Arsenal….. questions for the day?

Just a quickie today…. a few questions about our club and players.

* What player will be our hero during our run in for the title?

* Will Coquelin and Elneney become a force to be reckoned with in midfield?

* Will Arséne finally find the tactics to combat the high pressing game often used against us?

* Will Silent Stan step down and let the Russian gangster take control?

* Is it time we started to show our financial muscle and spend some fucking money on class players?

* Will Cockie and Transplant move in together in a little pied-à-terre in Cornwall and live happily ever after?

* Is it time for the aliens who created the planet finally appear in a massive spaceship and admit that cloning Jose Mourinho and Diego Costa was a massive fucking error?

* Will Kelseys crystal balls finally predict something right?

Ok you fucking doomers, there’s a few things to get your teeth into…. don’t say I don’t try to keep you all fucking happy.


120 thoughts on “Arsenal….. questions for the day?

  1. Morning, get it up, fucking he’ll NB you must have devastated her by now 🙂

    Hopefully Elneny will be a a force to be recons with, Le Coq will be a big asset I have a lot of faith in young Iwobi, if Wenger let’s him loose. Seeing how we don’t have much upfront, Welbeck coming back may just add lead to our pencil. Of corse Ozil will run the show and maybe Danny can find positions that the others have struggled to. At the back we are poor Merts is dodgy ugly fuckers will take time to settle Belerin has to stay fit so to Monreal Kos is the bolox so to is Cech.

    I feel that we are a side that could do well but they have to get over this bad passing. Walcott should be castrated and join the injury list no room for passengers, and now the Ox has finally got one on target might propell him as the player we had hoped for.

    Will Wenger spend, no a leopard won’t change his spots, Arsenal will keep banking dough till were 4th richest club. Can we win the league, I very much doubt it, Sundays game will confirm if we have a chance or not.

    I am at work so won’t be on a lot, so any bad feedback will have to be answered later 🙂 hope your knobs healing well NB. 🙂

  2. Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is reportedly growing tired of being a ‘bit-part’ player with the Gunners, to which Theiry Henry urges him to move.

    The flier has played the full 90 minutes on just 10 occasions in his five-year career in north London, and was substituted against Bournemouth on Sunday.

    That last stat is amazing. Maybe he needs a change of club and he can take Walcott,Arteta,Flamini,Rosicky,Debuchey and Mertesacker with him.

  3. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf, in that case I’ll try again.

    What a great idea for a post, it could become a regular feature. Have you copyrighted it? Some other blog may try to hijack it. 😀

    1 ) Petr Cech, he alraedy is.

    2 ) Of course they will…If they are ever allowed to play together.

    3 ) Never in a million years.

    4 ) Will the Pope become a Muslim?

    5 ) Yes! Yes! Yes!

    The rest of your questions are beyond the limits if my intellect, I’ll leave them to those who think they know better.

    By the way 69, it looks to me as though you’ve missed a trick. Eight questions could have been spread over eight posts, would have saved you a lot of work. In the words of Captain Mainwaring, “You stupid boy”

  4. My answers to all the questions are either …NO, None or Not going to happen !……..well, unless Transplant becomes Teresa Mancini Pussy Transplant !

  5. Sorry !…had to nick this from the other site !
    I give you …………………….Crystals the Pussy ! hahaha

  6. Just before the funeral services, the undertaker came up to the very elderly widow and asked,
    “How old was your husband?”
    “98,” she replied: “Two years older than me”
    “So you’re 96,” the undertaker commented.
    Yes she responded, “It’s hardly worth going home”

  7. Afternoon all, some good answers, Kelsey hit the nail on the head, I understand that kind of comment.
    any player who is not up to the task of winning the league, should in my opinion be moved on. Now I fully understand that contracts have been handed out to players who are not premier standard, possibly because we have some thing against spending 100 million on new players. But to offer to pay high wages to deadwood has my head spinning. Buy the talent, the money must be there as we are a wealthy club. Count how many times our registered players have played this season and if it counts up to less than half then they are not doing the business, even a having a head transplant wouldn’t take a season to get back playing, can’t cut it, then fuck off.

