The Arsenal go Fox hunting…

Whoever is saying todays games are not crucial to who wins the Premier League this season is in denial. We entertain Leicester whilst the cuntz from N17 travel to the blue side of Manchester, the top four teams. Two vital games which could be the deciding factor as to what team finishes  victorious in May.

The Foxes have proved that they are capable and should not be taken lightly.  They are a force to be reckoned with and don’t seem to be under any pressure, in fact they are on a win-win situation, nobody will blame them if they fail to win the title but if they do win it, it will be a fairytale and the whole English footballing world will be shouting their praises.

We on the other hand, will be criticised throughout the land if we don’t have top place come May, because we have a class group of players, world class, and we should have no excuses if we fail. Therefore, todays game is crucial, we just have to win.

Elemental to a success today will be stopping Vardy, the fox in the box, and Mahrez in midfield. Both have shown to be of a high quality this season.

We can make a statement today, if Leicester play an open game we’ll have a chance to play our attacking and attractive football. We can go withing two points of the top and hope that Man City and the Spervs draw later today.

Come on you fucking Gunners……..


42 thoughts on “The Arsenal go Fox hunting…

  1. Morning all,
    So the rumours were true and Gabriel will not be playing, Merts steps in, Not the fastest but has a good sense of positional play .Kos will have to stay sharp. Walcott again will not start, The penny has finally dropped. We have a fairly experienced side, a lot on the shoulders of Coquelin He will have his work cut out. Vardy must be smiling, and must feel he has the beating of PerMerts, but Merts can be an awkward obstacle backed up by Kos Hopefully it wont be as easy as he thinks.

    Wenger has gone with Oxlaid, probably wants him to continue his goals from last week, I have to say that our front line is not too impressive, but although goals have been a bit thin on the ground, we have still got a hell of a lot of talent.

    Ranieri has done brilliantly turning the pressure around , but has he, He wants to appear calm and not fussed if his side lose but i feel he will be shaking like a leaf this afternoon. Every Manager who leads the league dreads games like these, try and look cool but understands the enormity of the occasion.

  2. We were the better team in that half…. the ref is letting Leicester get away with fouls but penalising us on every fucking tackle…. if Koscielny’s tackle was a foul why didn’t he stop the game and book him straight away….. the ref is a cunt, the FA want Leicester to win the league

  3. I think you have hit the nail on the head NB this result was arranged before the game. A very biassed ref but we knew what he was like and it has proved that he has a new car on order.. 2 penalty shouts for us and the ref does not see them, Jumping all over our players and he waves play on, while he books 4 of our players.

    If we should score an early goal second half, we will end up with ten men. Henry is one of the worst pundits after carawanker

  4. Theo Walcott today has made my day, I have been hard on him as Norfolk will tell you and i hold my hands up and have to say that the Blind squirrel found a nut :). Danny Welbeck i was ready to pack you off, but know i might wait a few games to analyse today’s effort. Sanchez has problems he needs to see a shrink, Ramsey needs a trip to specsavers, and Monreal he is just getting better and better Fucking well happy Valentines day Massacre.

  5. What a fucking game ;… my brother is just serving up dinner and will phone me back. Fuck, that match did no favours for my blood pressure…. we’re the only team this season to take 6 points off Leicester…. CHAMPIONS maybe

  6. Roses arrived for my little fruit bat, just after we kicked off, she is like putty in my hands, I hadn’t got a card, but when i came down this morning she had arranged my card on the kitchen table and a heart shaped box of Ferraro Roche, had the fucking hump when there was no card for her, fucking hell looked like i would have to cook my own breakfast, fuck that i made an effort and searched the shops for a card, after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day,

    Nothing happening in this game so far.

  7. What about that pratt Joe Heart, got a pair of nancy boy gloves on with JH1 on does he forget his name during a match.

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