Arsenal…. the title race is on!

Despite a dodgy ref, a dubious penalty decision, Leicester players fouling without sanction and 10 foxes defending with their lives, we got a well deserved win yesterday with two heroes coming off the bench and moving us to within two points of the leaders.

It was a game which had me on the edge of my seat for the whole ninety-five minutes, often screaming and shouting at the screen, watching us miss chances that should have been put away, of dominant possession and a referee who had lost the plot.

However, three points is three points and it was needed at this stage in the season to keep our hopes alive. It was great to see Welbeck back on the pitch and his last second goal sent me running, jumping and screaming around the room. It was as if we’d won the Cup final.

What I witnessed was generally a well played game by us, ok, we missed some clear goal scoring opportunities but overall, we played well. My only worry was Sanchez, didn’t have a good game from what I saw and he often dribbled the ball into trouble, eventually losing possession. Perhaps he was trying too hard to win the game single-handedly? But I was disappointed to see him like that.

Despite all the mind games from Ranieri about them not being under pressure, in the first half Leicester definitely looked nervous at times. Will the pressure on them now take it’s toll in lost points in the next few games? If it does then the title race could be between us and the Spervs…. which would make it even more vital that we win the fucking thing and keep them below us.

We now have a busy schedule ahead, Hull in the FA Cup, then Barca at the Emirates and then Man United away. There are rumours today that Maureen could be appointed before our game at Old Trafford, that would be fucking typical, that we get to have to play that cunt and his mind games. However, I don’t think he’ll have enough time to do something positive with another mediocre team.

So we are still in it, but still a way to go and two more crucial games away to City and the N17 shadow dwellers. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but yesterdays game would have instilled some much needed confidence in the team and we have Danny boy back….. could he make the difference?



82 thoughts on “Arsenal…. the title race is on!

  1. Well I’ve left the village and now back in Avignon…… where the fuck is everyone, come on you fucking wankers, surely the buzz from yesterday must make you want to comment and keep the momentum going?
    Here’s a TV series quiz to get your fucking brains working….

  2. Bonjour Soixante-Neuf,

    Under the circumstances that was a very good win yesterday.

    I thought we dealt with the Leicester threat quite comfortably, even recovering from yet another dodgy Atkinson penalty award and the fact that he largely overlooked fouls committed by the Leicester players but dealt harshly with transgressions by the men in red and white.

    We took the game to The Foxes from the first whistle, playing good possession football and forcing them onto the back foot. The only time we looked to be in danger was when Atkinson failed to award a free-kick, for a foul on Ozil, and that led to the penalty.

    The team, and Wenger, deserve credit for playing a restrained game in the second half, patiently building attacks and creating chances, which were largely squandered by Ramsey, Alexis and, most obviously, Giroud.

    At last Atkinson got a couple of decisions right, correctly sending off Simpson for two bookable offences.

    From then on it was only a matter of time before we scored, although it took two substitutes to show the way, first Walcott with a cool angled shot and then Welbeck with a fine header in added time at the end of added time.

    Amongst the euphoria of three points and a reduction in the gap to the leaders, let’s all hope that this doesn’t turn out to be a dead cat bounce.

  3. Evening all, Absolutely blinding Post NB, I know you said you would write one, but once you gut the taste, anything could happen. Had to change my workdays this week as my super skills were needed for an urgent order, I was absolutely heartbroken that i might miss a good days blogging. but as luck has happened others had to work as well 🙂

    More or less as you wrote it NB, One sided ref, got the FA phone call at half time, For fucks sake don’t make it so obvious was the message, fuck knows what they said after the game, he could be sitting on his arse for a few weeks

    I think it’s fair to say, that watching Arsenal this season, and seeing a Jeckal and Hyde has not given me a great deal of confidence., but it has to be said that Arsenal have got tactics, and they do work.
    We do seem to have game plans for games that i am not that confidence of us winning, but instead we seen to wear them down over 90 minutes and we do seem to close them out.

