Bournemouth v Arsenal….. the last bite of the Cherry!

Before I get on to discussing todays game on the south coast, let’s have a look at Leicester. Yesterday they took Manchester City apart, they only had 34% possession and scored three goals. With that game they made a real statement of intent and said to the rest of the potential league winners, “Don’t doubt us anymore, we can win the Premiership”.

They probably will and as much as I want us to win it, if Leicester get the trophy then it can only be good for the PL, it’s about time a team came through who are not the regular four or five teams that contest the top four spots every season.

Right, that’s enough discussion about another fucking team being better than us.

Todays game against the Cherries will be our last bite of the cherry, lose today and we can say goodbye to any hopes of being crowned champions in May. We need to be up for a bit of cherry picking and get back on track, rediscover our form from a few months ago and put in the effort to make a fight of it till the end.

Bournemouth are a decent side and have a good manager in Eddie Howe, but they are not on our level so I expect nothing less than a convincing win today, then life will just be a bowl of cherries. Beating Leicester next weekend would be the cherry on top.

Bournemouth have had their injury problems just like us, their best striker, Callum Wilson, has been out since the end of September when he was injured against Stoke. However, they do have Afobe, will he come back to haunt us today? He’s been scoring regularly so expect him to have a good game and their goalkeeper, Boruc, ain’t too bad either so expect him to have a blinder.

They’ll probably play a high press game, they’ve done their homework, they know we are susceptible to that tactic and that could be our downfall once again.

So today is our last bite of the cherry, lose and we will be struggling to finish in  the top four and the bastards from the shadows in N17  could finish above us….. what a fucking nightmare scenario, doesn’t bare thinking about.

I expect a strong team being fielded today, normal back four, le Big Coq and the Egyptian just in front of them and Sanchez, Özil and Ramsey supplying Giroud and either Iwobi or Campbell.

It’s the last chance saloon, will we show that we still have some bollocks, or will we say ‘Cherry oh Cherry oh baby’ to our best chance to win the premiership in the last 12 years.

Today will give us the answer.

Come on you fucking Gunners

The ‘GunnersoreArse Six’ are not fucking innocent.

Footnote: Here’s a fucking ‘orrible dilemma, if we beat Leicester next weekend it could decrease the gap between them and the Spervs….. and possibly give the shadow dwellers a chance to win the fucking league. Though they do have to play away to Man City next weekend, but seeing how Leicester dismantled them yesterday, the cuntz could win at the Etihad! What do we hope for, us to beat Leicester and give the Spervs a chance or lose to Leicester and hope City win? Fucking hell, it’s a fucking nightmare innit…….




94 thoughts on “Bournemouth v Arsenal….. the last bite of the Cherry!

  1. As i said Nb you cannot resist a cherry.:) Leicester didn’t even play that well,City were awful and toure got subbed.

    I never expected us to win the league but if leicester do it good luck to them. Spurs are a real threat as Ali is now scoring as well as Kane.
    We really ought to win today but who knows.Leicester have a comparitable easy run in after us and no other competitions to worry about.

    We need Walcott,ox and Giroud and Ramsey to start scoring regularly and on the pitch might help.
    As I said a tight compact stadium a wet and windy day.None of those things help,then we also need the Chavs to beat United just to keep the gap.

    We shouldn’t be in this position at all. Technically we could still win the league and also be fighting for forth.

    I blame no leadership on or off the pitch and a lack of spending when required.

    Having said all that we desperately need a convincing win today to hopefully restore confidence, and better our goal difference.

    I am past caring these days all I want is to see a good game and our boys give a 100%, pass better, put away chances and win, and if it’s not to be I won’t be going to Beachy Head 😉

  2. Morning Kelsey…. this blog is full of fucking doomers…. there’s only GN5, Transplant and yours truly who try to keep a semblance of balance ha ha.
    Life is to good to let a game of football spoil it mate 😀

  3. I agree entirely NB that’s why football is not a priority to me anymore. I have enjoyed the good times but now folllowing our great team is a tad frustrating.