  8. I felt like my body had gotten totally out of shape, so I got my doctor’s permission to join a fitness club to start exercising.
    I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors.I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour.
    But, by the time I got my shorts on, the class was over. 😦 😦

  9. Thank you all for your pre-op comments. The surgery went extremely well and I now have had successful cataract surgery on both eye. My short distance vision is incredible and I’m reading and typing this without the aid of glasses for the first time in 25 or more years. However my longer distance vision is not good enough to drive the highways, local roads should be fine. I cannot get a new prescription for my glasses, to adjust for distance, for at least two weeks as my surgeon wants to wait until then for my eye to fully adjust to the surgery.

    But I feel fantastic and even NB’s pictures look better 🙂 🙂

  10. Here you go doomers – this is right up your alley. 🙂 🙂

    Billionaire NFL owner Stan Kroenke and his Walmart heiress wife purchase Texas mega-ranch listed for $725million – and it is BIGGER than Los Angeles
    Stan Kroenke, who owns the Los Angeles Rams and is the largest shareholder in the football club Arsenal, bought the W.T. Waggoner Ranch
    The 535,000-acre property, which is in Texas, is the largest ranch in the United States and spans six counties
    It had been listed at $725million but it is not being reported how much Kroenke paid for the ranch
    Kroenke is married to Ann Walton whose father Bud was an early business partner in Walmart, which was founded by his brother Sam
    Kroenke is reportedly worth $6.3billion while his wife is worth $4.9billion

  11. Evening all, very pleased your surgery went very well N5, and i hope the eyes settle down well, are you wearing shades to view the screen 🙂 What made you take so long to have the surgery. Mind you N5 i am glad you have had it done, as you can now see clearly why i go on about Walcott i know you have a soft spot for him, but you should be able to see clearly that it is Walcott who is bad, i wonder if you got him mixed up with Campbell or Gibbo maybe even Iwobi, hopefully you will now see the light. :).

    I think my old womans eye’s are like yours, she looks at me when i get out the shower and says i now know why it never hurts, I thought fucking hell next time i’ll slap her face when it goes in, but i didn;t think it was right to hit women.

    Kroenke seems to have a lot of money, i have to say it seems a lot for a big ranch, A centre forward would have been a sight cheaper.

  12. I already doomed about that on the last post !. I wonder how many times you could fit Cornwall into his new ranch ?, thats a lot of inbreds !………………….hasn`t Kroenke missed a trick or maybe he is prefers to make love to his syrup instead of his wife, but we could have had Walmart as one of our sponsors for some serious cash to buy SQ players !
    Win the league or not this year, but it will be a long time before we win it again while Kroenke is Majority shareholder, that`s the problem !, our main rivals are all owned by a company or individuals who will out spend us every time !.
    Where will we be in say 10 years time ?…….the two Manchester clubs will be the biggest, the Chavs, Liverpool, Spuds(Kuntz) and West Ham will have all settled into their new or renovated grounds and be making a fortune to out spend us !…..none will have a split shareholdership, for fucks sake, the Spuds(Kuntz) will be bringing in the same revenue as us, but have ( as far as I know ) two owners(Kuntz) in Levy(Kunt) and Lewis(Kunt) who are not only billionaires, but fucking die hard fans(Kuntz) !, will they(Kuntz) spend the cash to try and beat us ?, of course they(Kuntz) will, even with less revenue now than us they(Kuntz) have spent more !…..what they(Kuntz) going to do with even more money !….Kuntz !
    If In ten years time we still have two stubborn majority share holders then we will be at most fighting for a 4th spot…….yeah Groundhog Day !. I blame whoever brought in Kroenke in the first place, should have gone with just Usmanov !…..I have no doubt he would have spent loads just to get one over Abramobitch !
    That`s with out even taking into consideration the yellow threat from the East !……………………the Chinese Kuntz !.

  13. Hey Cockie, getting the impression that your not keen on Tottenham Hotspur football club, Do you know that we are in their shadow. 😦

  14. Getting back to NB’s magical post, I was wondering if Kroenke has found, and met Aliens, and has brought that huge ranch to build underground research facilities, You know what, that NB has inside info, the piss head. Where others have made Silicon Valley from Alien info, Stan is cloning Wenger’s, as he has saved him fucking millions

  15. hahaha Steve………………….You wont ever find me saying their full name, I refuse to say it, they are scummy spud kuntz !……I feel my eyes have been molested by you printing their full name !. hahaha

  16. With the amount of alcohol the piss artist `69er drinks, it must be the only fluid in his body !….therefore he probably drinks his own piss !….it`s like having an endless supply of booze and environmentally friendly !.