    The great pairing of Leicester’s danger me were more or less extinguished, Vardy did score but only when he dived into Monreal., Lets face it you dont need a lot of skills to smash a ball from twelve yards. He did have another effort but far from good enough to beat Petr Cech, Fucking good 3 points.

  4. Sorry the other Leicester player did fuck all ,all game dont even remember him, but i think he got MOTM for putting his kit on.

  5. I have to say thay yesterdays game has given me a boost, I still believe we will make top four, but with points so tight, a couple of bad games could easily see us tumble down. Of course that is true for all the clubs, Leicester of course, could win all their remaining games and there is nothing any one of us can do to stop them’

    Spuds of course are still plugging away, they are looking good and still got their head above us, albeit by goal difference, but to change that we need Chelsea type scores and that is not like us at all. Again we wait for others to fuck up, if they dont we could struggle for top 4. Or finish 3rd.

    At present i am very happy, but we have got games coming thick and fast, tough games we are nit expected to win, not all league games of course, but losses hurts confidence, no matter what your playing for.

    Danny back Theo finding the goal has given us another outlet, Coq back Flamoni having a rest and New man training 24 hours a day. Chambers with a great second half, but fit, Gabiel should be fit for next game, as too Kos. Bfg should be good as lomg as he doesnt get the bug that i have.

    All in all, cover all over, squad started to look healthy fingers crossed. 🙂

  6. Hello its me from over here………..

    Thank you for your report NB – great read.

    That game gave me pins and needles, I was on the edge of my seat and thoroughly enjoyed every minute – especially the last few seconds. It was really special to see Welbeck score after being out for 10 months – great to see him back as we need all of the scoring threats we can get.

    That’s the type of football that I crave to see and I simply cannot bring myself to be even slightly critical of individual performances; but like most of us the past few seasons have left doubts in my mind about our ability to see it through to the end – but I will continue to keep the faith – without complaining about the outcome.

  7. Thia is an eye opening fact – here are the number of potential games remaining for each of the currents top four.

    Leicester – 12
    Arsenal – 25
    Man C. – 26
    Spurs – 27

    So Leicester obviously have more opportunity to rest players between games – this week is a perfect example as the whole team have been given the week off to go wherever they wish.

  8. Evening You from over there, We seem to have the same concerns mate, but in all fairness we have waited a long time and we have been close as well, A long time yes, but not as long as Spuds 55 years is a fucking lifetime.

    At my time of life N5 its the sheer frustration of being so close, yet seeing it disappear so many times, Yes i moan i am a fucking moaner. Guys like you must detest a supporter like me Dooming Knocking the club knocking the Manager and sometimes being critical of the players.

    Now i know you can get internet news even on the tele news of whats happening, and although you probably have Spud supporters there, its not the same as going into work and hearing gunners not happy, Spuds supporter crowing. I live almost touching distance to Tottenham and Arsenal and aithough i know you care, you have snow clearing and bears to shoot, i only have fishing Blanks and an old woman who makes out she’s a Gooner just for my sake, she fucking pity’s me.

    A lot of friends are Spuds i get texts i get calls i get mails and should i venture on FB the fuckers are all crowing. Every year a close call but we fade away, maybe this year will be different but if it isn’t, i will keep fucking moaning 🙂

    Hope your eyes are settling mate.

  9. N5, i get the impression that you are trying to say Leicester having lots of rests between games could give them the Title, My take on it, is that they have failed to make any headway in other competitions which means they lost, We may end up with nothing but we are still in there fighting, Would Leicester like a game against Barca, you bet your fucking snow boots on it 🙂

  10. No 1 Elseys old man Tony Booth; love thy neighbour
    No2 Harry H Corbet Steptoe and son, trying to get his leg over
    No 3 dont know miserable bitch
    No 4 Looking for a decorator
    No 5 Downton. Abbey

    Probably all wrong, but no fucker about to take the piss. 🙂

  11. Steve, I agree that I’m fortunate not to have friends who are Spud supporters – I’ve veered away from their type all my life and any potential friendships were always short lived. The same goes for Man U supporters.