  4. Kelsey, nothing coming up with the photo…. It’s difficult or impossible to post stuff from Facebook, better to find the image elsewhere and copy the URL 🙂

  5. Morning new Post,
    Didn’t think i would see another so soon, 🙂

    Yeh so i am a fucking Doomer, who cares, From leading the league to catching up Spuds fuck me thats enough to worry anybody, Unless of course, you have seen it all witnessed it all and can now sit back in you old man’s chair and take it in you stride.

    Well i may have an old mans chair and i will be sitting in it at half past one and i will certainly not settle for a loss, i wont take defeat on the chin and say its all over cause it fucking aint, till it s mathematically impossible.

    You old farts can try and kid me that its not fucking important to you, who the fuck do you think you are trying to kid, You know that if you have a cat or a dog it will probably get kicked up the wall, you will shout you will curse you will be fucking mad, But oh no calm sedated you will take it in your fucking stride and think of other things more fucking important Bollox will you fuck. Morning all Sunday Rant over. 🙂

  6. Morning Stevie boy

    Seen it, done it, fucked it if it moved…. doesn’t mean I’ve seen everything yet and may never see it all. You can only fit so much into a lifetime…. 😀

  7. Talking of cherries Kelsey…. it’s made me recall a thing I had with a French bird a few years back…. She was another artist and very horny, she’d invited me to dinner, after we’d eaten she went and got a jar of cherries marinated in alcohol. She put one in her mouth and offered it for me to take with my mouth….. you do know where this is leading don’t you and where some of those cherries ended up 🙂

  8. ‘morning all, A fine pre-match Big Raddy, oops! Got it wrong again!

    Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, and others.

    Won’t be around for the game today, off for a family meal to celebrate my wife’s birthday, The Kings Head in Bawburgh. Lovely grub.

    I shall record the game and watch it at my leisure later and try not to know the result first. So Kelsey keep your predictions to yourself. 😀

    Cheers for now,

    C’mon the Gunners!!!

  9. I would have got her a norfolk takeaway.Bloody cheek any old excuse to miss a game.Call yourself a supporter 🙂

    My wife invited some old friend we haven’t seen for years over this afternoon with her three kids all who claim benefit and are late thirties or early forties and I told her to I was staying in our bedroom to watch the game,so give my apologies.

    last time i saw the old bag she came not once but three times to our villa in Spain and never even bought us a glass of water.

  10. ha ha Kels…. I love cherries 🙂

    I know what you mean when you live abroad and friends from the UK visit. Some friends visited me and my second ex when we had a house in Normandy, stayed for two fucking weeks, expected us to do all the entertaining, be their tour guides, cook all the meals and do all the fucking shopping and on their last night took us out for a fucking pizza to say thank you…. fucking bastards, I didn’t stay in touch with them after that.

  11. Right, time for a pastis au bar, then lunch…. but can’t work this afternoon…. it’s pissing down, which is great because Marion has Canal + this weekend so I can watch the game on the tele… COYG’s

    Will be back on for the match 🙂

  12. Nice 69

    I never doom mate. Once you’ve run away from a fully grown man wearing your Y Fronts who pretended he had scaletrix and Arsenal stickers to show you, every day’s a bonus.

    To be honest, I love reading doomers posts. I’ve come to the stage were I wait for sleeping with a women to read Steve, Kelsey, and Cornwalls posts.

    It’s like foreplay. The bird asks “what do you want me to do to you Terry?” I just say, “pass me that laptop”.

    I don’t over comment about football. GN5 does the talking for me.