  17. Apparently a lot of sightings have been reported in Texas, Only recently, a reported sighting of a pissed NorthBank floating from Dallas towards Stan’s pad looking for a headline post.

  18. I can only imagine he’s lonely Cockie, always a sign when you look up an ex, Fucking desperation, He’ll learn, plenty of shagging till all the paintings are sold, then they fall out of love with you,

  19. Nah !………………..being as `69er drinks his own piss , he`s probably at a pub lock in where he and his mates all suck each other off in some kind of pervy wine tasting session !…..” hey Pierre !…..suck my cock !….it is like Pastis on tap !”………………………………”OK, `69er !…….and you can suck my coq as it tastes like Champagne !”…………………..”Oui !”

  20. Morning. Got down the. Lake at first light pulled my swim rake through the swim any hooked another sheet of plastic about 20 ft I think that’s it now laid down a carpet of hemp seed and pellet and a few hook baits and am now fishing,

    The swim has now settled down and my alarms beep now and again,suns out frost has melted and have high hopes, on my phone so this is short, any news

  21. Hiya N5, hope the eyes have settled down a bit, After Carp today, been here while for fuck all. Will give it another hour and keep my fingers crossed. Catch you all later

  22. Don’t you just love the brilliance of the mind that can come up with such a simple but effective security device….

    Tel Aviv Israel.

    The Israelis are developing a security system that eliminates the concerns about full-body scanners. It’s an armoured booth that will not ex-ray you but will detonate any explosive device you have on your person.

    Israelis see this as a win win situation for everyone with none of the crap about racial profiling, it will also eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming terrorist trials.

    You’re in the airport and you hear a muffled explosion, shortly thereafter you hear an announcement “Attention all standby passengers, El Al is pleased to announce that there is a seat available on flight 670 to London. Shalom!”

  23. What a brilliant idea Norfolk…. let’s hope it’s introduced in every airport soon….. and pubs, and train stations, and buses, and the men’s loo in Piccadilly Circus….

  24. Well Steve, I’m also cold and wet – after clearing over 2′ of snow from our driveway and then spending 2 hours digging my son’s car out of a snow drift on the corner of our street – no further than around 250′ feet from our house. Such is life in a Canadian winter – but you will not hear me complaining as life is all good in Canada. With the very notable exception of not being able to go to Arsenal games “( “( “(

  25. Kelsey can see a picture of our kitchen patio on Facebook. Our table top is now covered in 3′ of snow. It hasn’t stopped snowing for the past 16 hours.

  26. If I knew how to post pictures here I would let you all see what it’s like on our street.
    But unfortunately it seems like it’s always a “techy” bridge to far for me 😦 😦

  27. Grant me the senility to forget the people
    I never liked anyway,
    The good fortune to run into the ones I do dislike, and
    the eyesight to tell the difference.

  28. N5 don’t envy you at all mate, our weather has changed, winters are a milder and as i’m getting older am thankful for it. As for digging motors out, i’m afraid they would have to stay there till the thaw. 🙂

  29. I know GN5… I have problems uploading personal photos as well, I tried registering with photo bucket and then you can post direct from there… but I had problems uploading photos to that site…. but they have a very strict censorship policy ha ha

  30. People do not decline mentally with age. It just takes them longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains, scientists believe. Much like a computer struggles as the hard drive gets full up, so too do humans take longer to access information, it has been suggested.

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  32. As we know NB, sometimes we have trouble with our computers.

    Yesterday, I had a problem, so I called my 6 year old grandson, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control, so he gave me a hand.

    He clicked a couple of buttons and said it’s solved grandpa.

    As he was walking away, I called after him, ‘So, what was wrong?

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    So I wrote down:


    I used to like the little shithead.:( 😦

  33. Morning all, Arsene has spoken, Cazorla and Wilshere are only weeks away from making there comebacks. Wellbeck could be back for next weeks game with Hull.

    These players have all suffered long term injuries, Welbeck not played all season, Wilshere has recovered from another break, this time it was a calf bone.

    Arsenal will be at full strength within a month but is it to late for us to win the league. What happens to Iwobi Elneney and Campbell when all are fit. Who will make way for Welbeck as both Giroud and Walcott have not been doing the business.