    Most of my friends and family are either Everton or Liverpool supporters and our conversations about football have always been genial and respectful of each others views.

    Yes I do believe that the team with the least amount of games to play gives them a better chance of winning the PL.

    I read about the amount of games left on Sky Sports so I assume that the number must include potential replays in the FA Cup because if we were to win each of the games left in the three completions that we are in, without any replays, it would only amount to only 23 games.
    PL -12
    Cl – 7
    FA – 4

  12. Evening you fucking wankers 🙂
    I thought the blog had fucking broken…. hardly any comments.

    I’d prefer to have the games coming thick and fast rather than resting for too long…. no time to reflect on up coming games or defeats… we can do it.

    Steve…. No 1 … I thought I’d taken the photo from Till Death do Us Part?
    No2 Steptoe and Son
    No3 The Sopranos… its Tony Sopranos’ Psychiatrist
    No4 Elementary…. excellent series
    No5 You got it right, another excellent British series

  13. GN5, my wife is a life long Spurs supporter, next month sees us celebrate fifty years of peaceful coexistence. We were at WHL together on that Monday night in 1971 when we won the title and she has been kind enough to celebrate all our triumphs with me. I wouldn’t dream of crowing or even mention shadows.

    That’s it for now.

    Goodnight to anyone still awake.

  14. Morning, i know its fucking early, but my old woman has dug me all fucking night she pinches a little bit of quilt till i am uncovered and wake up fucking freezing, She will not sleep with a window open even in the summer, and the Rads upstairs have to be off, I tell you what ,she fucking taxes my patience.

    Congratulations Norfolk, 50 fucking years some dont get that for murder. 🙂 Glad your happy mate’

    Why i asked about our home matches, was basically to say that at 3 million a home game puts a bit more in the kitty, Of course Wenger says TV money will go on players but we fucking know better.

    I can remember reading clauses on our Mortgage Pay it off early and we get a fucking great penalty, I reckon they are trying to build the money up to cover that eventuality. Because its surely not saved for players

    Got a seven oclock start, but its my last day this week, Me and my mate at work have caught this fucking chest bug, fucking cough cough cough, sore throats that makes us sound Canadian, (husky)
    Asked to go in and get jobs out. but feel like shit, Might steam in this morning and fuck off.

    Hope you lot feel better, catch you all later.

  15. One of the data points in determining team fitness is distance covered during games.

    This is the distance covered by each team through last weekend.

    Rank Team Distance covered (Kms)
    1 Bournemouth 3060.6
    2 Tottenham 3003.8
    3 West Brom 2917.5
    4 Liverpool 2910.2
    5 Man Utd 2903
    6 West Ham 2881.9
    7 Leicester City 2874.3
    8 Arsenal 2871.5
    9 Southampton 2863.6
    10 Crystal Palace 2860.6
    11 Watford 2859.7
    12 Sunderland 2858.8
    13 Newcastle 2854.5
    14 Everton 2837.9
    15 Norwich City 2812.9
    16 Swansea City 2812.8
    17 Chelsea 2802.7
    18 Man City 2795.5
    19 Stoke City 2789.2
    20 Aston Villa 2750.8

  16. Afternoon GN5

    I don’t understand those figures for distance covered…. if I read it correctly, Bournemouth as a team covered 3060 kms, is that right. Because if it is, they have 10 outfield players which means each player covered over 300 kms each…. in 90 minutes, now that is fit 🙂

  17. Right 69. Not sorry for not posting earlier. Just thought I would wind you up by posting on AA but you didn’t give a shit, neither did they.

    1) Don’t know who the bastard is, but he’s nicked my wig. He looks as though he’s been shagged by Tony Blair.