    We will win today and go on and win the league

  13. Hi guy’s and doomer’s !!

    Steve, of course I get pissed off if we drop points or throw away a season – (at which we have become experts) it’s more a case of not being critical of the team or our manager. I want us to win even more than most as I want to spring out of my “old man’s chair” n celebration but I have to be careful not to sprain/break a limb 🙂 🙂

    Nice fruity post and story NB – you can sure paint a sweet picture 🙂

    I can just see both of you each crawling about the floor in the dark trying to smell out the cherries 🙂 🙂 with Terry not far behind with one stuffed up his bum. 🙂 🙂

  14. Ok, let’s get to the interwal with this score line and all is well. But dear lord we are flakey.

  15. What a fucking team we are 2 goals up and marching to be league winner’s, two fucking great goals and many more for the second half. Trying to be Upbeat specially for N5 🙂

    Yes we have started well a 2 goal lead at half time is splendid, But i am a little concerned at our closing down, we are getting caught out by not realising where their players are drifting in from.. Referee is a homer as per usual give him any reason and he will blow us up, our passing is still poor by my standards and many trying to many holiwood passes. we can be a lot better, but even the ones who are quite not on the ball we dont have any passenger’s . Leicester will will be a sterner test, but thats for next week.

  16. We’re stll losing possession in midfield quite a lot… Ox the main culprit, but he score a cracking goal. I think the stat is that is his first ever goal away from home…. that can’t be true????

  17. We’re not at the races here. Sitting deep soaking up pressure. Flaming is a waste of space. Disjointed, well, now Le Coc is on, relief.

  18. I think it got at lot to do with the flambo kombo in midfield. Flaming doesn’t have the legs anymore and ends up sitting in the lap of the back four. This pulls back the wingmen in order to help out and their starting position becomes to deep. We get disjointed and teams can waltz through our midfield.

    Thank God for Cech. Still, we’re winning😀.

  19. Well at least Walcott got 25 seconds for 140K this week 😉

    A good resut but still plenty to work on and I hate those fecking shirts.

  20. I’m not complaining, those 3 points keep us in the hunt….. the top is still wide open and next weekend is a crunch weekend………… we play Leicester at the Ems and the Spervs go to the Etihad, we’ll know a lot more after that…..

  21. A wins a win and 3 points moves us up a place, Not a great game, first half the goals fell for us and Ozil cracks one in with real power, The Ox the second off the post but the right side of the post, The pundits said Ox had a good game, i felt he struggled but so did many others.

    We started many of Bournemouth’s attacks with errant passing some times giving them 12 men, defending from a regular back four seemed woeful as they looked disjointed. Flamoni could easily have given it all away, but a decision by a biased ref surprised me .

    Defensively we were poor , midfield was also not very good, and up front was non exhistant..Can we win the league playing like this, probably not, but before the game we were forth after the game we are third, the gap has been reduced, so who knows the final outcome. That’s as positive i can be at the moment.

  22. Great headline line for the post `69er !……….The last bite of the Cherry !.
    Knew we would win even for a expert doomer and we will destroy the Foxes next game, just a hunch, but they are rarely wrong !……what happens after that with away games at the Mancuntster clubs, Everton, Spuds, W Ham is a different matter……..we wont get much change !

    From last post……………….Steve !….some good workouts there, you must have and still be a strong bastard !……………….do a lot of pyramid stuff now, but it`s with the running club and it`s hard, but if you want to get quicker it`s a must !….example was last week when we did 400M speed work… 400M and then have a 1 min recovery, then do 400M and have a 50 seconds recovery….400M/ 40 sec rec`….400M/30 sec` rec`…..400M/20 sec` rec`….400M/10 sec` rec`….then 400M/20 sec` rec` and increasing recovery by 10 secs with more 400M up to 1 min again and for someone 3 months off their 60th birthday it aint bad especially as the average 400M time was at 6 min mile pace.
    As I`ve probablky said before, I do 2000 ab reps of different styles and upto now 800 squats ( 4 X 200 ), 3 X 5 min planks and some bench press and lat stuff, but the hardest painfull but most beneficial are probably the pullk ups….or chin bar exercises, hate them, but they do make this near 60 year old have a body of a 30 year old………….and they aint having it back !. hahaha
    Do it most days and not including the running it can be about 2 hours for a work out at least 4 days per week…………….I do the planks and ab workouts every day !.
    Touch wood I feel great and it`s why I go on about fitness for footballers, they are professional athletes and should be able to do 2 games per week no problem, I fucking hate the “fatigue” excuse !
    Anywaay that`s enough about this gorgeous `sorearse as you lot will be after my arse you fucking arse bandits !. hahaha