    We play the league leaders on Sunday, a season ago they were fighting relegation, where we was fighting for top 4, Unbelievable how Leicester has climbed the table to be 5 points clear at the top. Wins over league hopefuls Tottenham and City, have shown that it is no fluke.

    Looking at Arsenals form this year, and the injuries they have sustained its amazing that they are title contenders, but sitting joint second with Tottenham on points is just to good to be true. Yes as far as goal difference we do sit a few goals behind, understandable when our two strikers rarely score, so if Danny can come back next week and hit the ground running, our striker problem may just be solved, Should we lose on Sunday to a side that are on fire will our title hopes be over before Wellbeck has kicked a ball for us this season, Would an 8 point lead put us out of the running.

    I have to say that our 3 soon to be back injured, has me worried should injury befall any of these in the run in would almost certainly mean that Arsenal would have to buy in the Summer, in all fairness they should have brought a striker in the winter, But Wenger would have wanted to see if it would have been spending money needlessly if Wellbeck fires for the rest of the season.

    Arsenal look like there may be players moving on at the end of the season, Arteta Flamoni Rosiski and i would be surprised if Ospina seeks work elsewhere Mertsacker is getting slower but he has played a number of games for us this season so Wenger may just give our captain another year.

    So what would we be looking to buy for replacements come the summer window. Maybe 3 Midfielders a goalkeeper even a central defender. Seems a lot of spending for a skinflint club such as Arsenal.
    Where they will be fortunate is the fact that Arteta and Rosiski have hardly played’ and in all honesty have not been missed, Ospina is only a cup game goalkeeper so if he left our third keeper could handle those games and Maybe promote our reserve keeper, probably never get a game anyway.

    Of course we will probably lose Debuchey, but we do have Chambers and Jenkinson who should be fit by next season. Our 3 midfielders, we have Iwobi and Elneny Wilshere and Campbell who have only played a small number of games so could easily cover .So i see no reason for Arsenal to spend any money at all, so no difference to the start of next season, we could even be champions with only a 15 mill total spend. Top Management What. 🙂

  34. ‘morning Steve, don’t put too much faith in Welbeck, even if he gets fully match fit, and has no set backs, he’s not going to win us the title.

    Let’s face it, he wasn’t good enough to command a regular starting position at Man U and he hardly set the world on fire when he signed for us.

    We need better.

  35. At the end of the day, would Wenger sell on Giroud, a player who has fought all season, he has scored a hat full of goals, so no must be the answer. Would he move Walcott on, Ten years at Arsenal and still very young, if he had any intentions he would have done it by now. So 2 strikers who will be staying. Wellbeck would he move him on, Not after waiting three quarter’s of a season for him to get fit. So that is our forwards for next season.

    Midfield. Ramsey Ozil Wilshere Coquelin, Elneny Campbell Iwobi Cazorla who would he sell on, back 4
    Mertsacker Koshielney Gibbs Monreal Belerin Gabriel Chambers, who would you move on, Merts a possible Maybe even the man i have not mentioned Jenkinson.

    We have players out on loan, if they havent played for us this season chances are they never will, so signings i feel will only come to replace. but no need to replace loanee’s.

    Wenger is a manager who has an understanding mentality, he wont sell or buy unless he has a justifiable reason, most of the players have good wages and fair contracts, if they have a genuine reason to leave he will bend over backwards to help them move wherever.

    We have in all honesty always had a team that have needed at least 2 or 3 signings at the start of the season and have never got all of them. I have to say, that is the reason we have always been a top 4 team. Has Wenger got a champions mentality, i say no as he has belief in players who have not got the skills . A winning Manager makes sacrifices, he will replace a player who is not playing well, Arsene will not. Is he a good manager, we have to say yes as he is consistent but only as far as top 4.

    Top 4 gives a return of good money, Champions league money football league money Television money and sponsors money not forgetting bums on seats money. Top 4 provides a very healthy profit without the layout for players, so where will we finish this season i let you guess.

  36. I feel its only fair to point out that our move to Emirates stadium has cost Arsenal zilch, as 20 years of top 4 football has paid for the build it is still covering the mortgage and hasen’t cost Arsenal a penny. The sponsorship has come in recognition of Arsenals position in the league. Top 4 is hurtful to us but not to the club.

  37. When you look at other clubs who have plans to build new stadia, how many of those can guarantee their positions in the league till the mortgage is finished.