    2) That’s Steptoes son. Don’t know why, but I would really like to shag that bird he’s with. I think it’s because she reminds me of an aunt who as a kid I nicked her tights and put them over my face.

    3) Don’t like women like that. The sort who would beat you at scrabble and put you oh sex because she wants to have a serious conversation about it.

    4) fit Oriental bird. I would sleep with her but would have to haggle the price. I don’t come cheap

    5) bunch of poofy upper class actors who only made it coz there father was friends with dear old Larry Olivier. if I wasn’t the son of an immigrant peasant I would probably have been the worlds greatest actor now. Starring in great shows like Eastenders and Minder.

  18. Evening Transplant you wanker 🙂

    It’s all a bit quiet on the blogs…. I see over there they’ve had hardly any comments because Rasp hasn’t been available to fiddle the figures with his ‘ghost’ comments under weird names ha ha.

    “Don’t like women like that. The sort who would beat you at scrabble and put you off sex because she wants to have a serious conversation about it.” 😀

  19. It’s gone all quiet over there because the doomers have nothing to say when we win a big game – all of their “expert” reasoning has been brushed aside and they are dumbstruck. So now they have to wait for another draw or loss to figure out another angle of attack. 🙂 🙂

  20. Evening all, i see we have had a visitor in our Terry, always nice to hear from him.
    N5 sorting out his stats, fucked if i know how they all work, but we must be in the good stats as we are at the top. 🙂

    Got in for seven, felt like shit warmed up, struggled through till 12 oclock and thought fuck it i should be in bed, so i fucked off. Got home and slept till 8’30 woke up soaking wet , came down and the Mrs had made me some of her Chicken soup which is claimed to cure all ills, must be slow acting cause i still feel shit, Enough of my woes, any news on the team,

  21. Haha Steve, your Mrs sounds like my Doctor.

    His cure for everything was bleeding chicken soup. I remember when I broke my leg my dear old mum had to contact him to let him know . I could hear him in the background asking if I had eaten any chicken soup.

    Before prescribing chicken soup, he would always have to diagnose your cock. He wasn’t interested in female patients, didn’t have any, just men.

    I remember going to see him with a touch of tonsillitis, he demanded I take me trousers off. After an examination from him you come out of his surgery avoiding eye contact and talking to anyone for a week.

    He finally got banged up after administering a penis examination on some bloke suffering from an arthritical shoulder

    The last I heard, his sentence was increased after he gave himself a self examination in the Guvnors office. In his defence, he claimed a lack of chicken soup had made him go funny, but they didn’t believe him.

  22. Knowing my Doctor Norfolk, if he had any chickens he would probably have fed them chicken soup? Isn’t that incest or something?

    Anyway, knowing him it’s unlikely. He would probably keep a Cockeral, so he could perform an examination

  23. Morning all,
    I keep missing everybody.
    When your not feeling top of the world , you often drop off at a moments notice, thats what’s happening to me at the moment. Man Flu my Mrs calls it, Must be as i dont think a woman could handle it :).

    Well i wonder if NB will rise early enough to get a new post in. Speaking the truth i havent taken much notice of football for a couple of days, so dont know whats happening, Just seen on the News that Chelsea got a draw against PSG, I can remember saying before the end of the year that i reckoned Chelsea wouldnt lose another game for the run in, certainly not many thats for sure.

  24. Thanks Norfolk and good morning mate,
    Yeh just seen it on the news again, and was about to change my comment, Didn’t think anybody would have noticed 🙂

  25. Good morning to the Sore Arse old gits club…….

    Steve…. I just want to know how you saw on the news that Chelsea drew with PSG? Was it a Chavs biased channel, who were trying to con everyone that the Chavs did well? 😀

    I reckon you’ve been on the juice already and your eyesight was a bit blurred.

  26. Blimey! That’s the pot calling the kettle black. Soixante-Neuf accusing Steve of being on the piss.

    Here’s a question for you all, well two anyway.