  23. Hiya Cockie, fuck me mate, that sounds like torture to me, your obviously a very fit fucker, I thought i trained hard but i was a lot younger, Most Guys who train are left with big shoulders and fairly big chests, i akso no have a paunch as well, but still have a full head of hair, but that workout you do puts me to shame, 🙂

    A guy i work with is with a running club, they do a couple of marathons a month, in fact a few of their runs are 40 milers, he tells me he is usually in the top ten finishers, but they do stop for lunches and tea breaks. The marathons he said he does them in less than 4 hours, he said he trains once a week with 8 mile runs and he does 2 days a week like i do at work the guy is getting on for 66, not an ounce of spare flesh and like a whippet. Boy i admire him He’s done this for 4 years and was a long distance cycler before that . Power to your elbow mate.

    I’m with you mate fatigue is a load of bollox for a guy under 30.

  24. Absolutely Steve………all the best runners in our club ( men or women ) are about as muscular as an anorexic Biafran !…………We have a guy of 73 doing 7 minute miles and I usually use him as a pacer, he has the most gracefull running style, he seems to float along, I`m sure the fucker has a hover mower stuck up his shorts !.

  25. Good 3 points whatever way you look at it.

    Now for 6 games in 21 days = a game every 3.5 days.

    Feb 14 Leicester – H
    Feb 20 Hull – H
    Feb 23 Barcelona – H
    Feb 28 Man U – A
    Mar 2 Swansea – H
    Mar 5 Spurs – A

    After that lot we may be in or out of every competition.

  26. “After that lot we may be in or out of every competition.”

    What a fucking Doomer !

    It`s contagious !. 😆

  27. Bonsoir mes amis, just watched the recording of the game and I have to say that although we won we didn’t look like genuine title challengers.

    Two goals in a couple of minutes was enough to take the points against a poor Bournemouth, but we did not play well. We could barely string two passes together, credit must go to the Cherries for closing the Arsenal players down and not giving them time to put moves together.

    I thought the Ox was poor, his goal apart, he was to lax with his passing and found it difficult to retain possession.

    Thankfully, Flamini stuck to his job despite his early booking for a stupid foul. I laughed when Sky named Ramsey as MotM, but on reflection I couldn’t think of any Arsenal player who was any better apart maybe for Cech.

    Still three points and a clean sheet shouldn’t be sniffed at, but we will need to play better if we want another three points next week.

  28. I’m the eternal optimist and will never lose faith in our team – I still believe that we are in with as good a chance as any of the top 4/6 teams of winning the PL and the FA Cup but I’m afraid that the CL is a Barcelona bridge to far.

  29. An Aberdeen Angus 14 0z steak caused a row in Wetherspoons since when did a steak turn up to the table in two round pieces and when asked why this is not a 14oz Aberdeen Angus , your told it fell apart on the griddle. I said this is 2 rump steaks and not an Aberdeen Angus and was annoyed that they took me for a mug. Now i am a bit like Kelsey’s mate, I dont take to fools lightly. and i fucking argued my corner Mind you i took a leaf out of N5 book and did it all politely. Bot i wanted to fuck them up hill and down dale, but i kept my temper and in the end they explained that the steak supplied by the supplier was down as Aberdeen Angus, but in the end they acknowledge that the said steak was a ringer.