    Arsene Wenger has been a genius, i have always had a lot of time for him and he has also won a lot, but he is now it seems only interested in leaving the stadium as his biggest achievement. It will one day be known as Arsene Wenger stadium.after all he has made it possible.

  38. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has asked fans to cancel protests during Sunday’s game against Leicester over the late change to the kick-off time.

    The fixture was moved on 21 January from Saturday 15:00 GMT to Sunday midday for live TV coverage.

    Foxes fans plan to enter the stadium five minutes after kick-off, with the support of their Gunners counterparts.

    “You can protest before and after, but during the game, you want everybody to be there,” said the Arsenal boss.

    “The game of football is a moment of happiness in your life. Life is not every day fantastic – sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s difficult for many people. Football is a moment of happiness in your life, so don’t miss it.

    “You want everybody there when the game starts.”

    Leicester supporters are unhappy with the change of date, citing lost money on travel and accommodation that was booked before the alteration. Arsenal supporters’ group REDaction have called on home fans to protest by applauding the late arrivals into the Emirates Stadium.

    Meanwhile, the French manager has again defended Premier League ticket pricing.

    Last week he said that extra television revenue for top-flight clubs – which comes into effect next season – will be used to buy players rather than cut ticket prices.

    This week Liverpool scrapped its planned top-price £77 ticket in the new main stand at Anfield and apologised for the “distress caused” to fans. Reds supporters walked out of their draw with Sunderland last weekend in protest at the original announcement.

    “It is a very complicated subject,” Wenger said when asked for his latest views on the ongoing row over ticketing.

    “It is true we get more television income [than other European leagues], that is down to the audience and success but you know as well that it is down to the pressure of the market to pay for the players with a higher price – and our expenses will come up straight away to increase their wages.

    “After that you want the ticket prices to be as comfortable as possible for our fans. I looked at the comparisons – our cheapest prices are cheaper than anywhere in London,” he added.

    “Our most expensive price is a fraction higher than the other clubs in London.

    “Our most common ticket price is lower than many places in England. I don’t think that we have a massive problem on that front.”

    This is news to me about the change of kick off and AW keeps contradicting himself.

    I agree with NG about Welbeck.He isn’t proven and will have been out for nearly a year if he even plays this season.

    I am too old to worry about stats and tactical bolloxs I just want to see whoever plays give 100% from the first minute not crawl out of the blocks as we have seen time and time again and actually enjoy us playing,which has been missing for a long time.

    Thanks Mr Wenger but the game has passed you by, our scouting is poor, and you have made us into a predictable team for most to play against, yet we could have won the title this season, which of course is still possible but I feel we will be fighting for forth yet again.

  39. Thanks Mr. Wenger you have given us –

    3 PL Championships
    A record 6 FA Cups
    2 League and Cup Doubles
    An appearance in the CL Final
    20 consecutive top 4 finishes
    The only ever team to be unbeaten for an entire PL season
    A record 49 consecutive games unbeaten
    The Invincible’s
    The joy’s of –
    Thierry Henry
    Robert Pires
    Patrick Vieira
    Cesc Fabregas
    Freddie Ljungberg
    Gilberto Silva
    The Emirates Stadium
    London Colney training & Medical facilities
    The best and most enjoyable football I’ve experienced from any Arsenal team in 70 years.

    Unfortunately Mr. Wenger you have been unable to meet the extreme expectations of the Doomer’s who still expect you to create new miracles – it appears your record of achieving more and winning more trophy’s than any other Arsenal manger is simply not good enough.

    “I ask Ya” 😦 😦 😦 😦

  40. Pitty you couldn’t add a list of signings to that list N5 After all its not like we cant afford them. All we had this season was a 30 odd year old reject albeit a very good keeper and an Egyptian we have never heard of , how long do we have to wait to see him play regularly. Will it be too late.

    There is no doubting what he has done up to now, but we are always short in certain positions and the quality of our football has been very iffy despite our position. Your loyalty to him is commendable but the club have millions coming in and he reckons the fans are being well looked after, I wonder if he would say that if he was a retired Miner who didn’t get his seat for nothing.

  41. Remember that fans who wanted to watch their team at Wembley and couldn’t get a ticket as a load of freeloaders had been given them, not even supporters.