    Does supporting Arsenal make you happy?

  27. No question about it Norfolk….. I couldn’t have inherited a better team to support from my family. the Arsenal have given me so much pleasure over the last 50 odd years…. plus a little bit of grief, but the bad times make the better times better. 😀

  28. ‘morning 69, watching the crowds at football matches you see an amazing range of emotions, everything is there in plain view. Excitement, delight, frustration, despair, fury even hate and of course, resignation.

    All of the above are probably only transient, lasting perhaps only a few brief seconds, but are the people experiencing those emotions happy?

    Perhaps that’s what football is for, to allow people to experience and display their emotions and purge them from their phsyche thus allowing them to feel truly happy.

    Maybe there is a truism here, supporting Arsenal offers endless opportunites to experience the widest range of emotions, thereby releasing those pent up feelings and allowing happiness the space to expand.

    So…..Supporting Arsenal is good for your health.

    I commend the idea to the house!

  29. Back in the 70’s I got really drunk on Pernod ( it was fashionable) and I was violently sick in the pub toilet. I remember it well, it was in Frank McLintocks pub, The Sutton Arms in Caledonian Road. ha ha

    I thought at the time I would never drink the stuff again…. that was until I arrived in France and now drink pastis when the sun is shining 🙂

  30. 69, I’ve tasted that Anisette stuff the entire length of the Mediteranean and beyond and I can only just get the odd glass down. Now with the help of a model or two like the one above……

  31. It’s a great aperitif drink….. before a meal it increases the appetite and is very good for stomach upsets, in fact I’ve known parents to give a small dose pure, to their children to cure stomach ache 🙂

  32. Someone just posted this on AA….. how insightful, getting more points than our rivals will win us the league 🙂

    Richard says:

    February 17, 2016 at 10:17 am

    What wellbeck being back means is we can either start him out wide or deploy him in a 4-4-2 or as Leicester game 4-1-4 formation giving opposition defenders different problems. What will win the league is us picking up more points than are rivals on the run in. Now we usually end league strong chasing down fourth let’s hope we can do the same chasing down the title.

  33. Afternoon all, went back to bed and just come to, and had a hot bath and a shave and am feeling a bit better. Norfolks question, He’s a crafty bugger that Norfolk, They make you happy when we win, they fucking have you on tender hooks when they draw, I often fucking hate them when they lose.

    I do find though, when we lose to certain teams it fucking hurts more. But generally i am happy when we move up rather than down. Pernod not a great lover of it if i speak the truth, in fact when i have travelled, and tried the different countries tipples, i havent found many i do like.

    I make Sloe Gin, usually make a couple of bottles a year, Lovely tipple although you dont need to much of it.

  34. NG, I go through a range of emotions during every game. Like all of us; when we lose I’m really down but I wait for my emotions to settle down before I comment as I know that in the heat of the moment I will definitely overreact.

    I often find games and individuals play disappointing but I don’t criticize anyone as I know that every member of the staff and squad will also be disappointed and will work to towards correcting whatever went wrong.

  35. Hiya N5 you still shovelling, they reckon we might get a bit here. I do get a bit touchy when i see a professional footballer 12 yards from goal, miss hit a shot or blast it 20 feet in the air, How is it possible that we have so many shots off target . isn’t that what the practice sessions are for.

    Many can make excuses why players miss, the game is that much faster now, all sorts of reasons, usually the ball is different. How a guy misses a shot but can pass across the field with pinpoint acuracy with the same ball throws that right out the water.

    I find it hard to take excuses like that, after all for anyone who has played the game, the goal is the same size, its in the same place, and twelve yards should be within a pro’s capabilities, or am i being hard on our well paid players

  36. Steve, When you make a long pass you are not usually under pressure so it’s a simple thing to pin point your pass. Shooting is a very different kettle of fish as typically it’s a snap shot while you are being hounded by the defense and your attempt can easily be scuffed.