    No way would i let them cook me another steak as i felt it would be tampered with, so i ate the 2 rumps, they Knew i had the fucking hump and said i should phone up head office and complain, making me feel as i would be doing them a favour.

    Now i am not a freedom fighter, i just wanted my Aberdeen Angus and i told them after i had eaten the 2 rumps, that i felt they should give me a reduction , which they agreed, In the end i had my 2 rumps for free and only paid for my Mrs sirloin they gave us complimentary Coffee and biscuits i felt Happier.

    Just as we got to the end of our coffee a table of Pikeys on a table behind us all pissed as farts started to argue, it was about to kick off in there, My Mrs grabbed her coat and grabbed my hand and fucking dragged me out of there, Needless to say, fucked up my celebration

    In the end we got home i and i an still smiling, after all we got 3 points :).

  30. “They knew I had the fucking hump” ……….No!, they knew you had the fucking Rump….well, two of them !. 😀

  31. My mates the head Chef Gooner at The Pier House, Charlestown….. where they film Poldark !…………….wear the colours and you`ll get a larger portion !.

  32. Cornwall is a lovely part of the country, been there a couple of times on holiday, One in Loo and the other in Newquey, I stayed in a hotel next to the golf club and played many of the golf courses fairly local, One, more in Devon was St Melion, lovely countryside.

    The one in Loo was a newspaper Holiday for a fiver a person on a caravan site. That was a love holiday, and the bed was 5’6 and i’m six 1” Not a great deal of loving done in that bed i can tell ya, people must be dwarfs round there. I have to say in those days it was a slow pace style of life a site better than the hurdy gurdy of the big smoke.. A week in Cornwall was peaceful, but i hankered to get home, Not for the hurdy gurdy but to a six’six bed. Ha Ha

  33. I have to say that when i played golf i visited many countries and enjoyed them all . But the countries closer Scotland both sides, north Wales and south Wales, north Ireland and south Ireland were the most eye opening trips i went on. By fuck they don;t like the English. I am proud to say i am British but someone has surly upset them fuckers.

  34. Well that’s enough excitement and celebrating for me for one day, time for a bit of spooning, 🙂 night all

  35. Morning all, Should’nt upset anybody this morning as it looks like i am on my own, but i don’t care as i am an Angler and spend lots of time talking to myself anyway.

    Seeing how this site is supposed to be an Arsenal blog, i suppose i should start off by mentioning Arsenals win yesterday. Doomer that i am, I have to say that our 2 goals by Mesut and Alex were two goals out of the text book, only fair to say that both players have played better games but their goals were surblime.

    Sitting in my old mans chair, with a beer and my pkt of fags, i was in heaven when Mesut struck, fuck me it went in faster than light, that fucker hit the back of the net and bounced out before i knew it had gone in. At first i felt it had hit the post or bar as it was out in a split second but the replay showed it smash the back of the net all right.

    Many say being at the game and witnessing it live, and taking in the atmosphere is a way to a mans heart, they claim their is no better experience in the world like it, Bolox, Shagging a new bird for the first time after thinking about it all week is fucking better .

    The Ox has been fucking terrible, dont think i am being hard on him, because i’m hard on all our out of form players, but for a moment Yesterday Alex was my hero, A rumn down the right and a sweetly struck shot across the goal cannoned of the inside of the post and into the back of the goal, absolute fucking Magic.

    The ox it has to be said has been poor this season i had hopes for this lad but he seems to be taking fucking ages to get his mojo working. To be fair to this young lad he does take shots and he does try but he has been very unlucky and has his woodwork all season. Apart from that his goal was also surblime. Palmers beer all over the place and screams of delight am]nd the Mrs got in early to go out for a meal, another goal like that and we would have been on holiday.

    Sadly that was it for the heroics, the second half was drab and i was considering canceling the meal, but the Gooner in me surfaced when the final whistle went and i realised we had climbed a place, The Mrs wanted to go then and there but I had to watch the united Chesea game first, Excitement of a draw made me wash my face and down for our meal.