  42. It’s different opinion’s that make the world go round Steve.

    Had you ever heard of Henry, Vieira & company prior to us signing them – I sure hadn’t.

    My loyalty is earned Steve and just given, he has my everlasting respect for all he has done and will do for us and the courage he has shown against his “expert” critics.

  43. Well everybody views are relevant N5 and who am i to say their wrong, All i know is over the last ten years we have about the same chance of winning the league and Champions league as we always had.

  44. The only good thing this weekend is that Raniery has never beaten Wenger. I didn’t know that, I read it on Newsnow this morning. 🙂

  45. Just been on Newsnow again and Raniery, has reputed Wengers claim that he has never lost to him, ,by saying that when he managed Chelsea FC he knocked us out of Champions league. Wengers memory is on the wane. 😦 Smiles gone.

  46. Steve said – All i know is over the last ten years we have about the same chance of winning the league and Champions league as we always had.

    Here are the average league positions of every manager in our history – you will note that none of them were as good as even AW last 10 years – I’d show you the last 10 years of all managers but most of them were so awful they never lasted that long 😦 😦 and unfortunately I watched many of them 😦 😦

    Sam Hollis – 8.50
    Thomas Brown Mitchell – 5.00
    George Elcoat – 7.00
    Harry Bradshaw – 4.80
    Phil Kelso – 10.75
    George Morrell – 10.29
    Leslie Knighton – 14.33
    Herbert Chapman – 6.25
    George Allison – 4.14
    Tom Whittaker – 5.22
    Jack Crayston – 8.50
    George Swindin – 9.25
    Billy Wright – 10.50
    Bertie Mee – 8.30
    Terry Neill – 6.00
    Don Howe – 6.67
    George Graham – 5.11
    Stuart Houston/ Bruce Rioch – 5.00
    Arsene Wenger – 2.88
    Wenger last 10 yrs. – 3.60

  47. Sounds like we need a change of subject, in the absence of both our leader and a new post, try this…

    Global Warming – Arctic Report
    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen , Norway

    Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.

    Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.
    Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm.
    Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

    Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

    Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

    * * * * * * * * *
    I must apologize.

    I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922, as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post – 93 years ago.

  48. Well researched N5, I have to say i am impressed by your research , although on paper it does show him in good light, but league and Champions league trophies are thin on the ground.

    I admire how you show the good stats, but a league trophy or CL cup would convince me more. I may have not followed The Arsenal for as long as you N5 but i have seen many empty years. Watching managers come and go at Arsenal until Wenger came, had its ups and downs. Football was ready for a manager like Wenger, and his idea’s were revolutionary for its day.

    In those days Wenger was solely a manager of players, he studied health and nutrition and players training and diets were changed, Drunks and Gamblers had ultimatums and decided to fall in line. N5, that was then, he made the difference to be successful, and who are we to knock him.

    Wenger has changed, he was invited to boardroom level and introduced to the workings of how the club runs. Idea’s of new Stadia was shown to him and he was asked for any idea’s in fact he became more than a manager as the stadia was started, With guarantees from him to cut down his spending for several years, and also to help find other moneys from buying and selling.

    His sole roll as manager and trainer, changed at that moment, and he became a tightwad. Yes he has made it all possible, and should be congratulated, but as a manager he has not done all he could have, to make a winning team,

    Its my belief that Wenger would be better suited upstairs, and a new man with a healthy player Chest come in solely for the team. A man can only do so much, Wenger could have spent more time at home, instead he has been involved with every thing, instead of concentrating on what he was brought here for in the first place.

  49. A very informative article Norfolk, thank you, It seems that the powers at be never listened, I can remember a renowned politician giving a warning of Migrants which also fell on death ears. I have to say that research can find many statements that are proving right. Presidents who state they believe in UFO’s has also been pushed aside Astronauts who have stated that they exist still pushed aside, Thatcher telling us the Falklands was all about sovereignty when it all comes out its oil. And Arsenal people telling us we have money to buy anybody on the planet, enough said

  50. Steve, I appreciate your points but I’m the type of supporter who wants his children and their offspring to enjoy our passion for Arsenal as much as I have and that has been made more possible by what AW has done for our club as a whole and not just on the playing field. He has changed our club from an old boys club into a stable forward thinking modern team with progressive training methods from the junior level upwards with incredible facilities, high earning capabilities and better than average performance on the field. Short term results mean nothing to me – rather it’s all about long term successful stability that I crave.

