind of sportsman. Arsenal have a few of them.

  79. Hi NB. I thought I would wait until the coast was clear and all the doomers had gone to bed – after all dooming must very tiresome – well they tire me out, anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    No room in my life for dooming I’ve only got a few years left and don’t want to spend them in a state of total misery. Yea I know our team seems to have lost the plot once again but at least we always appear to be in with a chance. In my 70 years of watching AW’s teams have been the best – achieved the most, entertained the most and have always given us hope. Prior to AW it was always a wish and a hope that we might do something and it was always a big surprise when we did.

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion but others have the right to disagree – and I’ve always made it plain that I don’t agree with any anti AW sentiment.

    Let me state a few facts about our past managers, My years of supporting Arsenal go back to 1946/47.
    From 1953 through 1986 (33years) and 7 different managers we won 1 European Fairs Cup, I league title and 2 FA Cups and finished in the top 4 on a massive 5 occasions – and folks dare to be critical of Wenger – good grief!!. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    In his 20 years AW has won 3 league titles a record 6 FA Cups and 2 doubles and never finished out of the top 4.

    Mini rant over ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. GN5

    my friend no one is arguing about AW but it’s blatantly clear his best days are over and can’t motivate the team anymore .consistent we aren’t neither are others bar Leicester whose whole squad cost 25 million. We may well thrash Bournemouth in their tiny ground,capacity 11464 and then be humbled by leicester oe the other way round,who knows.
    We had a great chance this season and it’s already blown unless we beat Barcelona to install fire in our bellies and what is the likeluhood of that.

    II know we have missed several players but we were top of the league and these past two months our general play is less than average so don’t hold your breath.

    I have absolutely no expectations if we win that’s great as there are far more important things in life.

  81. Oh by the wat there is only 5 or 6 years between at least 7 regukars on AA that I know of so don’t think I am anyway near as old as GN5 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Shall we say we are all in our sixties.

    NB will come up with a good headline today as we are playing The Cherries ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Just to show how consistent we are we have amassed the grand total of 3 points from the three teams we have played twice this season.Chelsea,liverpool and Southampton.

  83. Morning all,
    Yes its game day, why we always seem to be one of the last teams to play our fixtures i don’t really know, but catch up is always going to be the way for our club.

    Now today of course we will start the day off in optimistic fashion, NB N5 Norfolk and Coq and of course the imitable Kelsey, will all believe that we should be winning this game quite easily, Most of us will see this game as a way of catching some of the clubs ahead of us, Catching is probably the wrong word , perhaps it should be hot losing any more ground.

    The clubs above us have played already, they have their three points and are safe in the Knowledge that we cannot better them. We can however change the goal average and that may just be the difference at the end of the season. A tough ask for a side who make chances, but just can’t seem to finish off.

    Ordinarily i would assume a healthy win, taking nothing away from our opponents, but we should in all honesty win in style. What about them, Well if they have been watching some of our games, they would have seen that we have weaknesses, they would also have seen that when quickly closed down , we panic, they would have seen that we give the ball away, and our passing gets untidy , and should they also have seen that a physical approach, makes our players bottle and pull out of tackles.

    Yes i know we dont want to look at that side of our game, but the facts are there for all to see that’s the way Arsenal are today. Yes we have the positives, Sanchez will run all day, he will chase and he will graft can we feed him and make him chances, well of course we can but will we.

    Coquelin, i believe is back Partnered with Ramsey our box to box man, On paper that would seem to be the best partnership to put in front of the back four. Coq will put himself about, been out for a while, and knowing we have a new guy itching to step in will try and impress the Manager, Hopefully not with a quick Yellow as he did in his last game. Ramsey of course will work his socks off, he knows his form should be better and he knows his goal tally is flagging, he also knows his shooting is woeful, but he will be giving every thing.

    Campbell and Walcott a possibility, Campbell should be in as he has grafted, Likened with Sanchez for his determination and his work rate, would probably be a good choice, Walcott, as the old saying goes. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. Could this be the game that he does , Maybe

    Back line Belerin Merts or Gabriel, probably a toss up. Kos and Monreal picks itself if all fit. Cech in goal or will Ospina be picked after all. this seems like an easier game, i would go with Cech but who Knows.

    Up front we only have Giroud as Walcott has not shown he is a centre forward, and seeing how they both cant score ,it really doesn’t matter. There will be a few that may get on Elneney our new bloke may see play at around 60 minutes, Young Iwobi may be introduced as a super sub, but by that time i hope the game is all wrapped up.

    Yes this is one we should win, keep in touching distance of our old foes Spuds, after all we have to catch them first and boy they are flying. A loss, don’t even go there, Don’t you know, its a must win game.

  84. Good morning tight arses
    Good to see some early chat on here ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to stop using Peaches clichรฉd sayings ha ha

    There will be a new post up nice and early this morning…. it’s nearly 9am here so in about 30 minutes.

  85. Just had a look at the league table and got my facts wrong, of course we have to win to day to go ahead of City not Spuds, Fuck me sideways Spuds are second in the league, and were fourth, by fuck it is a must win game. ๐Ÿ™‚

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