    Arsenal got the result i wanted, i would have liked a couple more goals second half but 3 points made me positive some thing i have been lacking, whether you believe it or not, i am a Gooner through and through but they do fucking wind me up and i am the type ofg guy who wears it on his sleave, so if i do get to you at times, remember i am getting on and i do have bad habits the Mrs tell me i fart, what do you expect every things ageing i tell her. Skitso Palmer

  36. Good morning grumblers

    I’ve only just got out of bed…. was up talking and drinking till 4am. So no chance of a fucking match report this morning….. but I’m sure there are loads of cuntz out there in the blogosphere who have written one for you to read ha ha….. time for a livener at the bar, pastis is great for getting you back to normal 🙂

  37. Steve, believe me when I’m served a rubbish meal in an expensive restaurant I’m never a meek and mild gentleman. Like you I always refuse a replacement meal and I absolutely refuse to pay for the crap in front of me – if they refuse to take it off the bill I simply get up and leave. There is nothing worse then looking forward to a good dinner out and getting served crap – its just like Arsenal losing a game – simply unacceptable………….. 😦 😦

  38. Well here we are with just 13 games left in the 2105/16 season, who do you think will end up victorious?

    Here are the current standings –

    GP W D L GF GA GD Pts
    Leicester 25 15 8 2 47 27 20 53
    Tottenham 25 13 9 3 45 19 26 48
    Arsenal 25 14 6 5 39 22 17 48
    Man C 25 14 5 6 47 26 21 47

    Here are the remaining games for each team in the top four,

    Arsenal – A
    Norwich – H
    W.B.A. – H
    Watford – A
    Newcastle – H
    Crystal P – A
    Southampton – H
    Sunderland – A
    West Ham – H
    Swansea – H
    Man U – A
    Everton – H
    Chelsea – A

    Man C – A
    Swansea – H
    West Ham – A
    Arsenal – H
    Aston Villa – A
    Bournemouth – H
    Liverpool – A
    Man U – H
    Stoke – A
    W.B.A. – H
    Chelsea – A
    Southampton – H
    Newcastle – A

    Leicester – H
    Man U – A
    Swansea – H
    Tottenham – A
    W.B.A. – H
    Everton – A
    Watford – H
    West Ham – A
    Crystal P – H
    Sunderland – A
    Norwich – H
    Man C – A
    Aston Villa – H

    Manchester C
    Tottenham – H
    Newcastle – A
    Liverpool – A
    Aston Villa – H
    Norwich – A
    Man U – H
    Bournemouth – A
    W.B.A. – H
    Chelsea – A
    Stoke – H
    Southampton – A
    Arsenal – H
    Swansea – A

    Leicester are in the form team and appear to have the easiest run in, but both they and Spurs are yet to the experience the stress involved in winning seemingly easy games during the “run in” whereas both Arsenal and Man C have both been there on many occasions.

  39. Don’t worry about it N5, you have done more in a couple of comments, than you know who, has done for a couple of days, Your my favourite 🙂

  40. Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures
    Leicester (h) Premier League 14 Feb
    Hull (h) FA Cup 20 Feb
    Barcelona (h) Champions League 23 Feb
    Man Utd (a) Premier League 28 Feb
    Swansea (h) Premier League 2 March
    Tottenham (a) Premier League 5 March

    All due respect to GN5 but this gives a better picture.Martin keown is very positive for us.

    |Yes he signs,gets injured first game, recovers,wife has baby so he was given leave yesterday.

  41. Thank you Kelsey for clearing that up, I had visions of what happened to Ozil when he first came Played got fucking hammered then was injured till he built a Schwarzenegger physique, glad its just that he was delivering Babys, lets hope it’s not Pizza’s next week. 🙂

  42. Kelsey, re your 2:19 – scroll up to my 7:55 am on Feb 7th. 🙂 🙂

    I’m cognizant of the complete fixture lists of the top 5 teams and given that Leicester only have PL games and what appears to be the easiest remaining PL games I would be shocked if they did not win the league.