  37. Afternoon Knob Knoshers 😀

    Pulled a calf muscle last night running and am gutted as it normally takes months to heal….just look how long it takes fooyballers to come back from one !…….I`d just posted my best 3 miler at exactly 22 mins ( basically that`s near enough what footballers will do in twice as long, going by GN5`s stats ! ) and was getting quicker and now fucking sad !. The clubs recommends plenty of massages for runners, but even though I showed the missus this on the clubs website she still thinks it`s a bit of hanky panky on my behalf, so no fucking chance !
    Did I not say we would beat both Bournemouth and Leicester !………… problem !… the doom for GN5`s sake !. hahaha……………………it`s the away games from hell where we will struggle !… in Arsene`s bogey team…`s a Stamford Bridge too far !.
    I know a little while back our piss artist leader touched on the subject of …The Spuds cuntz winning the league if we beat Leicester, so here`s something I`d like to get of my chest…..Your wives !…..hahaha ……no seriously !……..there`s quite a few Gooners who on other sites have expressed their (totally wrong ) opinion that they hate Manshafter Std or The Chavs more than Totnumb cuntz !………….well maybe they were pissed off with continuously seeing there likes keep winning the league or whatever, but surely now they must be seeing something different……the chance of the Spuds cuntz winning it !.
    Now I hate all the other teams, but can I or even you mis-guided bastards ever say you were physically sick at Manshafter or Chavs winning the league ?……….if you are not more pissed off or sickened by the thought of the cuntz winning the league as an Arsenal supporter, then there is something seriously wrong with you and you deserve to find out that I am shafting your missus !. hahaha

    Fucking hell, poor Norfolk !……….marriage for so many years is like a prison sentence without the hope of parole !…….but marriage to a Totnumb supporter….well, does anyone have a word for it !. hahaha
    Doesn`t matter how tasty a bird is, the first question you ask is what football team do they support !………then you can decide whether you fuck `em and stay with them ( as in they are Gooners) or fuck `em and leave them ! ( as in they support any other club ) .
    Obviously, you want to marry a Gooner !….and I know that most of the bloggers on this site are of a certain age……old cuntz !…….so back in a day when most women weren`t interested in footy it was hard to marry a Gooner as it was a man`s game, so not only are you all old cuntz, you are probably fucking shirt lifting old cuntz as you have all probably had cival marriages to a bent gooner !.
    Actually, a great way of pissing Spuds off is to shag their daughters !……………..picture this image… are at work and the cunting Totnumb cunt you fucking hate is wondering why you are looking smug in your Arsenal shirt with …….I 8 SPUD PUSSY….printed on the back !.

    Cunt :….” why you looking smug Gooner ? “.
    Classy bastard…..”Because I come in your daughters mouth !”

    Cunt :……”prove it !”
    Classy Bastard :……” Here`s a photo of your daughter wearing a Totnumb shirt with…I SUCK GOONER COCK…..printed on the back !”

    Cunt :….”You Bastard !”
    Classy Bastard :……”That`s …..Classy Bastard ….to you !.

  38. Hiya Cocky, that comment needs a bit of digesting 🙂

    N5, I was always led to believe that quality players make space they shouild be able to kick a ball without scuffing, but perhaps the game has changed 🙂

  39. Steve, it all happens in a split second and the ball can and does go anywhere, that is where the element of luck takes over, it can either be an amazing goal or a horrible looking miss.

  40. Not being Flippant N5, I am a Welder by Trade and when a job was presented to me, it was expected to be welded to xray standard., they never ever expected me to do it by luck , thats why i was trained by experts. I realise that you had a successfully career, perhaps still do, When you do what you do is it a question of luck or can you give a bit of a guarantee.

  41. GN 5, Surely the whole idea of a blog such as this it encourage people to be contentious.

    Where’s the fun in always agreeing or not biting back when you read something you don’t like?