    All of my information comes from the research I did previously and from which I created excel spreadsheets – which I still maintain. So it’s very easy for me to create answers to specific types of queries.

  51. N5 that is a good legacy to leave your offspring i have no problem with that at all, But everybody needs to know the truth, if you lie to your grandchildren, or leave things out, one day they will come back to you, and the Question we dred Why didn’t you tell me.

  52. Hold it right there Steve, not believing another person’s “truth” is not lying to my grandchildren. By the way the only grandchildren I will have are already alive and my passion for Arsenal has already rubbed off – they will make up their own minds without any coaching from me.

  53. Haven’t a clue N5 never eaten one. If you have a dog and like them you wouldn’t eat one unless, of course your starving. Never been that hungry 🙂 how lucky am i

  54. Morning all,
    Every morning my Mrs says to me, what do you want for breakfast, and runs a list by me, She is a complete diamond, This morning i thought i would surprise her by saying, lets have a bath and get dressed and go down the road and have breakfast cooked for us.

    Now its fucking freezing out and i thought she would say no sod that, but she had a big smile and said that would be lovely lets do it, Fuck, having a bath now, catch you laters. 🙂

  55. Morning shit heads 🙂

    Some great dooming vs positivity in the comments……… last nights apero turned into a bit of a party, just got up and on my first glass of wine from my allotted daily 3 LTRS ha ha ha

  56. I was going to post a rant this morning about silent Stans £500m spending in Texas and our £5m spending in January on an Egyptian…… but I ain’t got the fucking energy

  57. Morning NB, dont blame you mate, get fucking drunk instead. Got in the cafe and ordered our breakfast, i aint kidding you it was fucking handsome, cup of tea piping hot tea bag left in, followed by a couple of slices of crispy bacon two eggs cooked perfect Hash brows and a big sausage couple of slices Mrs Had omlett fried toms and a heap of mushrooms, she said it was lovely. while she ordered the Late’s i wnt out for a smoke i left her with the daily and while sitting outside i noticed a florest really close. Shot in and ordered ten Red roses to be delivered tomorrow. £55 quid , i said How much, she said £55 quid, i said make that 5 roses, I love her but i aint fucking stupid. What a fucking con. Dammed if you do ,and dammed if you don’t. Fucking rip off Britain, should have had breakfast at home. 😦

  58. Morning news, on Newsnow,
    Apparently, Arsenal have offered Mesut Ozil a 2 year extension on his current contract, And Ozil has turned it down. Ozil has said that his current contract has him till 2018. and sources say that Ozil is unhappy with Arsenal ,as they promised they would build a Champions League winning side and haven’t. Arsenal wanted to tie Ozil down for the future so this could be a problem.

    Not sure if this is shit stirring, or its concerns from one of our better players, but a fifteen million annual spend, is hardly building a Champions League winning side.

  59. Apparently Barca are interested in Ozil, talk has it they are considering selling off a few players to find the money to tempt him, This could be a way of finding the final payment to our Mortgage 🙂

  60. Sanchez, is also looking for a better contract, a hundred and 30 grand a week is what he’s on and sanchez is asking for 180 grand, Ozil is also reported to be on the same as Sanchez. And Barca have eyes on him as well. Walcott being the better player than both Ozil and Sanchez is on 180 already. Looking like there may be trouble ahead.

  61. Get rid of some of the deadwood (perenially injured players) and perhaps we could afford to keep our best players.

  62. A very apt comment Norfolk, Perennially injured, has a bit of a ring to it. Mind you Norfolk if we did that we wouldn’t have eleven to pick from.

    Elneney has started his Arsenal career much the same as all Arsenal signings, so far been out longer than he has played, and that’s only one game. Still lets face it, we paid less for him than we did for Welbeck and we haven’t seen him all season.
    I did have a look over the other side, just because NB was hoping to get his leg over this morning, instead of writing his rant. Seems on there they want you to pick what games they want us to blow, so that we can go for your favourite cup. I always thought that the fifth richest club in the world would have a squad to be competitive to win them all

    Surely when supporters start thinking like that, you know your club are fucking useless. I expect £130 thousand players to give their all in every game. I feel a bit like Sanchez does, wants to win them all. Can you believe that they want us to play reserves against Barcelona, because they feel we cant beat them.