    So there you go Kelsey – given his start at Arsenal it seems that Elneny is the perfect target for doomer’s. 🙂

  43. Afternoon my fellow Old Bastard`s Six !

    Leicester have No CL !….No COC !….No FAC !….No EL !……and even though I personally dont believe in The “Fatigue” shit !……they have only EPL games to play, so are in a great position !.
    Would any of you swap positions now ?….out the CL and FAC and 5 points clear !……….we`d probably still fuck it up !. hahaha

    Just read some more unsavoury filth about the BBC !
    Two more have come forward and the BBC knew all along !
    Sooty and Sweep claim to have been fingered for years !.

  44. Evening all, I see a couple of bloggers have punched in, not for long mind but at least a few comments.

    Fhis morning looked nic, but the weather report said it wouldnt last long so i decided to go down to a very weedy lake i know to do what anglers call raking a swim. The lake in question is unfishable in the summer as weed covers all the surface, and it is almost impossible to present a bait which can be found by a fish.

    My aim was to go to the deepest part of the lake which is only 6ft and drag my swimrake to thin out the weed roots , i will do this once a month while many anglers are fishing elsewhere, and when the weed is at its worse i have a place which i know will be weed free.

    I started pulling the weed out when i got caught up an what looked like a plastic sheet, I thought at first that a guys Bivey had blown in but after fifty yards came in about 4 feet wide i knew it was no bivie. I stacked the plastic in back of the swim and it made quite a pile but better out than in and continued to pull weed in for over an hour.

    Driving home thinking about the plastic i wondered if the fishing club had draped it over the weed to kill it off. The plastic looked like it had been in there for a very long time , so maybe i will just keep my mouth shut and claim i know nothing.

  45. Too late Steve !…….remember `69er said me and Transplant are grasses !……well, the Fishing Gestapo have been imformed !….not by me, as I`m not a grass, just heard it out and about !. hahaha

  46. NB will have to surface soon, he must have shagged his arse off by now, the fucker is a glutton for punishment. 🙂

  47. Evening Cocky man, thought i was on my own again, I know you wouldnt grass , 🙂 but we certainly know who would.

  48. Honestly true !…..when I was inside, 3 of my best con mates were arsonists and all had the same surname but were not related at all……weird !………….I just seemed to get on like a house on fire with arsonists !.

  49. Evening Steve and sorry to leave you as the missus is demanding some company !

    Not into fishing, but a fishing lake with land and some chalets overlooking the lake with some woods has always been my dream property to have !……have looked on fisheries for sale a few times and have been surpried at the lower than expected prices !……..i think it`s a thing about my dog running and jumping into water that I love that makes me want one !

    Later !

  50. Oh dear…. it’s been one of those days where the drinking just continues after the night before…. sorry about that, but you fucking wankers know how to talk and take the piss so you don’t always need me… love the photo of Cornwall and the old ships Cockie… Poldark eh, never watched it !

    Steve, just keep talking to yourself mate….. the men in white coats will come soon enough 😀

  51. Steve its quite usual to kill weeds off with sheets of plastic, it would suit you better to put the sheet back in your preferred spot – then you can fish there all year long. The main drawback would be that fish like to hide and food is usually plentiful in the weed beds.

    a spot of your preference.

  52. So we have another day with a piss ed leader. Shagging painting or sleeping off a bender, for fuckers like us that have no where to go or to talk to, end up talking to ourselves. Leicester training for the weekend in great spirit , Raniery laughing and joking with his players and there’s us with Wenger making excuses for oxlaid Chamberlain who feels let Dow because he is not getting enough game, liven yourself up Ox, score a few more like Sunday and you will play every week

  53. I won’t be around for a few days, I’m having eye surgery this morning and will have to wait a few days before I will be able to handle the light from a PC screen.