    I don’t suppose Steve believes half the things he says, but he does enjoy winding others up.

  42. Yeah NG !………….but has Steve got a Masters Degree in talking crap like I have ?.
    Went to the dentist today for a check up and was looking at an NHS sign on the wall explaining how certain people could be eligible for all sorts of things….Glasses, Dental treatment, help with transport etc` etc` ……but the funniest one which had me immediately thinking of Terry Transplant was……free syrups on the NHS !……. any apprehension of the dentist chair disappeared after that !. hahaha

  43. Evening, I feel an apology is expected of me for my earlier comments. I have to say that i do not set out to antagonise anybody, I just say it as i see it, I have moved onto NB’s Blog because he has said he wont censor or ban me, not many blogs where you get it from the horses mouth, even so i wouldnt take the piss, Years of blogging has taught me, that people take offence to certain subjects, they assume that if you say something, you are a sexist or Racist, well i do have concerns, I watch the BBC news and i see more and more foreign reporters presenters and less and less English, Yes this concerns me, Only the other Sunday while hanging out my bathroom window having a smoke i watched 20 foreigners all with suitcases come round the corner, half a mile away from the M25 yes i had concerns. My government has to ask the EU for concessions to run our own country, so yes i have concerns, 80 percent of our local shops are run by foreign people while the English shopkeepers have told me they cannot make the rates. Yes i dont think that is right and i feel i should openly express my opinions for my countrymen, without being classed as racist.

    My football club has gone from an old English club to a club owned by foreign people, they employ more foreign people then English and that is in England yes i have concerns..

    I make a comment about a succession of misses by our players and i am digging them out but at the end of the day our top scorer has 12 goals our second striker has 4 goals and our recently reiurned has one goal, do we want to win the league or not, That is just not good enough couldn’t give a shit where they come from, and to think that its all down to luck, i don’t think so.

    Now i realise that a lot of our supporters have decided to live in other countries, i have no problem with that at all you moved for your own reasons, me i am English and have decided to see out my life here, but i have concerns, i have family and i want what’s best for them, i am a pensioner after working 50 years paying my dues and am offered a state pension which is a joke while foreign migrants get more, yeh right i have concerns.

    Never ever think i am digging anybody out because i am not, if what i have said has upset you then thats your problem and not mine.

  44. I couldn`t careless how many foreigners enter this country !…….aslong as they are all fit looking women and most importantly……… are easy slappers and are kind to pensioners !………………..infact going back to one of my early coments, maybe they can be made available on the NHS and for people on benefits !.

  45. Back to football !……….what`s the chances of our new refugee signing playing against Hull ?. A month on and he`s played one game then had a baby and straight up the social with his missus claiming child benefit and a councill house for his Mummy and a lock up garage to house stolen Egyptian artifacts .

  46. Cockie, one in a million mate, 🙂 Yes usually they have a child as soon as they come that’s an anchor, of course maternity leave of a month , and then perhaps a little football.

    Egyptian or not. he has an eye for goal. 20 shots most on target from every angle, even our strikers cant do that. Wenger has said he needs to toughen up and get prepared for Premier league after all the poor fucker has probably been shagging his arse off and needed a rest.

  47. Obviously !…..In my capacity as Imigration minister, all woman refugees will become Arsenal supporters like the one below !….on entering the countrey will be given an Arsenal scarf, a musical Arsenal dildo and a hymn sheet of …”we hate totnumb !” .

  48. By the way, that is a scratch and sniff photo, so you can get close and sniff to whether she has an illegal Syrian refugee family hidden up her jack & danny !. hahaha

  49. Good morning crutch sniffers 🙂

    Glad to see everyone getting on without me ha ha

    Cockie….. nice pearl necklace 😀

    Steve and GN5….. contentious is good, have a debate, call each other a fucking wanker and a nonce, then kiss and make up. Agree to disagree but have the rumble first.

    I may have a new post up later, just giving it some thought.

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