    Are we talking about the best league in the world fielding a weak side to give another side in a different league an easy win. if that is what happens, football as i used to know it, is fucked.

  63. I was disheartened to hear Wenger say, that Welbeck will not be ready to play against the league leaders, But he should be ready for next weeks game. What a load of crap that is. The impact of a loss tomorrow at home is massive. Walcott has featured in most of our recent games and has been fucking useless, Even a slightly rusty Welbeck has to be better than a passenger.

    Elneney who was supposed to be injured, but was just witnessing the birth of his baby, had more shots on target than Ramsey has had all season, and he will almost certainly be starting on the bench. What the fuck are we giving Leicester an easy ride for surely this is the most important game of the season.

  64. Another rant, why is Wenger getting involved with whether the fans protest or not tomorrow, surely that’s for the club to say. not the fucking coach of the players.

  65. Afternoon Norfolk, Yes results have started to go our way, Spuds losing tomorrow would be great, us winning would certainly show our intent.

  66. United are a club in turmoil, Manager trying to keep the faith but skulduggery behind his back has heaped more upheaval on the players. I don’t mind that at all after all who gives a shit. We on the other hand have not had our strongest side out all season, but we have been lucky to capitalise on others misfortunes, tomorrows game is solely dependent on our ability have we got it in us we have to believe we have.

  67. Afternoon Arsene Lickers and Doomers !

    Simple fact why we have so many injuries !….Arsene goes and looks at players in Hospitals, Euthanasia Clinics etc` !
    Elneny`s mummy come over ages ago to watch him play and look what`s happened to his mummy whilst waiting !.

  68. Wilma and Betty are OK and have got into a bit of Barny Rubble being caught knocking one out to them, but you have to go a long way to beat Velma and Daphne !……although I wouldn`t mind some no strings attached sex with Lady Penelope !.

  69. Should have done the rant about Kroenke, `69er !.
    Two days running I attempted to get the AA Acountants to bite about our £5M spend in January compared to Kroenke`s £501M spend and no one took the bite !……I can understand the sucking of Arsen`s cock for all he has done, but Kroenke`s cock too ! hahaha

  70. Gabriel never turned up for training today. Rumour has it that he has a thigh strain, could miss the big one. So be prepared for BFG

  71. Morning Gooner’s.
    Matchday, and the biggest game of the season, who would have thought at the start of the season that Leicester would be 5 points clear at the top. Ranieri it has to be said, has taken the bull by the horns. He has squeezed every last drop out of a side who started the season as a 5000 to one shot, Bookies must be shitting themselves, and must be hoping for a demolition job from Arsenal today.

    Surprisingly enough both sides have had wobbles, but judging by the table, not as many as some of the bigger clubs. This seasons money clubs have had problems Chelsea are now stringing a few results together after changing their Manager, the last one was a failure, last years champions to a relegation side. I guarantee that Chelsea will finish the season with a respectable position. Whether that is due to a new man, or a nod from the FA who knows.

    City still in with a good shout , have had their troubles all season, Their talisman Captain Vincent Company has had a turbulent season with injury, and several games without key men Aguero and Silver has certainly not helped, even through all of the turmoil Pellegrini the city Manager has kept his composure and still keeps plugging away.

    Manchester united have had a nightmare season Manager Van Gael has been under pressure all season. This one time frightening club is now making echo’s where once they were a big Brass band, Troubles with talk of new managers undermining Van Gael has certainly not helped their form, they are out of the race and now looking like also rans.

    Cockies favourite club is playing well, usually in our shadow but have got their head in the sun, they are a club who could cause an upset, Manager Pota chin y or whatever his name is, has built a team of remarkable talent, i would be surprised if they let this surge of form cease any day soon, Cockie wont thank me for that comment but they are playing like a Gelled team.

    Arsenal has the home advantage today, whether they will capitalise, is only a short few hours away, Talk of Injury to Gabriel has still to be announced but Mertsacker fits straight in . Arsenals form has been up and down but today they need an up , as todays game could be the all important game of the season i fancy our chances.

  72. 69er…9:06 13/02/16………Nor has Elneny apparently. Wenger said he is not strong enough yet for the Premier league. Another fine transfer windows work from our Manager.

    When will Arsenal fans wake up and smell the roses. Wonderful manager that he has been for our club, but, he is past his sell by date.

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