    Happy dooming guy’s. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Best of luck GN5 !……I hope the removal of the Rose tintedness from the eyes is a success !………couple of days rest and you can enjoy the rest of your life dooming like us !. hahaha

  55. GN5, all the best my friend

    I myself have had problems with sight. A few years back I had a tear on the retina and couldn’t see out of one eye. The Doctor said it was because of pressure bought about excessisive training, piloting a plane, or excessive masturbation. So I turned up for my appointment dressed in a pilots uniform.

    The good thing about wearing an eye patch is people give you sympathy. Were ever I went women came up to ask wether I was alright so I told them I couldn’t see straight and accidentally fondled them.

    Even men give you sympathy, buying you an extra pint and kids lay off trying to swipe your wig

    Oh yes, sympathy all round. Unless you run into a doctor, then it’s “look, there’s an excessive masturbator”

  56. Evening all,
    Been looking round the web, looking for news bout our club, all i see is how we are in for players that other clubs are in for as well, If that’s the case take our name out as being interested, because it will never materialise.

    2 months before the last window, we were in for more players than we could ever afford, fifth richest club in the world or not, All pie in the sky. Gazedez sir Chips Lord of the Manor Kroenke or Mission Commander Mr Wenger, if they say we can compete laugh your bolox off. As you know, they know, and everybody in the world of football know that we aint gonna spend.

    Wenger’s tactics why spend millions when we know the leagues are fixed, might as well toe the line and bank as much money as we can. Buy a cheap y to get the fans happy and tell them we will buy top players when they become available Knowing full well that should a top player become available then other clubs would be interested and we don’t join bidding wars,

    The last time we took a gamble on a top top player Suarez no other club showed any interest at all no bids so no competition, Liverpool was embarrassed to be associated with him, The player was banned he was a cannibal he was mad he was uncontrollable , an ideal player for our leader to bid on, as who the fuck would buy a player like that, Did it come off, did it fuck, Liverpool was just about to grab our arm off when the penny dropped that we were taking the piss, They looked, then looked again, at the offer on the paper £40 million and a pound. They confabbed with one another and said i thought he had made a bid, but the fucker is taking the piss, The press have got a hold of the story, put out that Wenger has taken the piss, and tell them its not enough money, that will stop the talk, Did we get our man, No of course we never but Arsenal were seen to be in the market , and fans ordered their season tickets.

    Enough of stupid Who are Arsenal looking at, because they have no intention of buying anybody unless their free or really fucking cheap.

    Now lets face the facts, Our total spend this season is 15 mill can you honestly believe we can will the league with an investment of that paltry sum. We have Mertsacker who is an accident waiting to happen, we have a striker who is struggling we have Walcott who is played every game for no fucking goals or work-rate we have half the team in the sick bay, a miss firering Ramsey who we persevere with. On the plus side we have Bellerin he is a fans favourite Campbell who has worked his socks off and still cant get a game every week, A beefed up Ozil who needs players with brains to find positions for a pass, and low and behold we now have Coquelin back after our slump, Are they enough, don’t be fucking daft, we worried about our game with Bournemouth labelled as a must win game and struggled a win.

    Our next game is against a club that has lead the league longer than Tottenham have in 20 years, they are charged with energy, united, and jubilant, they huddle before a match pumping one another up, and they have a Vardy we have a Giroud, can we turn them over away fro home, Well of course we can. Just joking with you , after all we have won the FA cup in succession haven’t we, so anything is possible. what do you think. Don’t worry i’ll answer that tomorow

  57. Too knackered to talk as I`ve just finnished running 7 miles, but I`ll leave you with something to ponder !

    Kroenke has just spent $725M ( £501M ) on a ranch and all we got was £5M DM !.

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